Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Hunt on Celsor 3 - full transcript

The pirates volunteer to find food for the Colossus, but Kaz doesn't trust them; Kaz and Torra go on the hunt, but run into big problems.

Everyone, please.

There's no need to panic.

We'll begin rationing

Rationing what,
Captain Doza?

There's no food left
on the platform.

No food, no drinks.

Just walls... so many walls.

There, there, friend.
It will be all right.

Well, it's not all right.

If I wanted to be locked up
in a space station,

I could have lived
anywhere in the galaxy.

We're used to getting outside,

seeing the sky,
breathing fresh air.

That's it.
I'm outta here.

- Oh, take me.
- Yeah, me too!

I'm with them!

Aunt Z, everyone, please.
Be patient.

I will get us food.
Believe me.

I just need time.

You need more time,
do ya?

Well, sorry, Captain,

but I'm not gonna sit
around here waiting.

It's too dangerous.
We're in the middle of a war!

I know. But I'd rather
take my chances out there.

There's no sense for me to stay
if I can't even run my cantina.

Good-bye, Captain Doza.

Wait... Aunt Z!

Don't go!

Perhaps Aunt Z is right.

Wait, Neeku.

Everyone, please...

Looks like he's got
a real mess on his hands.

Which means
an opportunity for us.

*STAR WARS Resistance*
Season 02 Episode 04
Episode Title: "Hunt on Celsor"

Aunt Z, please.

You don't have to do this!

It's not really a matter
of choice, Kaz.

I can't operate my business
if I can't feed my customers.

I'm not just gonna
sit around and do nothin'.

Well... what can we
do to help?

There must be something.

Yeah. I mean, come on,
everyone's so hungry

they'll eat practically

Well, there is
one thing, but...

but I would never
ask it of anybody.

It's far too dangerous.

Anything, Aunt Z.

We can't afford
to lose you.

Well, I heard about
that jakoosk you ran into.

There's enough meat
on that beast

to feed us for a while.

Really? I did not know
you could eat those things.

Catching it would probably
be a lot more difficult

than just scaring it off.

I'm not sure my father
would even approve.

It might be difficult
for you Aces,

but not for me and my crew.

Well, if you can bring me
that thing, Kragan,

you and your crew
eat for free.

Unlike Doza,
at least I'm not afraid to try.

How dare you talk about
my father like that

after he took you in!

That's the only smart thing
he's done

since we left Castilon.

Hey, hey.
Where are you going?

To speak with my father.

I don't know, Yeager.

Maybe it's for the best
if people leave.

It's going to be hard
to keep this station together

with the First Order
at our backs.

That's exactly why
we can't let people leave.

If they go out and get caught,

do you want their blood
on your hands?

At this point,
we may not have a choice.

That's not necessarily

Aunt Z told us
if we catch that jakoosk,

she can cook it
for the entire platform.

You can eat that thing?

I know, right?

I think that's
a horrible idea.

It's too dangerous.

But Kragan and his pirates

have already cut a deal
with Aunt Z to hunt it down.

I don't think his aim
is to help the platform.

It's to undermine
your authority.

Well, that's no surprise.

He is a pirate, after all.

Kaz and I will go.

We need some representation
on this mission

so the people know
you're still our leader.

She's right.
If we're not careful,

we could have a mutiny
on our hands.

All right, go.

But don't take
any unnecessary risks.

Thank you, Father!

what are you doing?

I am packing my things.

Packing? Why?!

Neeku, wait up!

Kaz. Kragan's getting
ready to go on the hunt.

Let's go.
- Be right there, Torra.

If we can feed the Colossus,

I'm sure Neeku will stay.

Come on, CB!

This is a mistake.

Trying to bring down a jakoosk
is a fool's errand.

Nonsense! Before there were
starships to prey upon,

pirates hunted
a vast array of creatures

throughout the stars.

We are simply...
returning to our roots.

So, what's your plan,

My plan is you children
stay out of my way.

We can take care of
that beast.

All right... I guess
that technically is a plan.

Ha ha ha!

We're gonna catch us
a jakoosk!

Yeah! Ha.

How big is a jakoosk?

How should I know?

- Yeah!
- Ha ha ha!

- Yah-hoo!
- Jakoosk! Jakoosk!

Well, just wait, CB.

I'm sure things are gonna
get exciting any minute now.

How do you think
they're gonna catch that thing?

Honestly, Kaz, I don't
think they have a clue.

Maybe we scare it
outta hiding.

- Hee hee hee hee hee!
- Yeah.

Ha ha ha!

Come out, come out,
little jakoosk.

- Aah!
- Aah!

- Aah!
- Aah!

I think they found it.

Is that what you were

No, it's better.
Far, far better.

Prepare all cannons!

Kragan, our ships are going
to get cut to pieces!

Nonsense. Surround the beast
and blast it down!

blasters can't penetrate.

Believe me,
I already tried.

You have to try and get
underneath that thing and...

Again! Fire!



Hard to port!

[engine rumbling

Kaz, we can't just sit here.

We gotta do something!

What is Kragan doing?


Snarl and Drell are down.

That's the third ship
we've lost,

and if we don't retreat,
we are going to be next.

Retreat? Ha! Never!

Should I point out that
you'll cease to be a captain

if you no longer have a ship?

All ships retreat!

I don't believe it!
Kragan's retreating!

Um... yeah, I don't think
that creature's gonna let him.

it's gaining on us!

What? More power
to the engines!

We can't go any faster.

We are not going to
outrun this thing.

Don't worry, Synara.
We're on it.

All right, let's hit it
where it hurts, Torra.

Copy that.

You're all clear, Synara.

Thank you, Kaz.

You should have listened
to him, Kragan.

Now we are going back

Well, Kragan,
where's my jakoosk?

are really hungry here.

Well... Doza's Aces

interfered with my mission.

Everyone will remain hungry,

and you can thank your captain
for that.

This is ridiculous!
I was promised a meal!

Oh, where's my meal?

Hey, Kragan,
that was intense, huh?

Good thing, uh, we were
there to help ya out.

Don't expect him
to thank you, Kaz.

His failure means
we all lose,

and it's Doza's fault
for puttin' us here.

I'm leavin' tonight,

and I welcome any of you
to come with me.

Captain Doza, sir,

the mission
was a complete failure.

And Kragan
convinced everybody

that the whole mess
is your fault!

Well... I suppose
he's not entirely wrong.

I am the captain,

so the wellbeing
of everyone on this ship

is my responsibility.

Aunt Z and the others
are leaving tonight.

If they're your responsibility,

the only way to keep them safe
is to keep them here.

If anyone chooses to stay,

I will continue
to look out for them.

Otherwise, there's nothing
more I can do.

are you sure you're okay?

Yes, I...
I'm fine.

Don't worry, Torra.
We will get through this.

I've never seen
my father this stressed.

We have to do something.

Oh, Buggles!

Get down from there!

Ugh! Okay, okay.

Okay, Buggles, yes, yes.

Ugh! Good to see you too.

Okay, uh,
let's think about this.

The underside is the jakoosk's
only weak spot.

It's the one place we've been
able to hit successfully.

But it shields itself
before we can get a clear shot.

From above.

But... if we could get
down to the surface

below the creature...
Then we could get

a clear shot of its underside!

But we'll need more than just
small blasters to take it down.


I think I've got it.

Before Tam left,
she was working on

a high-powered cannon
for the Fireball.

But she never got a chance
to install it.

It's just been sitting
in Yeager's garage.

A cannon?
That's perfect!

Yeah, I'll just need to bring
an external power source,

but I think
that'll do the trick.

That jakoosk won't know
what's coming.

I hope this cannon works.

Me too.

CB, do you hear that noise?




Um... Kaz?
You doing okay?

Yep! No problems at all.

Totally under control
over here.

Nothing to worry about.
I'm fine.


How did you get in here?

Oh, man,
Torra's gonna kill me

if she finds out
you came along.

Now, stay put!

No! You do not chew it!

That is... Buggles,
that is not a toy!


What's going on?

Ha ha ha!

Absolutely nothing.

Just, uh, just making sure

that I didn't forget anything.


You brought Buggles

I didn't bring him
on purpose!

He must have snuck on my ship
when I wasn't looking.





Buggles! Ohh!
I can't believe this!


Uhh... uh... Ohh!




I'm on it. I'm on it!
Don't worry.


Here, boy!

See what you did, Kaz?



Uhh. Come here, boy.

Come on out...

Whoa... whoa!






Ah... ooh!

Are you okay?

Yeah! Just blast it!

Okay. We have to hit
its underside.

Find Buggles
before that thing does.




Wait! What are you guys
doing here?

Trying not to get ki-i-i...


No! No, no,
you can't do that!

Those are our ships!


Ooh. They took our ships!

They took our ships!
Who does that?

Well, yeah,
obviously pirates do.









no, no!

The battery's gone!


Kaz, what are you doing?
Blast it!

I can't shoot it
without a...


I need you to be my battery!





Did I...
Did I get it?


You got it.

Ha ha. Ah.

Guess you could say
the jakoosk got...




Oh, my baby!


Okay... okay...

Oh, good job, Buggles.

You did so well,
my little smuggly buggly!

Captain Doza,

we're gonna need a pickup.

And a whole lotta tow cable.

What do you say?

- We're sorry for stealing your ships.
- We're sorry for stealing your ships.


- And for leaving you stranded
- And for leaving you stranded

- on a freezing cold ice moon.
- on a freezing cold ice moon.


- And your little smuggly buggly too.
- And your little smuggly buggly too.

Sorry about that.

It's fine, really.

You guys are pirates.
It's what you do.

Aunt Z, I'm so glad
you stayed.

Well, you pulled off
a miracle.

So what can I say?
I'll stick around...

- for now.
- All right, everyone.

Before we take part
in this wonderful feast

provided by Kazuda
and my daughter Torra...

And Buggles...

I just want to say,
as your captain,

I will never forget
that it is my responsibility

to look out for all of you.

Though these are
dark times,

I know the light
will shine upon us again


- There it is.
- No more walls!

It's like the real thing!

That's beautiful!

Who did this?



Oh, hello, Kaz.
Do you like my sky?

Now the marketplace
looks less like a prison

and more like our home.

I don't get it!

When did you have time
to do all this?

Weren't you packing
to leave?

Packing, yes.
Leaving, no.

I traded many of my
personal possessions

to get the parts I needed.


Oh, I'm glad you didn't
leave us, buddy.

Oh, Kaz,
I would never leave.

The Colossus is my home.

And you are all my family.

And now,
time for some food.

I like food.

Food, food, food,
food, food, food...

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