Star Wars Resistance (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - The Core Problem - full transcript

Poe and Kaz make an unsettling discovery and must evade the First Order when they are spotted by an enemy probe droid.

Let me guess.

This is your attempt to send
a message to the Resistance.

Is it that obvious?

It's obvious
this isn't gonna work.

The First Order's
communications blanket

is way too strong
for that... thing.

Thanks, BB-8.

I'm glad someone believes
in my skills.

Prepare to be proven wrong,

Watch this.

Wrong button.

It's this one.

Poe Dameron.

Kaz to Poe Dam...

I mean, Lone Wolf.

Code name Lone Wolf.

Do you read?

Lone Wolf, come in.

Yeah, I read.

You guys really have
been trying

to reach me, haven't you?

The signal is so clear!

See, Yeager?
What'd I tell you?

I am a genius...

How's it going, kid?


Heya, buddy.
Good to see you too.

So, Kaz,
is that ridiculous contraption

supposed to contact me?



Poe! What... how did you get
on board the Colossus?

There are TIE fighters
and stormtroopers everywhere.

Yeah, I know.
Getting in was the easy part.

Anyway, looks like some things

have changed around here
since I last heard from you.

You can say that again.

I've been trying
to get you my reports,

but the First Order's blocked
all communications.

Well, checking in with you

is only half the reason
I'm here.

We've got a big mission
ahead of us.

BB-8, you ready
to come home with me?

You're... you're taking BB-8?

I've just gotten orders
from General Organa.

We're leaving tomorrow
for Jakku.

I need BB-8 on this one.

But what about
our mission here?

CB23 will help you out.

I have her back in my X-wing.

We just need to switch off.

Poe, you were right
to send me here.

The First Order's
planning something,

and the Colossus is just
a small part of it.

All right, kid.

I'm interested.

Let's see what you've got.

The First Order's been moving
tons of fuel through here.

So then what do they want

It's not exactly the biggest

refueling station
in the galaxy.

I thought about that.

They want it so the Resistance
can't have it.

It's the last stop
before the Unknown Regions.

It's crucial for any fleet
needing to fuel up.

What are you talking about?

Kaz has some new intel for you.

Something's happening
in this sector

of the Unknown Regions...
right here.

Well, I'm short on time,

but General Organa
doesn't like surprises.

Let's you and me jump out there
and check it out.

Really? That would be great.

But how are we gonna
get off the Colossus

without the First Order

I have an idea.

It's a crazy idea,
but just might work.

No, you're not thinking

of pulling a Widowmaker,
are you?


I'm not even married.

Given how dangerous
this will be,

that's probably a good thing.

Okay, first, put her down
on this cargo ship.

We're gonna ride that thing
out of here

until we clear their scan.

All right.

Did you ever think
about painting this

in a less conspicuous color?

Well, it's a racer.

Not really a combat craft.

Okay, next, we drop off
at the precise moment.

Why aren't you piloting
this thing?

You know this ship
better than me.

Besides, rumor still has it

you're the greatest pilot
in the galaxy.

Okay, get ready.

Keep it steady.

Okay, hit it!

Start the engines, Kaz!



I'm trying.
I'm trying!

Anytime now, Kaz!

Can we just get
a little closer, Kaz?

Good to see you too, CB-23.

You ready for this?

I am.

Not sure about the Fireball.

BB8's right.

With him backing you up,

you got nothing to worry about.

You're right.

Let's do this.

Okay, that's not right.

I'm not detecting anything.


Looks like there was
a system here,

but there's no star.

CB-23, can you confirm?

Somehow, this system's sun
has disappeared.


Those planetoids...
what could have done that?

It's intact.

Not decimated like you'd expect
from a weapon strike.

So the planets
have been cored out?

That's gotta be
the First Order, right?

But why?



If they needed it
for resources,

why'd the leave
the core behind?

This one's been cored

Let's get a closer look.

Why would someone do this?

Patience, kid.

That's what we're gonna
find out.

What is that?


Yeah, I see it.

It's a gravity well.

Try and boost your thrusters
and turn around.

We gotta get out of here.

I can't.

I'm boosting,
and nothing's happening!

Too late.
We're caught.

Try and ride it out.

I know, I know.

I've got no control!
I-I've got no thrust!

Don't fight it, Kaz.
Steer into it.

Are you crazy?!


But trust me, just go with it.

Okay, you heard
the man, BB-8.

We're going with it.

Reroute all power
to stabilizers.

I can't believe we're alive.

Poe. I'm picking up
some sort of signal.

It's faint, but I think
it's coming

from that moon up ahead.

Should we check it out?

Good idea.

We better investigate.

Looks like
some sort of... settlement.

Well, the air seems breathable.

Let's land and check it out.

Take this.
Just don't vaporize your foot.

It's so cold here,
I don't think I'd feel it.

CB, stay with the ships.

Make sure they're ready
in case we need

to make a quick getaway.

Village looks old.

Wonder who lived here?

They're gone now.
Hard to say how long ago.

Be careful, Kaz.

Exploring ruins would be easier
in the daytime.

What happened here?

What kind of place is this?

Looks like a temple
of some kind.

You see stuff like this

throughout the Outer Rim.

Relics of a bygone era.

Look at all the blaster fire.

It's like the whole place
was under attack.

Whoever did this
wiped them out.

They wanted them eradicated.

I get the feeling
we're being watched.

Get ready, Kaz.

We might have some company.

Keep focused,
and have that blaster ready.

Right. Focused.

I know.
Everything is destroyed.

What could have done this?

Hey! Hey.

l'm focused.

I'm focused!

Get over here.

It's a probe.

Get down!

Kids. It's got kids!

BB-8, make sure the mother
doesn't get away.

I'll help.

Hang in there, BB!

Don't worry.

I got it. I got it!

BB-8, get this thing
to hold still.

Kaz, which droid
are you shooting at?

I got it?

I got it!

I knew you'd shoot
the right one.


Well, took a little practice.

What is that thing?

What's it doing here?

I don't know.

I've never seen anything
like this.

I'm starting to think
it was First Order.

Probe must've sent
a distress call.

Yes, BB. We're in trouble.

CB23, get ready for takeoff.


Kaz, let's move.

Good work, CB-23.

No time, BB-8.

We'll swap you and CB later.

Our last mission together
can't be our last mission ever!

Now, come on.
Head for the core.

Those gravity currents

almost ripped me apart...
oh, right!

Come on, Kaz, keep up.

I think I've got this.

Yes, it's working!

All right, let's take
red dog down.

I think that did the trick.

Now, swing around.

We need to pull off
a droid swap.

Droid swap?

I guess this is it, then.

I couldn't have done
any of this without you.

I'm really gonna miss you,

I know.

We'll see each other
again soon.

On my mark.

It was fun, CB.
Hopefully, I'll see you soon.

Take care of Kaz for me.

Welcome back, buddy!

Well, I gotta get started

on that mission
for General Leia.

Hoo, boy, I'll have one heck

of a report for her
when I get back.

Poe, can I ask you a question?

Yeah, make it quick, kid.

J ust how am I supposed to
get back on the Colossus?

CB-23 will tell you.
She knows how.

Bye, kid.

Bye, Poe.

Both tri-manifolds
are out of sync on this bucket.

No, I mean this bucket, Bucket,

not... ugh, never mind.

Where's Kaz anyway?

When there's work to be done,

he's curiously nowhere
to be found.

Who are you
talking about? Me?

Where did you come from?

And I mean just now,
not biologically.

And where's theFireball?

It's docked below.

I just took it out for a spin.

But the First Order has us
on lockdown.

What did you see out there?

Whatever I thought
the First Order was capable of,

it's much worse.

W ho is this new droid?


She's with me.

But what happened to BB-8?

He needed some minor repairs.

That's where I was...
I, uh, I took him

to a repair shop on Takodana.

CB-23 is on loan
until BB-8 comes back.

Aww. I am going to miss
my small round friend.

We were bonding quite nicely.

He'll be back.

Look, I promised CB-23
I'd show her around, right, CB?

See you guys later.

What's going on, Yeager?

It's none of your concern, Tam.


So you're saying Kaz sneaks off

with the Fireball,
doing who knows what,

then mysteriously reappears
with a new rollie,

and I'm not even allowed
to question it?

Tam, there are certain things
you just wouldn't understand.

Because you won't let me.

I don't know, CB-23.

Whatever happened out there,

anyone could be next.

We all could be
in deep, deep trouble.