Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 1, Episode 18 - Omaha Tiger - full transcript

A series of suspicious deaths at a professional wrestling arena bring Starsky and Hutch into the squared circle, a world of outsized stars, misfits and greed-consumed con men.



Where's he going?

If you ever catch
him, you can ask him.

If I ever catch him, I
won't have to ask him.


Hey, what's going on?

About 20 more minutes and
a dash more of oregano, huh?


All right...

Kill me, kill me.

What for, shoplifting?

Shoplifting to you,

it's a violation
of parole for me.

That's two years
back in the joint.

Go ahead and shoot.

Nah, nah.

And spoil our plans to go
to the wrestling matches?

You're not going to shoot?

Well, look at it
this way, Fireball,

we're going to do you a favor.

I mean, I wouldn't
be caught dead

in a dress like that.

Oh, I don't know,

you look rather nice in
basic black and pearls.

What the hell happened
to you? Don't ask.

Come on!

What do you mean, nothing?

Did you really get a
good look at that, huh?


Did you see the way the guy went

flying out of the ring and
ended up in the third row?

Which guy? Come on.

No, wait a minute, Starsk.

You see, what happens

is you get some Idaho
potato-picker in here,

you give him a funny name,

and a fancy pair of tights,

and a bottle of catsup...

A bottle of catsup?

Yeah, and you teach
him to spit and groan

and fly around the
ring... Fly around the ring?

Now, just wait one second. I
mean, that was an execution

of a perfect flying drop kick.

I mean, that was art.

Starsky, I went to college.

What? That is not art.

What are you talking about?

That is effort.


It takes that much effort

to get that much
blubber out of the ring.


You know what your
problem is? What?

Not only are you jealous...

Jealous? Don't deny it.

But you're also some
kind of dilettante.

What? You heard me.

There's a lot of
art involved there.

I mean, these guys are
not only great athletes,

but they happen
to be great actors.

I mean, they got
great imaginations,

they got great balance,

they're nimble, and
they are fleet of foot.

And fake.

Hey, Starsk, come here.




I want to show you something.

What are you doing
now? Come here.

You ready? For what?

Hey! Ow!

That's not funny. Come on.

Hey, what is this?
The main event?

HUTCH: Hey ya, Mac.


I didn't know you
could wrestle, Hutch.

Oh, it isn't much.

He doesn't like to brag.

STARSKY: Claims he won
intercollegiate wrestling for two years.

HUTCH: Three years.

Three? Okay.

Well, what's a broken knee
or sweaty armpit to you?

Sorry to keep you
boys waiting so long.

I had to collect some
money from my stands.

Oh, you're getting
rich, huh, Mac?

It beats beating a beat.

That's good, Mac.

He's a poet.

Hey, how's Dobey?

He's okay. Keeps
asking after you.

Yeah, is he still
putting on weight?

Well, last time he got on
the scales, he broke them.

You know, about 109 years
ago when I was a young cop,

this was my beat.

Later on, I broke
Dobey in on it...


I guess I told you about
that before, haven't I?

Yeah, about 109 times.

Hey, that's the...

The Omaha Tiger?

Yeah, I hardly recognize him.

Well, you see, Starsky,
you put a sport coat on a tiger

and you get a pussy cat.

MAC: Hey, Eddie,
come here a minute.

I want you to meet
some old friends of mine.

Not now, Johnson, huh?

Eddie, this is Starsky.

How are you?

Hey, you were terrific.

This is Hutch. Nice to meet you.

Everything went according
to plan, right, Taft?

Eddie and I got
things to talk about.


Gonna go all the way

with the Tiger, right?

Yeah, right.

Hey, why don't you
stop riding him, okay?

Because he's on
your back, Eddie.

But you don't know it yet.

We don't have to
listen to this, come on.

Hey, Mac,

you got some kind of
beef with the manager?

Al Taft?

He's a parasite.

I've seen him use
up a lot of Eddies

over the years,

and when it's all done,

Taft ends up with the Cadillacs

and the Eddies end
up in the car wash.



you guys know anything
about an accident

a couple of nights ago...
A guy named Carnieri?

Went over a cliff in his truck.

No. What about it?

I may have
something on it for you.

Meet me tomorrow morning
at 10:00 in the owner's office.

Her name is Ellen Forbes.

See you, Mac.

Take it easy.

Great guy, huh?

Want to go and fall? No.

What's the matter?
You chicken? Yeah.

Excuse me...

Hello, cutie!

Uh, excuse me...

We're looking for
Helen Forbes' office.

Oh, right this way.

Hey, Hutch, look at that.

Full Nelson.

Half Nelson.

When they do it, is
it a quarter Nelson?

Oh, he's a wit.

Only half.

Are you two cops?

Yeah. How'd you know?

I felt your gun,

and, I, uh...

figured you're here to
investigate the accident.

What accident?

A guy named Mac Johnson.

Fell down a flight of stairs.
Found him dead this morning.



Uh, Section "E" near
the hot-dog stand...

Want me to show you?

No, we'll find it.


Helen Forbes?

One second, please.

You are Helen Forbes? Yes.

Oh, we've already
talked to the police.

Yes, well, we'd like to
ask you some questions.

You see, Mac Johnson

asked us to meet him at
your office this morning.

He did?


He didn't mention it to you?


I'm Carl Boyce. How do you do?

I'm sorry, this is my
business manager.

Did he say what it was that he
wanted to talk to Miss Forbes about?


About an accident that
happened a few days ago.

A truck went over a cliff.

A guy by the name of
Carnieri was involved.


I've never heard of the man.

Mr. Boyce?

I don't know. I don't
know who knows either.

Do you know about what
time the accident happened?

Well, Carl and I left around...

It was around 11:00.


How long is it going to take

to get this place cleaned up?

Come on, get these guys moving.

Sorry, Ellen. Excuse me.

As far as I know,

Mac was fine then.

What time did Mac usually
close his concessions?

By 11:30.

He was the last one
to leave usually too.

He must have just lost his
footing in the dark, and...

It's all right.

Thank you, Miss Forbes.

Thank you.

What's his name?



Starsk, how can
people be so insensitive?


We'll get you a rubdown,

and then we got this
1:00 with this TV reporter,

get you a nice spread
in the magazine...

Eddie? Hey, what's shaking?

What are you doing?

Same old routine.


Business as usual, huh?

Life's got to go on, right?

Not for Mac Johnson.

Hey, look, upfront, I want
something understood.

I liked Mac Johnson.

But I'm really busy now,

and I don't have
time to fool with it.

All right, okay,

you hear where he's coming from?

We got a million things to do.

Now, are you finished with us?

Wait, wait, wait a minute.

I want you to hear this.

I used to wrestle in college

I know what you got here.

You're rolling,

and you're rolling,

and nobody has any time
to spend over a dead man.

Especially a man
somebody didn't like.

Hey, I like everybody.

Mac Johnson
didn't like me, okay?

Hey, come on, now,
let's just take it easy, huh?

Slow it down...


All right.

Whatever works for you guys.


look, I'm sorry.

If there's anything I can do
to help, let me know, okay?

Why don't you come down

and we'll go a few
falls some time,

you know, legit style.

Afraid I wouldn't be much
competition for you, Eddie.

What are you talking about?

I think that's a terrific idea.

Well, you yourself said

that these guys
weren't really wrestlers.


Don't worry. I'll
take it easy on you.

It wouldn't be right, you know?

Bruise a peace officer.


Okay, now. Can we go?


Let's go, Eddie.

Thanks, partner.

Any time.

Why do I get the feeling

it's like watching Christian
head for the lions?

Taft? Yeah.

You know, I'm
beginning to feel that Mac

was right about him.

You thinking maybe Mac
got pushed down those stairs?

I'm thinking that
maybe he was dead

before he was
pushed down the stairs.

HUTCH: You tell Pathology I
want to know now, not tomorrow.

Yeah, transfer me
to 6-5-0, will you?


Got an address on Carnieri,
1218 South Ninth Street.

He ran a laundry.

Yeah, Doc?


You're sure?

Listen, one more question...
About the bruise on the neck.

Yeah, okay, Doc. Thanks a lot.

What about the bruise?

Well, Mac died of
a brain concussion.

But there is a pressure point
just above the motor nerve.

Carnieri have the same thing?

Pathology's going to check
on that and call us back.

Can you really kill
somebody that way?

If you have the hands for it.

Mac couldn't have
gotten that bruise

falling down the stairs?

Mac came to us with information
about Carnieri's accident,

and then Mac has an accident...

Starsky, the coincidences stink.

Well, if Pathology calls
back with the right answer,

we got a murder on our hands.


Tessie, how can I
fit this thing properly

if you don't stop undulating?


Hi, sugarplum!

Want to go two
out of three falls?

No fair, Tess. I got no cape.

I'll bet you got
everything else you need.


Uh just one question, Tessie.

Oh, call me "Terrible".

"Terrible"? Okay.

Look, the guy who died...

Mac Johnson...

Did he ever have any problems?

I mean, did he ever
have any arguments

with any of the
people around here?


And... Al Taft...

Something about those two guys

got under his skin.

Uh, Tessie...

One more question.

This guy standing
against the wall over here

keeps glaring at Starsky.

Who is he?

Hey, wait a second.

I know who that guy is.

That guy is the Russian Mummy.

He's the guy who threw
the referee into the third row,

He does that sometimes
when he gets riled.

He thought I was flirting
with the ref before the bout.

Oh, he's your boyfriend, huh?

Oh, I like to keep him guessing.

I like to keep all
my men guessing.


uh, Tess...

It's been a pleasure.

Want to thank you very much.

Any time, dumpling.

And don't worry about Iggy.

He may look mean,

but I wouldn't let him
hurt a cutie pie like you.

What do you want to bet
she made the same promise

to the referee?

Let's get out of here.

I know this is very
short notice, Mr...

Felton, is it?

That's right. George Felton.

And don't worry,
I'll have my lawyer

draw up the
necessary legal papers

with Johnson's lawyer,

and I'll have the food
concessions operational

by the time you open tonight.

What about Mr. Johnson's people?

I'd hate to have
them lose their jobs.

Don't worry. I'm
keeping them all on.

Oh, good.

Oh, excuse me.

Back again?

Yeah. Gotta throw a
few more questions,

Oh, I'm sorry.

This is Mr. Felton. Detectives
Starsky and Hutchinson.

How do you do?

Hiya. How do you do, Mr. Felton?

Are you connected
with this organization?

Yes. I've taken over Mac
Johnson's concessions.

Gentlemen, we have a lot
of business to take care of.

Listen, I thought we'd
answered all your questions.

Uh, yeah, well,
as a matter of fact,

we're back again

because we don't think Mac
Johnson's death was accidental.

If you'll excuse me,
I've got plenty to do

to get ready for tonight.

Excuse me, gentlemen.
Nice to have met you.


Those two cops aren't
buying Johnson's accident.

If they keep it up,

we're going to have
to be very creative

when we plan their accident.

There he is.

Hey, Ed. Hey.

You come down to wrestle me?

No, no.

Came down to ask you
a few more questions.

Hey, Eddie, can I
see you for a minute?

Excuse me just a
minute, okay? Sure.

Why don't you wrestle him? Hmm?

Well, why don't you wrestle him?

Well, you're the one
with the experience.

Yeah, well, it was your idea.

So you take my idea, your
experience, and mix them up,

and you go on in and
see what makes him tick.

Come on, be a sport.


That a boy.

Eddie, listen,

you're letting Johnson's
death last night upset you.

I said, get away from me.

We've got to settle this.

It's settled.

Lead with your left,
keep your chin in.

Starsky, this is wrestling,
not boxing, huh?

Then keep your chin up.

Change your mind?

Yeah, Ed... sure.

Well, this is as
good a way as any

to find out about Mac Johnson.

Go in and do it, kid. Yeah.

You want me to say go?

Oh, well, while you two
waltz each other around,

I'll go call pathology.

You wouldn't bruise a peace
officer, would you, Eddie?

You ready?


What do you know
about Mac Johnson?

What about him?

The two of you didn't get
along too well, did you?

He didn't bother me.

Mac gave you a hard time
about Al Taft, didn't he?

Al is just my manager.

He doesn't own me.
I told Johnson that.

Nobody owns me.

Business. I go a right
to better myself, don't I?

Don't I?



Why do we have to talk about it?

I don't want to talk about it.

You did good.

That's it for me today.

You okay?


Immortality, huh?

Well, you almost got there.

Boy, he's a hard guy to figure.

Yeah. Half kid, half man.

Half horse.

He's likeable.

It's just hard to figure out
where he's coming from...

He's all mixed up inside.

Did you notice the way
he looks at Helen Forbes?

Yeah. She's not
too difficult to look at.

Wonder what he and Al
Taft were arguing about.

Well, what'd you
hear on Carnieri?

Nothing much.

Just a funny little bruise
on the side of his neck.

Excuse me.

I guess they want
to deliver this fast.

Oh! What's the matter?

I think Eddie bent
my spirit a little.

Going to call Dobey?


This is Zebra Three.

Patch me through to
Captain Dobey, please.

Zebra Three,

Captain Dobey is in a
meeting with the Commissioner

and cannot be disturbed.

Well, then take a request
for information, please.

Roger, Zebra Three. Go ahead.

Uh, Captain, this is Hutch.

We just spoke with
Carnieri's widow.

It seems he was being pressured

into selling his laundry

to a company by the
name of Belladon...

Or Bellaman...

Or something like that.

Would you check it
out? End of message.

Hey. What?

Carnieri's widow said
that he was into longshots.

What does that
make you think of?

The Hughes' meat plant.

Listen, those two cops...

they've just come
out of Carnieri's place.

I don't know.

Okay. I'll get back to you.

They're getting too close.

He wants us to make our move.

You got any idea what
Huggy's doing here?


Well, that's good.

Whatever he's doing,
business sure looks lousy.


All right, the winner
is Cheese Biscuit.

Nobody on Cheese
Biscuit? What a pity!

Well, welcome to Rodent
Downs, gentlemen.

Just a friendly game of
chance amongst friends.

Mouse races?

I don't believe it.

Well, you ever try to get
10 horses in a basement?

How would you like
to make a little wager?


We need your help. Come here.

Well, don't bet on Mouse of
War in the next race. He's a dog.

No, no, no. Not
that kind of help.

We'd like you to see
what you can find out

about a man named Carnieri...

He ran a laundry
over on Ninth Street.

Hey, Huggy.

Want to cover $50
on The Cat's Meow?

Well, I'll take it.

Uh, wait... wait a second.

Um, um... I'll, uh, bet...

uh, 10 on...

uh, uh...


Okay. Lower the
odds. Four to one.

Huggy? Carnieri...

Well, where does he
hang out? I'll check him out.

He doesn't hang out. He's dead.

He went over a cliff
in a laundry truck...

Well, you make that sound
like it was on purpose.

Well, it's starting
to look that way.

Well, he's got enemies.

How about any friends?

Well, that's what we
want you to find out.

Well, I'll see what I can
find out on the street.

Okay. Thanks.

They're in the gate.

Wait a second.

Come on, come on, come on.

Come on, you're going
to win, little squeaker.

That's it. Go, go, go.

Run, run. Four legs. Go, go.

You little mouse, go, go, go.

Do it, do it, yeah.


Dead last.

Must have been a fix.

Hey, Soon Henry was
running true to form.

Well, wait a minute.

What kind of name
is "Soon Henry"?

Well, at the end of every race,

the winner gets
to eat the cheese.

That way, he carries more weight

at the next race.

And that's how I fix...

How I set the odds.

Oh, that's very
scientific, Huggy.

Yeah, well, your mouse
always run in front,

and then he dies at the wire,

and then he looks up
at me with his sad eyes,

and he seems to be saying,

"Huggy, when am
I going to win one?"

And I say...

"Soon, Henry."

Wait a second. What?

I got it! Oh, no.

Will you just hold on? No.

Next time he runs,
five on the nose.

That's a sporting man.

Why'd you do that?

Soon Henry is a sprinter.

Or a quitter.

What are you talking about?

Well, there's one
way to find out.

How's that?

Find a very small jockey.

Hey, where do you
think he got those mice?



Yeah, you've heard of "Blue
Cheese Country", haven't you?

Blue Cheese country?

Yeah, unless, of course,
you've got quarter mice,

and then you get them
from... I know. Texas.

Why do I never learn?

What's the matter? Stuck?


That's strange.

What, what?

It's stuck.

Oh, you mean it's locked?


You get out of the way.

Now, wait a second.

You thinking what I'm thinking?


Somebody locked us in this room?

It's an airtight room.

What are you talking about?

Didn't you see the
sign up on the wall?

Oh, no.


Well... You got any ideas what
we're going to do about this?

You got a pencil?

Excuse me, excuse me. Oh!

Six by...

Oh, I'm sorry.

That's 20.20.

That's about 10.10.

Any reason why we
aren't talking to each other?

I'm working.

Now, if it's 10 by, uh...

10 by 20 by 15...

that's 3,000 cubic feet,

and you're about...


No. 165.

Will you stay out of this?

Gee, I'm sorry.

150 cubic centimeters
of lung size.

Times two of us.

Okay, let's see
what the time is.

We've got...

Figure about two
breaths every six seconds.

Two breaths every six seconds,

that would be 20 breaths...

so that would be 20 breaths,

and double that would be 40...

A minute...

Okay. Now I've
got about 20 times...

Excuse me.

He's excited, so that's four...

Six would be 40...

Take away one cubic foot,

that's about 2,700
cubic centimeters

2,700 cubic centimeters,

so that's...

That's about...

Excuse me.

So that's 75.


about 7.5 liters.

That's 400...

So figure 60 times...

75... 60 is 0 and five.

That's about 9,000.

Well, as near
as I can figure it,

we'd have had about
185 hours in there

before we suffocated.

Give me that pencil!

Or was that 1,850?


You get a feeling
someone's trying to kill us?

Excuse me.

You know something, Starsk?


I don't think that
was an airtight room.

RADIO: Zebra Three, see the man
named Al Taft at the Sports Arena.

He says he has
information that is urgent.


Hey, Starsk? Yeah?

You know that offer
that Tessie made you,

two out of three falls? Uh-huh?

I hope you're not
going to take it.

Al Taft!

What's that smell?

Don't ask.


Tell me he slipped
on a bar of soap.

He slipped on a bar of soap.

I don't believe it.

Neither do I.

RADIO: Code Two,
74th and 19th. Code Two.

All right, now Al Taft is dead.

From a concussion.

No more funny
bruises on the neck.

We're supposed to believe
that he slipped and fell.

We don't believe it.

You tell me Johnson
was murdered,

and a man named Carnieri,
who I never even heard of,

and now Al Taft.

Somehow, all these
killings are connected?

We believe they are connected.

To this place?


We think so.

You think so?

You as much as said we're
involved in these murders.

You think so? That isn't enough.

I mean, if you're
accusing us of something...

We have a right to
know some of the facts.

Nobody's accusing anybody.

We're just looking for a way
to tie these killings together.

Look, I'd like to help.

I really would.

But I'm very tired...

and a little scared.

All right, Miss Forbes.

We all know where we stand.

I didn't hear anybody say "we".

Can I go too?


Eddie, you had an
argument with Al Taft

this afternoon, didn't you?

It was, uh...

it was personal.

Not anymore, it isn't...

Come on.

Al wanted to start booking me
in some other cities, you know?

For bigger bread.

I didn't want that.

Because of Miss Forbes?

Eddie, it's written
all over your face.

I owe her.

I mean, she gave
me my break here.

I told Al I'd stay here as
long as she needed me.

Well, this is where
all the good things

are starting to happen for me...

But for you...

Not for Mac Johnson or Al Taft.

I am sorry Al is dead...



Starsky and Hutch?

Oh, who's calling?


Just a moment. I'll
see if they're still here.

Oh, my God, you scared me.

Sorry. I wanted to ask you
a couple more questions.

Oh, well, there's a
phone call for you.

Somebody named...



Thank you.

Yeah, Hug?

Hey, come on down.

I got a friend of
that guy, Carnieri.

I think he can lay
somethin' on you.

Good. Thanks.

I got something.

Uh... Come back?


Are you going to be
around for a while?

Oh, about two more hours.

I've got a lot of
book work to do.

See you in a little bit.

This is Boyce.

Listen, they're still digging
into the Carnieri thing.

No, no. They just
left. But they'll be back.

Okay, I'll send
the security home.

I'll wait outside.




who were you talking to?


Listen, Ellen, there's
something I have to take care of,

so why don't you run
on home and I'll close up.

I heard you!

Who were you talking to?

I said, it was nobody.

Run on home and forget it.

You're a little confused.

I own this place, and you
work for me, remember?

Yeah, I remember.

And for the first time since
you inherited this white elephant,

we're out of the red and
making money... big money...

Because I've been handling
it... Do you remember?

The money that you loaned
me to get this place solvent...

and to finance Eddie...

Where'd it come from?

You didn't ask me then.
What are you asking now for?

Because people have
been getting killed...

And, somehow, I think
we're mixed up in it!

Are we?

Quit pressing me, Ellen.

Just leave it
alone. I'll handle it.

Is that all you're
going to tell me?

Go home, Ellen.

You all going to talk
police business, I'll split.

Oh, by the way, Starsky...


"Soon Henry" is "Now Henry".

He won?


It was a boat race.

Everybody else
was full of cheese.

Wait a minute.

That was five bucks
at nine to one...

You owe me 50 bucks.

Well, I figure we're dead even.

How do you figure that?

Well, I figured you owed me
50 bucks for the information.

It's all right, Starsk. I'll
buy you a cheese sandwich.

Cops, huh?

You don't look like cops to me.

Well, we believe
in understatement.

All right, cops.

What do you want to know?

We want to know about Carnieri.

Tommy Carnieri.

Tommy Carnieri.

He was my buddy, you understand?


All I know is that Tommy said
someone was leaning on him.

Did he mention any names?


But he did say he might need
some help if things got rough.

See, Tommy was trying
to get the linen contract

at The Olympic.

Tommy thought he
had made a low bid.

Then they give the
contract to another company.

Tommy was going
to take them to court.


I think we just found

the connection we
were looking for.

The takeover.

Concessions, parking, linen.

George Felton.

George Felton.

And somebody on the inside.

Thanks. Any time, cops.

I don't know what's happening...

but I know it's wrong.

If I don't get away, I'm
going to be wrong too.

What I'm trying to
say, Miss Forbes...

Where is everybody?

Well, the main event ended
about an hour and a half ago.

Yeah, I know that.

I know... Security.



Let's go to the main
office and find out.


STARSKY: I always have
trouble walking down these steps.

What's going on?


What's going on?
Where's it coming from?


Up there.

What are we going to do, huh?

Follow me.

What the hell are they
doing? I don't know.


Get down!

What's he doing?

He's making a move.

Let's go.


That's one. That's one.

You got any plans?

What, right now?

No, tomorrow.

I'm going to take a look. Yeah.

Psst. Psst.

Drop it. Drop it.

Hold it.

Gotta work on your drop kick.

What are you talking about?
I knocked him out of the ring.

That was a great effort, Hutch.

But it wasn't art.

Get up.

Pretty good, huh?

Get up.

I'm really glad I
got to meet you two.

Yeah. You're no fake.

Stay out of the ring.

Hey, behave yourself.

I'm going to miss him. Yeah.

You two feel like some dinner?

That's a terrific idea.

Uh... cash.

I'll buy.

Well, now, that's a better idea.

Hi, sugarplum.

Tessie. Doesn't she look lovely?


Isn't that a nice blue dress?

You got your hair done. Yeah.

Isn't that nice?

What do you say,
Tessie, you want to go

two falls out of three?

How about dinner
for four, huh? What?


Did you say dinner? For four.

You hungry?


But I can't go.

Why not?

When I told Iggy I
wanted to date you,

it was narrowed down to
a matter of two choices...

Oh, what were they?

Kill you or marry me.

Iggy! Tell him what you decided.

Iggy, don't do anything rash.

I've been known to
carry... What do I do?



That means "friend".


How do I get down from here?

It's an old Russian custom.



Both sides, Starsk.