Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Into the Unknown - full transcript

After being launched into space by Kaz and crew, the Colossus encounters engineering problems, which are made worse by a mysterious stowaway.

Commander Pyre,
what is the status

of the Colossus
refueling station?

The Resistance
is proving to be stronger

than we anticipated,
Captain Phasma.


They seized control
of the station

and disappeared
into hyperspace.


That refueling station

is a valuable resource
to General Organa.

You must make sure it
does not fall into her grasp.

I am confident
that we will find it.

If you cannot secure the Colossusfor
the First Order, then destroy it.

Fail, and I will see
to your execution personally.

Welcome aboard, Miss Ryvora.

We look forward to hearing
all about your friends.

Neeku, how close do you think
you got us to D'Qar?

An excellent question, Kaz. The
answer is, I have no idea.

My hope is that we are somewhere
relatively close to D'Qar.

But it is exhilarating,
is it not?

- What is?
- The thrill of discovery!

Normally I'd agree, but...

- On Castilon, it was
the same thing every day:

sun comes up, sun goes down.
Sun comes up, sun goes down.

- Sun comes up, sun go...
- Yeah, yeah, II...

I get it, Neeku.
I was there too.

Come on, let's go check in
with Captain Doza

and see if he has a better idea
of where we are.

All right.

I'm just happy theColossus
made the jump in one piece.

We sure took a big hit
from that destroyer.

The repairs will be
quite extensive.

We cannot afford
to get attacked again

until the main systems
are fully operational.

At least there's
one good thing about all this.

And what is that, Kaz?

Well, if we don't know
where we are,

I bet the First Order
doesn't know either.

That is what I like about you, Kazuda.
You always find the positive

in dire and/or horrific
situations like these.

Yeager, I'm going to need you
to run a complete diagnostic

of the platform, top to bottom.

You do realize that's gonna
take some time, Captain.

Start with our primary systems
and work your way up from there.

I need to know how much damage
we took on.

- Captain Doza, I...
- Not a good time, Kazuda.

But I want to help.
I-I want to be involved.

I feel responsible
for us being in this situation.

Remember, Kaz, I was the one

who invited the First Order
onto the platform.

Things escalated so quickly.

The First Order went
from being nothing

to destroying the center
of the Republic.

I... I don't even know
if my parents survived it.

You made a hard choice, Kazuda.

The only choice.

And that's what it takes
in times like these.

I've lived through it before, and

I hoped my daughter,
or you, or anyone

would never have to again.

But I guess the galaxy doesn't
learn enough from its mistakes.

Now come on.

There's no sense
in despairing about truths

or not truths
that you don't know.

Uh, where are we going?

To navigate our journey ahead,

I've reopened the command deck.


I never knew this place
was up here.

Doza, I've got results
from that report.

How bad is it?

- Well, we've got malfunctions
across the board:

defensive cannons, deflector
shields, sublight engines.

The hyperdrive
is out of coaxium fuel,

preventing us
from making another jump.

With this vessel
being as old as it is,

I'm surprised we survived
that jump at all.

What's our position?

As near as I can tell, we're
about three parsecs from D'Qar.

Not bad, Neeku.

Hey, at least we're close.

And there's a Resistance base
hidden on that planet.

Kaz, you are certain the
Resistance base is actually there?

Absolutely. I heard it
from General Organa herself.

Well, that's good enough
for me.

4D, send a transmission
to D'Qar.

See if we can make contact
with the Resistance.

Longrange communications
are nonfunctional.

Well, looking on the bright
side, as my friend Kaz does,

at least the First Order
does not know where we are.

They don't know yet.

All we've bought is time.

If my guess is right,

the First Order is already
hunting us down.

All the more reason
we have to get to D'Qar.

What's happening?
What is happening?

The artificial gravity system
is malfunctioning.

What, you've never been
in zero-G before?


Yeager, here's another problem
to add to our list.

Well, as inconvenient
as this is,

I think the engine and defense
systems take priority.

Let us fix it!

We just need to get down
to Engineering.

Good idea, Kaz. We can use
all the help we can get.

And check on that transmitter
relay while you're down there.

I can help too.

That's probably for the best.

You won't regret it.

I'm okay!

I'll keep an eye on him.

Kaz, do you know anything about
fixing gravity generators?

Or transmitter relays?

Of course!

They're just bigger versions
of the kinds of things

me, Neeku, and Tam
worked on all the time, right?

I mean, how hard could it... ow!

Watch out!

Uh, coming through!

We know, we know!
We're on it!

How odd.

The Chelidae have retreated
into their shells.

Is that not normal?

Well, they only do that
when they are afraid.

Afraid? Of what?

Well, whatever it is, we need to
go and get the gravity back on

and check on those relays.

Come on.

You know who was really good
with integrated relays?


Yes. Much better than us.

Neeku, can you just see
if the Shellfolk will help?

Ah, greetings, Vil'pak!

I know you are quite busy
staying safe inside your shell;

however, the danger
has finally passed.

Can you please come out
and help us repair the station?

Hmm. That is peculiar.

He says we should leave,
that it is dangerous down here.

Yeah, well, he's probably still
freaked out from the attack.

Maybe he's... shell-shocked?

Very good, Kazuda.

Now can we fix
the gravity generator?

The long-range transmitter

is attached
to the powerbus relay

at junction 12,
down that maintenance tunnel.

Okay, you and I can take care
of the gravity generator.

CB, see what you can do
about the transmitter.

This is a jumbled mess!

Come on, Kaz.

Everyone is depending on us
to fix this.

I know.

I'd hate to be up there
with everyone right now.

With the gravity off,
they've got to be miserable.

Big Al, one Zero-G Special
coming up.

Nice throw, Aunt Z.


No, wait, wait!
No, wait! Come back!

Our present circumstances are
not good for business, Orka.

Orka? Orka!

Hey, up here, Flix!

- I'm taller than you!
- Now, come on.

That doesn't count,
and you know it.

Well, enjoy it while it lasts.

You won't be so tall
when this gravity is fixed.

I got it!
I got it!

It is certainly taking CB
a long time

to get the transmitter
back online.

Any luck down there?

Okay. How about now?

You see?

You asked for that.


Too much, Kaz!

Too much gravity.
It's too strong.

I'm on it.

This is the best!

Now we're not getting power
to the induction coils.

It should be working.

Tam, can you hand me
the fusion spanner?

I'm Torra.

Oh, right, I'm-I'm sorry.

It's, uh...
it's-it's just...

I understand.

It's always hard
to lose a friend.

I promise,
I've told you everything.

Poe Dameron was friendly
with Yeager,

and he left his BB unit
with Kaz for a while,

but I had no idea they
were spying for the Resistance.

You have to believe me.

And how do you feel
about the Resistance?

The Resistance is filled
with outlaws and liars,

like the people
I thought were my friends.

And the First Order?

As far as I can see,

you're just trying
to make the galaxy safe again.

And is that why
you want to join us?

I'm an excellent pilot,
and I want to use those skills

in service of a cause
I believe in.

I believe you, Tamara.

But if you are to rise in
the ranks as one of the best,

I will require
your total cooperation.

I understand.

So you will help us locate

I will.

Even though you know that might
put your friends in jeopardy?

They're not my friends anymore.

- I've made my choice.
- Good.

Very good.

Report to the quartermaster
and pick up your uniform,

Cadet Pilot DT-533.

What's taking CB so long?

Has she fixed
the transmitter relay yet?

I will go check on her
and help with the repair.

And tell CB to hurry.
We need her help over here.

CB? Are you down here?

Oh, my.

I can see how
with the lights off,

one might consider this area
extremely creepy.



Kaz needs your help.

Oh, there you are. I was
beginning to worry about you.

What is...

Oh, dear.

CB, your head is not connected
to your body.

It is okay. I will put
you back together again,

and I will not tell anyone
about this.

Just let me reactivate
your system

so you can get up and running
again, just like new...

This isn't working.

CB-23, do you copy?

What is going on?

Well, if I know Neeku,
he's probably down there

trying to fix more
than what we told him to.

We don't have time for that.

We were sent down here
to do two things,

and so far we haven't fixed
either one of them.

Come on, let's go.




Neeku, what are you doing
up there?

Stop playing games
and get down here.

We don't have time for this.

CB-23, where have you been?

It's that First Order droid!

I think we might be in trouble.

Captain, the transmitter
relay has been restored.

However, artificial gravity,
deflector shields,

and propulsion systems
are still nonoperational.

What are those kids
doing down there?

- What is taking them so long?
- Don't worry.

Whatever problems they have,
Kaz and Neeku can handle it.

they've got Torra with them.

Well, that is one good thing.

Didn't we destroy that thing?

First Order makes 'em tough.

And hurty.

Oh, no!

I'll distract him.
You take care of Neeku.

Oh, Kaz, look out!

Torra, we have to get out
of here!

Working on it, Neeku.

Oh, get away!

Float faster!
Must float faster!

- Kaz!
- Oh, no!

Oh, that was close.

I got you.

It's activating communications.

It waited for us
to fix the transmitter

so it can contact the First Order
and tell 'em where we are.

there is a coded signal

being beamed back to Castilon.


- Why would they do that?
- They wouldn't.

Shut it down.

If that signal gets back
to Castilon,

the First Order can pick it up
and find our location.

They have bypassed
tower controls.

We have to stop it.

Trying to call your friends?

Not while I'm around.

Do not worry, CB.

I will reactivate you.

No! No, no, no!
No, no!

Ah, no, no, no!

Okay, just need to find...

Byebye, encoded signal.


Got it.

Ah, welcome back, CB.

Hurry, Kaz and Torra
need your help.

That First Order rollie
is out there.

Do not worry about me.

But if you survive, do not
forget to come and get me!

Good save, CB!

I deactivated
the transmission feed.

Now help me lift this hatch.


Torra, better hang on
to something.

CB, lock yourself down!

No! No, no, no, no! No, no!

No, no, no, no, no! Ahh! No, no!

I'm okay!

Let's get that gravity
turned back on.

Guys? Guys?

Are you alive?
Are you at least conscious?

Hey, guys, you have not
forgotten about me...

have you?

That transmission the droid
was gonna send...

it got me thinking.

About what?

If there's a way to send
a message to Tam.

If I could just explain

Well, that is extraordinarily
risky, Kaz.

But you could send a message
to her personal comlink

on a secured frequency.

You wouldn't know if she got it

or if the signal
got intercepted.

It's way too dangerous.

I think I have to.

She's my friend.

I owe her that.

I can't believe it.

I'm finally a real pilot.

Tam, it's Kaz.

If you somehow get
this message,

I want you to know
I made a terrible mistake.

I lied to you about who I am
and why I came...