Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 18 - Double Agent Droid - full transcript

Chopper and AP-5 infiltrate an Imperial station in order to steal some necessary codes, when things go awry for the two droids and the crew of the Ghost.

In zero-ten,
I will discuss the dramatic events

transpiring in your Imperial...

Hope we're not going to be hiding
in this can forever.

There's only so much
HoloNet I can take.

Well, I'd say they're late,

but we don't even know
when they're supposed to show up,

or who we're meeting.

Whoever they are,
Senator Organa wants them

to get where they're going,
and he's trusting us to get them fuel.

If he trusts us,
why is he keeping us in the dark?

You know as much as I do.

No wonder Kanan volunteered
for that supply run.

Imperial Senator
Mon Mothma of Chandrila

has shocked the Senate

with her treasonous remarks
against Emperor Palpatine.

I name the Emperor himself

for ordering the brutal attacks
on the people of Ghorman.

Their peaceful world
is one of countless systems

helpless against his oppressive rule.

This massacre is proof
that our self-appointed Emperor

is little more than a lying executioner,

imposing his tyranny
under the pretense of security.

We cannot allow this evil to stand.

Wow! Did she really say that
about the Emperor?

I'm surprised she's still breathing.
Lady's got guts.

Maybe that's our contact.

I don't think so. Chopper, scan.

A probe? What's it doing way out here?

Speaks Imperial. That's bad.

Let's blast it before it spots us.

Ezra, get in the nose gun,
but hold your fire.

We don't want to attract attention
if we can avoid it.

I'll power down so it can't scan us.

That includes you, Chopper.

Shush it.

Nobody make a move.

I don't think it saw us.

I'll be convinced when it leaves.

That doesn't look like leaving.

It's headed right for us.

Must be scanning for life signs.

Well, that's just great.

We can't shoot it with the power down.

Ezra, be ready.

Just say when.

Move a bit closer.

Just a little bit closer.


Come on, kid, hit it
before it transmits our location.

Thing's quick.

I can't get a clean shot.

Whoa, who's that?

Never mind. Stay on target.

Phoenix Leader, this is Gold Squadron.

We catch you at a bad time?

Sorry about that, Gold Squadron.
Close call with an Imperial probe.

Were you detected?

Chances are high,
it called for reinforcements.

Begin fueling immediately.

We need to get out of here
before the Empire arrives.

Captain Syndulla, I presume.

I'm Erskin Semaj, Senatorial attaché.

And this is Captain Vander,
he leads Gold Squadron.

This is Ezra and Zeb and Chopper.

So, what're ya transportin'?

Please understand,
due to security concerns,

your crew will not be allowed
to board our vessel.

Well, you're all welcome aboard ours.

Let's get to refueling.

We've heard a lot about you,
Phoenix Squadron.

- You have?
- Yeah.

You blew up the comm tower on Lothal,

and Tarkin's Star Destroyer.

The tower wasn't us,
but the Star Destroyer,

guilty as charged.

You might think twice before
you pull another stunt like that.

The imperials have tightened security

throughout the entire Outer Rim
as a result.

You're making things
harder for all of us.

Well, we don't mind
doing things the hard way.

Let's have this argument another time.

Your little encounter
may have jeopardized this mission.

You mean the probe.
What did you expect us to do?

It would have been prudent
to avoid detection, as ordered.

This assignment is extremely sensitive.

Yeah? Well, maybe you should have
given us a few more details

instead of being so sensitive
about your assignment.

Did your droid just insult us?

My crew did the best we could,

but you didn't give us
much information to go on.

Look, that probe,

it was probably looking
for us, specifically.

We are carrying cargo
highly valuable to the Rebellion,

and desperately wanted by the Empire.

We have incoming!

Gold Leader, we have enemy contact.
Imperial cruiser and fighters.

Move to intercept. I'm on my way.

Gold Two is down.

Zeb, get her to Medical,
and then get on the guns.

What about her ship?
We need all the firepower we can get.

You got anyone who can fly it?

Yeah, me.

He can do it.

Just remember what I taught you.

We need to detach from the transport
or we're all going down.

Chopper, jettison the fuel pod
and get ready.

The hatch is jammed?

We'll have to detach it manually.
Come on.

Form up a defensive perimeter.

We have got to protect our transport
from that cruiser.

Transporfs lost shields.

Get everyone off the transport
and on the Ghost, now.

Let us be of assistance, Captain.

Senator Mon Moth ma?

Proper introductions will have to wait,
I'm afraid.

Right. If you could help my droid,
I'll get us out of here.

Gold Leader, we need a diversion.

Copy. Gold Squadron, follow my lead.

I'm right behind you.

Take your shot, kid.

Whoa! What was that?

Ion cannon. Disabled their shields.

How's the detach coming?

We almost have it.

Detach complete.

Finish their cruiser.

Hit 'em, Gold Three.

Senator Mon Mothma, this is my crew,

Zeb Orrelios, and out there,
in one of your bombers, Ezra Bridger.

I know of young Mr. Bridger,
and I thank you, Captain Orrelios.

We saw your speech on the HoloNet.
You really let the Emperor have it.

I only wish words
had more of an impact.

Senator, let's forget this mission

and get you back to Chandrila
to a proper hiding place.

No hiding. My presence
at the meeting is not optional.

You mean the meeting?

Erskin, I trust them to get me there.

We're in the process
of building an alliance,

uniting the various rebel cells
across the galaxy.

My challenge to the Emperor
was a call to stand against the Empire.

My hope is,

all who answer it
will see that they are not alone.

I must be there to meet them.

Her involvement has been a secret,

but the Empire will be attempting
to track any ship

that tries to leave this system.

I know a way to sneak you
out of the sector.

Senator, we'll get you to that meeting.

Give them
the coordinates to Dantooine.

The rebel squadron
defended their transport vigorously,

but we thwarted their attempt to refuel.

A scan of the vessel
before it was destroyed

revealed no cargo aboard,
and only a small crew.

Their cargo was something prized,

a certain Senator, I suspect.

Senator Mothma?
Her capture is a priority.

If she escaped aboard the Ghost,
where is she now?

Not where you'd expect.

Captain Syndulla will be creative
in avoiding your blockades.

She will brave the unlikeliest path

to transport her passenger
out of the sector.

There, the Archeon pass,

a favorite of Outer Rim smugglers.

Through the nebula?

Our capitol ships can't follow her.


So I've readied my new prototype
and our best pilots

to hunt down and capture
this rogue Senator.

Grand Admiral, allow me
the honor of silencing her.

Very well, Governor.

Take Admiral Konstantine
to the far side of the nebula

and wait there.

When our fighters
flush the rebels out into the open,

you'll be in position to capture
Senator Mon Mothma alive.

She could be our key
to locating the true rebel fleet.

As you wish, Grand Admiral.

Sometimes I envy pilots like you,
traveling through the stars.

You can always leave your problems
far behind you.

Can't imagine
you running from your problems.

I've spent my life in the Senate
trying to do good,

to preserve the rights of the people.

And we are grateful.

Little good it's done.

The Emperor has crushed freedom
over the years, bit by bit.

I've opposed him where I could,

but I've begun to see that
the fight cannot be won in the Senate.

The stakes are a bit higher
out here on the front lines.

Instead of being outvoted,
you're outgunned.

Life or death.

It's a new experience, being on the run.

But if that's What it takes...

Whatever it takes,
this Rebellion is worth it.

The Archeon Nebula.

There are stars forming in there.

Get too close and you'll burn up.

I can handle it.
Hera taught me a few tricks.

She's the best around.

Fighter inbound.
Looks like a TIE of some kind,

closing from .19.

Since when do TIEs have hyperdrives?

Oh, no.

Attention, rebel ship,

this is Commander Vult Skerris
of the Imperial Navy.

You are harboring
a traitor to the Empire.

Surrender immediately.

Gold Three and Four,
send him our reply.

Get out of there, both of you.
I know that ship.

It's a prototype TIE defender.

It's armed with heavy cannons
and shields.


Close formation.

We might be able
to lose them in the nebula.

Stay on the Ghost tight.

And disable your proton torpedoes.


They've been known to ignite
the gas in clouds like these.

Those shields are too strong.

He's got a lock on you!

We lost Gold Five.

It's just us now.

They're too fast. We can't outrun them.

Ain't over yet. Gold Leader, stay tight.

We're going in close
to that forming star.

Put all power in your deflector screens.

This is our only chance.

You got one!

No, you don't.

Break off, kid! Break off!


We're burning up.

He'll be back.

And that star took its toll.
We're losing power.

We'll hold off the defender
while you get the Senator out of here.

He's right. Go now. We've got this.

Hera, got a new problem. Two of 'em.

Chop, get me emergency power.

They've sustained damage
to their core systems,

and it seems
Commander Skerris has dealt

with their Y-wing escort in the nebula.

Hail the rebel ship.

This is Governor Pryce.

You have been charged
with treason against the Empire.

Now, submit or be destroyed.

Very well.

She'll never keep her word.

I know. I'm stalling her
while you figure out a plan.

I'll take what I can get. Keep working.

Look out! He's on top of us.

He's coming around.

Gold Leader,
I'm bringing him right to you.

Be ready with that ion cannon.

He's too fast. I'll never hit him.

Sure you will. Just fire when I tell you.

That is an impressive
list of demands, Senator.

You must understand,
I cannot allow others

to pay the price for my actions.

Charging the hyperdrive.
Just another few moments.

They are in range now, Governor.

Activate tractor beam.

Your requests are denied, Senator.
Prepare to be boarded.

Chop, divert all power to the engines.

Get ready!
I'm gonna fly right through your sights.

What if I hit you?

He can't, so you won't either.

And fire!

You got him!

He'll recover from that ion blast,

but you bought us some time.

We've got to get out of here
and find the Ghost.

You take the lead.

Hera, what's the plan?

We're not going to be able to break free.

I'm sorry, Senator.
I'm going to have to shut her down.

- Hera, do you read me?
- Ezra?

Ezra, I'm afraid
I've got some bad news.


Admiral, two rebel fighters
have exited the nebula

and are moving to attack our flank.

Well, shoot them down.
They're too little, too late.

We're caught in a tractor beam.
Can you break us free?

Kid, charge your ion cannon
and arm your proton torpedoes.

Proton torpedoes?

Negative, do not attack
the Star Destroyers.

Fire at the nebula.

- The nebula?
- Of course.

Remember what Hera said
about firing torpedoes in the nebula?

I understand, Phoenix Leader.
We're going in.

You think this will work?

We'll know in a minute.

Chopper, be ready on the hyperdrive.

We've lost the tractor beam.

We're free.

Make your jump now!

Phoenix Leader, that was some
of the best fighting I've ever seen.

I could say the same, Gold Leader.

Kid, you can fly
in my squadron any day.

We're coming up
on the rendezvous point.

Ready to transmit, Senator.

Let's just hope someone's listening.

This is Senator Mon Mothma.

I've been called a traitor
for speaking out

against a corrupt Galactic Senate,

a Senate manipulated
by the sinister tactics of the Emperor.

For too long,
I've watched the heavy hand

of the Empire strangle our liberties,

stifling our freedoms
in the name of ensuring our safety.

No longer.

Despite Imperial threats,
despite the Emperor himself,

I have no fear as I take new action.

For I am not alone.

Beginning today,
we stand together as allies.

I hereby resign from the Senate
to fight for you.

Not from the distant halls of politics,
but from the front lines.

We will not rest
until we bring an end to the Empire,

until we restore our Republic.

Are you with me?


They came. Look how many there are.

This, my friends, this is our rebellion.