Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Engineer - full transcript

Kaz and Neeku discover Nena, a Nikto engineer in need of assistance, who barely escaped a First Order attack.

Are you sure he can
handle this, Yeager?

After our last run-in
with the First Order,

we need those scanners back online.

I know there's a lot to fix
and not much time to do it,

but Neeku's the best Engineer
we've got on this Platform.


Alrighty, that could use
a little fine-tuning.

Kaz, could you please hand me
the adjustable flange-rod?

Just a sec, Neeku.

Almost got the
holo-screen back online.

Come on, you stubborn...

Oh, never mind, Kaz.

I can clearly reach it... myself.

Yeah, got it.

Aha. Ha-ha-ha.

I fixed it.

Ah, greatest mechanic
in the ga... oh, man.

Almost... there.

Long-range scanners are
back online, Captain Doza.

Well done, Neeku.

Oh, thank you, Captain.

Here, Kaz, allow me.

What is this?

Someone is trying to contact us.

First Order found me
and attacked my ship.

My oxygen levels are dangerously low.

Life support won't last long.

I'm transmitting coordinates
of my current location.

A distress call.

We have to help.

No, no, hold on, that could be a trap.

Well, that's true.

But what if it's not?

Mmm, given our location,
another ship passing by

would be very unlikely.

Statistically speaking,
she will die out there.

It could be risky.

I'll go.

Neeku can stay and keep
fixing until I get back.

Of course. I do not need to sleep.

Be quick about it.

We need you back here right away.

And do yourself a favor
and take someone

who can use a blaster.

Wha... other than me?

What? I've been practicing.

All right, all right, fine.

Good luck.

Try not to disintegrate anyone.

Thank you, Neeku.

So why did you want
me to accompany you

on this rescue mission?

Uh, well, whoever is on that
ship might be tough,

and, you know, it's
good to have backup,

whi... which I don't necessarily
really need, but, uh...

So it's not because I'm a
better shot than you?

Well, um... okay, yes.

That is pretty helpful, I suppose.

Yes, let's just hope
this is an actual rescue

and not a trap.

CB says there's only
one life form on board.

Get ready.

Oh, uh... hello.

Hello. Thank you for the... rescue?

Wait. Is this a rescue?

Lots of... Weapons for a rescue.

You're not pirates, are you?

Pirates? No, no, we're not pirates.

Well, uh, technically,
she's a pirate, but...

Maybe I should go back to my ship.

No, no, no, no. No, it's okay.

The point is, we are
here to rescue you.

What happened out there?

The First Order.

They're everywhere.

They're spreading out
across the galaxy.

Entire planets are just giving up.

I barely escaped my world.

Then I guess that makes
you extremely lucky.

What's your business way out here?

I don't even know where here is.

My name is Nena.

I'm just a computer engineer...
with a fried computer.

You're an engineer? That's great.

We could use someone
like you right now.

What do you mean?

Our station's been damaged by
the First Order as well,

and our engineer is overworked
trying to repair everything.

So if we can help get your ship fixed,

then you can help fix ours.

What do you say?

Captain Doza, this is Nena.

She's an engineer whose
ship also got damaged

by the First Order.

Sorry to hear that.

Looks like we encountered your
distress call just in time.

You can say that again.

My thrusters got fried
from the attack,

so I had to re-route all
power to life support

just to survive.

- If you hadn't found me...
- Excuse me.

Oh, hi. Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Looks like this old refueling station

needs a little bit of attention.

Well, thanks to the First Order,

anytime we fix one problem,
another one seems to pop up.

Have you tried adjusting the K-spline

to soft-reset the system?

Oh. I had not thought of that.

I will try it.

Eh, seems like you're a
pretty decent mechanic, Nena.

Well, technically, I'm an engineer.

My name is Neeku Vozo.

Nice to meet you, Neeku.

I am Nenavakasa Nalor,
but my friends call me Nena.

Well, Nena, if you're willing,

we could use someone like
you to give us a hand.

You've been so kind to me.

It's the least I can do.

Wonderful, Nena. Follow me.

I have not been able to
figure this one out yet.

I even replaced all
of the micro-cables.

Maybe if we re-route
the power at this junction...

Wow. Great success, Nena.

There. That should do it.

Wow, most impressive.

Ha-ha, wonderful.

Great. Hologame nights are back on.

Hype, you're going down.

At this rate, we'll
be finished in no time.


The garbage vaporizer is now working.

Ahhh, finally, we can breathe.

You two drink for free.

Nena, what is wrong?

It's just... you have a lot
of pirates on this station.

Ha-ha. Hey, you, engineers,

we need some help in our hangar.

You should take this one, Neeku.

I'll see what's next on the list.

It is okay.

This will not take very long.

Of course we will help you,
pirate friends.

That one's mine.


It is okay, Nena.

These pirates helped us to
fight the First Order.

They mean us no harm.

I hope you're right.

Say, we're... we're having problems

routing power to our ship.

Huh, let me check that out for you.

Syncing data systems.

Running diagnostics now.

Hey, Neeku, can I show you something?

Of course. What is it?

Huh, according to this data,
the pirates are draining half

of our power into their ship.

Stealing your power?

You can never trust a pirate.

They're always out for themselves.

What did you say, girl?

You come into my hangar and
insult me and my crew?

Uh, no... oh, oh,

Now, now, she is just reporting
her findings, nothing more.

These facts don't lie.

And neither does that.

Your data is wrong.

I think I will teach you
some manners, child.

Let's see you try.

Heh-heh-heh, there is
no need for violence.

We are all friends and
fellow Platformers here, right?

I don't think they see it that way.

They're pirates.

They're using you,
stealing all of your power.

All of your power?

We are not even
getting our fair share.

Okay now's our chance, Neeku.

Let's get out of here.

Ha-ha-ha, that's right, run,
run, you cowards.


And that's why we think the pirates

are stealing your power.

I want them off my ship.

Those pirates have cost us too much.

You know they won't
go without a fight.

And fighting is what they do.

Let me investigate this, Captain.

I'll cut off their power supply.

Neeku and Nena will make sure
they can't steal it again.

Careful, CB.

Don't make a sound.

Nothing suspicious about
all these giant cables.

That's it.

Keep on sleeping, big guy.

Huh, maybe Nena was right.

Time to pull the plug
on their little scheme.


Synara, what are you doing here?

What am I doing here?

You tell me what you're doing here.

Hey would you keep it down?

I'm trying to sleep over here.


With these new regulators,

no one will ever be able
to steal power again.

It is nice to work as a team.

Can I ask you something, Neeku?

Why do you live in this
flying fuel station?

Do you have family here?

No. My parents are bantha herders.

They did not understand
my interest in machines,

but they sold their
most prized bantha calf

so I could become a great engineer,

and here I am.

Wow, it has been a long time

since I have talked about myself.

Your friends never ask?

Oh, no.

Kaz likes to talk about the
Academy and the Resistance

and how he has personally
met General Leia Organa.

Resistance? It seems
like Kaz just likes to talk.

Okay, let's power this up.

Ah. Excellent. Just a few
more adjustments...

So tell me, what was
your childhood like, Nena?

When I was a little girl...
pirates captured me.

They sold me to a Hutt clan.

I... worked as a slave for
years until I finally escaped.

Oh, I see.

That is why you dislike
pirates so much.

Yeah, you could say that.

Neeku, that K-spline
I had you install,

it doesn't do what you think it does.

What are you talking about?

You have fixed the ship.

But I didn't come here to fix things.

Well, then you are
doing a terrible job.

Come. Let us finish these adjustments.

We are almost done.

Yeah... you're right.

Say what you want, Synara.

I know your pals are stealing power.

Kaz, I know they aren't
stealing any power,

because I installed those
power couplings myself.

But I saw the readouts.

It looked like half of
the station's power

was being re-routed here.

And who has been
fiddling with the power?

Neeku's new friend Nena.

But she's only been trying to help.

Has she? If she's
such a good engineer,

why couldn't she fix her own ship?

What do you really know about her?

Well, I-I guess...
pretty much nothing.

Let's check out her ship.

She claims to have been
attacked by the First Order?

We will see if it's true.

See, her ship is pretty scratched up.

It could have been from an attack.

That's just wear and tear, Kaz.

We need to dig deeper,
find out where she's been,

who she's contacted.

It looks like she's
trying to hide something.

All of her flight data is encrypted.

That's strange.

Not if you're trying
to hide something.

Luckily for you, I have experience

cracking these types of codes.


Look at this.


Go ahead, say it.

You were right.

She's been tracking us for days.

And not only that.

Oh, no.

She's been tracking us
for the First Order.

What are we gonna do?

I will stay with the ship,
make sure she can't get away.

I'll go warn everyone.

Nena's working for the First Order.

We can't let her contact them.

I think Neeku really likes her, CB.

And you know how hard it
can be to convince him

of something once he
sets his mind on it.

Yeah, exactly like the
"greatest pilot in the galaxy"

thing... wait, wait,
did BB-8 tell you that?

Oh, never mind. Let's go.

Kaz, great news.

We have fixed the lights.

Neeku, buddy, pal, can we talk?

How did it go with the pirates, Kaz?

Great, really, really great.

I mean, as great as it
can go with pirates.

You know how pirates are.

Neeku, I don't know
how to put this gently,

but Nena's working
for the First Order.

Ohh, Kaz.

I see what you are doing.

What am I doing?

You are worried that you are
no longer my best friend

and that Nena is my new best friend.

But I want to assure you
that even though Nena

is a vastly superior engineer,

you are still my best friend, Kaz,

and therefore do not need
to make up such stories.

I'm not lying, Neeku.

She is sabotaging the ship.

See, she's gone.

Oh, Kaz, you have
gone to great lengths

to make your clever ruse believable.

- Come on, Neeku.
- Ahh-ahh!

We have received your coordinates.

Prepare for our arrival.

Nena. Nena. Buh... please
refrain from running.

- Oh! Ahh!
- Ahh!

Don't bother warning anyone.

You have no power, no
thrusters, and no defenses.

The First Order is on
their way as we speak.

Is this what you do, sabotage
ships and leave them

at the mercy of the First Order?

I'm surprised you
figured it out so quickly.

Then it is as Kaz said.

You lied to me, Nena...

About everything.

Not everything.

I was enslaved by pirates as a child.

And I learned to do whatever
it takes to survive.

But that is what we
are doing, surviving.

Stay and help us.

You are smart and capable and...

Smart enough to be
on the winning side.

Nena. Nena.

The Resistance has
already lost, Neeku.

Come with me.

I've never wanted a partner before,

but you're different.

I... I cannot go with you.

I will not leave my friends.


You tricked me.

Wait, Nena.

Nena? Nena.

Captain, the First Order is here.


Ahh! Augh! Ugh!

We've got to stop her.


Kaz. Kaz, where are you?

The First Order is here,

and nothing on the bridge is working.

Yeah, it was Nena.

She did all of this.

I need you and Neeku to
undo whatever she did,

or else the First Order
is going to destroy us.

We're on it.

Neeku, how do we fix all of this?

I... I do not know.

The... the problem
is that she fixed everything.

So... how is that a problem?

Because by fixing everything,

Nena re-routed and drained
the ship's power.

Right. How can I help?

Ummm, I... I will
go to the Command Deck.

You go to service tunnel A2
and disable the regulators.

I'm on it.

Commander Pyre, the
Colossus is defenseless.

My work here is done.

Your account has been credited.

Excellent work, engineer.

I'm sorry, Neeku.

I hope you understand what I
was trying to tell you.

I wasn't sure your plan with
the saboteur was going to work,

But it seems to be going well.

It's nice of you to
admit that I'm right.

You'll learn to regret
ever doubting me.

Heh. We'll see about that.


- What's going on?
- Ahh!

- Done.
- Great. Now go to Engineering.

Communications are back online.

Back online.

Great, where to next?

Um, plasma cables,
fix all plasma cables.

Plasma. I'm on it.

Shields are fully
operational, Captain.

But thrusters are still down.

Get those thrusters working.

We need to get out of here.

Okay, move this there, that over here.

Are we good? Did we fix everything?

We still need to re-route more power.

Kaz, I need you to do one more thing.

Guys, guys, I need you to
unplug your power source.

Awwwww, we're getting
so little as it is.

Well, it'll be nothing
at all if you don't help us.

The First Order is here and
about to destroy us all.

Look, we shouldn't have blamed you

for draining the ship's power.

It was wrong of us to assume,
but we have no time left.

Very well. Shut it down.

Did I do it? Did that work?
Are we good?

No. That should be
working, but it is not.

What are we missing?

Of course, the K-spline.

All systems are fully
functional, Captain.

Get us out of here, 4D.

It looks like your saboteur failed

to completely disable the Colossus.

Unfortunately for her,

an asset is only as valuable
as it is effective.

Should we happen upon
Nena again, have her executed.

With pleasure.

Neeku, I'm sorry about Nena.

It is okay, Kaz.

Perhaps if I was not so
trusting and open with others...

No, Neeku, that's what makes you you.

You're a good person,
the best I've ever met.

Really, Kaz?

You know, you were
always my best friend,

but now you are more than that.

You are my bestest friend.

Bestest friend?

That's right, Kaz.

Because I really value you as a friend.

Just curious, apart from me,
who else is your friend?

Well, there is a chair
that I am quite fond of.

And Buggles is quite interesting.

Oh, and Bibo.

I loved Bibo.

I wonder what Bibo is doing now?