Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - No Escape, Part 2 - full transcript

All remaining systems
will bow to the First Order

and will remember this

as the last day of the Republic.



Kaz, was that...

Hosnian Prime...
My home planet.

My parents, my friends,

the entire Galactic Senate...
It's gone.

I saw, Kaz.

I'm so sorry,

but we have to keep moving.

This is our only chance.

We have to stop them
no matter what.

The guards are still away.
Come on, gotta move.

Captain Doza!

I don't believe it.

CB-23, work your magic.


Thank goodness you're safe.

Maybe you're a better
Resistance agent

than I gave you credit for.

Thank you, Kaz.

What is it?

They destroyed my world, Yeager.

The First Order
destroyed Hosnian Prime.

They're gone.
They're all gone.

Kaz, I'm so sorry.

Father, Neeku and his friends

are trying to get the
station into the air.

It may be our
only way to escape.

This station hasn't
been mobile in 20 years.

It's a huge risk.

Why is that cell open?

What's going on here?

Don't move.

Well, okay, move,

but just enough to give
these guys your blasters.

Have fun.

If we are going to get
the Colossus into the air,

we will first have to release
all of the water

we took on to submerge it.

No problem.

We just have to
de-ballast the ship

and flush out the
upper corridors.


If anyone gets caught
in the corridor,

they might get
flushed out to sea?

That is an excellent idea.

We will flush out
the First Order!




Neeku, come in.
What's your status?

Can you guys get this station
airborne or what?

Kazuda, I have a plan.

It is a delightful plan,
a cunning plan.

Dare I say a truly amazing...
Just say the plan, Neeku!

Not only does it involve
getting the station airborne,

we simultaneously will get rid
of our stormtrooper problem.

Okay, I'm already
liking this plan.

Tell me... tell me more.

First, you will have to split up

and place yourselves
in almost certain danger...

Yeah, I'm liking this plan
a lot less.

Here is what we should do.

All right, everyone,
let's do this.

Torra, are you there?

- Torra standing by.
- Are you ready, Neeku?

Absolutely, Kaz.
Just say the word.

When I say "now," you...

Okay, are you saying "now," now?

- No, not now.
- So the word is not "now"?

Yes, now.
It's now!

He said now!
Hit it, Kel!

No, not now!
Not now!


Neeku, it worked!
We flushed them out.

It's... this plan is amazing!

Torra, come in.

Can you hear me?

I'm on it.

Hey, frowny-faces!
Moof brains!

I'm talking to you, nerkos!

After her!
Don't let her escape!

Look out!

It's working, Kaz!

The plan is working.

Great idea, Vil'pak!

What's that?

We're getting a transmission?

From Aunt Z?

Commander Pyre, we
just lost five more troopers.

How is this happening?

You're losing control
of this station, Pyre.

To ensure the safety
of everyone on board,

I suggest you
call in reinforcements.

I'm taking Tamara off-world,
back to base.

Perhaps reinforcements
are the right idea.

If we can't raise this station,

we'll have to resort to
a more aggressive solution.

Bring Tamara to the shuttle.

We are leaving
this wretched world.

We've got to get the Colossus
operational, Jarek.

We don't have much time.

That's all well and good, Doza,

but we have to
put a stop to this.

Did you hear what they said?
They're taking Tam off-world.

I'm not gonna let that happen.

Don't be a fool.
You can't face them alone.

And I've got to tend
to this station.

I won't be alone.

Kaz, come in.
Are you there?

Kind of busy
at the moment, boss!

Okay, I think that...

I think that did it.

Yeager, what's your status?

they're taking Tam off-world.

How fast can you get
to the tower?

We're on our...

Don't let her leave, Yeager.

Hurry, Tamara.
This way.


Tam, what are you doing?

Getting away
from you and Yeager.

How could you do this, Kaz?

Everything you told me
was a lie!

No, no!

I-I mean, yes, I mean...

Tam, I work for the Resistance.

I only wanna help the galaxy.
I swear to you.

He's telling the truth, Tam.


After all the work
I did for you,

trusting you,
expecting a better life...

All for nothing.

You were like a father to me,
but all that was a lie.

Tamara, they are the ones
who are lying to you.

Of course I believe in you.
You're capable of great things.

But they are not
who they say they are.

We are giving her protection
and a higher purpose.

You, on the other hand,

are a danger
to everyone around you.

It's over, Kazuda.

Yeager, you've lost.

Drop your weapons.

I said, drop your weapons,


Maybe we don't
feel like it, Goldie.

Why don't you drop your weapons?

Look around you.

There is no escape.

Neeku, you know what to do.

What is that?

What's happening?

They've activated
the main drives.

This ship is heading into orbit.

Wait, the Colossus is a ship?



Get to the shuttle.

Tamara, this way.

No, no.

Stay with us.




Yeager, they took Tam.
What are we going to do?

She... she made her choice,

but we're not gonna let them
take the Colossus.

Head for your ships!

I hear there are some pretty
good pilots being held here.

Head to your ships in Hanger B2.

Aces, we have
a station to defend.

Open the doors!
We're almost there.

CB, get those ships unlocked.

Bucket, get to hangar B2.

Just when you think
it's all gonna work out.

Uh, suggestions?

I'm open to anything
at this point.

Anyone call for backup?

'Cause Hype Fazon
heard the call.

It's okay.
No need to thank me.

Don't forget Aunt Z.

We picked up your
distress call, Kaz.

All right, let's move.

You ready, CB-23?

Let's blast some bucketheads.

Heads up, team, they're coming.

Good to see you
flying again, Yeager.

Just wish it was under
friendlier circumstances.

I'm hit!

Thanks, kid.

I've got two sleemos
I can't shake.

Oh, no, not now.

Not now!
Not now!


- Synara?
- Who else?

We can use
all the help we can get.

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.

I need power
to the thrusters, CB!

Target those TIEs
attacking the Colossus.

Don't let them
hit the thrusters!

I could use a little help.

Stabilizers hit, Kaz!

It's gonna take me a few
minutes to get airborne again.

I don't have a few minutes.

I've got him.

Wait, what just showed up?
A Star Destroyer...

A really big,

tremendously huge
Star Destroyer.

Kaz, what do we do?

Everyone, back to the Colossus.

We're gonna have to
make the jump to hyperspace.

Neeku, Neeku, come in!

Oh, hello, Kaz.

The hyperdrive is ready to go.

Where are we jumping to?

I'm sending coordinates now.

To D'Qar?

But that planet
is largely uninhabited.

Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure, Neeku.

Just get ready to jump.

Captain Doza, get ready
to lock the station down.

Neeku got the
hyperdrive working.

We're still gaining altitude.

We can't jump until we've
cleared the planet's gravity.

Any help would be great, Kaz.



Man, that kid can fly.

I heard that.
And thanks, Yeager...

Neeku, get us into space
so we can make the jump.

Right away.

Neeku, get us out of here!



We made the hyperjump.
I can't believe it.

Hey, good work out there, Kaz.

You actually pulled it off.

So, where exactly are we going?

Someplace safe...

D'Qar, home of the Resistance.


I mean, Blowfish One!

You're alive!

Thanks to you, buddy.

Oh, by the way,
I did not have the time

to put in all of the
coordinates when we jumped.

We're... not going to D'Qar?

Mm, no.

We will either
be relatively close,

or unfathomable
light years away.

Neeku, are you serious?

You have no idea
where we're going?

Absolutely none!
Kind of exciting, really.

Well, wherever we're going,

at least we're all together...

Most of us.