Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 10 - Visions and Voices - full transcript

Haunted by visions of Maul, Ezra has to journey across the galaxy. Upon arriving at his destination, he has to participate in a strange ritual to sever his connection to Maul.

Look at all those ships.

Ryder said it was bad,
but this is worse than bad.

Lothal is my home, Kanan.

I can't stand seeing it like this.

So let's do something about it.

If only Ryder would hurry up
and get here.

There he is. And he's been spotted.

Hurry. Get on!

Look out! Blockade!

Sure is good to have you
back on Lothal.

I think you're the only one
who feels that way, Ryder.

Ryder? What's the plan?
We can't outrun these guys.

Don't need to outrun 'em.
Just have to get 'em up to 190.

Does this thing go up to 190?

Sometimes. Think fast thoughts.

I'm thinking fast thoughts.
Nothing's happening.

Keep watching.

Those bikes are from
the Imperial factory.

I have people on the inside
who build them to break.

You've infiltrated the assembly line?
I'm impressed.

That's the perfect cover
to do some serious damage.

I wish I could take credit.

Idea came from an old friend of yours.

Mr. Sumar.

Is that Ezra Bridger?

I hardly recognize you. You're so tall.

And you cut your hair.

It's good to see you, too.

You know, it's thanks to you
I got a chance

to make a difference
against the Empire.

Your parents would be
so proud to see you now.

And they'd agree
there's much more we can do.

Tell them about your plan.

Phoenix Squadron is enlisting help
from another rebel cell

to take out the Imperial factory
here on Lothal.

An attack?

- Finally.
- At last.

When will this strike happen?

Soon, hopefully.

It depends on what we learn
while we're here.

Our contact, Fulcrum, said the Empire's
building a new type of weapon.

If we knew what it was,

the other cells might agree to attack
sooner than later.

They did just tighten security
around section A-2,

transferred their best workers
over there.

That must be why they had to
recruit us to their labor force.

Can you get us into that factory?

Well, I don't know.

Do you have any
manufacturing experience?

Not really.

Then you'll fit right in.

Agent Kallus, make sure the workers
are all present and accounted for.

Yes, Governor Pryce.

Kallus has a new boss.
Must be the one Sabine told us about.

Look sharp.
This factory is being honored

by a surprise visit
from Imperial High Command.

Thank you for the introduction,
Agent Kallus.

My visit is not an honor, however,
but an investigation.

Th rawn.

Vehicles assembled in this factory
malfunction at a rate

far higher than that of others.

I believe poor craftsmanship
is to blame,

and it has cost your Empire
troops and missions.

This will not be tolerated.

Worker 5473.

You were pressed
into the Empire's service?

Yes, sir. After losing my farm.

Do you stand by your work?

I do.

This 624-AVA

is the last bike you personally
inspected and assembled.

Please, demonstrate for me
how quickly it can achieve full speed.

We don't have all day.

Back in line.

Something's wrong. It's overheating.

Gonna have to shut it down.

No. The demonstration is not yet over.

I can't stop it!


Now that I have your attention,
know this.

Whatever you build here
you will test personally.

I expect your malfunction rate
to drop substantially.

See to it that no one leaves
or enters the facility.

I wish to inspect the line for sabotage.

Hold them here.
The factory is on full lockdown.

Ryder. Get word to Hera.

We're trapped inside and need help.

They've already jammed the comms.

Workers, form two lines.

Prepare for verification
and questioning.

Present your identification card
for examination.

Better get lost before they take
a closer look at our IDs.

Chopper. Get their attention.

Look out!

Droid! What is the matter with you?

Report to maintenance.

Now's our chance to find out
what the Empire's up to.

From what Sumar said,
section A-2 is a good place to start.

Not dressed like this.

The workers
are on lockdown, remember?

Hey. You two weren't dismissed.

Grand Admiral,

you don't think the rebels have
infiltrated section A-2 as well, do you?

The secrecy of that project is...

ls imperative.

Which is why I've ordered anyone
attempting to enter the area

without my personal code

to be terminated on sight.

You should not have compromised
security here by hiring locals.

This factory has quotas to meet.

I can question the workers,
but I won't know if they're lying

without more information
about this new project.

All you need to know

is that the Admiral
has a new fighter initiative here.

A new fighter?

Difficult to see
how one small ship will change much.

Agent, victory and defeat are often
determined by the smallest detail.

For example, take this walker.

Is this your work?

Yes, sir. I oversaw its construction.

Have the walker step forward.

- Watch it.
- Get out of the way.

Get out of the way!

No, no. It wasn't that one.
It was the one next to it!

The factory's on full lockdown.
Communication is jammed.

I can't reach Ezra and Kanan.

The new Imperial in charge
is pretty thorough.

Didn't catch his name,
but I hear he has red eyes.

Grand Admiral Thrawn.

My team will attack
the Imperial compound's east gate.

It's the weakest point,
so this Thrawn might expect it.

But at least it'll keep
his eyes off the factory for a bit.

Halt. I need your clearance code.

Code checks out. Proceed.

Hey, if we can get Chopper
one of those tapes,

we can get him inside.

Then all he has to do
is find the design database

and download everything.

Now we just need one of those droids.

Hey, droid. This is a restricted area.

I need to see your clearance code.

I got it.

Here you go.

Make it fast, Chop.

Clearance code.


Lieutenant, what can you tell me
about this?

It looks like a section
of the retaining wall, sir.

Agent Kallus?

It's the mark of the Phoenix Squadron.

A creature of flight rising in the flames.

A symbol of their commitment to victory.

It is that and more.

I've seen it everywhere,
marking territory.

It is a commitment,
but to this world specifically.

These rebels have an attachment
to this place and will always return.

So, have you found more subversives?

Actually, sir, we've

lost some.

Two workers went missing
after your speech.

We found their uniforms.

I am confident we will locate them
once we issue an alert.

No, I think not.

The defectors will have
new disguises by now.

They'll hide as technicians or troopers
to gather data and escape.

So you think the rebels
are more than just saboteurs?

Indeed I do, Agent Kallus.

These rebels are after information
likely heading to section A-2.

Secure it.

What's taking him so long?

What are you doing here?

We're on guard duty, sir.

And what exactly are you guarding?

We go where we're ordered, sir.

This is highly irregular.
What's your operating number?

He's got it. Let's go.

- Wait. Is this section B-17?
- A-2.

I told you we were in the wrong section.

Sorry, Commander.
We're new transfers.

Come on.

I want exits locked down
and all IDs checked and verified.

Not that way.

You there. Halt! Come back here!

Okay. This might get messy.

You two.
Come with me to secure the perimeter.

Stop them!

Don't move, rebels.

Listen to me. I'm Fulcrum.

Yeah, right.

You want us to believe that?

By the light of Lothal's moons.

The code phrase. He's Fulcrum?

Your friend Zeb trusted me
on the ice moon.

I saved Sabine Wren
at the fighter academy,

and now I'm trying to save you.

But you have to trust me.

Your droid trusts me.

Yeah, that's not a good thing.

Fine. You wanna help us so badly?

We need to get a signal to our friends.

Then we'll have to move quickly.

Watch out. They're rebels!

You could've warned me
you were going to do that.

Where's the fun in that?

Your droid can open
your comlinks from this port.

I'll provide the access codes.

He doesn't need them?

This C1 of yours is quite efficient.

Figures Chop'd get along
with an Imperial spy.

Ryder, it's Kanan. You there?

Closer than you think.

We're about to hit the east gate,
give you a chance to escape.

You'll need to move
if you want to make it out.

We will. And thanks.

Make for the east vehicle pool.

You'll find a walker there
you can escape in.

Now, I just have to
make this look convincing.


- Ezra!
- What? That is convincing.

Yeah, but I was gonna do it.

Well, if he's one of us now,
you'll get your chance.

An unlicensed droid
accessed the computer in section A-2.

I can only assume
that they have acquired my plans.

But something has changed.

The rebels should have attempted
to escape via the factory by now.

Maybe they realize they're trapped.

More likely they have found
an unexpected ally.

Or perhaps an expected one.

I'm not sure I follow.

The rebels will attempt
a different means of escape.

And we must adapt
our strategy accordingly.

Grand Admiral,
there is a small band of rebels

attacking the east gate.

I've deployed two AT-ATs.
Should I send backup?

Yes, Lieutenant. Let's play their game.

Deploying walkers now.

You hear that? We'll fit right in.

I hope this is one of the good walkers.

AT-DP-216, what are you doing here?

You're not part of this operation.

We're your reinforcements.

Attention, walkers.
Disregard the speeders.

That AT-DP is under rebel control.
Destroy it.

Kallus set us up!

Maybe, maybe not.

We'll figure it out later.
Now get to cover!

Not a whole lot of that around!

Now there's something
you don't see every day.

That's gotta be Bridger.

Kanan, Ezra. Is that you?

Yes! And we could use a pickup.

Soon would be good!

Walker 414, blast them already!

You're in my line of fire, 271.
I can't get a shot.

Let's crush them.

They didn't have a chance.

- We had a chance.
- Pretty good chance.

I don't believe it.
I thought you were in the smaller one.

This one's roomier.

- Sumar?
- He didn't make it.

More walkers incoming!

I think I almost got the data decrypted.


I've never seen
an Imperial fighter like that.

Sabine, talk to me.

Looks like some new kind
of TIE interceptor,

but this one has shields.

But TIE fighters
never had shields before.

Maybe that's why it's so secret.

If they're actually
building these in numbers,

our pilots won't stand a chance.

And neither will the rebellion.

How'd you get past Thrawn
with these plans?

Someone's losing
more than their job for that.

I guess we can thank Agent Kallus.

He knew Fulcrum 's
secret code phrase.

Wait, wait, wait. Kallus is Fulcrum?

How does that even make sense?

Karabast. I must've recruited him.

You know, accidentally.

You mean when you were stuck
on that ice moon with him?

Yeah, well. We didn't kill each other.

So I guess we're friends now?

Still, we'll use caution
with our new friend

until we're sure we know
what game he's playing.

Thank you, Lieutenant. Dismissed.

Agent Kallus, I read your report.

Several troopers confirmed
your encounter with the Jedi.

It was very helpful.

You know, after analyzing
the rebels' escape,

it's clear to me they had help
from one within our Imperial ranks.

The rebels have a mole?

Then all personnel
must be interrogated.

This spy must be found!

Patience, Governor.

Acting out of emotion
will not serve us here.

We must wait and watch.

And when we find our spy,
and we will find them,

we shall turn them
from an obstacle to an asset.

Wouldn't you agree, Agent Kallus?

Your strategy is without flaw,
Grand Admiral.

As always.