Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - The Voxx Vortex 5000 - full transcript

The Colossus is running out of money. Hype takes the Aces to race at Vranki's Casino, run by Vranki the Hutt, hoping to win big... or lose everything.

Is that the best
you got... come on!

Think you can take me?



Yeah, come on!

Ow, ow, ow!

Oh, great, another fight.

Well, if it isn't
Captain Doza and Yeager!

What do you want, Hype?
We're a little busy right now.

Well, I'm glad you took
time out of your busy schedule

to hear me out.

It's a bit dicey,

but I have a solution
to all of our problems!


Well, as you can see, the Aces
are going crazy with nothing to do

since you won't let us race.

We're trying not to
draw attention

to ourselves right now.

It's far too dangerous.

I know that!
But if we can't race here,

we just race somewhere else.

My old friend Vranki
has a deluxe

high-stakes racing circuit
out in the Voxx Cluster.

Well, I understand how this
solves your boredom problem,

but what does it do for us?

You've got six of the finest
flying Aces in the galaxy here.

- Come on!
- We can make some

serious money
at Vranki's Casino!

Oh. Well, we do need
credits for supplies.

We're running low
on everything.

And we all wanna race again,

that fixes everything.

We'll set course

to your friend's casino.

But don't make me regret
this decision.

Ha ha!
You can count on me, Captain!

- Yes! Whoo!
- Oh,

- Yeah!
- That's just great.

Here we are...
The Voxx Cluster.

I still can't believe
you learned to race

- in an asteroid field.
- Yeah, well, out here

you're either a great racer
or you're a goner.

If we play this the right way
and luck is on our side,

we can make some
serious credits.

Who, exactly,
is this Vranki guy again?

Welcome, visitors,
to Vranki's Hotel and Casino.

Well, well, well.

Isn't this a sight?

The notorious Hype Fazon
has returned.




Season 02 Episode 09
Episode Title : "The Voxx Vortex 500"

Hype Fazon.

Ha ha ha!

The greatest racer to come
out of the Voxx Cluster.

I lost a real money-maker
when you quit, Hype.

I bet you never found
another pilot better than me,

- huh, Vranki?
- Ha ha ha ha!

Yeah, you could say that.

- Oh!
- Get over here, pal!

Ah, what a beautiful

Okay, okay,
enough of that.

- Ugh!
- Hands off the goods.

Oh! Now, now.
I know what you're thinkin'.

But don't let my good looks
intimidate ya.

Besides, I'm nothin' like
the other Hutts

you may have heard of.

But I'm exactly like those
you've never heard of.

I am Vranki the Blue,

proprietor, host,
and promoter

of Vranki's Hotel and Casino.

Please follow us

You're about to see the
most happening casino around.

Last time I was here,
there were so many people

we almost compromised
the gravity!

Ha ha ha ha ha.

As you can see,
I run a legitimate business.

Whether you're here
for relaxation or excitement,

Vranki can accommodate.

Ah, well, looks like
he can accommodate

a lotta empty seats.

So much for
the crowds of people.

Up, up, up!

We have guests!

You have to excuse my staff.

Ever since
the war broke out,

it's been rather quiet
around here.

All the rich folk
fled to Canto Bight!



- No idea what it is, but...
- Mm, delicious!

- Oh, so good!
- Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

Did Hype tell you I was
his first racing sponsor?

I always knew this kid
would go far.

Racing is actually

what brings us here,

Oh, really?

You have my attention.

Oh, well, we're just
looking for a friendly race,

you know, make a few credits

while we pass through
the system.


I'm always interested
in a little...

friendly racing.

Ohh... holo-games!

So new and shiny!

Oh, this game
is incredibly elaborate.

Oh, and the colors
are pretty too!

So, Vranki,
what are the stakes?

I been itchin' to compete.

Oh, ya have?

business has been slow.

But with a racer
of your caliber

to draw in the crowds...

I want you back, Hype.

You, the number one
racer at the casino,

me raking in millions
of credits!

Wait, wait, wait!
It was different in the past.

I don't wanna be a part of
your gambling schemes anymore.

Well, all right.
You wanna race,

you wanna make money

you and your pilots
are welcome to do so.

You win,
you get your money.

You lose, you stay here
and race for me.

And the money you make
is mine.

Looks like you haven't
changed a bit, Vranki.

Hype, I can't tell you
what to do,

but I can tell you
a Hutt can't be trusted.

We need the credits,
but I can't afford to lose you.

I got this, Captain.
Trust me... I own this course.

I'll win us the money,
and then we'll be on our way.

All right, Vranki.
You got a deal.

Ha ha!

25,000 credits
for Hype Fazon.

Let the race begin!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Hype in position.

Let's do this!

This is a straight
one-on-one race.

First racer to pass through
the final hoop wins.

Hype's got this.

Straight run
doesn't sound so hard.

Yeah. Except there's
no such thing as a straight run

in an asteroid field.

Racers on your mark.

In three, two,



And they're off!

Might as well accept
second place!

Hype Fazon owns this...


- Whoo!
- Go, champ!

Who is this racer?

I've never seen someone
move that fast in this cluster.

'Cept me, of course.

The racers are approaching
the finish now!

Ha ha!
Time to bring it in!

What the...


Wait a minute!
That's not fair!

- No!
- You're kidding, man!

Hype Fazon has lost the race!

Vranki wins!

Ha ha! Looks like
I backed the right racer.

Vranki, you slimy,
low-down dirty slug!

- You cheated!
- Wha-Hey!

How dare you call me slimy.

You didn't say
I'd be racing a droid!

Gotta be ready
for anything, Hype.

Racing is a dangerous business.

And these droids
are very resilient.

Are they, really?

Well, that's cheating,
okay, Vranki?

Downright and dirty

Hutt, there's no way
you're getting Hype.

Eh, a deal's a deal.

That's it... we're not going to
play by some cheater's rules.

We're leaving right now.

I wouldn't do that
if I were you...

Ha ha ha ha.

You come to my casino,

you play by my rules.

Besides, my security
hasn't had a good meal

in a while.

I don't think
he's bluffing.

Looks like
we have no other choice.

I'll do what I can
to renegotiate.

Hello, friends.

I would not recommend
playing the games here.

They algorithms
have been modified

so it is almost
impossible to win.

Yeah, no kidding!

Looks like
it's been modeled after

the same race course
that's out there.

Pshhh. The same dirty
tricks Vranki's droids use too.

Wait a minute.

Neeku, do you think
the droids out there

and these games
are somehow connected?

If these holo-games

and the racers share
the same droid brain core,

then I believe so.

But there may be some trial
and error to figure it out.

Do you think you could
hack into the system

and figure out a way
to beat those cheaters?

I suppose they might be
programmed in a similar way,

as they appear to share
the same logistical patterns.

That's absurd... I'm not
wagering the Colossus!

It's out of the question!

Well, sure!
It's old and worn.

But I could remodel it
into a space-farin' casino.

Vranki, we need a chance

to win Hype back...
This isn't fair!

Life isn't fair!

Maybe we can up the stakes
a little.

How 'bout this...
You can send in

any one of your racers
to go against my droids.

If you win,
you get Hype back.

If you lose, I keep that racer
and their ship...

No questions asked.

Absolutely not!

I can't afford to lose
any more of my pilots.

Captain Doza,
can I speak with you for a moment?

Okay, Captain,
all we have to do is...


And he found the algorithm.

I don't know...

I'm telling you,
this is gonna...

Don't keep me waiting,

- Okay.
- I have new Ace pilots

to collect.

Very well.

If we win, we get Hype back.

If we lose,
you get that Ace

and their ship
in addition to Hype.


Ha ha ha ha ha!

Yes! Deal!

Start the preparations, TC.

We have a new race...

The Voxx Vortex 5000!

Did we all
just lose our minds?

We're not losing
anything here, Yeager.

Kaz and Neeko have a plan
that will even the odds.

Are you absolutely sure
about this?

No, but...
we have no choice.

We have to get Hype back.

Besides, I trust
the Aces can handle this.

There's no way
we can handle this!

Those droid racers are fast,

and they don't care
if they get smashed by an asteroid.

But we have our own

Neeko can determine
the algorithm of Vranki's racers.

He'll be on the comm
to guide us.

Kaz, are you telling me
you based this whole bet

on Neeko thinking
a holo-game

and those droid racers
are the same?

They don't have anything
in common!

You know why, Kaz?
Because it's a holo-game!

I trust Neeku,
and I trust all of you.

The best of the best.
We will get Hype back.

The Voxx Vortex
is about to begin!

It's Freya Fenris
versus Team Vranki!

Without using any weapons,

the first racer to reach
the finish hoop... wins!

Racers on the ready.

Let's do this.



I'll make this quick, gang.

I don't have time to mess

Fre, your opponent
is approaching

your left blind spot.

- Be cautious.
- Got it-he won't get past.

It appears Freya

is struggling to keep her lead!

Oh, you are not
getting away with that!


And Freya Fenris
loses the race!

Team Vranki wins!

Oh, look at that.

Care to try another?

What are those?
I do not under...

Oh, no!

- Bo! Magnetic mines, starboard!
- What?!

Ohh... uhh!

No, no, no, no!

Bo Keevil has also
lost the race!

Team Vranki wins yet again!

I thought you said
no weapons.

What kind of race
is this, Hutt?

The fun kind!

Like I said,
anything can happen!

You're down three Aces,

How do ya think your
precious Colossus will do

half its defense force?

Ha. Don't worry, Aces.
I got this.

Ha! Too easy.

According to my calculations,

move 40 degrees port
and punch it!

Griff is now
taking the lead...

Oh, no, no, no, no!
Do not punch it!

Obstacles directly ahead!


Ha ha ha ha ha.

Uh, angle up
and bank left, Griff!

Yeah, easier said
than done... uhh!

Looks like another Ace
has lost to Team Vranki!

Ugh! Enough of this!
I'm next.

I'm not going to let
my daughter

wind up working for this
bloated sack of slime!

Oh, whoa, whoa!
This is your daughter?

I want in too.
We'll do a relay race.

Me and Torra
versus you and your droids.

Mmm... it is tempting.

But not a sweet enough deal.

Well, what about me,
Kaz, and the Colossus?

The platform?
Mmm, now you're talkin'!

You can't be serious.

Father, if we don't win
this race,

the platform
is defenseless anyway.

We're not going to last
out there!

- We have no choice.
- Very well.

But we only
throw in the Colossus

if you throw in
an additional 500,000 credits

to match the wager.

And you return
all of my Aces.

It is a bit steep,
but I like it.

You're on.

I know you and Kaz
can do this.

Kaz, this is the most complex
game I have ever played!

Well, just remember,
Neeku, it's not a game.

If we lose this next one,
we lose for good.

But no pressure.

But I feel a tremendous
amount of pressure.

The stakes are higher
than ever.

Kazuda Xiono and Torra Doza

versus Team Vranki.

In three, two, one,


Stay above this one, Torra.
Its flight path is erratic.

No droid pilot
is as good as a real one.

What's this?
Team Vranki

can't keep up
with Torra Doza!

Evasive action!

The droid ship has just
activated weapons!


You said no weapons!
Shut it down, Hutt!

Ha ha.
It's too late for that now.

I'm hit!

That was a cheap shot!
Come on, Torra.

You got this, Kaz.

Oh! Oh, Kaz, multiple
energy sources closing in.

Good work, Kaz.

Stay on that course,
and be careful as you appr...

Whoa! Whoa!

That tickles!
Ow! No!

Neeku? Neeku!

Kazuda Xiono

is trying to take the lead!

If this race
gets any more exciting,

I'll blow a servomotor!

Rear blasters?
Neeku, how 'bout a warning?

Ow! Stop that!

That is my ankle!
That is my arm...

Ow... ooh!

What? No fair!
He went off course!

Well, you said it
yourself, Vranki.

Anything can happen.

Both racers
are now neck-and-neck!

You gotta be kidding me!

Hah! Hee, hah, ooh!

Ow! Ha ha! That tickles!

Ah, I... Uhh!

Oh, no, you don't.
They gotta shoot through you

to get to me.


- Kaz, you are clear!
- Thanks, buddy!

- What...
- I do not believe it,

but Doza's Aces win!

Well, will ya look at that?

- Wha...
- Ha ha ha!

That was some
impressive flying out there.

Both of you.

Thanks, Father.
It was pretty close,

but we pulled it off.

- With a little help.
- Hooray!

Ooh... hey... ooh, ooh...

Hooray... ow!

Nice job, Ka... ooh.

Ow! ow!
Eh... deal's a deal.

Take your money
and your Aces.


Uh, you and your pals
can still race for me, Hype.

I'd give you all
a life of luxury!

Ah, you know what?

I think we'll take
our chances out there.

Pleasure doing business
with you, Vranki.

But... uh...
Come on, Hype.

Eh... ehh... at least
think about it.

I promise,
I won't cheat next time.

Hutt's honor!

Good job, Aces.
4D, prep the Colossus.

It's time to get away
from this horrid casino.

- Yes, Captain.
- Wait... wait for me!

My new friends
are very attached.

Quite literally... help!

Wait, wait, hold on!
I just have to...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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