Starsky and Hutch (1975–1979): Season 1, Episode 19 - JoJo - full transcript

Starsky and Hutch run afoul of federal agent Bettin when his scheme to collar crime kingpin Dombarris puts back on the streets the serial rapist Jojo, a psychopath Starsky and Hutch are determined to put away for good.


When's he going to show?

We've been waiting
all bloody morning.

Oh, stop belly-aching.
It could be worse.

It could be Sunday.

Come on. Saturday's bad enough.

The Celtics and the
Warriors are playing,

there's ice boating
in Minnesota...

The Westport Croquet

You're missing a regular
sports orgy, aren't you?

Apple Charlie. This
is Command Robert.

And his federal space rangers.

Okay, Commander Ralph,
this is Charlie's Apple.

Nothing yet. No one's shown.

You sure the thing
is going to happen?

It's Command Robert.
Robert. Not Ralph.

Ten-four, Apple Charlie.


Tell you what else this is
going to blow for me today.

There's this lovely little
lady named Nancy...

Wait a minute, wait a minute.

Take a look.

Jo-Jo Forentik. Yeah.

Command Ralph.
They're here. We got them.

In case you're interested,

that weasel is an ex-con
named Jo-Jo Forentik.

Hello. May I help you?

Check the back.

What do you want?


What are you doing here?

It's clear, Jo-Jo.

He's going to the phone, Starsk.

I guess Dombarris must
be driving the truck himself.

Who else is he going to trust?

Those yo-yos who work for him

couldn't tell a raw
amphetamine from a cough drop.




Jo-Jo, Mr. Dombarris. All set.

I'll be there in two minutes.

Bingo, Commando!
Dombarris is on his way.

I guess we get a
chance to catch him

with the stuff in
his hot little hands.

It's clear, man.

Watch the back.



Wait a minute.
I don't believe it!

What? Starsk!

Orange paint.

Oh, no.


Jo-Jo's about to assault
the receptionist! Over.

Come on, Bettin!
What's he doing to her?

I told you, he's
about to rape her!

We want to bust in.

It'll blow the whole operation.

Let me think.

We seen his work before,
Bettin. It doesn't look pretty.

Dombarris could
be there any second!

We have got to
hold it. Stay put.

That is an order.




It's all right. It's all right.

We're police.

How many chicks have
you done, you slug, huh?

Isn't this a little uptown, huh?

Don't you normally work
the beach, where it's quiet?

And the ocean drowns
out their screams?


It's all right now.
Just try to relax.

Just sit down here.
Just try to relax.


There he goes.

Dombarris is blown.

Do you know how
many federal dollars

went down the
tubes out there today

because you blew the operation?

Let me guess.

Twenty-three thousand dollars.

That's very close.

$23,417 and

and 62... Cents.

The man's a bloody
computer. Really.

I want and I expect an
official departmental reprimand

for these two adventurers

who decided, in the middle
of a stake-out operation,

to get involved in
some other crime.

What went on out there
today is indicative...

I know what went
on out there today.

They took Jo-Jo
Forentik off the street.

Now, these are my two best men

and I'm backing them
up a hundred percent.

If you've got a complaint,
go ahead and file away.

But don't stand here in
my squad room whining

and wasting my
men's time and mine.

Internal Affairs is up the hall.

Cap, I've got to tell you.

You're beautiful.

And I got to tell you two,

I just got off the phone
with two councilmen,

the mayor and the chief.

The feds are screaming
all the way up to the top.

Now, please listen to me.

Whatever you two do,

make sure this case
against Jo-Jo Forentik sticks.

Yes, sir.

What do you mean you
won't testify against Jo-Jo?

Molly, we need your testimony

to put him away.

I've heard about these things.

When I get on the stand,

his lawyer will ask me
about being "seductive".

A bunch of your
policemen from Vice

will want to know
little erotic details.

We'll protect you from that.

The prosecutor will object
to irrelevant questions.

And how will you protect me

from the stories they'll
print in the newspapers?

Or the things that
people will whisper

when my back is turned?

Jo-Jo is a dangerously sick man.

You're not the first
woman he's attacked.

So far, you happen
to be the luckiest.

What about the next victim?


No what?

It's not fair what
you're asking.

I'm not going to get involved.

That isn't it.

There's something
else, isn't there?

What is it, Molly?


Even if I could take
going through the trial...

What if he gets off?

Or what if he goes
to jail for three years

and some doctor
decides he's all right

and they let him out?

I'd have to hide.

I'd have to move.

He could come back for me.

Can you protect me from that?

Can you promise me
that would never happen?


Well, I can understand it.

So can I.

It's just a shame she can't.

The only way you're going
to nail that Jo-Jo Forentik

is to testify against him.

That's the way it goes.
Some can, some can't. Yep.

What do we now?


Yeah, right down
Jo-Jo's throat. Hmm.

You know, there's got to be

one of those three
previous victims

who might want to put him away.

Let's hope so.



You know, you really
ought to do something

about this car,

like take it to a junkyard.

Oh, come on, Starsk.

All it needs is a good tune-up.

Yeah, and all New
York City needs

is a $20 loan.

Well, this is it. Yeah.

What happens if
she doesn't testify?

You got me. Go ahead.

Well, the third time is
supposed to be lucky.

Depends on what kind
of game you're playing.

I don't understand it.

A girl gets brutalized and raped
the way Jo-Jo works them over

and they refuse to identify him.

Well, think about it.
Can you blame them?

Go ahead. No, after you.

Thank you.



You're policemen?

HUTCH: That's right.

Oh! I am sorry.

Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.

I'm just terrific. It's okay.

Why does this
always happen to me?

Well, you wanted to go first.

Miss Mascelli? We'd like
to show you some pictures.

The man who raped
me? You tell us.


That's him.

I never thought I'd see
him again. That's him.

Oh, wow.

That's why the karate.

I was never going to
let what he did to me

happen again.

Do you have him?

Yes, we do, and we'd
like to put him away.

So would I.

Because I don't think
the damage he did to me

will ever go away.

Now when a man comes
near me who I want to touch me,

I still jump.



We're going to need
your help to put him away.

All he'd have to do is
walk through that door

and I'd put him away.

I'd love it.

Will you...

Will you testify against
him in a court of law?

What about the other girls?

The other two girls refused.

Without your help,

he's going to get off scot-free.

Yeah, okay.

If that's what it
takes, you got it.

I've got to tell you.

You're a stand-up chick.

That's what they all
say, Buster Brown.

You just make sure you
got a case and it sticks, huh?

Don't worry. That's our end.

Hey, I am sorry.

I didn't mean to throw you
around like that. Forget it.

You sure you're okay?

Fine. Terrific.

That's a man of steel.

You said it was important.

What can I do for you?

Well, we'll get to
that in a minute.

First of all,

I'm going to tell you
what I can do for you.

I can deliver you Dombarris.

Go on.

Well, now, you go on.

Like telling me what
you're going to do for me.

Like getting me out of
this slammer, for starters,

before Starsky and
Hutch get to work on me.

You can guarantee Dombarris?

On a plate.

I think you just
made yourself a deal.

Starsky, what are you doing?

Well, as long as we
got to use this car,

might as well make it habitable.

Habitable, huh? Yeah.

By the looks of things here,

you can't tell what disease
may be lurking here.

Hey! What's this?

Hey, where did you find that?

Back here, between
last week's newspapers

and the laundry and the
hi-potency pills... That's terrific.

I've been looking for it.

What are you
going to use it for?

Well, I'm going to work on my...

Forget it. I don't
even want to know.

Hey, there's Jo-Jo! Huh?

What's he doing out? Where?


Jo-Jo's going to
give us Dombarris.

So you did put him
back on the street?

That's right. What's
wrong with you?

The man's an animal!

It's dangerous,

but the dope Dombarris puts
on the street is dangerous,

and you two are the
last people on earth

I have to justify anything to.

You going to spring Jo-Jo?

That's absolutely correct.

It is necessary. It
is a calculated risk.

Now, we've projected a
small chance of failure,

but it won't happen.

The problem is
that your projections

don't justify the damage
to Jo-Jo's victims.

Besides, Dombarris
is a little too smart

to accept Jo-Jo back.

You know, one more thing.

Those are people out
there, not projections,

that this guy's going
to do damage to!

I have a job to do.
Now, wait a minute.

What's wrong with you?

What are you, a skin
graft off a computer?

He's a turkey. You
can't talk to him.

Listen, Jo-Jo goes
back on the street

and he stays on the street.

The OCU is going
to watch over him

and keep him on a short leash.

If I have to go to court
to get an injunction,

I am going to see to it

that you two stay away from him.

Excuse me.

Look, we came by to tell you...

I already know. How?

Jo-Jo called me last night.

What did he say?

The usual lewd ramblings-on.

I really would like to know

how you two convinced
me to testify against him

if you couldn't even
keep him in jail.

Look, we're very sorry.
We've had our problems too.

We didn't put him on the street.

The feds did that.

But we're going to
do everything we can

to keep him away from you.

Oh, yeah, sure you will.

Well, Starsk, what are
we going to do now?

I don't know.

Maybe we ought to go talk
to Jo-Jo. Oh, that's good!

We've been ordered by Bettin,
we've been ordered by Dobey,

we've been ordered
directly by the commissioner:

stay away from Jo-Jo.

What are we going to do,
Starsk, send him a cable?

Hey, maybe that's
what we ought to do.

Send him a cable.

Only we'll deliver
it in person, huh?

You took the words
right out of my mouth.

So keep it shut.



I did a two-year
possession rap for you,

and you too, you big slob.

And I come back and I find this!

I didn't expect you to
be a priest while I was in,

but now that I'm back,
the least you can do

is get rid of this
piece of fluff!

It's okay. I love everybody.

Three's... Shut up.

What did you pick up
with her for, anyway?

I like her because
she's so smart.

Well, sugar, you get rid of
Miss Junior Achievement here.

You get rid of cotton candy.


Yeah! Just do it.

I've got some
dollars coming too.

And if not, I know
who to talk to

in the Federal
Attorney's office.

I have a two-year investment
in you, good-looking.

So I'll see you here
tomorrow. Alone.

Go buy yourself something.

I'll see you in a half an hour.

Okay. Gee, thanks.

Hi, guys. Hey. Hi.

Well, looky here what I found.


Hey, man, who let
you out of the can?

Hey, come on. They
let Dixie out, didn't they?

That's right, Jo-Jo.
For 10 grand bail.

Man, that's peanuts

compared to what
they had on you.

Yeah, only they didn't have
nothing they could stick on me,

you know.

That chick was scared I'd
do her if she testified, huh?

Hey, that's great.

Yeah. Hey, uh...

Mr. Dombarris, I
need a job, you know.

I, uh...

I got me one of
them hotshot lawyers

and he's hounding
me for the money.

I need some fast bucks.

I'm wondering maybe, you
know, you got a job for me?

Yeah, maybe we can
work something out.

You really want to
work that bad, huh?

Yeah, I'm hot to trot.

Well, Claude Berger

has a personal injury
automobile scam going

down the east side.

He'll tell you when and where,
and you get into an accident.

It pays two yards.

I can get you into that.

Hey, that sounds great,
Mr. Dombarris, only you know...

Claude Berger, you know. I...

I know.

You want to stay close to home,

work with your
old friends, right?

Yeah, that's it.

Hang in there with your
good old buddies, right?

Hey, you got it.

Right, right, baby.

Okay, you're in.

I got something
for you tomorrow.

Hey, great. What is it?

It's a surprise.

But it's going to
be a big number.


Yeah, well, I'll see you, huh?

See you later. Sure.

Did you buy that?

Not for a second.




What is this?

What's going on?

HUTCH: Jo-Jo, shut up.


Hey, what did we
come in here for?

Shut up.

What did we have
to come in here for?


It's got color.

It's an island of
color in a gray world.

We brought you here
to have a little tête-à-tête.

Well, your Spanish is improving.

Thank you.

WOMAN: Well, if
it ain't Dick Tracy.

What are you going to eat today?

How are you doing, Stella?

I'm going to have
your famous meatloaf.

You? Uh...

He's not hungry.


Uh, why don't
you just bring me...

A piece of apple pie
and a cup of coffee.

Pshh. What do you
want to eat that for?

It'll rot your pancreas.

Well, then, let's try
the blueberry pie, huh?

Now, what the hell
would I be doing

with blueberry pie?


Lemon meringue.

Lemon meringue
is the pie of the day

and that's what you'll eat.

And forget about the coffee.

It'll make you nervous.

I'll bring you a glass of milk.

You look like a growing boy.

What kind of a place is
this? She's in a good mood.

You ought to see
her when she's mean.


Straight out.

You go near Linda Mascelli,

a lot of bad things are
going to happen to you...


We got about half a dozen ways

to turn you into
a disaster area.

And we're not going to be
picky about the ones we choose.


including some Vice Squad
bulls we'll cast as your cellmates

when we throw you
back into the tank.

You got it, sweetheart?

If you ever go near, talk to,

or even think about
Linda Mascelli,

we'll turn you into Swiss steak.

Thank you, Stella. Mm-hmm.

Enjoy. Thank you.



This is the worst
lemon meringue pie

I ever ate in my life.

Oh. Maybe you ought
to try the meatloaf.

It's probably dog food.

All right, what the
hell are you doing?

We have Jo-Jo
under surveillance,

and all of a sudden
you pick him up?

Surprised it took you
this long to find us.

Listen! Shh!

Now, calm down, will you?

We just decided to take
Jo-Jo out for a bite to eat.

Only he ain't hungry.

Yeah, and after that,

us girls are going to
do a little shopping.

You're supposed
to leave him alone.

There's a dozen
unnamed stiffs on the street

that need your attention.

Why don't you go
play with one of them?

Because there's one or
two living things out there

that we'd like to
see stay that way.

You think your
cover was blown? No.

You know how to
stay in touch with us?

Get out of here.

Now, what did you tell him?

We liked his eyes.

We told him that if he ever
goes near Linda Mascelli,

we'll turn him into Swiss steak.

Are you coming?

If you want the booth,
the food's terrific.

They're trying to nail
me to this Mascelli chick,

you know.

She tried to put me away.

So I went down and
had a little talk with her,

you know.

This is the chick
that knows karate?


But I tell you, if
I do her again,

I'm going to take my
baseball bat with me.

You know, that
cancels out karate.

Now, that's the chick

that you told me lives
down by the beach, huh?


Well, never mind her.

This is important.

Now, you think you
can do the number?

Make the hit?

Yeah, I can handle it.

Because if you can't,
I've got Dixie and Sulko.

And I know they're

Hey, come on, so am I!

Okay. If you say so, Jo-Jo.

Because this is Major League.

After this hit, you're going
to be a freelance "mechanic",

a big hit man.

Don't worry. I can handle it.

This is the ticket.

Now, that's the address.

The chick in number 30.

And after this hit, we'll
talk about your next gig.

And I'm going to do a
good job, a real good job.

You're going to see that.

A real good job.

Well, this is it, Jo-Jo.

And I can do anything I want?

Anything at all.

And Dombarris
won't mind or nothing?

No way.

Have yourself a party.

Hey, Sulko, maybe we
should go up and watch.

Hey, nobody looks! Just me!



All right! I'll be right there.

I said I'll be right there!




Guess what?

Your Uncle Al has
got this terrific short.

Four miles to the
gallon, 893 horsepower,

reverb radio, six-way
power mud-flaps,

and a furry dash, huh?

Wrong. Okay, you win. What?

That guy's car.

What guy? That guy in the heist

in front of the
pharmaceutical company

with the chopped, channeled,
and lowered short? Yeah?

I seen it somewhere. Where?

If I knew that, we'd be there.

What do you think I'm running,
a quiz show or something?

TALKS: Zebra Three.

Zebra Three. Over.

DB report. 1120
Hill Drive. Over.

We're rolling. Give it a
two-and-a-half minute ETA.

Better make it three. What?


Want me to get out and push?
Why don't you just get out?


Temper, temper, temper.



How are you doing?

Fred, what do you
got? She's in there.

Thank you, Fred.



Look at this.

I don't believe it.


I can't tell you
anything for sure

until we get her on the table,

but I'd say she's a mess.

He really worked her over.

Some more of your boys'
undercover handy work, Bettin.

"Sure. Jo-Jo's all right.
We're running a tight control.

"It's a calculated risk,

but we're projecting
minimum failure."

How do you know it was Jo-Jo?

Are you colorblind,
man? That's orange paint.

That's his trademark.

Jo-Jo's not stupid enough

to leave his signature
sprayed all around.

Don't bet on it.
It's certifiable.

Do you think

that murdering people
and raping women

is a sane occupation?

This is terrible.


You can tell that
to her brother,

to her sister,

to her father or to her mother.

Jo-Jo never
belonged on the street

and you know it.

And if you don't know it,
you belong there with them.

It's a hell of a way to...

To say "we told you so."

Put out an APB
on Jo-Jo Forentik.

Get his case and priors
off my file number 863224.

Patch me into a direct
line and get me 462-9923.

Roger, Zebra Three.



No answer, huh.

Linda's still not home.

How are we going to find her

to warn her that
Jo-Jo's on a rampage?

You got me.

How are we going to find Jo-Jo?

You got me.



Still no answer at Linda's.

No Jo-Jo.

Maybe we should go
wait at her place. Yeah.

Starsky... Oh, no.

Excuse me.


We found him about an hour ago.

Somebody beat him to a pulp.

Judging from the
angle of his head,

I'd say, among other things,
he's got a broken neck.


Dombarris made Jo-Jo, huh?

I don't think so.

I do think our
operation was intact

until you two
started meddling in it.

I think you went
to great lengths

to undermine my work

and you acted in a
precipitate manner,

especially in warning
Linda Mascelli,

who we have arrested
for felony manslaughter.


What are you talking about?

She had the opportunity,
the motive, and the weapon.

What weapon?

You know what weapon. Her hands.

And so I left my studio to
take a walk on the beach.

About what time?

It was early... How early?

Seven, seven-thirty,
maybe. I... I...

And I was just going to
take a walk on the beach.

Did you go directly
to the beach?


What did you do?

Where? Where?

On the beach. What did you do?

I walked!

I mean, isn't that what most
people do on the beach?

How long? How long did you walk?

It was hours.

Oh, hours. That's good.

Now, you must
have seen somebody.

No. Oh, God, I wish I had.

Nobody? You didn't see
anybody on the beach?

You didn't see
anybody on the sidewalk

or on the street
across from the beach?

You didn't acknowledge anybody?

You didn't wave to anybody?
Nobody waved to you?

I didn't see anybody.

Now, wait a second.

You're telling us

that you walked on that
beach for a couple of hours

and you didn't see
one solitary soul?


I don't believe that
this is happening to me.

I agree to get involved
in Jo-Jo's prosecution

and I get charged
with his murder?

I mean, what is this?

How are we going
to pull this apart?

How are we going to
find out who killed Jo-Jo?

Excuse me. Who
would have done him?

Any one of the three girls,

their fathers, their brothers,

their boyfriends...

Yeah, to know him
wasn't exactly to love him.

You know what gets me? What?

What really gets me is Linda.

It's precisely because

she learned how to
take care of herself

that she's suddenly
under suspicion.

What have you got
to do around here

to be innocent?

I guess, for a chick
to be totally innocent,

she's got to be
a lay-down victim

and wear lots of lace

and lock herself up
in the attic forever.


Now, what have we
got? A pile of work.

Yeah. Okay...

What was Jo-Jo doing
just before he was killed?

He was murdering Elaine Stroud.

Elaine Stroud
wasn't her real name.


None of her ID works out,

so we're running a
make on her fingerprints,

but that might take
a couple of days.

There was nothing
in that whole place

that could identify her?

Nothing but this picture.

Taken in a joint called
Teddy's Paris Bar.

That's all? So far.

That place is closed.

Yeah. Three years ago.

I know that. Oh.

Let's go. To where?

To see the Bear.



Yes, folks!

Right here is the only
place on the face of the earth


where you can get
Huggy Bear's guaranteed,

round-the-clock protection!

Now, your regular
cross or mezuzah

is fine in the daytime
when the light is on.

You look up on the wall
and there it is, protecting you.

But when the light's out and
the good lord can't see you,

your soul is vulnerable.

But Huggy Bear's guaranteed
glow-in-the-dark crosses

give you 24-hour protection.

Now, they only
start at $2.98 and up.


How's business, Hug?

Well, it ain't heaven.

Listen, Huggy.

Do you know a girl by
the name of Elaine Stroud?

I don't think so.

She used to hang
out at Teddy's Bar.

That dump? Mm-hmm.

This is a picture of what
she looks like more recently.

I think I do know her.


She was a nice girl.

Three, four years ago,
she was a movie actress.

Not the kind of movies
you'd take your mother to.

Yeah, she used
to come in the club

with a tall, brown-haired cat

and a weird dude
in a snakeskin jacket.

The tall dude had
a superb short.

It was chopped, channeled,

lowered with orange flame paint.

That's the car, the
car used at the heist.

I knew I'd seen it before.

I got it.

Come on! Let's hit it. Oh!

It's at my Uncle
Al's buddy's shop.

Earl's Custom Car
Cult and Body Shop.


Come on. It's on East Marshall.

You make it sound
like a religion.


going to kill me! Aah!


Why are you doing that? What?

Put it back in the
car. I can't hear you.

They're for my rose bushes.

Oh, for...

Hey, where's Earl, huh?

Right here, man.

Oh, man, I knew it!

I knew that chump
was going to run

and rat to the fuzz.

That punk!

That jive, funny-style
Frankenstein's brother.

When I catch him,

I'm going to walk on his
face with my football cleats.

Now, wait a minute. What
are you talking about?

Is that your short, man?

Your car.

Oh yeah.

Well, then, you
wouldn't understand.

Let me talk to your
partner. Say, look, man.

A turnip comes along
and walks on your car.

What are you going to do? Huh?

Hey, man, he sat on
my flame paint over there.

And put his feet up
on my Continental kit!

So I whipped him!
Man, what else.

Hot dog. Take me on in.

Uh, Earl?


We're not here for that.

No? Uh-uh.

Then why'd you drag me
away from my work, huh?

Say, I know you.

Yeah, you know my Uncle Al.

Right! Right!

You drive that red tomato
with the white stripe.

A red Torino.

Tomato, tomahto,
what's the difference?

Say, look, you come
on hard times, huh?

That's his car.

All right, look,

you're supposed to be the
prince of the custom car.

No, man, I ain't no prince.

I'm the Earl. Merle the Earl.

Look, are we talking to
the man, or aren't we?

What do you want to know?

We're looking for a guy.

So's my Aunt Charlene.

Oh, no, no.

This guy's about six-five,
medium brown hair, about 40.

It don't do a thing.

He was here when I
came in for an estimate.


He was standing
right over there.

He was driving a
'55 Nomad wagon.

$725. What?

Twenty-five coats of
metallic chartreuse...

With glitter.

But he's too cheap.


You could paint an airplane
for seven and a quarter.

We only paint one way
here, blood: the finest!


Which is too good
for you, turkey.

Say, I've seen that
jive-cheap stripe you got

on your tomato.

Look. The guy with
the Nomad wagon?

What was his name?

Uh, Sulko.

Sulko. Where does he live?

Out back.

Say, look, the paint that
I was going to put on...

Forget the paint!
Where out back?

Right out there, man.

Ain't you got eyes?

Hey, what are you doing?

Let me go it alone.


MAN: Yeah?

Lamiels Pizza.

Didn't order any.

Oh, yes, you did.
I got it right here.

Tennessee Trailer Park.

Beat it!

You don't pay, I'm
going to call the cops.

Oh, that's good, Starsk.

We don't mess around at Lamiels!

You're real convincing,
you know that?

Here's your pizza.

Lie still. We'll get
you an ambulance.

All right, turkey.
Spill it! All of it.

Unless you want to take
that long ride all by yourself.


All right, all right.
Dombarris, man.

Dombarris set it up.

But I didn't do it. Sulko did.

Did what?

Wasted Jo-Jo, man.

After he did Elaine, huh? Yeah.

How much Dombarris
pay you for it?


What were the two
of you trying to do?

Depress the market?








Hold it! Drop it!

Well, this is one problem

Bettin's computer
won't have to solve.


This is a work of art.

This is beautiful.

This equals anything
by Leonardo or da Vinci.


You know who I mean.

Only Rodin could create a piece

that was on a par with this.

Starsky, you got to
be out of your mind.

Hey, man, I'm telling you.

It's a steal at $5000.

Five thousand dollars? For what?

Think I want to ride around
in a blueberry on wheels?

This is not a
blueberry on wheels.

I apologize for my
partner's rudeness.

This happens to be
a piece of sculpture.

Yeah, it's a piece of sculpture.

It's a piece of...
A piece of what?

What's the matter with you, man?

You bad-mouthing my short?

Huh? You dummy!

You let me find me
something to hit you with.

Hey, Merle, Merle.

Merle, your short don't make it.


I want something
with some flash to it.

It's too straight.
It's too quiet.

I want something with
some juice, you know?

This is an old lady's car.

You better pull your
act together, Merle.

And, Merle...

Now, here's a car with
some character to it.



It's got some soul, you know?
Some dignity, some inner flash.

And lousy spark plugs.






How much did you say you want

for this piece
of, uh, sculpture?