Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 8 - The Wynkahthu Job - full transcript

The Rebels join forces with ruthless pirates to salvage a freighter full of weapons the Rebellion needs. However, the mission turns out way more dangerous than they expected.

Hey, did Fulcrum say how long it'd be

before the Empire invades Mykapo?

No, but Commander Sato
has connections here,

and he said rebel
sympathizers were eager to evacuate.

I think we may be too late.

Imperial transport plus four TIEs.

They haven't spotted us yet.

They're distracted.
Got their sights locked on that freighter.

They've got cargo of some kind.

Maybe they're smugglers.

I wonder why they're not jumping
to light speed.

They're gonna need our help.

Phoenix transport, proceed with the
mission to the planet's surface.

Yes, Captain.

Phoenix 2 and 3,
move in on my command.

Protect that freighter.

Copy that, Phoenix Leader.

They're attacking the Empire head-on!

Better talk some sense into them, Hera.

Attention, YT-2400 freighter.
We're here to assist.

Thanks, but we don't need your help.

Sounds like a kid.

You're clear.
Now make yourjump! Get out of here!

Negative. Whoever you are,
the Iron Squadron doesn't run.

They just bombed
the Imperial transport with cargo?


Wow, the Empire's retreating.

Nice work, Iron Squadron.

We've been battling
the Empire for a while now.

Why don't you come over?

We could probably
show you a few tricks.

Sounds like an invitation.

I have to report in first.

Kanan, why don't you take
a team to the planet?

Assist the evacuation.

All right. Good luck with Iron Squadron.

Sounds like a ship full of Ezras.
Let's get out of here.

The Iron Squadron.
That was my brother's detachment.

He was killed on Mykapo,

and I feared his son, Mart Mattin,
was dead, too.

Blasted boy.
Never responded to my transmissions.

He has always been
somewhat rebellious.

Yeah, that sounds like him.

Please, make sure my nephew
escapes safely with the others.

Bring him to Atollon, if you can.

We'll get him, Commander Sato.

Welcome aboard.
We'll take you to our captain.

Ship needs a little work.

Try not to touch anything.
It's organized the way we like it.

- If you like a junk pile.
- Be nice.

Your hyperdrive doesn't work?

We don't need a fancy hyperdrive.

Mart's the best pilot in the galaxy.

Chopper can fix it.

Hey. Back off.

Yeah, well, R3 fixes things around here.

Chop, just let it go.

Hey, Captain. Company's here.

So, you guys are
the entire Iron Squadron?

The three of you?

Nice. You can count.

Hey, I'm Ezra.
That's Hera, Sabine and Chopper.

I'm Gooti. Jonner, R3 and that's Mart.

Mart? I think we know your uncle.

So, you know Commander Sato.
He order you to come get me?

We're part of his Phoenix Squadron,
a rebel group fighting the Empire.

We came here to help anti-Imperial
dissidents like yourselves evacuate.

What does "evacuate" mean?

It means run away like a coward.

Unless you didn't notice,
we fight and make the Empire evacuate.

- They'll be back.
- Can we eat? I'm starving.

Let me in there!

Hey, you want some?

Thank you, but we don't have time.

Let me debrief you on our plan to...

How debrief is this gonna be?

Look, it doesn't matter.
We are not going anywhere.

You can't stay here
and fight the Empire alone.

What do you think we've been doing?

If we hadn'tjumped in
and helped you back there...

Helped us?
We had everything under control.

Didn't you see
how we chased off that Star Destroyer?

Yeah, that was not a Star Destroyer.
It was only a transport.

You're all very brave.

But once the Empire arrives
in full force, that won't matter.

This is our world,
and we aren't just gonna leave

so some Imperial goons can take it.

We're not gonna run.

Not now, not ever.

The blockade over Synistahg
is proceeding as planned.

Martial law has been
declared on Mykapo,

but a small pocket of resistance
continues to be troublesome.

Mykapo has no armed militia
or starfighter corps.

What resistance is there
to be so troublesome?

One ship calling themselves
the Iron Squadron

recently attacked an advance patrol
with the aid of this rebel vessel.

The Ghost.

They're likely evacuating
the treasonous inhabitants

before we can arrest them.

As for this Iron Squadron, very curious.

Admiral Konstantine, go to Mykapo
and lock down the system.

I will deploy a squadron of ships.

No, Admiral.
I want you to handle it yourself.

A single light cruiser should be

more than sufficient
for a man of your talents.

You would send me in one ship?

Unless you're not up to it.

I will leave immediately.

Well, we have cleared the planet
of everyone who wanted to get out

before the Empire returns.

Prepare to rendezvous with the fleet.

We'll meet you there.

- What about Iron Squadron?
- They're not coming. I'll tell Sato.

Hera, wait. Let me try again.

You don't have time.

Their ship has no hyperdrive,

and the Empire will be back
sooner than later.

Right, but Sabine had an idea.

Yeah. Chop and I can try
to fix their hyperdrive.

At least that'll give them
a chance to escape.

All right.

But I want you all out of here,
soon as possible,

whether you convince them
to leave or not.

I got it. We got it, right?

This is a waste of time.

If we can't get your hyperdrive working,
you'll have to come with us on our ship.

If Mart isn't going, we're not going.

This might be just a planet to you,
but it's our home.

Look, I didn't want to
leave my home either.

I was so afraid and I didn't know it.

We're not afraid of the Empire.

I know you're not.

You're afraid of losing everything,
like I did.

So you understand
why we do what we do.

I understand that
the Empire wants us to fight

because that makes it easy
for them to destroy us.

So you're saying we should do nothing?

No. I'm saying how we choose to fight

is just as important as what we fight for.

What happened?

What do you mean,
the power is being rerouted? To where?

The guns and the shields?


Fixing the hyperdrive is useless
if the power isn't switched back.

Iron Squadron,
get to your battle stations now!

There's one small freighter.

Thrawn overestimated these rebels.

- Finally, a Star Destroyer!
- No, that's a light cruiser.

Star Destroyers are six times that big.

Yeah, well, prepare for battle anyway.

Mart, you can't be serious!

Look, we need to get to the Phantom.
It's time to go.

You need to come with us now!

Mart, maybe he's right.

That's a lot of Imperial ships,

and they say there are
even more on the way.

What's wrong with you two?

They're not ready to die.

- Come on, buddy!
- We have no choice.

Fine, fine. Let's go.

Hurry it up!

Mart, hurry!


- He disengaged the airlock.
- Look!

What's he thinking?

Mart, we're coming in.
You need to get out of there.

No! Jump!

Get Gooti and Jonner to safety
while you still can.

Incoming targets.

Intercept with the forward batteries.

I got 'em. I got 'em!

I didn't get them.

His engines are hit.
Power's fried from that coupling.

- What are you doing?
- We have to go.

No, we have to save him.

Hera gave you a direct order
and you said you would follow it.

Mart, do you read?

Ezra, go. Get my friends out of here.

We'll come back for you.

Come on. Come on!

Whatever they're up to, it can't be good.

I really did it this time.

Admiral, the mine is armed,

and the rebel ship is attempting
to beam out a transmission.

Excellent. Monitor it.

If the rebels are
as predictable as I believe,

they will not ignore a distress call.

The Empire has my ship surrounded

but hasn't fired on me yet.

I don't know what they're up to.

I hate to admit it, but I need your...

Help. He was going to say help.

The Empire allowed that part
of the transmission to get through,

then they cut it off.

I will go.

Commander, you're too far away.
You'd never make it in time.

I am all the family he has left.

Let me take the Ghost,
go in quietly and get him out of there.

You have my gratitude, Captain.

Wait, you're really going back? I'm...

We are all for helping Mart,
but it's obviously a trap.

If it's obviously a trap,
it's not a very good one.

We were outnumbered before,
but we're going back as a team

and that'll give us
and Mart a fighting chance.

All right if we tag along?

We saved you both a seat.

Look alive, Mart. We're back.

I don't believe it.

The rebel ship known as the Ghost
has reentered the system.

I want to destroy both ships at once.

Do not trigger the mine until I order it.

Kanan, keep those TIEs off us.

Gooti, you ready on that hoist?

Yes, ma'am.

Mart, we're coming in.

Goot, the Empire attached
something onto my ship.

Probably a magno-mine.
Remote detonated.

That changes things.

You, big guy,
get the droids ready to go outside.

Yes, ma'am! Come on, droids. Move it!

Get ready, you two!

Opening cargo bay doors.

Copy that. Moving into position.


Sir, they broke off the rescue.

Perhaps they detected the mine.

Chop, disable the detonator.
The red light on top.

R3, turn off the magnetic clamp,
but carefully.

Admiral, I've lost the mine's signal.

Well, get it back!

Hey, care to let me in on the plan?

The droids are attaching
the mine to one of your cargo crates.

I get it.

I've reacquired the mine's signal.

Very good.

The bomb is in place,
but my ship's not going anywhere.

Can your droid get me flying again?

Sorry. No time for repairs.

Get the droids inside
and get ready for a pickup.

Good job, GUYS-

They're moving in again.
Prepare to detonate.

- We have them. Detonate the mine!
- I'm trying!

Gooti, lock onto the ship.

Hurry! Our shields can't
take much more of this!

Captain Syndulla,
reinforcements have arrived.


Maintain fire.
We must cover those ships.

Mart, you are not alone.
We will get you out of this.

Uncle Jun.

It's a rebel command ship.
Call for reinforcements!

GOT him!

Mart, get your bomb ready.
We're making a run for that cruiser.

Standing by, Captain.

Will you detonate the mine?

It's not responding, sir!

Now that is a Star Destroyer.

Okay, then. Let's get out of here.

Commander Jun Sato.

I wondered what it would take
to motivate your return to Mykapo.

And now you know, Admiral.

Until we meet again.

Yes, until we meet again.

Admiral Konstantine,
you called for assistance?

Quite the contrary.

Admiral, I was contacting you

to report the rebels
have been driven from this system.

I assume you mean the rebels
and their sympathizers escaped?

It is good to see you alive, Mart.

Uncle Jun, thank you for coming.

Of course.

But we are both indebted
to Captain Syndulla and her crew.


I can't believe it! You guys came back!

- What do you expect?
- We're the Iron Squadron!