Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - No Escape, Part 1 - full transcript

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Residents of the Colossus,

the First Order is
working tirelessly

to raise this station
above sea level.

The Resistance insurgents
who sabotaged the platform

are still at large.

Stay in your domiciles
until further notice.

Anyone not inside their home

is in violation of First Order law.

That is all.

Pyre, you have Jarek
Yeager in custody.

What are you planning
on doing with him?

That is none of your concern, Doza.

The First Order has far
overstepped its boundaries

You wrested control
of this platform

through fear and intimidation!

It was by invitation,
if you recall.

You asked for our help.

I doubt the New Republic senate

will find what you're doing legal.

We are well beyond
the Republic's reach.

Fortunately, they
are not beyond ours.

Arrest him for insubordination.

- 4D? - Yes, Captain?

Stop them.


Throw him into the brig,
along with his Aces. Now!

You think you can
get away with this

and the Republic won't notice?

This isn't over, Pyre.

You're right. It's not.

Kazuda Xiono and his friends
are still down there,

and it's only a matter of
time before we have them.

All right, the First
Order has Tam and Yeager

probably locked down
somewhere here in the tower.

We need to find them
and break them out.

Then we steal this shuttle,
make a perfectly timed escape,

and fly to my home
world of Hosnian Prime.

That all sounds
rather difficult, Kaz.

We need to think rationally.
The Colossus is our home.

What about all of
the people stuck here,

trapped under the control
of the First Order?

We can't save all of them. Can we?

We can, and we will.

We're gonna bring back
reinforcements and free everyone!

My father's a senator.

He's got all kinds of
connections to the military,

and with the evidence
that we have now...

Kaz, I know in times of stress,

people have delusions of grandeur,

but a senator from Hosnian Prime?

Next you're going to tell us

you grew up exceedingly wealthy.

Um...let's get into
that some other time, Neeku.

Right now we have
to figure out a way

to get rid of all
these stormtroopers.

But first things first,
we are freeing our friends.

- How was the food, Tamara?
- Amazing.

I can't even remember the
last time I ate this well.

I'm glad.

You deserve so much more than
this station has to offer.

Now, let's talk about
your friend Kazuda again.

I've told you everything.

I had a feeling he
was up to something,

but I had no idea he
was a Resistance spy.

And your employer-- Jarek Yeager?

There's no way Yeager's a spy.

He came all the way out here
to get away from the military.

I beg to differ.

Look, it was all me.

Kaz has nothing to do with this.

I tried recruiting him
into the Resistance,

but he refused.

I'm the one who threw the
Fireball into your sector.



He's--he's lying. That's...

that's just Yeager taking
the blame, trying to help Kaz.

Yes, he has helped
Kaz on many occasions...

because they are spies, Tamara.

Yeager clearly didn't trust
you enough to tell you the truth.

They used you and put your
life in danger every single day...

all under the guise of
keeping you safe.

So I ask you...

do you think Yeager
truly cares about you?

Okay, Buggles, I have an
important mission for you.

I need you to go find Kaz
and bring him to me, okay?

It all checks out, but
the turbines won't respond.

The platform has
taken on too much water.

We need to find a way
to raise it up again.

Ugh, It's another
one of those things.

I'll take care of it.

What are you doing here?

What was that?

CS-227, what's your status?

CS-227, come in.

What is going on out here?

All right, that
should buy us some time.

Oh, I do hope no more
stormtroopers show up.

They are quite difficult to deal with.

So you guys can use these controls
to open and close any door,

including the outside hatches?

That's right. The
shellfolk taught us.

This station controls everything.

I'm going back up to the tower.

But how, Kaz?

The passages above were flooded
when the Colossus submerged.

Well, then it looks
like I'll have to swim.

Come in, Neeku. You there?

Blowfish 2 reading you
loud and clear, Blowfish 1.

We're not calling
each other Blowfish!

Listen, we're almost
at level 12 hatch.

- Make sure it's open.
- No problem, Blowfish 1.

Over and out, Blowfish 1.

What the...?

Getting a little closer.

Oh, no.

Okay, the valves in
quadrant D are secure.

Wait. No one else
is allowed out here.


Move, CB! Faster!

Come to papa.

Uh... I think I'm good.

Open the pod hatches
on level 2, fast!

But you said to open
the hatch on level 12.

Yeah, I know what I said!
Just open the hatches on 2!

- The hatches on 2!
- Not a problem, Blowfish 1.

Now, which one?

Where'd he go?

Neeku, pressurize the
corridor, you got me?

Pressurize? But that would...

Just do it! Do it now! Do it now!

There he is.

No! Not the lights!

Neeku! Neeku!
Pressurize the corridor!

Try that one. No, try that one.

Did trying that work?
Ah! Maybe try that one!

Uh, no! No, not that one!

Okay, try that one.

Oh, no, no! No!

Neeku, close the hatches!

We made it! We're safe!

Whoo-hoo! Blowfish,
you are amazing!

Kaz, did you mean
Blowfish 1 or Blowfish 2?

Because if you meant Blowfish 1,

then that would mean that
you think that you are amazing.

But if you meant Blowfish 2,

that would mean that
you think that I am amazing.

And first of all, thank you,

but second of all,
I think we are amazing

because we just succeeded in
pressurizing the corridor!

Well, thanks, guys. We're going up.

I'll be in touch. Keep
an open channel, buddy.

Will do, buddy.

Did you hear Kaz call me "Buddy"?

That is a term of
endearment in many cultures!

Yeah. This is fun.

What else can we
control from own here?

A hyperdrive.

This way.

Flix? Orka? You in here?

I hear it, CB.

Flix? Orka?

Mmm! Oh, that's such good bacon.

Oh, hey, Kaz.

Oh, great. You're here.

Do you have any weapons around

to help us fight the First Order?

Oh, Kaz.

If we had weapons, do you think
we would be hiding in a box?

Yeah, or stupid enough to use them?

I mean, that's the First
Order, Kaz, not pirates.

Here, there's room in
the box for you, too.

Come on, hop in.
Let me scooch over.

Uh...what are you
doing in there, anyway?

What does it look like, genius?

We're escaping.


We have been in here for days.

We're waiting for the
First Order delivery service

to ship us off the platform.

We're being sent to
my mother's on Talivar.

This place is just too
stormtrooper-y for our liking.

You realize the station's
completely underwater, right?

Whoa. So they're not shipping us?

I told you this
plan was stupid, Flix.

Don't worry, Orka.

We're gonna free my friends

and liberate the station
from the First Order.

And then you won't
have to hide anymore.

Oh, yeah, sure.
Whatever you say, Kaz.

Good luck with that.

All right, CB, let's
head to the tower.


What are you doing here?

What's the matter?

You want us to follow?

Okay. Okay, okay, we're following.

Come on, CB.

Neeku. Neeku, come in.

Buddy 1, this is Buddy 2.

We made a most fortuitous discovery.

Not only does the
station have boosters,

it has a Class 2 hyperdrive.

The Colossus can fly?

You mean we're on a
ship, not a station?

Technically, it's both.

That is great!

Can you get this place operational?

C-can you get us in the air?

Well, Kaz, getting ships
into the air is my specialty.

Okay, do it.

Although keeping them in the air

has been a problem at times.

Move it, Resistance scum!


They told me everything, Yeager.

How could you?
You lied to me about Kaz.

No. Try to understand.

I said move!

Don't listen to them, Tam.

They're trying to manipulate you.

That's what they do.

Come along, Tamara.

You put me and Neeku
and everyone in danger.



Good to see you, Jarek.

- Torra! - Kaz!

Thank goodness you're safe.

Good job, Buggles. You found him.

I'm glad you're all right, Torra.

Well, my father isn't so lucky.

They locked him away.

Yeager too.

I've been coming up with
a plan to break them out.

Great! So what are you thinking?

We can sneak in from down here,

through the incinerator ducts,

which will get us into the tower.

The incinerator... wonderful.

Let's just make sure

we don't get obliterated
with lasers like last time.

Don't worry. The systems are off today.

Someone's coming?

That was close.

Shut him up already, CB!

Nice work, CB-23!

Only room enough on
this ship for one ball droid.

The alarm went off over here!

Agent Tierny, have you found Kaz?

Unfortunately, no.

And you're sure you have
no idea where he his hiding?

For all I know, he escaped hours ago.

Kaz pretends he's an idiot,

but apparently he's far
smarter than he lets on.

I want to make you
an offer, Tamara.

I don't want to see your
potential wasted on this platform

for the rest of your life.

What kind of offer?

You've always dreamed

of becoming a successful
pilot, have you not?

I mean, yeah.

I've always felt at home in the sky.

Well, if you come with me,

I believe you will
find the First Order

can make those dreams a reality.



No, you halt!

Wrong end.

Kaz. That...

that was almost impressive.

What do you mean "Almost"?
I stunned him, didn't I?

We need to find a place...

To hide him.

Come on, let's lock him up in here.

These guys are...

Always heavier than they... look.

There's a turbolift
to the cells this way.

Buggles, you go back to the room.

Go on. It's okay. Go!

Where is everyone?
It seems awfully quiet.

It wasn't like this earlier.

Quiet is good. I like quiet.

Maybe luck's finally on our side.

So what's this
transmission all about?

Starkiller Base is
finally operational.


- What is that? - I don't know.

But it sounds like the
worst thing imaginable.

Today is the end of the Republic.

The end of a regime that
acquiesces to disorder.

At this very moment,

in a system far from here,

the New Republic lies to the galaxy

while secretly
supporting the treachery

of the loathsome Resistance!

Kaz, come on, while
they're distracted.

This fierce machine
which you have built

upon which we stand will
bring an end to the Senate,

to their cherished fleet.

All remaining systems will
bow to the First Order

and will remember this

as the last day of the Republic!


CB-23, what system was that?

Hosnian Prime?


No, no, that can't be.

No! My parents!


Synced and corrected by:
* ZiMuZu *