Stargate SG-1 (1997–2007): Season 3, Episode 8 - Demons - full transcript

SG-1 lands on a planet where a culturally 'medieval Catholic' community lives in fear of a demon of Unas's species, which regularly collects human sacrifices to Satan, in fact hosts for system lord Sokar's army. When Simon implores SG-1 to spare his beloved Mary and take him instead, they even nurse her chicken pox. Simon hopes they are sent by God to deliver them from the satanic burden, but the canon who rules the village as 'spiritual' leader faithful to Sokar fears his authority challenged, which rests on his right to select the 'damned soul' to be sacrificed, declares Teal'c a demon and incarcerates all SG-1. Witch-trial-type ordeals see the Jaffa 'proven' a demon and executed by drowning, Daniel refuses the canon's to leave immediately. When Teal'c's symbiont allows a resurrection even Sam hadn't expected, they are all designated possessed and sacrificed, yet Mary is also. Simon follows the Unas with a staff weapon to liberate them, but he's not alone...

Ah, trees, trees...

..and more trees.

What a wonderfully green universe
we live in, eh?

Where's that village?

The UAV found it eleven clicks
southwest of here.

Eleven? Oy...


- This path is well travelled.
- The Stargate is still in use by someone.

Or... something.

(Carter) The UAV photos were right.
There it is.

- Looks like a church.
- And that would mean what?

That it is most likely
Christians reside here, O'Neill.

Thank you, Teal'c.

This is the first sign of Christianity
we've ever encountered, sir.

They must have been taken
from medieval Europe...

- ..through the Antarctic gate.
- By which Goa'uld?

That's a good question.

Most Goa'uld that enslaved humans took
on the roles of those cultures' deities.

- Ra, Apophis, Hathor...
- (O'Neill) Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got it.

If they were Christians when they left
Earth, it suggests this Goa'uld is playing...

God? As in God God?

It's a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

I know of no Goa'uld capable
of showing the benevolence...

- ..that I've read of in your Bible.
- You read the Bible, Teal'c?

It is a significant part
of your Western culture.

- Have you not read the Bible, O'Neill?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah... Not all of it.

Actually, I'm listening to it on tape.

Don't tell me how it ends(!)

(man) That's it, son.

Go inside!

Quickly! Move!


We're not gonna hurt you.
We're peaceful travellers.

They're not buying it, Danny.

Is this English?

Middle English. Pre-Chaucer.

"Myn Jesus, by the sorrows thou suffered
in thy passion in ye garden..."

"In thy crucifixion and death,
show mercy to those who are...

..about to be delivered unto the devil."

It's a derivative of the Catholic prayer
for suffering souls.

It's all right. It's all right.

We'll get you out of this in a minute.

Spare her! Please!

Oh... We're not gonna... hurt her.
Or you. We're... friends.

I'm... I'm Daniel.

I am Simon. You have come through
the Circle of Darkness?

The Stargate. Yes.

Then you must be of his brethren.

I beg of you, Mary is so young.
She did nothing to warrant sacrifice.

(O'Neill) Whoa!

What sacrifice?

If you leave her body, the village canon
may choose another possessed soul.

You think we're demons.

He... thinks we're demons.


Well, we're not demons.
We're human, like you.

From Earth, like you.

Do other demons
come through the circle?

You know he does.

No, we don't know anything about him,
but we'd like to. What does he look like?

Mostly he comes in his true form.
But demons can take many shapes!

Major Carter, shield her eyes.

Into the house. Quickly!

- Leave her body! Please!
- Come on, get up.

- Take me in her place!
- Stop that, will you? Come on.

Up, up. Let's go, come on. Listen to me.

We're not demons.
And Mary is not possessed.

From the looks of it, she's a little sick.

If you let us, we might be able to help her.

Chickenpox. Trust me.

- Her fever's pretty high.
- It'll break.

Those spots'll get itchy,
but that's about as bad as it'll get.

- You'll be fine in a couple of days.
- That will not be soon enough.

The time of sacrifice is at hand.

The elders have to perform the
trepanning ritual tonight to cleanse her.

- Oh, jeez!
- What?

It was a... procedure often done
in the Middle Ages. They...

They'd drill a hole in the person's head.

The evil spirits are released, thus saving
the person from eternal damnation.

Thus... saving the person?

They didn't call them the Dark Ages
because it was dark.

(horn blows)

My Jesus, by the sorrows you suffered
in your agony...

(man) The demon comes!

The demon comes!


The demon comes?!



- Unas?
- You are correct, O'Neill.

The first host of the Goa'uld.

No, no, no, no, no...
We killed him. He's dead.

- We only killed one Unas.
- I thought there only was one!

- Unas - uno, one?
- They are in fact a species.

The time of sacrifice is at hand.

My lord Satan calls for five
wretched souls to be claimed as his.

- Satan?
- Sokar.

Gathering host bodies.

At sunrise shall I return to claim the five.

If you have not chosen, I shall take
whom I please in far greater numbers.

I think we were wrong about this Goa'uld.

He isn't playing God.
He's playing the devil.

- The time is at hand.
- No! No! No!


The canon will return
from his hermitage soon.

The creature that just sauntered
through your village is called an Unas.

The time of sacrifice
has been declared. I fear...

Simon! Listen to me!

Look, we've run into
this kind of thing before.

Now, it's not a demon. It...

It's demonesque, I'll grant you.
But it's just a big, ugly creature.

Its Goa'uld gives it strength, intelligence,
and the ability to regenerate.


It's a very smart, resilient creature.

In the service of Sokar who, for all intents
and purposes, is Satan to these people.

- But it's not a demon.
- No. It's not a demon.

My friends speak the truth, Simon.

This demon is nothing more than
a parasite that inhabits another creature.

Your fear is its greatest power over you.

- You do not fear it?
- We do not.

You say you have
killed an Unas once before?

- Indeed.
- Then perhaps God has sent you.

Perhaps you are the answer
to our prayers.

All my life, I have asked God
to deliver us from this evil.

So what did the lizard say?
That he'd be back at sunrise?

- Are you contemplating attack, O'Neill?
- Sure. Why not?

An Unas is difficult to destroy.

A couple of shots with the staff,
we own him.

We hope. It took Thor's hammer
to kill the last one.

All right, lots of shots with the staff!

Daniel, how long have they lived like this?

- Well, I can't be sure without...
- A thousand years?

- At least.
- That's long enough.

These people are being terrorised.
We can stop it.

Sokar will seek revenge.

So we'll have 'em bury the gate
after we've gone!

- They could come in ships.
- Ships?

I can't be sure,
but this planet is years away...

..from any known Goa'uld home world -
even with fast ships.


Do you want us to do this?

- Are we not in God's hands?
- (bell tolls)

The canon has returned.

The canon will choose
those for sacrifice tonight.

- Why does he get to choose?
- He is our spiritual leader.

It falls to him to determine those whose
souls are already possessed with evil.

You have come down the path?
Through the Circle of Darkness?

Something like that.
My name's Jack O'Neill.

And you gave them entrance
to your home?!

Yes. But I do not believe
they mean us harm.

The tricks of Satan and his minions
are many.

And only those weak of faith
are fooled by such deception.

By granting them entrance, you have
spilled the blood of your people!

We come as friends, sir.

This one bears the mark of the devil!

If you are human, as you say,
then your souls are damned!

All right! That's enough.

He is not a demon. He is a Jaffa.

Satan is not involved here.

That creature that strolled through here
a little while ago, it's called an Unas.

And we have the power to stop it.

That means no more sacrifices.

All you have to do is give us
the chance to help. What do you say?

If they came through the Circle of
Darkness, then their souls are unclean!

It appears they do not desire
our assistance, O'Neill.

Yeah, fine. Whatever. Have a nice day.

You... shall be struck down!

No... No, Canon...


Sir, I've been disarmed.

Yeah, I picked up on that, too.

Teal'c's gone.

Did we just get struck
by a big bolt of lightning?

That's what it looked like.
Felt more like a zat blast to me.

He... touched his ring
just before the lightning started.

Carter, if I ever get the urge to...
help anybody again,...

- ..feel free to give me a swift kick.
- (footsteps)

I do not believe you are demons. I said so
to the canon, but he refuses to hear me.

Where's our friend?

It has been decided
he must endure the tests.

- What tests?
- (woman) He's evil! Devil! Kill him!

- Satan!
- (man) Burn him!

He's evil!

(woman) He's evil!

What have you to say for yourself?

That I do not serve
those who you would call demon.

There are, living among us, demons...


Say nothing more or they will kill him.

For this reason,
we are commanded by God... seek out those spirits...
and punish them!

- Mark of the devil.
- What?

In the Middle Ages, one proof of
witchcraft was a mark on the body,...

..supposedly made by the devil himself,
that was insensitive to pain.

The first proof is given!

- Daniel?
- It's not good.

"And they went up...
on the breadth of the earth...

..and fire came down from God...

..out of heaven, and devoured them."

- The water test.
- What?

They weight a person and throw him
in the water. If he sinks, he's innocent.

If he floats, he's guilty of witchcraft
and burned at the stake. It's catch-22.

"..for ever and ever!"

Archangel... Saint Michael,...

..defend us in battle.

Thrust into hell... Satan...

..and all the evil spirits
who prowl upon the Earth!


- We'll go back where we came from!
- He's innocent!

You sons of bitches!


God's will has been done.

Your friend's soul is clean. If you wish,
he'll be given a Christian burial.

- What?
- You're free to go.

I insist that you remain in chains until
you return to the Circle of Darkness,... whatever dark place you reside,...

..and that you never return.

Because you know if I did return
that I would break your damn neck.

But of course you could just
touch that lovely ring,...

..and we'd all be struck down again.

Ah, the ring.
This has been handed down...

..through generations of village canons
who came before me.

And with it you maintain power.

With it I abide by God's will...
as best I can.

Sacrifices must be made.


Do you deny the demon is real? Do you
deny it could destroy us if it so wished?

The sacrifice has allowed the people of
this village to survive for generations.

Just as the wheat is
separated from the chaff,...

..the unclean souls among us
must be taken away.

Through the Circle of Darkness. For ever.

And you decide?

Yes, I do.

Now go thy way. Trouble me no more.

I am sorry.

You know, Simon,...

..your village canon has an awfully
interesting way of tending the flock.

Speak no more of this.

He maintains power
by controlling who gets sacrificed.

No more! I have asked for this
dispensation and he has granted it.

Where's our gear?

If I were to bring it to you,
would you help us?

Help you?

You can bury the Stargate
after we've gone.

- That should prevent the Unas...
- I cannot do that!

- There must be other people...
- I mean the circle.

We are not allowed to go near it,
or even look upon it.


- We are ready.
- I shall be there.

- Ready? Ready for what?
- The trepanning ritual.

Mary's parents were taken
in a sacrifice a year ago.

They asked that I care for her.

If you're not willing to help,
it falls to me... try to cleanse her soul
before the canon chooses.

You can't do that.

- I have no choice.
- You'll kill her.

Better that she die among us
than at the hands of the devil himself.

- Jack...
- No!

We can't condemn a girl just because
one man has made a pact with the devil.

Teal'c will have died for nothing
if nothing good comes from this.


There shall be a great reward
waiting for you in heaven.

And the angels will welcome you
with joyful hearts.

And there will be no more pain.

I know.

OK, I'll tell you what.
You guys start back without me.

I'm gonna go see if I can stop them
drilling a hole in the head of a young girl.



We'll take you back with us.
Mary, too.

Where we come from
there are no demons.

Good choice.

Fever's down. Feeling any better?

Yes. Have you released
that which possessed me?

You got better all by yourself, Mary.

There was never a demon inside you.

So, Simon,... wouldn't happen
to have the keys to these, would you?



- (O'Neill) What's that?
- I don't know.

Teal'c! You're... alive?

It is so.

Way to go, junior!

My symbiote did sustain me.

Oxygen in the water.

It's the larval Goa'uld's
natural environment.

It must have filtered the oxygen
and fed it into Teal'c.

You were out for a long time, Teal'c.
We thought we'd lost you.

As they immersed me, I put myself
in a deep state of kelno'reem.

You'd think these folks
never saw a guy rise from the dead!

Simon, l-l know this
must look, um, unusual,...

..but there is
a very logical explanation for this.

(canon) Yes, there is!

There can be no doubt now.
They are evil, all of them!

What do you want? He passed your test.

These four shall be
the first chosen for sacrifice.

Major, next time Daniel gets the urge
to help someone, shoot him.

And with them shall be taken the woman
whose soul has been possessed!

Please! Spare her!

At least allow me to try the trepanning.

You challenge my decision?

- No.
- (Mary) Simon!

Simon, please! Help me!


To your homes! Do not let
the demon lay his eyes upon you.

I am sorry, Mary.

Don't apologise to her, help her!

- The canon has spoken.
- What are you? The village idiot?

The demon will turn her into a host.
Do you know what that means?

Of course you don't know
what that means.

I can hear no more of this.


Simon, get out here and do something!

Nothing we say will make a difference.
Especially not after Teal'c's resurrection.

(horn blows)



So... long are you gonna keep this up?

The demon bit? Don't get me wrong,
looks like a great gig.

You got the padre in your back pocket,
the hours are good,... probably
get all the chicks, huh?


Oh, my apple!

If they truly are servants of Satan,
why does he resist?

(distorted) You are not of this world.

No... No, we're not.


Unas, what does Sokar have on you
that makes you so dang cranky?


Mary, we're gonna take a tumble, so just
scrunch up in a ball and roll with us.


Go! Go!


You've always been quick
to ask questions.

This weakness shall be your undoing.

If you persist...

..l shall be unable to defend you
when the next sacrifice is called.

(distorted) You cannot escape me.

Leave them!

You dare to challenge me?

- Shoot it!
- You shall join them in hell.


You will remain here
until I finish with this one.

Shoot it!




(weak roar)


For this you will pay with your life!


Mary, the staff!



Carter, Daniel, head toward the gate.

- Take Mary with you.
- (Carter) Yes, sir.

Shall we?

(canon) Simon!


- What have you done?
- The demon comes. Release me.


(distorted) Your god has abandoned you.

My god... is with me always.

(canon yells)

He's all right. What happened?

Simon... stood before it,
like... Iike David before Goliath.

The demon threw him aside,
and then he fell.

As you can see.

It... was a miracle.

The Unas' wounds were too severe.

Even the Goa'uld within him
could not save him.

So... not a demon.

As you said.
You've opened my eyes. Bless you.

Yeah, well... Let's have the ring.

Yes. Of course.

I am alive?

Sokar will be awaiting the return
of the Unas. He will send others.

Which is why you've got to bury the Circle
of Darkness after we've gone through.

Can you walk?


- I knew you would come. Are you hurt?
- I will be fine.

What happened?

The beast... is dead.

Had I not witnessed it myself,
I would not have believed it.

Thank you... all...

..for showing me the way.

You're welcome.

Major, dial us home.


It went into him.

What went into him?

Go no further!

Why? I've done nothing.

My children...

- Are you sure?
- Positive, sir. I can sense it.

The Unas host was dying. It had
nowhere else to go. It went into him.


Forgive me.

By the sorrows ye suffered
in your agony in the garden,... the scourging
and crowning with thorns,...

- The prayer for suffering souls.
- your crucifixion and death,...

..have mercy on the souls.

Deliver them from the dire torments
they endure...

..and admit them
to your most sweet embrace in paradise.

Now the demon has truly gone.


You know what to do?

Yes. We will do what you say.

We will bury the gate - immediately.

And there will be no more sacrifices.

Thank God.