Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 10 - Forever in a Day - full transcript

Responding to a help cry from Kasuf, SG-1 and more USAF wipe out a Goa'uld Jaffa guard to save most Abydonian slaves. When Amaunet turns her hand device on Daniel, he can't bring himself to...


- Good son, you came!
- Yes, we got your message.

- She took the boy. They took him.
- The boy?

The son of my daughter.
She took the boy.

Daniel, we gotta go.

- You said she took him.
- There!

Keep your people together. Go
with the people of the Tauri.

Fall back! Fall back!




Don't move.

Where's the boy?

Where you and the System
Lords will never find him.



- No, Sha're. Fight it!
- My host cannot help you.


What happened?

You don't remember?

I'm not sure.

We were on P8X-873.

We were freeing the Abydonians whom
the Goa'uld had taken as slaves.

Kasuf sent for us.

Sha're was there.


She's dead, Daniel.



It is I who am responsible.

I was forced to fire upon and
terminate the life of Sha're.

However, I assure you it was
done only to save your life.


- No?
- No.

They have a sarcophagus.

Her guards put her in the sarcophagus.

She's still out there somewhere alive.


Doctor, can he be taken
out of the infirmary?

We'll have to keep his drip in.
I'll arrange for a wheelchair.

- I'll take him, sir.
- I will accompany you also.

- Kasuf.
- My son.

- It's a sad day for us all.
- No.

This is hard for you to
understand, Kasuf, but...

. . the demon inside your daughter
will help her rise again.

Is this true?

Not this time.

I'm sorry.

Why didn't you leave her there?

- They would have saved her.
- There were no "they" Ieft.

We were victorious, Daniel Jackson.

There was no one remaining to
take Sha're to a sarcophagus.

We brought Kasuf to prepare her body
according to Abydonian tradition.

The good news is we managed
to save most of the Abydonians.

And for that... we
are eternally grateful.

You should have waited longer.

I would have gotten through to her.

- She was trying to kill you.
- No, she wasn't trying to kill me.

Amaunet was trying to kill me.

I have seen many humans killed
by Goa'uld ribbon devices.

You would have been dead in
mere seconds had I not acted.

Teal'c did the right thing, Daniel.

I am sorry Sha're is dead.

However, you are my friend.

If I had to do it again,
I would do the same.



I brought you some of these
chocolate walnut cookies.

Thank you.

You ever really study one of these?

A pen?

I spent years studying the
history of the written word, ...

. . how cultures recorded
things through the ages, ...

. . from hammers and
chisels to quills and ink.

But I never stopped once to
recognise the ingenuity...

. . of this simple little piece
of technology that we use.

After the first team left me on Abydos,
Sha're saw me writing in my journal...

. . and thought the ballpoint
I was using was magic.

A little device like this
pen was such a wonder to her.

The simplest things
were a wonder to her.

Daniel, it's healthy to
hold on to those memories.

I couldn't save her.

All those wonders we have at our
disposal and I couldn't save her.

I'm just gonna get some
sleep if you don't mind.


Let me know if you need anything.

Thank you.


Hear me, Daniel.

Daniel, you're awake.

He's awake!


How do you feel?

- Confused.
- I bet.

- Can you tell me your name?
- Daniel Jackson.

- And what's your birthday?
- July 8th.

- Sha're.
- Yes, husband.

- You're alive.
- I am.

As are most of our
people, thanks be to you.

And thanks be to all of you.

- What happened?
- Amaunet had you in her ribbon device.

- I had no recourse but to fire upon her.
- We took her to the Tok'ra.

They had a captured sarcophagus
and a way to remove the Goa'uld.

Then I was dreaming before.



Uh, maybe we should...

Glad to see you're OK, Daniel.

- He is gonna be OK?
- Oh, it looks that way, yeah.

There are so many things
I wanna say to you...


I only came to tell you about the boy.

What about him?


Are you OK?


- Is Sha're here?
- No.

Do you mean... ?

We haven't taken her
body back to Abydos.

Is that what you meant?

Come in.

Dr Jackson! Good to see
you back on your feet.

Yes. Uh... Dr Fraiser just released me.

Is there something I can
help you with, Dr Jackson?

Yes, sir.

- I've come to tender my resignation.
- I won't accept it.

I'm not military, sir, and it's a
free country. Last I checked, anyway.

You're obviously in an
emotional state right now.

You're making rash decisions.

Take some personal time.
Then see how you feel.

That's not necessary, sir.

I joined this programme so that
I could find my wife. I found her.

End of story.


You should meet the whiz kid we've
got while you're out of commission.

Robert Rothman. He was my research
assistant when I did my dissertation.

Smart guy.

Uh... Had a good teacher.

- Geek.
- Yes. You used to call me that.

I was talkin' about you.

So... how long are we gonna
be stuck with this guy?

What do you mean?

How long are you gonna be gone?

Didn't General Hammond tell you?

What? That you quit?

Yeah, he told me that.

But, uh... Come on...

We both know you can't stay away.

Then I guess we're both
wrong, cos... I'm gone.

Give it a week. You'll miss me.

Yes, all the salty, bad-tempered
insults, all the illogical arguments...

OK. You'll miss Carter and Teal'c.

I'll miss Carter.

And you'll miss the excitement.

All the new cultures you get
to explore, the living history.

It's the kind of stuff
you can't walk away from.


Up until now, every time I set foot through
that gate I was thinking about my wife.

Maybe I'll see her this
time. Maybe this is the one.

Now every time I go through,
it'd just be some... place...

. . where that hope used to be.

That's why I can't do it any more.

I hope you understand that.

"The SGC may be the single most
important human endeavour...

. . for the future of mankind. "

Not bad, huh?

You said that.

The SGC will go on without me.

- Please get out of my way, Teal'c.
- I will. But you must hear me first.

I have a pretty good
idea what you wanna say.

Is there not some form of human ritual
in which I may ask your forgiveness?


Thank you.

You're welcome.

- So.
- So...


Now what?

Now I get on with my life.

- What are you gonna do?
- Hopefully I'll go somewhere... far away.

The most remote dig I can find.

We gonna see you again?

At the funeral.

Now if you'll excuse me...

I seem to have a lot to do.


It's been a pleasure
doing business with you.

Dr Jackson.

Hear me, Daniel.

Are you ill, my husband?


Go back to sleep.

Tomorrow you will rise and return to
your travels through the Chaapa-ai.

No, I won't.

I don't need to any more.

I've already found you.

You must continue so
you can find the boy.

- Where is he?
- To continue your travels, ...

. . you must first forgive Teal'c.

He did what is right.

When he killed you?


- But you're here.
- Yes.

Now go back to sleep.


I speak for Sha're, who can
no longer speak for herself.

I have spoken no lies,
nor acted with deceit.

I was once possessed by a demon who
did these things against my will.

The demon is gone and
now I am without sin.

Grant me a place in
your blessed dwelling.

If my heart weighs more than a
feather, my soul still contains sin.

If not, may my soul join the god.

By the trial of the great
scales, thy heart is light.

Thy soul has been found true.

Good son.

- It was a beautiful ceremony, good father.
- It was.

- My heart is still burdened.
- Why? Your daughter is with the god.

Yes. But you still have not heard her.

I don't understand.

What she has to say is
important to all of our future.

Go to her.


You must forgive Teal'c.

- Yes, you already told me that.
- And together you must find the boy.


For he is Harsesis. The
one who holds the secrets.

The boy is the son of two Goa'uld hosts.

He contains all the secrets of
the Goa'uld. You must find him.


Hear me, Daniel.

This is Dr Jackson. I need
to speak to Major Carter.


Well, old Doc Jackson!
What are you doin' here?

I need to talk to Sam... alone.

General, I need to... talk to you...

. . alone.

- How are they treating you, Robert?
- Oh... Well...

I think they'd rather have
you. Especially Colonel O'Neill.

Well, don't let Jack get to you.
He's just intimidated by you...

. . because you're, uh...
you're way smarter than he is.

It is good to see you
well, Daniel Jackson.


You did the right thing.

So... what's up?

How well do you understand the
Goa'uld hand device, how it works?

Well, it uses a modified version of the
power source for the staff weapons...

. . which it channels through
amplification crystals...

No. I meant...

- It works by thought control, right?
- Uh, yeah, that's one way to put it.

More like, uh... thought
control amplified with emotion.

- So there is a connection with the mind.
- Yeah, definitely.

So it's possible to send
a thought through it...

. . if you had someone in one of
those grips like Sha're had me in?

As far as I know, Daniel,
it's designed to kill.

OK, but it could do both.

Yeah, I suppose it could. Why?

I'm not sure.

I know this may sound like
wishful thinking, but...

. . l think Sha're was trying to send a
message to me through the hand device.

What message?

I'm not sure.

Hey, Daniel.


How'd you get in here?

You left the base before we could
catch you. We thought we'd see you here.

- How'd you get in here?
- Got sick of waitin', so I let us in.

You... need a new lock, by the way.

Good son, it is important
I speak with you.

What is it, good father?

Colonel O'Neill says you
are leaving his tribe.

That you no longer intend to go
through the Chaapa-ai. Is this so?

- It is.
- This disturbs me greatly.

It gives the people of Abydos security
knowing that you are among the gods, ...

. . protecting us.

I'm sorry, good father. I joined the
SGC in the hopes of finding Sha're.

That goal is no longer attainable.

So I cannot be among the gods
any more. I hope you understand.

But, Daniel, my daughter wishes
you to travel among the gods.

- She does?
- Yes. So that you can find the boy.

Forgive me, good father.
How do you know that?

Sha're told me. Go! Ask her yourself.


Come to me, Daniel.

- Am I interrupting?
- It is good to see you, Daniel Jackson.


What happens if two
Goa'ulded hosts have a child?

It is strictly forbidden.
Punishable by death.

Really. Why?

If two hosts were to mate
and produce a child, ...

. . that child would contain all
the knowledge of the Goa'uld.

So the genetic memory that
Goa'uld have in their DNA...

. . is passed on to the human offspring?

That is correct. Such
children are called Harsesis.

These children are hunted down and
destroyed by the Goa'uld with impunity.

So the offspring
- the Harsesis would contain all the knowledge, ...

- . . all the secrets of the Goa'uld that...
- Yes, Daniel.

Daniel Jackson.

It pleases me greatly that once
again you value my knowledge.

General, the guy's got two left feet.
I'm tellin' ya, he slows down the unit.

- Deja vu?
- Deja vu?

Deja vu?

You know, Rothman was a two-time
decathlon champion in college.

- Rothman?
- Two left feet, huh?

Trying to get Robert out of your unit?

Well, yeah.

Any chance of that happening, sir?

Only chance would be if you reconsider.


Good! So Rothman's gone...

- What?
- OK.

Are you kidding?

No. I've thought about it and
I've decided I'd like to come back.

May I ask what changed your
mind? You were fairly adamant.

I don't know. Let's just say there's
something through the Stargate...

. . that I still have
to be the one to find.

See, I miss that. I have no
idea what it means, but I buy it.

- What do you say, General?
- Haven't put through his resignation yet.

Good! So he's in.

So, Bruce Jenner...

- Sit this one out, huh?
- Uh, me?


You've been reassigned to another unit.


OK, you're being replaced.


Because I'm intimidated by your
intelligence. Where's the confusion here?


Daniel Jackson, you're rejoining SG-1.


Thank you.

Chevron one, engaged.

Carter, grab your samples.

Teal'c, stay with her. I'm
gonna check out that tree line.

Daniel, the UAV showed no big signs of civilisation
- human, Goa'uld or otherwise.

So you want me to look for
little signs of civilisation.

Itsy-bitsy artefacts and...

It's good to have you back.


- Where'd he go?
- The address cleared before I got here.

You are finally here.


You are the only one who
can save the boy, Daniel.

He's a Harsesis. He
contains all their knowledge.

Amaunet took the
Abydonians as a show, ...

. . so that Heru-Ur would
not know her true goal.

To take the boy.

She has sent him into
hiding with her closest aide.



I know a Kheb. There's
a reference in Budge.

It's the mythical place
where Osiris hid from Set.

- Kheb is a myth.
- No.

Where is it?

Promise me you will save the child.

I promise.

I love you, Daniel.

I am sorry, Daniel Jackson.

You did the right thing, Teal'c.

Oh, God.


Daniel Jackson will be fine.

I love you, too.