Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 9 - An Inside Man - full transcript

Looking for information on a new Imperial weapon, Ezra and Kanan break into an Imperial factory on Lothal. However, they have to trust an enemy to escape from a building that is about to be locked down.

Now, everybody, just try to keep
an open mind about this, okay?

Is there something you're not telling us
about this job with Hondo?

Come on. When have I asked you
to trust me and it hasn't worked out?

Like half the time.

My friends, my friends!

It is I, Hondo!

I can't tell you how much your welcome
warms this old pirate's heart.

You are too gracious.

I agree.

Especially since
the last time we saw you,

you abandoned us
on that doomed Imperial station!

But it all worked out in the end, right?

Of course it did,
because Hondo always delivers.

Just wait until you see what
my new partner and I have cooked up.

Wait. What new partner?

Now, remember, guys? Okay?
Open mind.

Have you recruited these
two-bit smugglers yet?

We need to get moving!


What makes you think
we'd even consider working with him?

Yes, I... I know that the two of you
have had your past conflagrations,

but when Hondo profits, so do you.

And believe me,
with what we have to offer,

the profit for your rebellion
will be great indeed.

I don't care what you have to offer.

I'm not allowing that on my ship.

I remember now. The feisty one.

She hit me with a tray.

- Hera, take it easy.
- Easy?

This sack of bantha fodder tried
to buy me from that sleemo Calrissian

and make me his servant.

I paid a fair price.

Technically, I still own you.

Now, now, don't be blind
to this amazing business...

Sorry, SOFFY-

Actually, I'm interested
in what you have to offer.

Wise one. I knew that
you would see things my way.

Sorry again.

Well, I'm not moving my ship until
I know exactly what you're offering.


I am promising you
all the weapons you can carry,

unguarded and simply yours
for the taking.

Not good enough.

Even if they are proton bombs?

According to
our mutual friend Ezra here,

you've been trying
to acquire them for quite some time.

Show us.

The planet Wynkahthu.

As I happened to pass it on my travels,

I detected an Imperial freighter
adrift in the upper atmosphere.

Escape pods jettisoned,
completely abandoned.

Must've flown too close.

It's stuck in one of those
atmospheric storms.

It's slowly being pulled in.

And its cargo will soon be lost.

I have the manifest right here.

Its hold is loaded
with a large supply of proton bombs.

So what's in it for you two?

Well, there is also some cargo
you would not be interested in.

You know, there is precious metals,
rare artifacts, riches untold.

That sort of thing.

All probably stolen, huh, Hondo?
From the worlds the Empire took over.

So, we'll split the treasure?

"Split the treasure." That's a classic.

my big, purple friend.

You get the bombs.

And you get the treasure.

So what do you need us for?
Why not use your own crew?

Now trust me,
that is a long, boring story.

No, no, no, my friends,

you are the guys for this job.

If the Empire couldn't salvage the ship,
what hope do we have?

Because we have something in
our favor that the Empire does not,

for we are desperate!

For once, he's right.

The Empire would abandon this ship
without a second thought.

But we can't afford
to pass up an opportunity like this.

Well said. Then we have a deal?

I think we have a deal. We...
We have a deal!

There'll be no way to dock
with that ship in the storm.

We'll need another way
to off-load the cargo.

AP, you know the specs
for this type of freighter?

Of course. I was serving
on a class four container transport

when Chopper found me.

Just get to work with Zeb
on a plan for this salvage operation.

Whoa. Wait.
You're putting Zeb in charge?

Sorry, pal. I got this one.

No. I found this job.
This should be my mission.

I thought you trusted me.

I do. Just not when Honda's around.

Every time we work with him,
we come out on top.

And that's why we're doing this,
with Zeb in charge.

Yeah, to keep an eye on me.

I know what you're doing,
but Ezra's got to learn for himself

Honda's not the friend he appears to be.

Engage the stabilizers.

I'll hold her as steady as I can.

Estimating chance
of mission success at 38.5%.

38.5%? This is your plan!

I have factored that in. Without me,
your chances are almost zero.

All right, salvage team.
We're on the clock.

That cargo ship is sitting
above the storm's vortex for now,

but it's sinking fast.

Once it's pulled under,
it'll be ripped apart.

So make sure you're not on it.

Don't worry. We'll be in and out.

- Ezra, you good to go?
- Yes, sir, Captain Orrelios.

You got a problem with me in charge,
talk to Hera when we get back.

Stop! Wait for me, huh?

You have got to be kidding.

Azmorigan, this is dangerous work,
my frail friend.

Perhaps you, with your lovely
singing voice, should stay here.

You'd like that, wouldn't you?

Me stuck here
while you claim the best treasure.

Hey, hey, hey, forget it!

This job is half mine,
and I've got the manifest.

I go with you,
or we don't go at all. Hear?

Yeah, yeah. I'll keep an eye on him.

You better. Sabine, let's do this.

All right, boys. Good luck!
I'll be here waiting for the cargo.

All clear. Come on!

We're going to need
to restore power to the cargo hold.

Chopper, get to the bridge
and see what you can do.

Are you sure splitting up
is a good idea?

It's a good order. Here's another one.

This way. Come on.

- What was that?
- It's nothing. Some loose cargo.

I saw something move! There!

Wait a second.

Look out!

I am attacked!

What is that?

I got him. I got him.

Wait a minute. Isn't this one of the guys
from your crew?

Hello, Melch.

Well, like I said,
it's a long, boring story.

We should get moving.

Hold it.
I think we have time to hear this.

Azmorigan came to me
with a flight plan he'd acquired,

an Imperial freighter
with a fat cargo and no escort.

So, it sounded like an easy score.

You attacked an Imperial ship?

We do it all the time.


Anyway, you should
be giving us a medal.

If you'd only seen it. It was glorious.

Yeah, yeah, okay. Just skip to the part
where it all went wrong.

We disabled the ship with ion mines,
but it drifted into this maelstrom.

But of course,
my brave little Ugnaughts...

Look at him.
He insisted on trying to board it anyway,

but tragically...

Left you to die?
I would never abandon any of my crew.

You are like family!


Fragrant family.

All right,
instead of the 1% you were promised,

I will give you two.

You're welcome.

So you brought us in
only after you'd lost your entire crew

trying it yourself.

You lied to us. What a surprise.

Well, he didn't exactly lie.
He just didn't tell us the whole truth.

Well said!

And some of the truth
is better than none of the truth,

which is what you used to get.

So, don't try and tell me
that I have not grown.

I don't have any time for this.

Cargo hold, now!

I can pull your limbs off later.

He's always kidding.

He's kidding, right?

The winds are picking up down here.

The longer this takes,
the worse it's gonna get.

Thank you, Sabine.
Your concern is noted.

Zeb, status update.

We're at the hangar door now.

And it's not gonna budge.

Chopper, we need power
on the cargo deck.

I got this.

No. Wait!


Azmorigan, my friend.

Pinch me.

Look! Proton bombs.

My treasure is over there.

All right. Let's get started.
We don't have much time.

Looks like Hondo came through, huh?

I'll believe it when we're all
safely back on the Ghost.

Come on.
We made it aboard, found the loot.

What's gonna go wrong now?

Stop kissing my treasure!

It's mine because I saw it first!

No! I saw this ship first,

so I get first claim on anything in it!

First claim? First claim? What is that?

What kind of a criminal are you?

Both of you shut up!

I'm not arguing
with this washed-up chuba!

I saw better stuff in the back anyway.

Don't hurry back!

Okay, Chopper, you good to go?

Hold on. It's about to get windy.

Well, it's about time!

Crosswinds are too strong
to use the magnetic hoist.

Copy that. Powering the winch.

Stand by to receive cables.


Cables secured. Good shot!

All right, Sabine,
first load of proton bombs coming out.

Better watch yourself, 'cause if they get
knocked about too much...

I'll be careful.

I got it! One down.

Ezra, hook me up another one.

Ezra? Ezra! What are you doing?

I'm helping Hondo.

Un-attach that treasure
and start sending bombs!

Whoa. Now wait a minute.

Our ship, my operation. Bombs first.

Hey, we're all supposed to be a team.

Wait. Speaking of our team,
where's Azmorigan?

He's been gone a while.

Not our problem.
Sabine, another one coming out!

Azmorigan, where are you?

He's fine. Don't worry.

All right. Now I'm worried.

Azmorigan, this is Zeb. Come in.

I got this. I'll find him.

No, you get on the winch.
Keep the cargo going out.

And remember, bombs first.

And you just remember
we're on the clock here, Captain.

The sooner we finish with this,
the sooner we're out of here.




That's four! Keep 'em comin'!


Copy. Come back to the hold.

Hera, Chop's lost the stabilizers.

This ship's gonna go down fast now.

And it'll take you down with it!
Get everyone off that tug now!

There's a little problem with that.

We lost Azmorigan.

Zeb went looking for him,
but they haven't come back.

Well, find them!
We're running out of time here.

Hondo, come on. I need your help.

Kind of busy right now, Ezra.

But isn't Azmorigan your friend?

My partner.

That means occasional
business acquaintance.

It also means more treasure for you
if he doesn't make it back, right?

Well, I never thought of it that way,

but you never disappoint me, Ezra.

Yeah, wish I could say the same.

Where am I?

We're in jail, you idiot!

What happened?
I remember some kind of droid.

Ezra, you there?

Zeb! Where are you?
I'm patching in Hera.

Looks like we're in the brig.

Azmorigan's here, too.

We got knocked out
by some kind of droid.

I thought this ship was abandoned.

I'm afraid I may have overlooked that
in my planning.

Overlooked what?

The sentry droids the Empire utilizes
on its cargo ships.

It must have reactivated
when power was restored.

I advise you not to engage the droid.

The consequences
could be problematic.

Could've told us before.

I need you all back now!

The Ghost can't take
much more of this!

Copy that.
I'll find 'em and bring 'em out.

Hold tight, Hera.

Okay, so where's the brig?

Chopper! Hey, we have to find the brig.

Zeb and Azmorigan are...

Well, well, well.

This might be the last job Hera puts you
in charge of for a while, big guy.

Save it, kid.
Now's not the time. Chopper!

Right. Let's get off this ship.

And be careful. That sentry droid's
still around somewhere.

Let it go by.

Here we go!

Take that!

I told you to let it pass!

It looked right at me, and I blasted it!

Me! Did you see me?

I'm a hero!

Salvage team, what happened?

Give me that! It's okay.

We encountered the sentry,
but Azmorigan took it out.

I advised you not to engage.

If one sentry comes under attack,
the others will be activated.

Others? What others?

Okay, that's problematic.

Zeb, Ezra, lam not kidding!
I need you off that ship in a big hurry!

Trust me. We're in a big hurry!

Seal the door!


Well, I didn't know.

Hondo, come on! We've gotta go now!

Not without my treasure.

This is mine! I looted it!

This will have to be our ride.

Cover me!

Hondo? You have got to get out!

Where is my treasure? Where is my...

Do not tell me that I lost...

Wait, where's Melch?

Oh, no!
He must have fallen to his doom.

Well, I shall spend his share wisely,
in his honor.

Let's g0!

I will get there first!

That means nothing.

This is not a race.

What do you mean,
"Every man for themselves"?

You're a droid!

I hope you run out of fuel!

Zeb! I'm sending it!

Come on, Ezra!

Don't worry about me. I'll catch up.



What's happening?

It's okay. Zeb's got him!

- Are they on board?
- Not yet!

Well, get them on board!

Okay! We got 'em! Cut the line!

Punch it, Hera!

Pretty nice haul.

Good job, you two.

Way to go, Zeb.

Oh, no, you don't, Ohnaka.

Half of what's in there is mine.

But you forfeited this crate

when you went off
to look for your own loot.

What is in here is all...

What is... It's all mine.


Guess he didn't trust Hondo
not to leave him behind again.

Sorry it didn't work out, Hondo.

Work out? No.

This is better, yes, because...

Friendship is the greatest treasure.

Do you really mean that?


See? He's always laughing.

Always having a good time, this Melch.

I look forward to you gentlemen

continuing this conversation
on your own ship.

We had a deal, Ohnaka!

I get 50% of him.


I kind of feel bad for Melch.

Nah, he'll be fine.