Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Station to Station - full transcript

Kaz and Neeku sneak onto a First Order refueling station in order to take an important piece of tech, but their plans go awry when they run into Tam and General Hux.

This is not why I enlisted
with the First Order.

It's the same thing
rotation after rotation.

I'm a pilot.

I should be flying missions...

Not lugging cable.

will you quit complaining?

Or maybe you'd rather
be back on the Colossus,

serving up Jawa Juice?

Although doing one of these
engine inspections

back in Yeager's Garage
was way more fun than this.

Yes, sir.

I have a mission for you.

Yes, sir.

Commander Pyre
has an important meeting

at one of our key
refueling stations,

the Titan.

I want you to take a shuttle
for a supply run.

Oh, a supply run.

Yes, sir.

Remove that smirk, 798.

You're going as well,

since you both are familiar
with these kinds of stations.

You shall embark immediately.


What did she mean we both
know these kinds of stations?

I'm not sure.

Wait, that's the Titan?

Yeah, why?


It looks like the same type
of refueling station

as the Colossus.

Season 02 Episode 11

Episode Title : "Station to Station"

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This is so bizarre.

It's like being back home,

completely different.

It's actually an improvement.

Come on. I think the
supply depot's this way.

You even know where
you're going, Rucklin?

Yeah, the layout is just
like the Colossus...

sort of.

Let's go this way.

Hey, uh, sorry...

Sorry, didn't see you there.


Uh, excuse me?


Tam, what's going on?

Uh, nothing.

It's nothing.

We should get
to the supply depot.

I think it's this way.
Come on, we better move.

I think we may have a problem.

In addition to not knowing
where to find

the trans‐binary deflector?

The part we so desperately need

for the survival
of the Colossus?

I could be wrong,

but I think Tam is here
with Rucklin.

I-I don't know, CB.

I hope she didn't recognize me.

That would certainly
complicate things.

Now that she is with
the First Order,

I doubt she would allows us

to steal anything
from this station.

Yes, Neeku, I know.

CB, have you found out
where the deflector is yet?

What do you mean,
the port's not working?

We need to find one
that's operational?

This corridor's clean.
Move on to the next.

Was that Section Four
or Section Five?

Oh, yeah, that's it.

Now slowly turn it
in the other...

the other direction.
Yeah, there you go, yeah.

Just rewire the power junction
and everything, uh...

All right.
Lead the way, CB.

Kaz, I would just like to
point out that the Colossus

has approximately two hours

before its trans‐binary
deflector fails.

If we do not get a new one
and return in time,

cosmic radiation will permeate
the Colossus and everyone

will perish in a slow,
horrible, agonizing, painful...

did I mention horrible,
or agoniz...

We are not gonna
let that happen.

Now we gotta get to the
Engineering Level

and do whatever it takes
to pull this off.

Just let me do all the talking.

And keep an eye out for Tam.

I will.

In fact, I will keep
both of my eyes out for Tam.

All right, Neeku,
we're almost there.

You there, technician.
You know this station.

Lead General Hux
to the tower briefing room.

Ugh, the crew of this
confounded station

were unable to provide
proper directions.

You are a technician here, yes?

I have an important briefing
and I don't have all day.

Uh, yes, General, sir.

Right this way... s‐sir.


The layout of these
refueling stations

are incredibly inconvenient.

But they do prove an asset
to the First Order,

so long as the standards
are brought to bear.

Any that do not
will be destroyed.

Do you have something
to say, technician?

General Hux.

General Hux,

it is an honor
to see you again, sir.

Commander Pyre.

I might not have found you
without the help

of this common technician.

No trouble at all, sir.

Apologies for not meeting you

directly upon your arrival,

We did not expect a meeting
here on such short notice.

Our Supreme Leader
wants an update

on our stock
of refueling stations.

Is it true you've had
difficulty acquiring a few?

Yes, General.

One in particular has become
a Resistance cell,

but based on new intel,

that station
will soon become ours.

Make it happen, Pyre.

No more excuses.

I want every Resistance cell
in the galaxy quashed.


Of course, General Hux.

I need a DX‐92 compressor.

Here we are...
the supply depot.

You know,
this kind of reminds me

of Acquisitions
back on the Colossus...

just a lot more
cold and sterile,

and way more troopers.

I kind of miss it.

You miss it?

The Colossus is a trash heap
compared to this place.

Good riddance to every one
of those low‐class ruffians.

Look, CB, another port.
Perhaps this one will work.

Hey, what are you doing here?

We weren't notified of any
work order in this sector.

Oh, um, hm...

Let's see some ID.
Oh, um, hm...

What's taking you so long,

Why aren't you working?
Oh, um, hm...

I had to get a ZX1‐capacitor
from the supply depot.

We have to update the
D‐93 sonic tri‐denax cables.

Hey, check it out.

It's got a 13‐BSG‐filament
enhancer and a V‐3...

Ugh, technicians.

Oh, Kaz!
You are okay.

Yeah, but our gold friend
Pyre is here too.

We need to get out before
he recognizes out of us.

CB, any update
on where the deflector is?


Now we just need to get
to the hyperdrive chamber.

It appears we cannot
remove the deflector

while it is still online.

We must first
go to the engine room

to manually shut it off.

We don't have much time.

CB, stay here and make sure

we have access
to the engine room controls.

Once we're done,
meet us down in Engineering.

CB, we're clear.

Headed to Engineering now.

What happened
to the turbolift?

It was working a minute ago.

Call on those two technicians
we saw down in Engineering...

that strange one
and that Nikto.


Rucklin, I, uh, just realized

I forgot something
in the supply depot.

I'll meet you back
at the hangar.

guess I'll finish this myself.

Oh, there you are, CB.
Come on.

Okay, the trans‐binary
deflector should be in here.

Great, let's grab this thing
and get outta here.

Yes, this should
be quite easy, Kaz.

All you have to do
is remove the deflector

after I reroute the power
from the terminal.

But do not do it
before I reroute the power,

or you will get electrocuted
and, most certainly, die.



go prep the shuttle in case
we need to make a fast getaway.

What is going on in there?

Okay, power is rerouted.
You are clear for extraction.

Whew, all right.

Here we go.

Hold it right there,



I don't know of any Kaz.

You must have me confused
with someone else.

Nice try, Kaz,

but I'm not as stupid
as you look.

Security, this is DT‐798,

Rucklin, no, stop!

Just... just hear me out.

The Colossus is old.

It needs a new
trans‐binary deflector.

If we don't replace ours,

the ship and everyone in it
will fry from cosmic radiation.

Well, that's what you get for
choosing the wrong side, Kaz.

You should've been smart
like Tam and me

and left them all
a long time ago.


I've apprehended two Resistance
agents in Engineering.

Rucklin, no!

Lock down the area.

Troopers will be arriving
to arrest the agents shortly.




What is he doing?

Turning us over
to the First Order.

Security Operations
is closing in on the last

of the Resistance cells
planet by planet.

We will snuff them out
like the vermin they are...

one by one,
until we have destroyed

the very last vestiges
of the Resis...

What is the meaning of this?

We gotta
get out of here, Neeku,

but not without the
trans‐binary deflector!

Oh, I'm having a really...

Hard time trying
to get this thing out.

That is because you are doing
it completely wrong, Kaz.

Look, gently, gently.

Okay, that does it.

Slide it in my pack, Neeku.

Let's go.

It will take me a very
lengthy amount of time

to override
the door controls, Kaz.

We have a security breach
in Engineering.

Resistance spies
are impersonating

First Order technicians.

Be on the lookout for
any suspicious activity.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

This is no good, Neeku.
Nothing we do is working.

Uh, I feel an overwhelming
sense of anxiety, Kazuda.

If we do not get back
to the Colossus soon,

the trans‐binary deflector
will cease to function

entirely and everyone on board
will cease to exist entirely!

Just keep trying, Neeku.
We can't give up yet.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Oh, look at that.
Come on, Neeku.

We don't have much time.

What happened?

I tried to stop them,
but they escaped!

I saw them go that way.

Come on, let's move.

This appears to be a dead end.

Come on.
This way.

Halt, or I'll shoot.

Let me see your identification.

Uh, sure thing.

- Oh, um,
- Yeah, I think it's in, uh...

- I have it somewhere, you know,
- I think it's in this pocket

- not... uh...
- right here!


Come on.

Commander Pyre,

we have a Code Three
in Engineering.

I thought you said
this station was secure.

CB, I need you to open

the blast door
in section 1305.

CB, any luck yet?

- Kazuda Xiono?
- Who?

The Resistance spy.
Blast him!

Close the door!
Close the door!

We gotta get back
to the main hangar.

Get this door open!

Kaz, might I suggest we get
CB‐23 to use a crane

to transport us
over the troopers?

That's a brilliant idea,

It also sounds like fun,
doesn't it?

activate crane G‐27.

We're on top of the crates.

Can you carry us
to the transport?

We're gonna make it.

- Whoa!
- Whoa!

Up there!



No, no, no, no, no!

Neeku, heads up!

Look out!

Get down!

Look out!

Hurry, Neeku!

CB‐23, get to the shuttle!



Ah, Neeku, move!

CB, get us out of here.

Do not let them escape!

Tam, did you hear?

I caught Neeku and Kaz
spying for the Resistance

on board this ship.

You did?

You better get used to
calling me Commander, DT‐533.

I'm gonna get a promotion
for this.

There goes your promotion,

Pyre, how could
you let this happen?

Resistance spies
were in our midst!

It's of no consequence,

All they stole
was some useless component.

The Colossus
must be getting desperate.

Desperation can be
a dangerous thing, Pyre.

Find the Colossus
and destroy it!

Yes, General.

Agent Tierny?

Commander Pyre.

Our friend
Kazuda Xiono was here.

He acquired a binary deflector
and then escaped capture.

Did DT‐533 contact the spy?

She was reportedly
with DT‐798,

who turned them in.


If we play this right,

Miss Ryvora will help us
destroy the Colossus.

Aren't you glad
you joined the First Order?

The Colossus must be
getting desperate

if they're sneaking around
stealing parts from us.


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