Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 16 - Through Imperial Eyes - full transcript

The rebels attempt to save a rebel spy, fearing that their identity will be unveiled by the Empire.

Welcome home.

You really think it's gonna be that bad?

I haven't been back to Krownest

since before my time
at the Imperial Academy, Ezra.

And I didn't exactly leave
on good terms.

Well, maybe things have changed.

They might be happy to see you.

You don't know my family.

I do.

Your mother is the leader
of Clan Wren, Sabine.

She may be with the Empire now,

but I believe her true loyalty
lies with Mandalore.

Even if that were true,
she thinks I'm a traitor.

If you can convince your mother
to help the rebels,

all of Mandalore might follow
you and the Darksaber.

I should let them know we're coming
so they don't shoot us down.

That's funny, I...

Wait, you're not kidding, are you?

- What happened?
- They're jamming us.


Sounds like your family just
sent out the welcoming committee.

Rockets! Rockets!

I see them.

Didn't you tell them who you were?

That's probably why
they're shooting at us.


We've lost the main thrusters.
Brace for impact!

Looks like recruiting the Wrens
will be more difficult than I thought.

You weren't easy to recruit either.
So we switch to Plan B.

Better stay out of sight.

I have a feeling
we're gonna need you later.

Now, remember,
I could be related to these guys.

Don't worry. I'll play nice.



- Ezra!
- What? They shot first, Sabine.



You changed your hair again.

You know me.

Do I'.>

Who are the Jedi?

They're my friends.

I'll explain everything, I promise.

I'll take you to the stronghold,

but I can't vouch
for how you'll be greeted.

How can you wear that armor, Tristan?

How could you join them?

You shouldn't have come back, Sabine.


So it's true, then.


Put her in a cell.
She'll be held for trial.

Mother, we need to talk.

The Darksaber?

Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger,

this is my mother,
the Countess Ursa Wren.


Whoa, hey! No, no, no,
just saying hello.

What did you expect
would happen here, Sabine?

That you'd be welcomed
with open arms?

You're wanted by the Empire!

I know, but I'm part
of the Rebellion now.

Please hear what I have to say.

I will tolerate the Jedi presence
in our ancestral home

if they surrender their weapons.

Well, that went better than I expected.

That was better?

I hope you're not really expecting us

to hand over our lightsabers, are you?

We need to do whatever it takes
to make this work.

They'll be safe, Ezra.

All right.

Your rebel friends are going to bring
the Empire down on all of us.

You believe the Darksaber
will protect you?

It won't.

It's only a symbol.

Yeah, a symbol that's united
all Mandalorians in the past.

- Look, if we stand together now...
- Stand together?

Sabine, it's everything I can do
to keep the other clans

from destroying us
because of what you did.

I didn't know the Empire
would use the weapon I designed

against our people.

But you don't believe me, do you?

Even if I did, it wouldn't change

all the other ruling houses
from seeing you as a traitor.

Your own brother now serves
Gar Saxon to prove our loyalty

and regain
some small amount of status.

Gar Saxon is a killer.

He's the Emperor's Hand,

the acting ruler
and governor of Mandalore.

And his men wiped out the Protectors.

The Protectors were executed
for treason,

just as Fenn Rau will be
when he is found.

They were loyal to Mandalore
and Saxon betrayed them!


Fenn Rau's people are dead
and mine are not.

And I intend to keep them that way.
All of them.

Except for me.

Walk with me.

So you're Sabine's brother?

I didn't even know she had a brother.

I mean, it's not that she didn't
want to talk about you,

but she just, I don't know,

she never really talked
about you before.


- Yeah?
- Less is more.

Aren't we here to make friends?

Just let me handle the negotiating.

How could you align with the Empire?

After everything they've done
to our people,

after what they made me do.

Do you think I didn't try to stop it?

There was nothing I could do, Sabine.

Mandalore was on its knees
before the Emperor.

After he put Saxon in power,
we had a choice.

Side with him

or Clan Wren would be destroyed.

Your father...

Please, don't tell me.

He's alive.

On Mandalore.

A captive in everything but name.

But if Clan Wren
acts against the Empire...

They'll kill him.

Why didn't you try and find me?

Find you?

Sabine, when you ran away,
it saved you.

Don't you understand?

Coming back here
has put you in danger.

As much danger as holding that blade.

Where did you get it?

From Maul.

You won it from him in combat?

Not exactly, I...

Then you have no claim to it.

Well, I'm holding it.
That's a pretty good claim.

Anyone can hold the Darksaber.

The trick is keeping it,
along with your head.

Do you even know
how to wield that blade?

You'd be surprised.

Always so immature, so selfish.

Yeah, and what about you?

Always putting power and politics
before your own family.

Everything I do
is to protect my family, Sabine!

Please! You do it for control.

And your father called me stubborn.

Now I see it in you.

What do you see?

A warrior.

Not the one I'd hoped, but still...

Well, I am your daughter.

How could I be anything less?

Look, the rebels
are planning something,

and we need your help.

It'd be the first real blow to the Empire

and we can show the galaxy
that they can be defeated.

Please tell me these rebels are more

than just a blind Jedi and some child.

Our numbers are growing every day.

Mother, this could be the key

to freeing Mandalore
from Imperial control.

I am not a traitor.

I want to save Mandalore too,
but it needs a strong leader.

You have to trust me,

just like I'm trusting you.

Mother, you're being
summoned by Sundari.

How's it going?

You know Mom. She hasn't changed.


but it's nothing
a little sparring practice won't work out.

- You game?
- Sure.

It's been a long time
since I put you in your place.

Leave those and go.

My daughter has come home.

What of her rebel friends?

She's with two Jedi.

You've done well, Ursa.
Keep them there.

The Jedi are yours, but my daughter...

Don't you worry, Countess.

Clan Wren will be well taken care of.

The Jedi would like to speak with you.


You believe you know
my daughter better than me?

You don't know what it's taken
for herjust to be here.

You should listen to her.

She's a child.

I believe you're underestimating
the woman she's become.

Why would Clan Wren
ever side with the Empire anyway?

Sabine said that your family
were true Mandalorians,

loyal only to...

You have no idea
what you're talking about, boy.

I know that she was telling the truth
about the Protectors before.

Sabine and I fought Gar Saxon
on Concord Dawn.

He was proud
that he wiped them all out.

Sabine, she fought Governor Saxon?

Yeah, she did. And she held her own.

Then I'm afraid
what I have to do is unfortunate.

You've been practicing, brother.

Let me guess.
You think I'm a traitor too.


But when you left, the other clans
turned their backs on us.

We lost everything!

Our power in the Capital,

our respect and our honor.

If I can restore our family's name,

if I can protect Father,
then I have to try.

Saxon promised!

Gar Saxon cannot be trusted.

Mother trusts him.

Enough to trade the Jedi
for your safety.

Mother, what have you done?

You can't do this!

Yes, she can.

Because she is loyal.

Just not to you.

I believe you have
something else for me.


Sabine, this is for the best.

I've upheld my end
of the bargain, Saxon.

You have the Darksaber.
Take the Jedi and let my daughter go.

Your mother betrayed
everything you believe in to save you.

It's admirable,

except she consorted
with known traitors to do it.

What are you talking about?

Why, Countess,
you are harboring rebels here.

Clan Wren is clearly a threat
to the Empire

and must be made an example of.

Governor, wait!

It doesn't have to be this way.

We are all Mandalorians.

I've been fair to you, Tristan,
and you've served me well.

I'll give you a choice.

Stand with me, or die with your family.

I choose family.

Then Clan Wren ends here.

Took you long enough!


I've been busy.

Remember, only blast the guys...

In white, I got it.


You will be taken back to Mandalore
to finish what you started,

the last living member
of the Wren Clan.


By Mandalorian custom and law,
no one can interfere.

Are your customs more important
than the life of your daughter?

I'm impressed. You have some skill.

But not enough to save you.

That's funny.

I was about to say
the same thing to you.


I'll never yield to you, girl.

You'll have to kill me.

That might be the Mandalorian way,

but it's not my way.

Not anymore.


No one threatens our family.

Gar Saxon was guilty of treason
against the throne,

collaboration with our enemy,

and the execution
of my fellow Protectors.

But when the rest of Mandalore
finds out about his death,

there will be chaos.

Perhaps Mandalore needs chaos
if it's to become strong once again,

and so that we may find
a leader worthy of our people.

Sure, now you show up
when all the fighting is over.

The Empire will come for you

once they find out
what's happened here.

The Rebellion can help.

The same Rebellion
that sent you for my help?


Mandalore must rise by itself.

We protect our own.

So do we. Sabine?

She's right.

Wait. You're not coming with us?

I'm done running away.

My father's on Mandalore.

We'll find a way to get him back.

And then...

Then maybe we can join the fight
against the Empire.

But right now,

I can do more good here.

I am so...

Do not say you're proud of me.

Me? Never.

But I am going to miss you.

We all Will.

Thank you. Both of you.

You did well today.

All of Clan Wren saw
who you've become.

You could lead Mandalore.


This was about my family.

I'm not Mandalore's leader.

But I'll find the person who is.