Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - The Doza Dilemma - full transcript

Synara settles into life on the platform, but her pirate compatriots have more nefarious plans for her.

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Clearly, you are not as ambitious
as we thought, Kragan.

Your raids on the Colossus
should have Captain Doza

begging for our help.

I have lot more
men and ships

than this deal is worth, Pyre.

I want triple the money,

or we're out.

Very well.

Then you will take something

precious from Captain Doza

until he relinquishes
the station.

And what would that be?

Something that is
very close to him.

- Kragan.
- You haven't reported in, Synara.

Spending too much time
with your friends?

If I had something to report,
I would have already.

What do you want?

Do not forget
who your real friends are.

Now, listen up.

Tonight, I am sending
Valik and Drell

on a special mission.

They will be shipped
to the Colossus in a container.

Make sure you are the one
who receives it

and passes it through security.


What are you planning,

Just make sure you receive
that container.

Once they are inside,
get them into Doza's tower.

The tower?

It's impossible
to get in there.

Security is too tight.

Just figure it out,

we get paid,

and you
finally get to come home.

Good game, Torra...

But not good enough.

Synara! Hey!

We never see you anymore.

Is everything okay?

It's fine.
I've just been busy...

working extra cycles.

Okay, who's next?

Wanna take me on?

Oh, I know!

We could try out
the new Drone-Blaster game I just got.

It's so wizard!

Let's go back to the tower.

I'll get the service droids
to bring us some food.

That sounds good to me.

What do you say, Synara?

The tower?
Are you sure I can come?

Of course you can come!

I meant all of us.
Let's go!

You have a lot of security
for a place so remote.

Well, with all the pirate attacks,

father even thinks
they have spies stationed here.


Three out of five.
Not bad.

- Your turn, Tam.
- Sure.

I'll give it a go.

I'd probably increase
security if I were him.

Oh, he's planning on it.

He's just been busy.

Busy with the First Order?

I see them coming and going
all the time now.

Kind of strange,
isn't it?

Only two hits.

Your turn, Synara.

Wow, Synara,
you're some shot!

Pretty good for a salvager.

Where'd you learn
to shoot so well?

My... my father used to take me hunting
on Vanqor as a child.

Your turn, Kaz.


You couldn't hit the broadside
of a space freighter.

Stupid toy.

I'm a way better shot

with a real blaster
a sort of.

Not that I've actually shot one.

I should go. I, um,

I have to work
the late cycle tonight.

Thank you for inviting us,

Anytime, Synara.

My friends are always welcome here...
all of you.

If you wanna hang out,

just use my security code
to get in.

I don't need
a security detail.

I have my own droids
for that.

Father, I just had
the best time.

You have to meet Syna...

I'm talking business,

Oh. I'll leave you alone.

I'm sorry, I...

this is extremely important
for the station.

I get it, Father.
It's okay.

The First Order needs an answer,

You have been delaying
the inevitable

for far too long now.

And what happens if
I accept your help

and the pirate attacks
don't stop?

They will stop.

You need troops to protect
your station, not racers.

You need us.

Do I?

My apologies,
Commander Pyre,

I'll need more time.

Hey, can you two keep it down?

We are finished for now, Kaz.

I believe the accelerator
will hold...

unless it explodes.

We should go
meet Yeager at the marketplace.

Maybe he'll buy us

I'll stop by later.

I need a few more parts
from salvage.

Any excuse to go see Synara.

Come on, Neeku.
Let's get some food.

I like food!

Ah, well, it took you long enough.

We've been waiting forever.

Stop complaining.

I'm taking
a big enough risk

just getting this shipment
through security.

You're lucky
no one detected you.

Just get us
into the tower.

Why the tower?
What are you up to?

Doza has something
that we want.

It's gonna bring us
more credits then we can count.

I know it's late,

but Synara said
she's working the last cycle,

and we need those parts.

No, I'm not just here to see her.

Okay, maybe I am.

But I can tell
something is wrong.

She's been
so distant lately.

This is going to be
more difficult than you think.

You've been here
long enough.

You should know
how to get around.

Those two don't look like salvagers.

And when in doubt...

Synara could be in trouble.

Okay, just...

follow me.

Let's follow, but not too close.

And don't beep too loudly.

You getting a funny feeling?


Someone's tailing us.

Let's move.
Hurry, Synara.

BB, watch where you roll, will you?

Come on.
We can't lose them.

You have the codes, right?

This isn't a good idea.

Security is heavier
now than it's ever been.

Your concern for us is touching,

Do us a favor and stand guard.

What are you after, anyway?

What is so important to Doza?

His little girl.


Break out the droid popper.

What in Castilon is that?

Hurry before they discover
these four are down.

Yes! Yes, yes, yes!

Oh! Wow!
That was close!

You okay, Buggles?


you never said

you were going after Torra.

She is worth
triple the credits

if we bring her
to the First Order alive.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you
are getting soft, Synara.

You see these peope
as your friend.

Get to the skiff
and bring Torra to me...


Ugh! Got to stop this.

Captain, four security droids

have just been deactivated
on level eight.

- Deactivated?
- Yes.

I performed a full sweep,
and it also appears that.

Torra is missing
from her quarters.

We have intruders?
Torra might be in danger.

Send a squad of security droids
to search the platform.

Yes, sir.

Keep looking.

We'll never find her
at this rate...

- Kaz!
- Synara!

Oh, am I glad to see you!

I saw you arguing with
those people down at the docks.

Kaz, listen to me.
Torra is in trouble.

- Someone took her.
- What?

- Who took her?
- Just follow me.

Please, hurry.

We have no time.

Come on,
we've gotta go after her!

You think I'm scared of filthy pirates?

I said, let me go!

Be a good prisoner,
will you?

Call the tower.

Tell Doza the pirates kidnapped Torra.

He needs to scramble the Aces!

Tower, this is...

Yeager's Repairs.

I need to speak to
Captain Doza now!

The pirates kidnapped Torra?

4D, scramble the Aces!

- Go!
- Right away, sir.


You two bantha-brains are
in deep trouble.

You can bet my father's sending
every Ace to find me,

and they will!

There they are!

transmit coordinates to Doza.


I can't fire back.

We can't risk it with Torra!

Plan? I
don't have a plan.

We just gotta stay on them.

Mission is a success,
Commander Pyre.

We have Torra Doza.

Excellent work.

I'll send someone
with your payment immediately.

do you have the coordinates yet?

Not yet, Captain.

Have them in my sights.

Negative, negative.
It's a decoy.

There's nobody on those speeders.

Fan out and widen the search!

BB, we could use some backup.

Did the Aces get our location?

What do you mean
the transponder's down?

Fix it
and send those coordinates!

Are you seeing this, BB?

Those are the two
that were with Synara at the docks.

Yeah, I know
you never trusted her.

I get it.
I get it!

You little brat!

What? I slipped.

What is that?

I know, I know, BB,

but I can't let them take

I can't get us any closer.

BB-8, how bad is the damage?

Well, this can't get any worse!

The First Order?

Okay, never mind.
It's worse.

They're landing.
Oh no.

They're in league
with the pirates!

The transponder's working?

Get those coordinates out


Aces three and four,
reroute to the new coordinates.

They got here quickly.

They better have
our payment.

Good evening, Kragan.

Commander Pyre sends
his regards.

He's going for the girl!
Stop him!

This way, Torra.
I'm taking you home.

Uh, thanks?

I can't believe it.

BB, it looks like
the First Order is rescuing Torra!

Come on! Come on!

Aces one and five,
do you have eyes on the base yet?

Yes, what is it?

Captain, this is Major Vonreg
of the First Order.

Your daughter is safe.

I am bringing her
to you now.

break off the attack.

Follow the shuttle
and make sure Torra comes back safely.

Copy that.



They didn't hurt you,
did they?

I'm okay.
I-I'm fine.

Major Vonreg,

we're very lucky
the First Order was close by.

Luck had nothing to do
with it.

We've been closely monitoring
pirate communications

in this sector
for months now

in an effort
to quash their raids.

We're only here
to help.

As I was saying,

Commander Pyre was very concerned
to hear that

security was compromised
and your daughter taken.

He has offered to leave you
a small security detail

at your disposal

while you consider o
ur agreement.

I'm not entirely sure
that's necessary, Major.

These outer worlds
can be terribly hostile.

You never know
what can happen at any given time.

I'd like to see my daughter

She's been through much

Of course, Captain.
Good evening.

What is going on here?

Yeah, I'm glad
Torra's safe too,

but the First Order?

It just
doesn't seem right to me.


The First Order has
betrayed us.

The deal is over.

What exactly does that mean
for me, Kragan?

Hey, Synara.


Thanks for helping out
with Torra.

She's safe now...
no thanks to me,

but she's safe.


I would hate to see anything
happen to her.

Hey, by the way,

we needed some parts for
a repair job.

I came by last night
to see you,

but you were busy
with those two... customers.

Yeah, it was, uh,

a late-night shipment...

some salvagers
from off-world.

I thought it was something like that.

Anyway, I-I'll check with Yeager to see

if we still need those parts.

I'll see you soon, Synara.

Be well, Kaz.

I know, BB-8.

She's either helping the pirates,

or she's one of them.

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Synced and corrected by zimuzu