Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 9 - Rules of Engagement - full transcript

SG1 come across another SG team being attacked by Jaffa. They offer to help but are shot by the SG team members. When they awake, they find out that the other SG team are Jaffa, loyal to ...

You know that UAV needs
a swift kick in the CPU.

Its aerial camera
showed some sort of camp.

We're drawing weapons fire.

Clearly a staff-weapon blast.

It's an SG team, sir.

I can't make out their unit
number. They're pinned down.

- They are not returning fire.
- Out of ammo?


They're not supposed to be here at all.

SG-1 1?

They were declared MIA
eight months ago on P89-534.

- What would they be doing here?
- Whoever they are, they are about to die.

Unidentified Sierra Gulf
unit, this is Sierra Gulf One.

We're on your six, standing
by to offer fire support. Over.

Sierra Gulf unit, your position's
about to be overrun. Over.

They're either on another
frequency or they don't have comms.

RV at the tree line.

Move. Now.

Pull out! Cover your six!

Identify yourself!

- Colonel Jack O'Neill,
SG-1! - Which quadrant?


Get out of there!

Take 'em out!

Everybody OK?

Headache. Bad headache.

I thought I got shot.

So it would seem.

- Must be some kind of stun weapons.
- Looked like MP5s to me.

Well, all I can say is...


Boy, are you guys gonna get it.

Get what? From whom?

- You can't talk!
- Why not?

Because you're dead.


Pretending not to be dead will
just get you into more trouble.

More trouble than dead?

Come on, Colonel. You know
better. Stop breakin' the rules.


Who's in charge here?

Casualties don't ask questions.


What rules are we talking about exactly?

I said stop!

We don't understand. If we're meant to be
dead, how are you meant to kill us again?

You wanna find out, four-eyes?

- Four
- eyes? Easy, big fella.

Just play dead.


Captain's waiting for you. Follow me.

Anyone notice the patch?


There is no SG-X, O'Neill.

Not under Hammond's command, no.


I said follow me.

Hey, guys.

- They are no more than children.
- Playing some war game, it looks like.

Who do you think they are?
NID? Colonel Maybourne?

I wouldn't put it past him.

SG-1, reporting as ordered, sir!

You are all casualties until 1400 hours.

Would that be daylight
savings or standard?

You may not speak, except to answer a
direct question by the evaluating officer.

Is that clear?

Is this the way you behave
in your quadrant, mister?

I think "Colonel" is the proper
way of addressing me... Captain.

No rank is above strict adherence
to the rules of engagement.

Rule 2, Article 4: unauthorised
forces shall be shot on sight.

You were unauthorised.
And you ruined our ambush.

- Nearly half of the enemy team got away.
- Carter, I've never been real big on regs.

- Is this familiar to you?
- No, sir.

They are familiar to me.

Kal vak Jaffa.

- You're not from D Quadrant.
- We are not.

Then you came through the
Chaapa-ai. This is a challenge.

The... Chaapa-ai?


He meant the Stargate, sir.

Stargate. Of course.

We've been so long without challenges.

I am sorry, Master Jaffa. I
have revealed myself and failed.

You must execute me for
the remainder of the day.

You must execute me as well.

Master Teal'c?

Might I suggest we...

. . spare them this time?

Very well...

. . underling.

Captain, your full name and rank.

My Earth name is Captain Kyle Rogers.
Acting Quadrant A commander, sir!

Your Earth name?

Orders given you by your
previous Jaffa master?

To practise battle according
to the rules of engagement...

. . until the return of our lord, Apophis.


When we are ready for the
final challenge, he will come.

- Don't hold your breath.
- We will be ready.

You're training to serve
Apophis wearing SG uniforms?

To know the enemy. Quadrant
A has spared no detail.

We've studied long
and hard and know much.

- About Earth?
- Oh, yes.

Corn and cotton are
indigenous to North America.

That information could
save your life one day.

So you see, Master Teal'c, my
mistake will not happen again.

I will infiltrate the
Tauri at your command.

That time has not yet
come, Captain Rogers.


If you're pretending to be...

- Who were those Jaffa attacking you?
- They were led by my deputy.

Captain Nelson. As part
of the daily exercise.

We have kept the Jaffa camp separate,
the better to practise Earth behaviour.

- Shall I have him sent for?
- No, I don't think that'll be necessary.

- Send for him.
- Yes! Send for him.

- How else may I serve?
- We'd like our weapons back.

- The ones we came with.
- They were stored in the armoury tent.

At the conclusion of today's war game.

- Take us to them.
- As you wish.

Colonel, none of them
have symbiote pouches.

I noticed that.

Before Apophis requested asylum...

. . only a handful of loyal
Jaffa remained in his service.

So he drafted ordinary humans?

It is common among the Goa'uld to
use humans as fodder during battle.

Especially when facing defeat.

- All right. We can handle it from here.
- I can assist you.

Shal kek!

Yes, Master.

So, Teal'c... how do you know
about these rules of engagement?

They are the code of battle
during a young Jaffa's training.

Spoken by Apophis himself.

Teal'c, what about these?

They are intar.

Short for... ?


They are used for training
and only meant to stun.

They can be identified by this crystal.
They can take the form of any weapon.

Well, I got our GDOs, but
my MP5's still missing.

As is my staff weapon.

All right, Teal'c, I want everyone in one place
- just to make sure.

Can you handle that?

I can.

You two keep lookin'.

Captain Rogers.

Where are the weapons
with which we arrived?

They were returned to the
armoury tent, of course.

Do you possess a vo'cume?

Yes, sir.

Use it.

Yes, Master Teal'c.

What'd you tell him to do?

I ordered him to use a training instrument
to assemble his men for inspection.

It may serve to emphasise our authority.


Warriors of Apophis, assemble and
listen to he that possesses the vo'cume.


Just a huge, honkin' Apophis,
Major. Nothing to worry about.

The warrior before you speaks
in my name. Heed his words.

I would be honoured if you would
inspect my warriors, Master.


Ready weapons for inspection.

You do yourself proud, Captain Rogers.

Master Teal'c?

This is my
second-in-command - No'var.

For the games, he leads the
side of the Jaffa warriors.

His Earth name is Captain Nelson.

Most of my warriors are
engaged in battle, Master.

I will relay your words
to them after the battle.

Master Teal'c.

If... I may?

This is Colonel O'Neill.
He is much loved by Apophis.

You may address the warriors.

Apophis wanted me to tell you that
you've all been doing a wonderful job.

Well done.

But he also wanted me to tell you that
the whole invasion-of-the-Tauri idea...

. . has been cancelled, due to...

. . rain. Ahem!


The war games are officially
over as of right...

. . now.

You can all go home.


It's over, Nelson. Go tell
your buddies to quit fighting.

You speak more like a Tauri
than a warrior of Apophis.

Well, thanks. You're
not so bad yourself.

Who taught you?

If you are who you say you are, you
already know the answer to that, sir.

Nelson, I am ordering you to
recall your men from the field.

Article 7, Section 3 states...

. . that once the battle has
commenced, it cannot be stopped.

Well, you're obviously
referring to the old Article 7.

That's it.

That means those kids are playing
war games with real weapons.

- Colonel.
- Go ahead, Carter.

So far all we've recovered
is one 9mm and one MP5.

Roger that. Keep lookin'.

Quadrant A must assemble, including
those engaged in games. Immediately!

- As Captain Nelson stated, Master...
- Do you wish to be punished?

I will not fail your challenge
a second time, Master Teal'c.

Tell him the truth.

Warriors of Apophis, hear me.

Apophis has been slain in
battle with his enemies.


He's telling you the truth.

The battle you've been preparing
for is never gonna happen.

He's not coming back.

Is this mike on?

We're trying to tell you
something important here!

Apophis is a god. And gods cannot die.

So he cannot be dead.

Any anyone who says otherwise is
either testing us or is a traitor, ...

. . sir.

Now we've passed your challenge.

If there's nothing else, sirs, we're
scheduled to join the games in progress.

Company, dismissed!

Apophis has lived for
thousands of years.

It is as if we said the
sun will never rise again.

It just might not for some of
those kids if they don't wise up.

What's going on?

I'm trying to get a weapon, sir. I'm
already late. The games have started.

Colonel, one MP5, Teal'c's staff weapon
and two 9mms are still unaccounted for.

- What does that mean?
- It means my team needs reinforcements.

No. The game is cancelled.

You can't do that.

I believe I can.

Everybody grab an intar.

It's a staff-weapon wound.

He's dead, sir.

Take cover!

- Colonel! I'll draw his fire.
- Negative! That is a real weapon.

- Apophis will protect me.
- I said stay down!

- Secure that weapon!
- Yes, sir!

Have I displeased Apophis?


Apophis would be proud.

This is the final challenge.

What happened?

The day has come, Nelson.
It's the final challenge.

Blood has been shed.

Prepare the men. The challenge
must begin at first light.

Yes, sir.

What's he talking about?
The final challenge?

It is the day in a warrior's
training when first blood is shed, ...

. . and the games become real.


Colonel? We found something.

Our weapons were all turned
in after the war games.

Roger that. Keep 'em secure.

How's he doing?

Apophis will save him.

Actually, no. There's nothing more we
can do for him as long as we stay here.

There's probably internal injuries.

So we'll take him back with us.

- You cannot.
- For crying out loud.

You know as well as I do that the rules
forbid entry or exit of the sector...

. . before the final
challenge, wounded or not.

Right, right.

Apophis would be disappointed in me if
there were an exception made for myself.

What if I told you we were bringing
you to see Apophis personally?

To show blood has been shed and your
quadrant is truly ready for his return?

If we don't bring you back, he will know
you failed our challenge and never return.

- Then I must go.
- Good.

Tell him we will make him proud.

I will.

Need a medical team!

What happened, Colonel?

My lord?

Actually, we just call
him General Hammond.

Where is Apophis?

- He's not here. I'm sorry.
- What have we got?

Liars. Traitors!

Easy! Easy!

- You will be punished. He will avenge me!
- Who is this, sir?

His name's Rogers. Despite
appearances, he's not SGC.

He will strike you
down! You will all die!

Go! Let's get him to the infirmary!

I'd like to debrief ASAP, Colonel.

Yes, my lord.

What's this final challenge all about?

In my training, it is when we
received our actual staff weapons.

The two camps then did battle
until one side emerged victorious.

You killed each other?

The Goa'uld wish only the
strong to prevail, Major Carter.

I was among the victors.

We were honoured by Apophis and I
became a member of his personal guard.

And that's what's about
to happen to those boys?

As long as they don't have real
weapons to play with, I don't see how.

The only lethal weapons in the armoury
belonged to us. The rest were intars.

The Jaffa who supervised their war
games have long ago abandoned them.

Yet they have maintained their
games until this day without fail.

- So what are you saying?
- That they're resourceful and determined.

So they might try to fulfil the challenge
whether they have lethal weapons or not.

It is possible.

If they really want to kill each
other they don't need guns to do it.

We have to go back there, sir, and
try and prevent this from happening.

General, we're indirectly
responsible for this.

They think that we were
sent through to start this.

I understand.

What we need to send back there is a
team of shrinks. Those kids are out there.

Maybe so, Colonel, but before I send
you or anyone else into a battle zone, ...

. . l wanna know what's
going on on that planet.

Why don't I see what I
can get out of Rogers?

Very well.

He won't eat, he won't speak
- except to call me a shol'va.

You must be doin' a good job.

There's no internal injury. He
mustn't have taken the full blast.

Physically he'll be fine.
Emotionally, that's another story.

- He's very angry, Colonel.
- Where's his tray?

Right here.

Good luck.

Ol' Doc Fraiser says
you haven't been eatin'.

- It's poison.
- It's hospital food. Of course it is.



Go to Sokar.

It's "go to hell", actually.

Which, by the way, is a rude thing to
say to a person offering you a sandwich.

It means the same.

You've got a point.

I will reveal nothing.

- You may begin torturing me.
- Oh, I've already begun.

This is the infamous "tuna torture".

Last chance.


So, you and I should have a little
talk about this final-challenge thing.

We will battle to the death, ...

. . and Apophis will choose
the victors as his guard.

All right. I'm gonna tell you
the absolute truth right now.

Apophis is dead.

Gods cannot die!

Why do you think he's
been gone for so long?

Why have all the Jaffa masters left?

Apophis was on his way
out when you got drafted.

- You lie.
- What if he told you himself?

If Apophis can speak,
then he cannot be dead.

When Apophis came to us, he
had already been tortured.

Impossible. He is a god.

The images we are about to show you
are of Apophis just before he died...

. . and his body was sent to Sokar.

- Gods cannot die.
- So you keep saying.

Have a look.

Help me.

A host.

I am...

. . afraid.

- What magic is this?
- No magic. I was there.

As was l.

Then it is true.

It is.

What will you do to us?

We're not going to do anything
to you. We wanna help you.

You can go home. Wherever that is.

War's over.

No, it's not.

Because tomorrow the
final challenge begins.

And many of my men will die.

For him.

- What's your real name, son?
- My true name is Rophiapgisy, sir.

Your Earth name is Kyle.
Can we call you Kyle?

That would be fine,
sir. I'm used to that.

How long have you been on that planet?

We were brought there five cycles
ago from a number of different worlds.

Right after we blew up Apophis's ships.

He commanded that we
worship no other god but him.

He left many Jaffa warriors with
us. They taught us everything.

Who taught you all about
Earth? Our uniforms, weapons?

Near the beginning Apophis
captured one of your SG teams...

- . . and forced them
to teach us. - SG-1 1.

Yes. At first that was
all they would reveal, ...

. . but our Jaffa masters
forced them to say things.

We listened to your speech, observed
your ways, but they did not last long.

What happened to them?

One day their bodies were put
on display in the encampment.

I... I do not know how they died, ...

. . only that they refused to tell the
Jaffa masters all that was asked of them.

Then our Jaffa masters
began to leave us one by one.

They said, to help
Apophis win a great battle.

And then we were alone.

Thank you for your cooperation, son.

May I now ask for your cooperation, sir?

Go on.

As we speak, my men are
preparing for the final challenge.

I was under the impression
your weapons are non-lethal.

They are.

But before Master Gar'toc left, he
showed Captain Nelson and myself a cave.

Inside were weapons intended for
the final challenge. Real weapons.

What are we talking
about here? Weapons-wise.

They're exactly like your own. MP5s.

He told us it was with those we would one
day infiltrate the Tauri and destroy him.

May I request permission to
be returned to my men, sir?

To tell them what I've learned
and to try and stop them?

- They won't believe you. You know that.
- They are under my command.

Teal'c, is the vo'cume capable
of recording other images?

Yes, that is correct.

Well, then, Colonel O'Neill's
already thought of the solution.

- You know where I'm going with this, sir.
- Haven't a clue.

Well, if seeing Apophis die
was enough to convince Kyle, ...

. . all we have to do is show
that same image to everyone else.

- With the vo'cume device?
- Yes.

I believe O'Neill's
solution could be successful.

In a battlefield? Combining
alien technology with our own?

Sir, the technical part of transferring
the data to the vo'cume I can figure out.

We've already been experimenting with
interfacing Goa'uld technology with ours.

The problem will be getting there.

We do have the intars, General.

What good will they do?

We can shoot first and
ask questions later.

May I request permission
to join them, sir?

They are his men, General.

And he might provide the tactical
advantage we need to pull this off.

Final-challenge scenario.
Let's hear it one more time.

My elite SG squad is to
defend the encampment...

. . from an invading force of other
SG teams, led by Captain Nelson.

The attackers have greater numbers,
the defenders, greater firepower.

- But both sides will be in SG uniforms.
- As it would have been on Earth.

All right, once we take the encampment
we become defenders to buy Carter time.

Is everyone clear on that? Daniel?

- What?
- Good.

You, stay with Carter
- who will watch you like a hawk.

- Yes, sir. SG
- 1, you have a go.

- I said stay with Carter!
- I was drawing fire.

You will listen to every word I tell
you and do everything I tell you, ...

. . or I will shoot you
myself. Is that clear?

Damn it.

Yes, sir.

Status report, Sergeant!

- Captain Rogers?!
- I am back with a message from Apophis.

I have glorious news.

- Get the vacuum.
- Vo'cume.

Carter, set it up. Teal'c
with Carter, Daniel with me.

- Here they come.
- I got some at nine o'clock here too.

- It is ready.
- Good. I'm not. Give me a second.

- Any time, Carter.
- Yes, sir!

- What is the delay?
- You can't just combine the technologies.

I have to match the frequency of
the vo'cume before I can transmit.



- Rogers! What the hell was that?
- Mortars!

- What else is in that cave?
- Stingers, M60s, M72s, TOW missiles.

We need this now!

What the hell was... Get down!

Damn it, Carter!

Got it.

Warriors of Apophis,
assemble before me...

. . and listen to he that
possesses the vo'cume.

The warrior before you speaks
in my name. Heed his words.

It's a message from Apophis himself!

Summoning his image in
battle is against the rules!

- Hear him!
- When the challenge is over!

Now, Nelson! You will listen to him now!

- Before anybody else gets hurt.
- The final challenge is to the death.

A host.

I am...

. . afraid.

He is a god.

It cannot be so.

It is so.

What will become of us?

Where will we go now?