Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Platform Classic - full transcript

An upcoming race reunites Yeager with his estranged brother, Marcus - who needs to win to pay off his debt to the Guavian Death Gang.

All right, guys,
listen up.

The Platform Classic
is tomorrow.

And if Yeager's gonna
let us watch it,

we need to finish these repairs
as quickly as we...

What are you
smiling about, Kaz?

Me? Oh, um, nothing.
No reason.

All right,
spit it out already.

Let's just say
I heard a rumor,

and if it's true, it's gonna
make the Platform Classic

the biggest race in the galaxy.

Trust me,
Yeager is gonna be so happy.

Yeager happy?

As in happy?

That seems very unlike...
Oh, I get it.

You are proposing another joke.

Am I correct, Kaz?

Okay, gang, keep
working on those repairs.

Captain Doza wants to see me
about something important.

Can we go too, Yeager?
Please? Please?

Why do you wanna go
so badly?

And what are you
smiling about?

- That's what I wanna know.
- Nothing.

Nothing at all.

We should go see
what Doza wants.

Yeager. Thank you
for coming so quickly.

What do you need his time,

More last minute repairs?

Well, I know I've been
calling on you quite often

of late, old friend,
but these are desperate times.

What is it?
Pirates? Saboteurs?

The Platform Classic.

Uh, what about it?

The Classic is a chance
to bring much-needed money

to our economy.
The prize is 100,000 credits.

The Aces will be in it,
of course,

but... this time, I wanted
to make it bigger than ever.

So I'm calling on you, Yeager.
The best of the best.

Sorry, my racing days
are long over.

I knew you'd say that.

But I also know you could never
resist competing with a legend.

It's been a long time.

I'm sure I don't
have to introduce

famous sky-racer
Marcus Speedstar.

Three-time winner
of the Five Sabers.

Whoa, Marcus Speedstar.

I can't believe it.

Hard to believe it's been
almost ten years, Jarek.

Wait, you know
Marcus Speedstar?

Of course I know him.

He's my brother.

*STAR WARS Resistance*
Season 01 Episode 08

Episode Title: "The Platform Classic"

This will be the greatest
Platform Classic

the galaxy has ever seen.

Jarek Yeager
versus Marcus Speedstar.

Brother versus brother.

The answer's still no.

My racing days, like my days
of dealing with him,

- are over.
- Now, hold on a minute, Jarek.

- We need to talk.
- Surprised

you'd even
agree to this, "Speedstar."

See you again
in another decade.

So great to meet you, Marcus.
Big fan.

I'm Kaz, by the way.

Mm, Yeager, sir,

why does your brother
have a different last name?

You thought
"Speedstar" was real?

You knew all about this, Kaz?

I heard rumors that Marcus
Speedstar was gonna be here.

But I didn't know
he was your brother.

And the more
handsome one at that.

Been too long since
I've seen my big brother.

He's the one who taught me
to fly when we were kids.

Wow, Yeager used to be a kid?

Look, I'm busy.

And you got a race
to prepare for.

Look, I didn't come
all the way out here

to race you, Jarek.
I came out to see you.

then you wasted your trip.

- Oh, hey, ooh.
- Wha?

He likes us.

That's a traditional Cracek
greeting of friendship.

My name is Neeku.
This is Kaz and Tam.

Huh. Everyone, meet Oplock

and the astromech R4-D12.

I'm surprised
to see you here.

I thought we agreed
we'd never race again.

I know that,
but Doza doesn't.

Besides, I didn't
come here to race.

I came here to talk.

You already know
I don't wanna talk to you.

That hasn't changed.

Well, you know what else
hasn't changed?

You're still the only family
I have left.

I don't want us not
speaking to one another.

I see Oplock
is still with you,

even after what happened.
I don't know why.

It's because
Oplock forgave me.

He judges me on
the person I am.

Unlike you, Oplock decided
to help me through things.

Well, it looks like you have
him and you have your fame.

Because let's be honest,
that's what you really wanted

all along,
the fame.

And you did whatever you
had to do to get it.

It was easy to win
after you dropped out.

And I guess that's what
I'm gonna do tomorrow, win.

See you around, brother.

You know you
could never beat me.

Yeah, but you and I are
the only ones that know that.

Come on, Oplock, D12.
We're gone.

You go behind my back like
that again, you're out of here.

Understand me?
Yes, sir.

I... I didn't realize you
were so afraid to race again.

Yes, especially
against your own brother.

Afraid? I taught Marcus
everything he knows.

He couldn't touch me.

It just so happens
we have an agreement

not to race one another.

Probably because
he's considered

one of the greatest
racers in the galaxy.

One of the greatest?

You clearly don't know
what you're talking about.

Well, I mean,
if you're not gonna race...

We would have to assume
Marcus is the better pilot.

Oh, I see, you think
I'm making all this up.

Well, just watch.

I'll go challenge him
and he'll back down.

That's how
this always works.

Ha-ha! Thank you,
but seriously,

I can pay for my own drinks.
Nonsense, Marcus Speedstar.

It's an honor
to have you here.

It's not often we get
celebrity racers out here

as big as you.

Oh, great.
Guavian Death Gang.

Looks like our little
maneuver back on Rishi

didn't work like I'd hoped.

Speaking foreign language...

Oh, hey, Guavians.

Small galaxy.
How is everyone?

Looking nice and... red.
Really red.

Speaking foreign language...

That was your ship
back on Rishi?

I never realized.

I would've stuck around
if I knew it was you fellas.

Speaking foreign language...

Which is exactly
why I'm here.

As soon as
I win this race,

those 20,000 credits
will be all yours.

Speaking foreign language...

Wha... wha... what?

You're taking Oplock
until I pay?

Come on, boys,
let's be reasonable.

It's okay, Oplock, just go
with the nice Death Gang

for the next few hours.
There's nothing to worry about.

There isn't a pilot here
who stands a chance against me.



I've changed my mind.

I'm racing you in
the Platform Classic.

Hope you don't mind
the competition.

You don't wanna do that.

See? He's quitting,
like he always does.

See you tomorrow
at the big race, brother.

Wait, what are you doing?

I came here hoping
things had changed.

But if you're not willing to
forgive me, what's the point?

I need that money.

All right, bets are now open
for the Platform Classic.

Don't be shy,
Ladies and Genarians.

Put your credits down
right here.

- Whoo-whoo-hoo!
- Fifty on Yeager.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Everybody calm down.

I'm not gonna race.

You know, once you agree to
race, you can't back out of it.

So, uh, weren't you trying to
prove Marcus wouldn't race you?

You gotta let me explain.

I sort of temporarily
lost my mechanic.

The Guavian Death Gang
has him and...

Stop right there.
I don't wanna know.

It's just more
of the same from you.

You need a mechanic?
Here's one.

Kaz, why don't you
help him out?

Oh, well, I, uh...

There, you got
my best mechanic.


Your best mechanic?

I didn't say
what he was best at?

Reorient that cam slider,

Sure, the uh...
Yeah, I just need a, um...

So your Jarek's
best mechanic?

Well, um, top three.

Actually, I'm a pilot too,

When I found out that you
were Yeager's brother,

I couldn't believe it.
You're amazing.

I mean, the Baktan 5000.

Jarek was the amazing one.

He could've been one of the
greatest racers in the galaxy.

I knew Yeager was
at the Battle of Jakku,

but... why did he leave
the defense fleet?

- He never told you?
- He's not exactly open.

After the war with the Empire,
the military downsized.

Yeager and I raced
for a living.

I raced for myself.
For the fame and the glory.

But he was racing
for something more.

His family.

- So you know about them?
- Yeah.

He had a wife and daughter.
Yeager never talks about them.

We competed in some
big races together,

but I could never beat him.

I wanted to win.
I wanted to win so badly,

just to be the best.

So I juiced up my racer
with some hyperfuel.

That stuff is dangerous.

We were neck and neck,
approaching the last hoop.

I opened up the throttle,

but I wasn't ready
for the power.

I clipped Yeager's ship,

and sent the whole race
out of control.

I thought the hyperfuel
would guarantee me a victory,

but it ruined everything.


Wow, look at her.

She's a thing of beauty.

Boosters need a little
fine tuning, though.

Can you bring me a fresh
generator ring from my office?

You got it.

Yeager, sir, I have to ask,

why did you stop
speaking with Marcus?

My people would offer a
sibling one of our own hearts,

or multiple internal organs
if so requested.

I know, Neeku.

Brothers are supposed to be
there when you need them most.

Mine wasn't.

So, uh...

how did you get in trouble
with the Guavian Death Gang?

Had to borrow a few credits.

Fell into hard times after
I lost a couple of races.

No big deal.

Is that why you
decided to come here?

Just for the money?


There are plenty of races
across the galaxy, kid.

I wanted to see
my brother again.

I've been looking
for him for years.

I mean,
how could I pass this up?

Heh, I know, Bucket,
it's been a while.

You haven't forgotten how to
co-pilot this baby, have you?


You know, you should
forgive your brother,

for whatever he did.

You don't know what
you're asking of me.

But he's your brother.

Did he tell you
I had a family?

Did he tell you I had
a wife and a kid?

No. There's a reason
he didn't tell you that.

Well, your brother loves you.
He wanted to be just like you.

Marcus has never cared about
anyone other than himself.

That's not true.

Look, his mechanic
is in trouble

with the Guavian Death Gang.

He needs that prize money
to pay them off.

That's not my concern.

Racers to the Starting Dock.

The Platform Classic
is about to begin.

Your droid looks
a little worried.

Nah, as soon as
the race is underway,

old D12 comes alive.

Unlike Bucket over there,
who'll probably blow a fuse

before the race even starts.

Yeager, I know you won't
like to hear this, but...

I have to win this race.

You've been singing
that song since we were kids.

- Never gonna happen.
- You don't understand.

I didn't come here
just to race.

Yeah, you came here
to lose.

But you lost me
a long time ago.

And they're off!

The racers
are entering Phase One,

the obstacle course.

All right, D12, time to shine.

Always had respect for D12.

Can't believe that
old droid stuck by you.

Goes to show droids are
different than their pilots.

What is that
supposed to mean?

Jarek Yeager and
his brother Marcus Speedstar

take an early lead.
Neck and neck

at the front of the pack.

The first of the racers
is entering Phase Two,

The Climb.

The Phase Two
atmospheric climb only ends

when the racers reach
the very edge of space.

I can never forgive you
for what you did.

How many times did
I try to talk to you

and you disappeared?

As they pass
through the hoop,

an ion pulse
shuts off their engines.

They're now in Phase Three,

The Powerless Plummet.

Speaking foreign language...

I left because
I lost everything.

Everything, because of you.

You don't understand.

I've been trying
to tell you all this time.

Oh, I cannot watch.

The plummet is the most
dangerous part of the race.

- They're just gliding.
- From space, Kaz.

If they miss
the re-ignition hoop,

their engines
won't come back on.

They will crash.

I see him, D12.

And the racers are entering
the home stretch.

You know
you could never beat me.

Why do you even try?
Because this time it matters.

I have to win.

Hah, that's what
you've always said.

You just want the fame
and the glory.

That's all that matters to you.

I admit, I cheated.
I wanted to win so badly.

But that's not me anymore.
I have people who depend on me.

And if I don't win this race,
they're gonna die.

Like those people who died
when you caused that crash?

My family, gone,
because of you.

Because all you care
about is yourself.

Not anymore, Jarek.
I've spent years

hunting you down to tell you
how sorry I am.

To tell you how much
I loved them too.

I know I couldn't
say it before.

I was too ashamed.
And then you disappeared.

I miss them every day, Jarek.

And you too, brother.
I'm so sorry.

Jarek, believe me
when I say I am racing

for more than myself this time.
Like you used to.

Speaking foreign language...

You deserve to win this,

No, you need it.

And the winner
is Marcus Speedstar.

Paid in full.

Speaking foreign language...

Speaking foreign language...

Oplock, it's good
to have you back, buddy.

They treat you okay?

Speaking foreign language...

We've got some extra money
left over too,

thanks to Jarek here.

It's good to have you back,

I was just about
to say the same thing.

Are we good?


But we will be one day.

Well, it's better
than where we were.

You were amazing out there,

You would've had
an incredible racing career.

Maybe, maybe not.

And here's something
I don't often say,

You were right.

It's important
to forgive people.

When you don't,
nobody wins.

- Di... did I say that?
- Not in so many words.

BB-8, I think Yeager
and I are becoming friends.

Okay, maybe not friends like
you and I are friends, but...

What? We're friends.

I... I thought you and I
were friends.

I mean, we're
definitely buddies, right?

Come on.
Confidants at the very least?


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