Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - From Beneath - full transcript

Flix takes Kaz and crew to his home world to acquire fuel from his family's refinery, only to discover the family's drilling has awoken something monstrous.

Is the weather always this
bad on Drahgor Three, Flix?

No, it's getting worse.

I barely recognize
my planet anymore.

Ugh, where is
this fuel refinery?

I can't see a thing.

Maybe we should turn back.
This seems too dangerous.

We need this fuel, Torra.

If we don't get some soon,

the Colossus will be stranded
in space.

I'm gonna be sick.

Because of the turbulence?

No, because we're going
to see my family.

You know I didn't leave
on the best of terms.

Oh, come on, Flix.

You know they're gonna welcome
you back with open arms.

Family is family.

They'll love you
no matter what.

You clearly don't know
anything about them.

The only refueling station
this far out

and it has to be owned
by my cousins.

Everyone, hold on.

The storm's getting worse.

One of the
vertical stabilizers is down.

Are we even close
to the planet's surface?

Yeah, very close.

Season 02 Episode 06
Episode Title : "From Beneath"


We're gonna die!

Hit the stabilizers, Kaz!

Well, that wasn't...
That wasn't such a bad landing.

Let's never tell Yeager
about this.

Or my father.
Or anyone.

So, Flix, you think your family

will give us this fuel
for free?

Ha, "Free" isn't
in the Gozzo vocabulary,

but I'll see what I can do.

Let's hope my uncle is around.
He'll help us out.

This place is awfully quiet,
you know.

Where is everybody?

Maybe they're all inside.

We'll just have
to drill deeper.

Yeah, go where the money is.
We have a lot of work to do.

Have to fill those orders.


Hello, everyone.

Well, well, well.

Look what the storm dragged in.

My long-lost cousin, Flix.

Oh, I have dreamed of the day

you'd come crawling back to us
on your soft feathery belly.

Wonderful to see you too,

Wait, where's Uncle Floog?

Who is in charge here?

I am.

Uncle Floog retired
and made me the boss.

So, Mr. "My Future Lies
Far Away From Drahgor Three,"

did you return
to once again remind us

of how superior you are
and how backwards we are?

Are you finally
the cantina singer

you always dreamed you'd be?

Cantina singer?

Yeah, he doesn't talk
about that anymore.

I, um...

Am here because
I need some fuel,

which I am completely entitled
to as a relative of this flock.

So you heard about
your family's big windfall,

and now you want in.

We've been deep core drilling.

We've hit a huge pocket...

Ready to be refined into fuel.

Deep core drilling?

Are you all insane?

You know we are never allowed
to go down that far.

What was that?

That roar!

You know what that means,

The dragon.
Wait, did he just say dragon?

Don't tell me you still think
there are dragons

on this barren planet.

That was no roar.

That was the sound
of our drill getting stuck.


Now it appears
to be offline.

Look, Flanx,
I can help you fix your drill,

but we need fuel in exchange.

Oh, Kaz.

You don't know what kind
of trouble you're asking for.

Fine, but Flix
and your friends

have to go and help out
as well.

We're not egg-sitting anyone.

I ju... ugh.


Ah, it's good to see you
back on the job, Flix.

This Gozzo work
will do you some good.

Please don't touch me.

This will be fun.

Just like old times.

I cannot believe you resorted
to deep core drilling.

Don't you remember anything
about the Karnex Dragon?

Yeah, and can you elaborate
on this said dragon?

Here we go again.

You... you think some giant,

nonexistent beast
broke our drill?

You know there's
no life left here.

Besides Gozzos, this planet
is completely barren.

Yeah, yeah, completely barren.
Sounds like it.

But what about this giant beast
you mentioned, huh?

There's a legend that tells
of a race of majestic dragons

that live deep underground.

The old Gozzo flock warned
against getting greedy,

drilling too deep, and
unleashing the beast from below.


I know.
Impressive, right?

No, I just saw something.

I saw it too.
Something in the fog.

Uh, wh-wh-what'd you see?

Hey, what do you
think you're do...


- The dragon.
- Ugh, dragon.

Nobody move.

Um, so what do we do?

What we're not going
to do is... ah.


Anything that
will cause us to...



Everyone grab onto the track.

The track?
Are you serious?

No, no, no, no, no.

I got it.

I got it.

I don't got it.

We're gonna crash!

When I say jump, we jump.


Flix, Flanx?

You okay?

I'm fine, thanks.

My tail feathers broke my fall.

Kaz, are you guys okay?

Yeah, how about you?

Yeah, we're hanging in there.

Yeah, oh, yeah.
We're really hanging in there.

Can you climb up from there
and bring the shuttle?

Yeah, we'll do our best.


We'll get the drill fixed.
Kaz, out.

Okay, now will you admit
the beast is real?

It clearly attacked us.

Clearly, all the quaking
must have been putting stress

on the stabilizers.


The only thing causing stress
is your stupidity!

Kaz, you saw the dragon,
didn't you?

- Say you saw it!
- I saw something.

A shadow in the fog.

We have work to do.

Stay close
and try not to annoy me.

try not to annoy me.

Uh, is there another way
to get to the drill?

Circle around
to the other side of the ridge.

Oh, and Kaz...

don't get eaten
by any imaginary monsters.

You might imaginary die.



I know it's scary,

but you gotta climb yourself,

Come on, your legs are great
for climbing.

Me, I'm just
a normal-sized person.

Then push
those normal-sized legs.

Ugh, fine.

Come on, legs.

The right one.

Eh, there goes
the little left one.

Okay, legs...

Don't fail me now.


Just gotta get to the other side
of the ridge.

This is fine.
Not scared one bit.


Maybe just...
Maybe just a little scared.

It didn't see me.

I'm alive.
I'm alive.


The drill must have opened
a cave inside.

Your deep core drilling
has awoken the dragon

and released it from its home.

Just like in the legends.

Flix, there are no dragons

on or inside this planet.

There never were,
never have been.

Now, let's just hurry this up.

We have to get fuel production
restarted to meet our quota.

Guys! Guys!

I saw it!

The dragon.
It's huge.

Oh, please.
Now you're in on this?

the thing was massive,

and it almost tried to eat me.

Okay, fine,
don't believe me.

Let's just fix this drill
and get out of here.

Come on, Orka.

I know you're tired,
but we have to keep climbing.

No, I'm good.
You go ahead.

- I know you can do this.
- Nope.

Our friends are in trouble
down there.

We need to get that shuttle
to rescue them.

I can't do this alone.

I need your help.

Flix needs your help.

- Eh, well.
- Really?

- Orka!
- Ah, come on, I'm kidding.

I love the guy.
Let's get to the shuttle.

Guys, did you hear that?

Yes, I hear a giant drill.

I mean something else.



What exactly did you hear?


It. Can't. Be.

It's the dragon.

Ah! No, no, no!

I told you it was real.



Thanks, CB.

Ah! Get away, get away,
get away!

Help me!

Come on.
We gotta go after them.

But how do we stop that thing?

The laser blasts
couldn't penetrate it.

I don't know, but it seemed
affected by CB's light.

Okay, this will have to do.

Torra, come in.

- We're gonna need a pickup soon.
- Almost there, Kaz.

Okay, right here.
Right here.


All right.

Move it to the left there.

Yes! We made it!

Solid ground.

Oh, how I missed you.

Hey, what happened down there?

That was the worst quake yet.
Where is Flanx?

He's fine.
Completely fine.

Yeah, they're just fixing
the drill.

We're gonna need our shuttle
and our fuel now.

Ho-ho-hold on.

You're not going anywhere.

Not until we get some answers.

CB, any signs of life?

Help me.

It's gonna eat me.


Hold on, Cousin!

- Oh, no.
- Oh!

Where's Flanx?


Ah! Ah-ah-ah!



Uh, I don't know
if we can trust 'em.

You know,
u-usually Flanx is very good

at helping with choices.

Hey, hey, listen!
Enough of this!

Flix, Flanx, and them
need our help,

and we are taking this shuttle,
and when we get back,

you are gonna help us
load these tanks

because Flix is entitled
to fuel.

He is still family.

Remember that.

That was impressive, Orka.

Hey, thanks.

I may be small, you know,
but I can be intimidating.


I can see
why Flix likes that guy.

He takes charge.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
he's a good find.

Good find.

There's a whole family
of them?

Uh... we need to do something.

All right, everyone,

no one make
any sudden movements.

Um, why?

I think the dragons
can't see us

if we don't move.

Kaz, on my mark,

I'll distract the dragons

and you run over to that panel
and turn on the light.

Yeah, that's good thinking.
Just be careful.



It's working!

- Whoa.
- Whoa.


What are you doing?

Putting an end
to all of this.

Flix, I'm...

I'm sorry
I didn't believe you.

I just want us
to be friends again.

Like when we were hatchlings.

Hey, we're more than that.

We're family.
Come here.

Yes, we are, Flanx.
Hmm, yes, we are.

Hold the work.
Hold the work.

I have an announcement.

Flanx, you're safe!


The ancient dragons are real.

- Ooh!
- Ooh!

We have
to stop digging so deep

or we will let out more
of those beasts.

We shall no longer disrupt
their natural home.

That creature was only trying
to protect its kin.

So, speaking of kin.

How about that fuel we need,

What do you say?

give Flix and his friends

all the fuel they need.

They've definitely earned it.

So, Flix, about your career
as a cantina singer...

No, not listening.

I did have pipes though.

Good-bye, cousin!

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