Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 17 - Secret Cargo - full transcript

As a routine refueling missed, the Ghost Crime suddenly transports an important rebel leader across the galaxy, trapped by imperial warships.

Battle stations, sir!

Lieutenant Lyste, are we under attack?

No, and I intend to keep it that way.

This stolen shuttle
reportedly blasted its way

out of the Lothal spaceport.

I'm moving to intercept.

Prepare tractor beam.

We have tractor lock.

I'll head up the boarding party.

Let me go! You're making a mistake!

Remove his helmet.

What're you looking at, Imperial scum?

Bring him to the detention cells.

Hey, be careful with that.

Commander, I found two more.


We were aboard the shuttle
when it was stolen.

Well, stay here and wait for processing.

We can do that.

We can do that just fine.

Leave us.

I'll interrogate him myself.

Don't you realize how dangerous
it is for you to be here?

- If anyone recognizes you...
- They won't.

You know how big the Empire is.

Most troopers don't even know
what I look like now.

I hope that's true for both our sakes.

If they discover you here,
I'll be executed for treason!

You might be anyway.

We think the Empire was monitoring
your last Fulcrum transmission.

So you got captured to warn me?

Nope. To get you out of here.

Well, I guess I have no choice now.

Look, I'm not happy about it, either.

For all I know, you're playing
a long game to set us up.

I could say the same to you.

I suppose for now,
we'll just have to trust each other.

Open this door!

Stop! I'll tell you anything!

A confession already? You are good.

But it will have to wait.

Admiral Thrawn's fleet's just arrived,

and he has summoned us
aboard his ship.

Bring the prisoner.

The prisoner?

To show the Grand Admiral
how effective I am

in dealing with the rebel threat.

He's a bounty hunter, not a rebel.

He's from Lothal. That's enough.

Excuse me.

I did not request
any droids to accompany us.

My counterpart has a recording
of the shuttle theft.

Protocol is for us to provide it
as testimony against the thief.

Very well.

I haven't been summoned
by ranking officers

since that incident
with the princess from Alderaan.

That was not a pleasant meeting.

I shall endeavor to make
a better impression this time.

I'm sure you will, Lieutenant.

Shuttle TYA77,
transmit clearance codes.

Copy, Chimaera,
transmitting codes now.

A rebel prisoner for the Grand Admiral.

Take him to detention block B-7.

We need to update our status
to the retrieval team.

You're where?

Grand Admiral Thrawn's
Star Destroyer?

What in blazes are you doing there?

They transferred Ezra there
after he got captured.

Well, that really changes the plan.

Our clearance codes
are for the light cruiser,

not Thrawn's Star Destroyer.

Chop, you've got to get us
those clearance codes.

Clearance codes?

We can't just download those
from any terminal.

We'll have to find an officer's port.

Those were sector command staff.
What are they doing here?

I can only guess.

Your code cylinders.

Now, see here, I am a lieutenant!

Understood, sir. Your cylinders?

Thrawn is known for being thorough.

You're clear to proceed, Lieutenant.

Override code, Rukh.

He is ready for us.

Colonel Yularen.

I don't know if you remember
me from the academy...

Of course, young Agent Kallus.

I keep tabs on all my star pupils.

What brings you to Lothal?

We are in need of his expertise.

There's a rebel spying on me.

Codename "Fulcrum."

And perhaps today,
we're going to learn their true identity.

A traitor in our ranks
is feeding the rebels information.

That is the only logical explanation
for their success.

And our failure.

I will do everything in my power
to find this spy, Grand Admiral.

Thank you
for your enthusiasm, Lieutenant.

However, few are above suspicion.

ISB Colonel Yularen
will question each of you.

In the meantime, be vigilant.

Watch your subordinates closely,
and your peers even closer.

Our spy must be unmasked quickly,

as I'm on the verge of locating
the rebel base in this sector.

I've narrowed it down to these worlds.

From among thousands. How?

An analysis of rebel hyperspace routes,

their attacks
on Imperial ships and facilities,

and rather importantly,
proximity to Lothal.

You're dismissed.

Agent Kallus, you've had
multiple encounters

with the rebels in this sector.

Any thoughts on our traitor?

A high-level intelligence leak
suggests an officer.

True, but in our technological system,

accessing information
tends to be easier

than having the means to transmit it
without the Empire's knowledge.

Perhaps the communication division?

Too obvious. Whoever this spy is,

they have a method of transmitting
that we are, as yet, unaware of.

If I can do anything to help...

I'll let you know.


It is said no traitor escapes
the eye of Yularen for long.

- I guess we'll see.
- Kallus.

I saw a report that a shuttle theft
from Lothal was prevented.

Actually, Lieutenant Lyste
was responsible for that.


Well, that deserves commendation.

Thank you, Governor.

Step carefully.

ISB is watching her.

You should, too.

What? Why?

You don't mean Pryce is the rebel spy?

That's why she wasn't in the meeting!

Thrawn has no proof yet,
but I'm sure he'd be grateful

if you kept an eye on her.

He can count on me.

Any progress?

I'm certain the spy was present
at our interviews.

Now, to see if they take our bait
and warn the rebels.

I may have something.

A coded rebel message
was beamed from this ship

right after an off-ship prisoner
was transferred

to your detention block, B-7.

Well, then...
Shall we visit this mysterious prisoner?

No, we should get the codes
before we release Bridger.

This way.

Please stop that.

What? It worked before.

Now let's get out of here.

None of us will be leaving
without the clearance codes to this ship.

I hadn't thought of that.

And I'm afraid
there's another complication.

I've just learned that Thrawn
is very close to locating your base.

You have to tell me where it is.

So you can tell him? No way!

You'll find out when we get there.

Not if Thrawn destroys it first.

I need to know its location
so I can remove it from his database.

If it's even on his list.

If I may...

We can accomplish both of our goals

by infiltrating
Grand Admiral Thrawn's office.

Agent Kallus can keep our base hidden

and we can gain the clearance codes
we so desperately need.

Okay, we'll do it.

But how will we know
if Thrawn is in his office?

Lieutenant Lyste, where are you?

Following Pryce.

She's headed to the detention cells
with Admiral Thrawn

and Colonel Yularen.

Stay on her. But remember, Lieutenant,

don't let them see you.

We'll have to get you a uniform.

Surveillance has been deactivated.

And where are the guards?

And where is the prisoner?

The code records show
your Lieutenant Lyste

was the last person to access this cell.

I liked being a bounty hunter better.

We all make sacrifices.


AP-5, stand guard here
and let us know if anyone's coming.

Good, the thankless job.

See that trooper?

Convince him
you are Lieutenant Lyste.

Here is his code cylinder.

Get him to open the door with it.

I am Lieutenant Lyste.

Admiral Thrawn told you to expect us.

Lieutenant Lyste.
Thrawn told me to expect you.

Hey, that's Hera's...

We're not here to steal art.

Chopperjust stole the codes.

Fine. Chop,
transmit the codes to Kanan.

Are you crazy?
They'll intercept the transmission!

Yeah, that a secret code
was transmitted from Thrawn's office.

Good point.

Chop, what's going on?

The codes are coming through now.

Good job, Chopper.
Tell them to get to the hangar. Hurry!

You were right.
Thrawn is close to finding our base.

Droid, erase that planet
and add another as a decoy.

Unfortunate news.

Grand Admiral Thrawn
is headed for his office-

What? Try to stall him!

Wait, I can't.

- He's at the door.
- I'll handle it.

Lieutenant Lyste is inside, sir.

Ready your weapon and follow me.

Chopper, shut off the holo map.

Come on! Kallus, let's...

Where'd he go?


Is everything all right, sir?

Apparently so. Yes.

Override code, Rukh.

Come on, while he's distracted.

LYSte !

- Assassin droids?
- You're welcome.

Nice work.

Come on, we're getting out of here.

Colonel, listen to me carefully...

Well, here goes nothing.


Hey, gramps, you want to fill me in?

Lot of ships.

- How many?
- Don't worry about it.

Just transmit the codes. Fast.

Shuttle TY992, you are cleared to land.

Get me Governor Pryce.

- Comfortable?
- I thought I lost a little weight.

- There's our ride.
- And there's Governor Pryce.

Troopers, stand down
and remove your helmets.

I'm placing you under arrest.

There must be
some kind of mistake, sir.

I'm sure we can...

Shoot him.

I don't want to hurt you, lady.

Don't worry, you won't.

She is the traitor!

Chopper, seal the doors.

I've got her! She's the traitor!

Trooper, are you all right? Trooper?

Bad choice.

You! You're the shuttle thief who...

Come on, we've got to go.

Kallus, come on.

There's been a change of plans
now that I've captured Fulcrum.

I can do more good here.

Traitor! You're the rebel spy!

- Troopers! Seize him!
- What?

What are you talking about?

Take him away.

No. Wait!

I'm not the spy, Governor Pryce is!

It seems you stopped our spy
from escaping, Agent Kallus.

Tell them, Kallus!

It's her! She's the one!


Lyste's code cylinder
confirms our suspicions.

He used it to override security,
release the prisoner,

and contact the rebels.

I have my own proof
of Lyste's treachery.

Thank you for your brave actions,
Agent Kallus.

Well done.

Unfortunately, not in time to stop him

from an assassination attempt
on the Admiral.

My apologies, sir.

None required. He did not succeed.

The Empire will make a note
of your service, Agent Kallus.

You may go.

Thank you, Grand Admiral.

Things have fallen into place
a little too perfectly for my liking.

And I don't think Lieutenant Lyste

is capable of
what you've accused him of.

I agree.

Sir, the prisoner's effects have arrived,

as you requested.

Colonel Yularen,
what do you think of this design?

A beast of some kind.

A stylized expression of a loth-cat,
a ubiquitous native of Lothal.

And rendered by a very familiar artist.

The use of this specific color,
the angle of the line,

this is the work
of the rebel Sabine Wren.

I believe this helmet
belongs to her compatriot,

the young Jedi and
our escaped prisoner, Ezra Bridger.


If Bridger was the shuttle thief,
why didn't Kallus alert us?

Because, Colonel Yularen,

Kallus is the rebel spy, Fulcrum.

He used Lyste's cylinder
to impersonate and implicate him.

And more importantly,
he used the young Jedi's power

to gain access to my office
and reprogram my droids.

Very skillfully, I might add.

I would never have suspected
one of my best students

was capable of this betrayal.

And that is why you and so many
others have been deceived.

I believe Agent Fulcrum will prove
far more useful to the Empire

than Kallus ever was.