Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 1, Episode 17 - Silence - full transcript

An investigation of a safe-blowing jewel heist and murder lead Starsky and Hutch to a childlike deaf mute resident of a halfway house for ex-cons overseen by a hard-bitten, cigar-chomping priest.


You want to take this, Starsk?

No, go right ahead.

I'm busy. Yeah.

I thought you were busy.

You read lips?

You know your rights?

Oh, please don't cry.

Please don't cry.

Do you have identification?

A wallet?

What's that all about?

Uh, well, you see, captain,

me and Hutch were on
our way to report to duty,

and we got a call to go to
Papa Giavonna's candy store.

You mean you two busted
him for stealing candy?

Yeah. Shoplifting.

Well, what else were we
supposed to do with him?


Have you ever been
arrested before?


Did you nod?

Did you nod yes?

One time?

Well, wait a second.

Did he nod once or
was he arrested once?

Will you stay out of this?

You've been arrested one time?


Three times.


You want to tell me just
what the devil is going on?

Would you tell me
who the devil's asking?

My name is Ignatius.
Father Jonathon Ignatius.

I run a halfway house
down in the Bayside section

for parolees, and this
guy is one of my graduates.

What's he charged with?


Your man here stole,
um... $42.30 worth of candy

from Papa Giavonna's
candy store.

He insisted on
preferring charges.

We had no choice.

Sure, you did.

You could have given
the owner the $42.30.

He's got a point, Hutch.

Could have done that.

Now, wait a minute.
We tried that.

Did you?


Well, next time try throwing in
the threat of eternal damnation

for good measure.

Papa Giavonna has agreed
to withdraw the charges.

Here's the receipt. Okay?

Yeah, okay. Okay.

He, uh, says he's terribly sorry

and it will never happen again.

Yeah. Nice to have met you.

He wants you to
meet his friend, R.C.


They're both ex-cons.

R.C. lost his speech and hearing

at a prison riot

when a guard
worked over his head

with a billy club.

He hasn't been too
thrilled with cops ever since.


See you. Yeah.

Hey, you might as well
take your candy with you.



HUTCH: This is
Zebra Three, 2:15 a.m.

We have completed
another patrol of sector two.

All clear.

DISPATCHER: Roger, Three.

I'm starting to feel
like a night watchman.


Hi. Hi.

Would you like to see a
menu? Well, that all depends.

What's in the centerfold?

How about an 8x10
glossy of my 6'2" boyfriend?

How about that? How about that.

Well, okay, how
about two hamburgers,

a double order of French fries,

one of your super-duper
chocolate malts

and a cup of coffee?

Oh, how about you?

A glass of water. Ah.

sweetheart, I guess it's just you and me.

Was that Bogey? Yeah.

Keep practicing.

Do you really think that
eating nothing for 40 hours

and drinking a whole lot a water

is going to make you healthier?


It's not just to make
me more healthy.

It's to maintain

my already-fantastic
physical condition.


It's the natural way, Starsk.

You ever seen an
animal in the wild?

You ever seen a fat lion? Huh?


Come to think of it,

I've never seen a thin
hippopotamus either.

Wait'll your order comes back.

Ah, boy, here comes my food. All
units, 211 in progress at 113 Talmadge.

That sounds like
our boy. Let's go.

What? That's my food.


Remember the lion,
Starsk. Remember the lion.




Listen in there.

You don't have a chance,

so you might as well
kick it in right now!



That makes me mad.

It could've been worse.
He missed, didn't he?

Tore my jeans, dummy,
when I went down back there.

Hey, that's my bonnet
you're stepping on.





Why didn't you blow a bugle too?



Hold it!


Larry. Larry!

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Wait. One minute.


Your cat?




HUTCH: Father, you told us

that R.C. and Larry
graduated from this place?

They have.

What were they
doing here tonight?

They do the general
maintenance here.

All of our current
residents have outside jobs.

They only sleep here at night.

The fact is,

Father Ignatius and
I are usually too busy

to keep up with
everything that falls apart

around this old place.

Dismas Center loaned
Larry and R.C. the money

to get their print shop started.

This is their way of
paying the loan back.

You're sure that both of them

were here all night?

That's right.

Jessie! You never
cease to amaze me.

I figured you might need
a little sustenance, Father,

with them around.

Move it.

Plainclothes, they're
the worst kind of fuzz.

Oh, Jessie, they're our guests.

"Beware of false prophets

"that come to you
in sheep's clothing

and inwardly are
ravenous wolves."

St. Matthew.

No, thank you.

Uh, no.

Is this one of your inmates?

Yeah, as a matter
of fact, she is.

Armed robbery.

Armed robbery? Her?


What are you?
Some kind of sexist?

Father, we'd like a list of
everyone who lives here.

Why, because we've now
cleared Larry and R.C.?

And you still just
naturally presume

it's got to be somebody
who lives here?

Well, it's possible.

Don't you understand?

All these people
are here voluntarily.

No court ordered them here.

They're here because
they're sick to death

of spending their lives
in one jail after another.

And they're afraid of
being sent back to one.

And I'm not going to have
a couple of tinhorn cops

rousting them around.

We're not going
to roust anybody.

We just want to see a list.

Well, I've got the papers
in my office upstairs.

It'll just take me a
couple of minutes.

Kim? Want to help me?

Yes, Father.

Father is not usually
so short-tempered.

It's just the last
couple of months

he's been working day and night.

The kid's right.

Father's been
working awful hard.

Well, if he can
reform a cutie like you,

it's all been worth it.

Starsk, let's check
on Larry, huh?

Larry, R.C.,

sorry that we kept you so late.


Oh, uh, hey,

would you like us
to drive you home?



All right.

Well, you know, for
fuzz, you guys are okay.


Did anybody ever tell you you
got a Paul Muni look to you?


Who told her to say that?

Your mother? I don't know.

A magnificent
performance, as usual.

I thought so.

However, I'm afraid
we do have a problem.

None of the current
residents on that list

can tie us to anything.

No, no one on the current list,

but when they get
to the parole board

and start digging
a little deeper,

up pops Bessinger's name.

Well, you just tell Bessinger

to keep his mouth
shut and lay low.

No more robberies until
after the heat lets up.

Kim, you're forgetting.

My religious order

is sending three more priests
from back east next week

to help out with the work here.

If we're not gone
like we plan to be,

they know right away

I'm not the real
Father Ignatius.

And if we skip

before the police find their
cop-killing safecracker...


we might just as
well wave a red flag

in front of their faces

and say, "Come and get us."

We're kind of in a spot.

What do you think
we ought to do?

You know, if they're
looking for a safecracker,

maybe we ought to give them one.

♪ Boom, boom, boom
Where are you hiding? ♪

I suppose the cafeteria
had to shut down

to restock supplies
after you left, huh?

I'll have you know
I missed breakfast.

I couldn't eat that
meal you invited me to

at your place last night.

This is the first
chance I've had

to sit down and enjoy
a really decent meal.

Now, you're the one

that's supposed
to be on the diet,

and you can either
stand there and watch me,

or you can sit down like a man

and choose whatever your
little blond heart desires.

Yeah, well, not for
another 29 hours, Starsk.

Well, at least we
know one thing for sure.

You're not going
to die of thirst.

I'll have you know something.

What's that?

If this creation could sing,
dance and whistle Dixie,

I'd probably marry her.

Starsky, you're not
going to have time for that.

Lab boys say our safecracker
made a mistake last night.

Used too big a charge.

From the burn marks,

they can tell he was using
jury-rigged sound-proofing cups

with magnesium leaders.

And according to the computer,

that's the specialty
of Herman Bessinger.

His last known address
was Dismas Center.


Small world. Isn't it?

It says here he sometimes
tends bar at the Glitter Club.

Now, I want you
two to hit the streets

and see if you can find him.


What do you think you're
going to do with that?

Take it with me.

No, you're not!

You know the rule
about eating on duty.

You're kidding? No, I'm not.

Now, put that down and
come on, get on the street

and see if you
can find this guy.

Come on!


I told you to get out of here
and see if you can find him,

didn't I?

Well, go on. Get out there!


Glitter Club. Bessinger.

Yeah, all right, I'll tell him.

Hey, you.

Who? Me?

No, you. I'm me.


Who ordered Chinese
food from next door?

Uh... You did.

I know that. Is it ready?

Ready. Fantastic.

Starsk, you can't
leave now. I'm winning.

Hutch, I'm starving.

We've been playing
shuffleboard for six hours.

My arm's about to fall off.

Look. Bessinger hasn't
made his move yet,

and I don't think
he's going to make it

in the next couple of
minutes it's going to take me

to pick up my food
and come back, okay?

Yeah, okay.

Hey, hey, that's mine.
Come on, come on.

I'll give you an egg roll.


Glitter Club. Bessinger.

What do you want?

I've run into some trouble.

I'm afraid I'm going to need
your help blowing this one.

Well, you did
everything as usual?


I told you it just
isn't working.

I need you here. Now.

All right, all right. I'll...
I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Hey, Ray. Take over, huh?

Well, look at it
this way, Starsk.

You would have been
hungry in half an hour anyway.

Looks like we hit pay dirt. Yep.


Zebra Three, Zebra
Three, this is Dobey.

Come in, please.

Zebra Three here.
Go ahead, captain.

We got that follow-up
information on Bessinger,

came across an interesting item.

The last year
Bessinger was in prison,

his cellmate was your
friend, Larry Horvath.

Thanks, captain.



Out the window and gone.

He's dead, Starsk.

Must have made
one hell of a bang.

What's this doing here?


Best Bar.


Well, well, well.

Hello, Father.

If it isn't my two
favorite detectives.

Holmes and Watson, isn't it?

I'm sorry to have
kept you waiting.

What can I do for you today?

Oh, like a cigar?

No, thanks. No, thank you.

Couple of things, Father.
First, there's Herman Bessinger.

Bessinger? Yeah.

Ex-con, ex-safecracker,

and as it turns out,
resident of Dismas Center.

So what?

Well, the "so what" is
that Bessinger is dead.

And we thought that if
you had told us about that

the other night,

we might have done
something about it.

The other night,

you asked me for a
list of current residents.

Bessinger hasn't lived
here in two months.

Now, if you want to get

a list of alumni...

Are you... Are you telling
me that Herman was mixed up

in that shooting match you
two were running the other night?

HUTCH: Well, it's a little more

than having
something to do with it.

We saw his partner
run into this place.

What? Who do you have in mind?

Well, we'd like to
talk to Larry Horvath.

Sweet, smiling,
kitten-loving Larry?


Sweet, smiling,
kitten-loving Larry, Father,

as it turns out,

spent one whole year
as Bessinger's cellmate.

You've got to be
out of your mind.

You know Larry's a deaf mute.

That'd make him a lousy burglar.

Father, the address.

510 Stanford.

He and R.C. have
got an apartment

behind the print shop.

Like pulling teeth.


They can't hear, so you
shouldn't have any trouble

sneaking up on them.

Thank you, Father.

Our friend Larry still
here with the kittens?


How did it go with the cops?

They're on their way
over to the print shop.

Everything is right on schedule.

Larry, the police. The
police just left here.

I'm afraid it's going to be
just like I told you last night.

It's not going to be safe for
you to hide here anymore.

I don't know what
you're going to do.

I have to have time to think.

You are going to
have to leave here now.

Larry. Larry, you
know what will happen

if the police find you.

They'll use you...

Like people always use you.

They'll make you say

that R.C. wasn't here
the night they came.

You know what that means?

They want to use
you to hurt your friend.

They don't like R.C.

They want to send
him to prison again.

Now, Larry,

you know they can make
you say anything they want.

You know that, don't you?

You'll have to trust me.

Do you still have the gun

that I told you to bring
from the print shop?

The gun?

Now, I'm going to have
Kim drive you into town.

Kim, drive you to town.

Believe me,

everything is going to
work out for the best.

Nice place.

Nice place.

Real fine, R.C.

Where's Larry? Larry?

He's not here, huh?

Uh, R.C., uh...

Time? What time will
Larry return, come back?

Where did he go?
Where did Larry go?

Just no way to get to him...

R.C., R.C... Friend...

Yeah. Uh, Larry...

Larry is a friend...
friend of ours.

We want to help him.

R.C., Larry's in trouble.
You understand?

He's in trouble.

We want to help him.

"Dear R.C.:

"I had to run away so
the police wouldn't find me.

"You know why.

Yours truly, Larry."

Thank you.

I want an APB on Larry Horvath.

No. What?

Cap, you issue an APB on Larry,

you might as well
issue his death warrant.

Look, some
patrolman spots Larry,

calls for him to halt,

Larry's not going to understand.

He's liable to get
frightened, run,

and end up with a
bullet between his horns.

Captain, more than that,

we don't believe that he did it.

Okay, but two nights ago, you
chased him to Dismas Center,

and then the night
of the last robbery

where you found Bessinger dead,

you also found a
candy wrapper...

Now you come in here and
tell me he's disappeared.

And this note, well,
that's almost a confession.

Now, he may not be
your prime suspect,

but he is involved.

And besides which,

a police officer
has been killed.

My hands are tied. I
don't have any choice.

Dobey here.

I want an APB on Larry Horvath,

white, male, 34.

Suspect might be
armed and dangerous.

where you're going.

Watch it.

What the...?

You gave us the note.

It doesn't help much.

Maybe we're not
making ourselves clear.

R.C., follow me.

Larry is out in the city, hmm?

He's walking around.

If a cop...

Cop... Sees Larry,
he's going to shoot him.

A patrol car...

A patrol car, police car
almost had him 20 minutes ago.

He came that close to
being a dead man. Dead man.


What does that mean?

It means he
understands. Speed up.

Then help us find him.

Why not?


You know, R.C.,
the funny thing...

Oh. Look, what
you don't understand

is that we don't think
that Larry's involved

with the safecracking.

We think somebody framed him.

Somebody who
frightened him enough

to make him run.

Oh. The thought
had crossed our mind.

You can't talk when
they're looking at you.

"Larry is my friend."
Yes, we know!

"My only friend."

Then how do we find him?

If we're going to
save Larry's life,

we have to work together.



That's a hell of an answer.

Place? Place?


Places where...
Where he hangs out.

Okay, come on.
Let's get out of here.



Anything? Not a
thing. What about you?


Well, R.C. where next?

R.C., no place else?

I hate to be crass, but, um...

You know, I haven't eaten
since this whole thing began.

Well, you know I think
better on a full stomach.

Hey, R.C., you hungry?

He's hungry. You can watch.


Everything is just fine.

Did almost lose him to
a couple of cops once,

but fat boy gave them the slip.

Where is he now?

Over at the Nuart
Theater on Hayes.

Found an all-cowboy show.

He seems to have settled
himself in pretty good.

Well, I'd say he's accomplished

just about everything
we could have hoped for.

And now the sooner we
finish him off, the better.

Two hamburgers, right?

Lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise,

salt, pepper,
plenty of relish...

Um, and lots of onions.

Starsk? What?

Glass of water.

Oh yeah. Water. Three.

You got me drinking water.

Any brainstorms?

Why would Larry run?

According to Dobey,
it's because he's guilty.

Well, let's forget
Dobey for a minute.


that he isn't guilty,

why did he run?


maybe he was trying
to protect somebody.

What if somebody convinced Larry

that he did do it?

Well, it would have to
be someone he trusted,

someone who knew
sign language...

Somebody who had
access to prison records.


Somebody who knew that Larry
and Bessinger had been cellmates.


You get back to
the print shop, okay?

We'll see you there as
soon as we know anything.


I don't which is
going to happen first,

whether I'm going to
go broke or go hungry.

DOBEY: Zebra Three,
Zebra Three, come in, please.

Zebra Three here
Go ahead, captain.

I called Philadelphia and got

that information on
Father Ignatius you wanted.

White male,

180 pounds, about 6'.

Matches so far.

And when you see him...

wish him happy birthday.

According to the
priest I talked to,

he's 71 today.




All right...

You got nothing on me.

How about Murder One?

Killing a cop in this state
requires the death penalty.

I didn't have nothing to
do with that. It was Marty!

Marty? Marty who?

Marty. He's the name
of your fake priest?


What happened to the real one?

Where's the real Ignatius?

They killed him.

But you gotta believe me,

I didn't have anything
to do with that.

You convince me.

Now, where's Marty? And
what's he doing with Larry?


MARTY: One, please.

You enjoying yourself, Larry?


Larry. Larry!

Larry, I want you to
come outside with me.

I want to talk to you.

I want to talk to you outside.


Larry, it'll only take
a minute. Larry.

Get the manager. There
may be some trouble.

Larry, just for a
minute. Come on.


All right, now I want you
to come outside with me.

Right now!

Hold it! Police.

Everybody, stay down!

Take care of that man and
get everybody out of the theater!

Starsk, where are you?

Right here.

You all right?


I got the front.

Okay, I'm going in.






Hey, Starsk. Huh?

Do you think Pat O'Brien
will ever forgive us?

What's in there? Come
on. What is it? What is it?

Hey, hey. Look at that.

Is that... Is that for us?


Those cats...

are for us.

Oh, that's nice. Oh, that's...

Hey, uh, R.C...

All right, look, Larry, R.C...

my house is too small.

Yeah, uh, Larry...

I'm hardly ever home.



Those cats... Yeah? Yeah?

Your cats. Your cats.

Oh, you're the papa.

Oh, I got it, I
got it, I got it.

The cats are named
Starsky and Hutch.

Oh, sure, sure...

You just brought them
down to show us, right?

Oh, that's terrific.
They're cute. They're nice.

Hey, that's Starsky.

No, no, no, that's Hutch.

That's Starsky over there.

What are you talking
about? That's Starsky.

Hey, look at this
cute little burglar.

Look at that. You
cute, little thing, you.

Hey, kitty, kitty.

That one looks more
like me than you.




What's the matter?



I don't even think
this is my cat.

What are you talking about?

That's Starsky.


That's Hutch.