Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Kaz's Curse - full transcript

A pirate curses Kaz, causing him danger at every turn. Kaz is soon forced to to seek Mika Grey for help, but Kaz's curse gets worse when the Guavian Death Gang appears.

Look at that!
Another winner!

I can't believe it
either, Neeku.

I'm on a roll!

I've never even
played this game before.

I have to say.

I'm surprised your beginner's
luck has lasted this long.

Beginner's luck?


‐ Whoo‐hoo!

We only let him play because

he was supposed
to be easy pickings.

You better
watch yourself, boy.

It's not my fault
you're losing so badly.

Um, Kaz?

You may want to be careful
around these pirates.

I do not know
if you have noticed,

but they have quite the temper.

Don't worry, Neeku.
I think luck is in my corner.

Let's keep this
winning streak going!

You scrumrat!

I don't know
how you're doing it,

but you must be cheating!

- But these are your dice, Leoz.

- How could I be cheating?
‐ Eh.

Kid does have a point.

Well, that was fun, huh?

Better not push my luck.

I think I won enough
of your money.

- That does it!


ava, malasa...

aka du!

Let's see your luck now, boy!

- You're cursed, Xiono!


‐ Oh, no.
- Did you hear that, Kaz?

You are cursed!

I cannot believe it‐‐
my best friend,

cursed forever!

Neeku, relax, would you?

He just made that up
because he's a sore loser.

You see?

Your luck has run out!


Game's over, Gork.

Kaz is leaving...
aren't you, Kaz?

‐ Yeah...
- Yeah.

I think I'm gonna go‐‐
let someone else win.


Great game, everyone.

Better luck next time.

Are you all right, Kaz?

Are you as shaken as I am?

What? No.
Completely fine.

But what about your curse?

Come on, Neeku.

I'm not worried about
some stupid pirate joke.

Look, Kaz!

Your cursed state is causing
the lights to flicker!

‐ It's just shoddy maintenance.

No curse.

That was a coincidence.

This is an old station‐‐
bad power relays.

No, these lights were
very recently upgraded.

This is the curse.

Definitely the curse.

There's no such thing, Neeku.
Come on.

Let's get some food.
I'm starving.

Lunch is on me.

That is very kind of you, Kaz,

but I am not sure
that I can eat it.


Because you are cursed.

What if the food is poisoned?
What if we choke?


it would not be a question,

for I like food,
but given your cursed state‐‐

You know what?

If you're not careful,
I'm gonna curse you.


Do not joke around
with curses, Kaz.

They might be contagious.

What knowledge do you seek?

Uh, well,

I‐I wanna know how long
I'm going to live.

Will I survive this war?

Like so many that
come to me for clarity,

I can only offer but
a glimpse into your future.

Bolza Grool.

And in that future,

I see what appears to be many,

tiny, sharp teeth

gnawing at your insides.

You mean,
my gorgs are going to eat me?

If that is what
it means to you,

perhaps that is what it may be.

I cannot say.

You gotta tell me more!

I cannot be more specific.

That will be 50 credits.

If I give you 60,
can you be more specific?

That is not how this works.

Ah, yeah, yeah.

I'll get what he ordered.


- Just ran out.
‐ You're kidding me.

- You're out of stew?
‐ Oh, you see?

- It's the...
‐ Don't say it.

I don't wanna hear
about the curse again.

There's no such thing.
Now, come on.

Let's‐‐let's find
something else to eat.

♪ ♪

‐ Get off!

Kaz, look out!

Kaz, are you okay?

- Uh, yeah, yeah...
- I'm fine.

No, Kaz.
You are not fine.

You are cursed!

Stop already!

It's just‐‐it's‐‐

it's a coincidence.

More like,



Aces Hype, Torra, and Kaz,

report to the hangar


I'm here.

- I'm here.
‐ All right, gang.

The Colossus is approaching
an asteroid field.

Right now, we're in the middle
of Gauvian space,

so we need to find a way
to get through the field

without being seen.

Why are we going through
an asteroid field

when there's clear space
three parsecs away?

Why not just go around them?

Because this
is the quickest way

to get out of their territory.

The Guavian Death Gang
is vicious,

and if they spot us,
we're all in deep trouble.

and I'd rather not find out

why they're called
a "death gang."

I need you three to go in
and scout out the field.

Make sure there aren't
any Guavian patrols,

and if there are, take them down
before they call for backup.

- Understood?
- Yes, sir. - Yes, sir.

Got it, Yeager.

All right, CB,
keep your eyes open.

Thanks, buddy.
I see them.

Nothing I can't handle.

Gotta put that
curse nonsense behind me.

I'm back in my element.

♪ ♪

What is going on?

‐ Look out!


It's only
a little paint scratch.

We'll be fine.

Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait!

What is happening?

A scout!

- Ah, she's getting away!
‐ All clear.

Are you guys
picking anything up?


I think I ran into a scout
for the Guavian Death Gang.

You did?
Keep him in your sights, Kaz.

We're almost there!

Easier said than done.

Just gotta get this seat down.

Jam his comm systems, CB.

We gotta take him down
before he comes back

with more of his friends.



I had him!
I had him!

Oh, now you believe
in curses too?


Kaz, what happened?
Did you get him?

No, he got away.

Well, that's just fantastic,


Okay, I don't know
about a curse,

but this is some
serious bad luck.

‐ Oh, no.

No, no, no, no.
No, no, not again!

What happened out there, Kaz?

I thought you had him
in your sights.

How'd you miss?

Look, it's not me‐‐it's‐‐

It's not my fault.

You spotted the Guavians?

A scout, I think.

I tried to jam his comm signal,
but he got away.

Well, your failure to do so
just alerted us

to one of the most powerful
gangs in the galaxy.

We have no choice‐‐
we have to stay the course

in order to get out
of Guavian Death Space.


That's great!
Way to go, Kaztastrophe.

Seriously, it wasn't my...

You have to go to Leoz
right away.

I bet he could
remove the curse.

‐ Neeku.
‐ No, no, no!

You must listen to me, Kaz.


The look on that kid
after I cursed him...


You mean like this?

Yeah, yeah!
Just like that.

All right, Leoz,
you've had your laugh.

Whatever you did to me,
just undo it, okay?

I could do that,
or I could not do that.

But I like not doing that!

Look, this has
gone on long enough.

You're scaring Neeku,
and it's affecting my flying.

Just get rid of this curse now!


Come closer.


Aka du du!

Gotcha again.

Double curse!

What a gorg‐face!

A real moof‐milker!

Kaz, this is serious.

I think you should
talk to Mika Grey.

She knows about
this kind of thing.

I don't know, Neeku.


Okay, it's worth a shot.

- No!
- No!

Good luck, Kaz.

Mika can cure you of the curse‐‐

unless, of course,
your curse in incurable,

in which case you will be cursed
without a cure forever.

Thanks, Neeku.

So you're here
about the curse, huh?

I told you, Kaz.

She has powers!

No, I heard you
yapping about it earlier.

Everyone knows about
Kaz and his curse.

It's urgent, Mika.

I can pay.


a pirate sort of
put a curse on me‐‐

not that I believe
in such things‐‐

but whatever this
"Aka Du" thing is he put on me,

yeah, it seems
to be having some effect.

Aka Du...

‐ You have heard of it?
‐ I've heard of many things.

A large part of a curse
will come down

to how much you believe
in it or not.

And from what it seems,

you believe in it more than
you are letting on.

Have you ever had a lucky charm?

Something you felt
kept you alive when you fly?

I‐I had a lucky trophy once,

but its luck ran out.

Well, there you go.

This kind of thing is in you.

Maybe what you need
is another charm

to act as a defense
against this curse.

What is that?

Just a little talisman
I picked up on my travels,

the kind of thing that
can ward off evil energy.

You're saying this thing will
protect me from the curse?

I don't know.
Will it?

I get it.

Thanks, Mika.

Ah! Is that the curse?

I think we're under attack.

The Guavian Death Gang.

‐ Doza, should we launch?
‐ Negative.

They're just trying
to intimidate us.

They won't destroy the station.

Their way is extortion.

The Guavian leader says that
they've already demonstrated

their superior firepower.

We must now pay a toll
of 1 million credits,

or surrender the Colossus.

Are they mad?
That's not going to happen.

If we do not pay,
they will take our ship,

and turn all of its people over
to the First Order.


How long until we can
make the jump to hyperspace?

Not until we clear
this asteroid field.

That leaves me no choice.

Launch the Aces.

All right, Aces,
let's do this!


Kaz, did Mika fix you?

I'm good to go.

‐ Oh, now you show up.
‐ Sorry.

I was dealing with something,
but I'm all good now.

I sure hope so.
We got our work cut out for us.

♪ ♪

Guavians have us trapped.

Aces, you need to distract them

so we can clear these asteroids
and jump to hyperspace.

You heard the man.
Let's do it!

That's a whole lot
of Death Gang.

‐ Don't worry, CB.

No, no, no, no, no!
That's not supposed to happen!

I'm not cursed anymore
as long as I have my little‐‐

wait, where is it?
Where is it?

Hm, I wonder what this is.

Okay, okay, this is fine.

I'm totally fine.
There‐‐there's no curse.

I've got this.

I am not cursed.
I am not cursed.

Did you see that, CB?

Aces, stay on the Guavians.

We're not there yet.

Kaz, I've got two on my tail.

Thanks, kid.


our ships can outmaneuver
these Guavian clunkers.

Let's use the asteroids to our
advantage and take them down.

We're doing it.

Keep it up, Aces.
We're almost in the clear.

We've got this!

Captain, we have an opening.

That's it.
You've done it.

Get back to the Colossus.

Kaz, what is this?

I found it on the hangar floor.

That's the talisman
Mika gave me

to ward off my curse.

I must've dropped it
before I took off.

Then that is why
you were not obliterated

into tiny pieces out there.

You are no longer cursed!


Yeah, I think it's safe
to say that I'm cured.

Can I borrow that?

It is yours, Kaz.

I was borrowing it from you.

Here you go.

What is this?

Oh, nothing special‐‐

just a little totem
I got from Mika Grey.

From what I hear, it's cursed.

Mika Grey?

I don't want anything
from that witch.

- Oh, no, no, no, no!
- ‐

I don't wanna die!

Looks like
you survived your curse.

It's like you said.

It was all in my head,
wasn't it?

Sure it was, Kaz,

if that's what you think.

Well, thank you, Mika.

These pilots are
a curious bunch.

Superstitious lot,
aren't they?