Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 15 - Legacy of Mandalore - full transcript

Hoping to get her family to help the rebels, Sabine returns home with Kanan and Ezra, and finds herself embroiled in her family's power struggle for Mandalore.

All right, all right.

You wanted to speak with me?

I've got something to show you.

What's this about?

A lightsaber?

Not just any lightsaber.

It can't be.

So you recognize it?

That I do.

It is the Darksaber,

a symbol for the leader of House Vizsla,

and later, the group
known as Death Watch.

I didn't know Mandalorians
developed a type of lightsaber.

We didn't. This was one of a kind.

Legend tells that it was created
over a thousand years ago

by Tarre Vizsla,

the first Mandalorian ever inducted
into the Jedi Order.

After his passing,
the Jedi kept the saber in their temple.

That was, until members of House
Vizsla snuck in and liberated it.

They used the saber
to unify the people

and strike down those
who would oppose them.

One time, they ruled all of Mandalore
wielding this blade.

This saber is an important symbol
to that house

and respected by the other clans.

I imagine Sabine was excited
to recover it.

You wouldn't know it.

After we got back from Dathomir,

she gave it to me for safekeeping
and hasn't brought it up since.

She doesn't want the responsibility.

Kanan, if Sabine can wield this saber,

she can reunite one of the most
powerful houses in all of Mandalore.

You're talking about raising an army.

With Sabine leading it.

Come in.

Who all is there?


I won't do it.

So you do know what the Darksaber is.

I know it caused my family
nothing but trouble after Maul took it.

Maul used it to divide
and conquer our people.

You can wield it to do the opposite.

Wield it? You're crazy.

Kanan, tell him he's crazy.

Consider what he has to say.

- What?
- What?

I don't think it's a coincidence
this saber came into your possession.

Yeah, but, Kanan,
that doesn't mean she can fight with it.

No offense.

Go on.

What I mean is...

Look, it's taken me a while to learn,

and, I mean, I use the Force.

She might not be able
to fight like a Jedi,

but she can learn
to be proficient with the blade.

I am proficient,
with many types of blades

and blasters and explosives,

but that is a lightsaber.

The combat training is not as important
as what that blade represents.

Right, right,
you want me to lead my clan.

I don't know if you realize this,

but I'm not that popular
with my family these days.

That can change.

No, it can't.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

I know that family
is important to the Wrens,

just like it is to all Mandalorians.

I have a family, here, on this ship.

I don't need them.

But we do.

If there's a chance that you can rally

an army of Mandalorian warriors
to our cause,

I have to ask you to do it.


Family history can be painful.
Believe me, I know.

But we can use those warriors
for our attack on Lothal.

Hera's right.
We need to ask you to do this,

but that doesn't mean you have to.

You can walk away and forget about it.

All right. I'll do it.

Just give me the saber.

Listen. Once people know you have it,

you will be challenged.

And you need to be able
to defend yourself.

Okay, I'll try my best.

First lesson, don't try.

Just learn.

Give me the sword.
I'm gonna learn how to kick your...



Hey, why can't we just practice
back at the base?

It's better out here.
Fewer distractions.

Keeps your mind focused.

And it's safer for everyone else.
You'll do less damage.

I'll damage you if you don't shut up.

When you said you were
going to be training me,

I thought there'd be
more sword fighting involved.

Hey, it's always like this.
He was the same with me.

Yeah, and look how well
you've turned out.

Are you being serious?
Is he being serious?

I can never tell.

We should get started.

Try not to sound so excited.

Hey, what's this?

Training saber.


Before we start with the real thing,
I want to see your technique.

I already know how to fight with a stick.

Then this should be easy for you.

That might work on a stormtrooper,

but not me.

And that's your head.

Every mistake is a limb lost.

The blade is never at rest.

Okay, let's go again.


You better practice with Ezra first.

- All right.
- Why?

Ezra, walk her through the forms.


Okay, ready position.

Sabine! Ready position?

Okay, great.

Yeah, that's ready position.

Now we go one, two...

Hey, slow down, all right?

You're not gonna learn this in one day.

- Ezra.
- Ready.

One, two, three...

I read you, Hera.

It's been a couple of days.

I wanted to see how things are going.


Ezra's still taking her
through the basic forms

with the training sabers.

Training sabers?

You mean those sticks
you and Zeb made?

I'm being careful.

Were you careful with Ezra?

I don't remember him
fighting with a stick.

Well, maybe I'm trying
to do things differently this time.

Or maybe because
she doesn't have the Force,

you don't believe she can do this?

No. The Force resides
in all living things.

But you have to be open to it.

Sabine is blocked.
Her mind is conflicted.

She's so expressive
and yet so tightly wound.

- She's so...
- Mandalorian.


I'll be sending out supplies.

Is there anything specific
that you need?

Patience, understanding.

I'll see what I can do.

That's not gonna work.

Working so far.

I think you're doing well.

Opinion noted.

I've got your supplies.

You overcommitted.


Anyone else have an opinion
they want to share?

Let's take a break.

Ezra, help unload these supplies.

What? I won. Shouldn't I get the break?

Word is it's been tough going.

I brought you something,

since you're partially in this mess
on my recommendation.

I'm sorry, "partially"?
How about completely?

To make up for that,
you can have these.

Whoa. Mandalorian vambraces?

Where did you get these?

Try them on.

Grappling line,
paralyzing darts, repulsor.

All designed to combat
the abilities of the Jedi.

Go take Bridger down a peg or two.

What have you got there?

More than you can handle.

Yeah? Well, maybe I won't
go easy on you this time.

And that's your head.

Hey! Not fair!
Where did you get those?

Special delivery.


Is this a game for you?

No game,
just outsmarting my opponent.

Care to take a shot?

History lesson.
The Jedi won the war with Mandalore.

These tricks will amount to something,

maybe save you from time to time,

but they won't keep you alive
in the long run.

Only training

and discipline will do that.

The only thing I'm learning
is that Ezra must be really gifted

to learn as well as he has
from a lousy teacher like you.


Not now, Ezra.


I just wanted to say
I know what it's like.

Believe me,

Kanan's not the easiest teacher to have,

but he means well.

Does he? Do any of them?

I know how to fight.

I believe I can learn to use that sword.

I just don't want
everything that comes with it.

You mean your family?

I'm a disgrace to them, Ezra. A traitor.

But that's not true.

To them it is.

You don't know.

No one does.

I don't want to talk about these things.

How can I lead my people?

How can I go back there
and face them?

I'm sorry, Sabine.

At least you have parents to go back to.


Teaching Ezra wasn't easy,
but you did it well.

I'm sure you'll find a way
to get through to Sabine.

It's not the same.
Ezra was eager to learn.

Sometimes too eager.

I was the one who was holding back.

And that's not what you're doing now?


And yet, you still won't let her train
with the Darksaber.

Look, Sabine is a capable warrior.

In some ways, more so than Ezra,
but she can't

or won't find balance within herself.

Until she does,
wielding an actual lightsaber

is far too dangerous for her.

By letting her pretend with that stick,

you're only encouraging her
not to commit to this.

You're not listening to me.

If I let her use the Darksaber,
she will get hurt.

She's already hurt.

Her family hurt her
more than any sword could.

You don't see it because
she doesn't want you to.

But you can?

Because I know what it's like

when people you love
don't believe in you,

when they let you walk away.

Remember how hard it was
for her to trust us.

So what do you want me to do?

Give her the sword.

Let her own it and who she is.

Help Sabine face her demons.

I don't know.

I know you don't.
But this isn't about you.

I didn't think she'd be gone this long.

She'll return. Then we'll see.

I know she can do it,

but it just seems like Kanan is asking
her to learn everything at once.

She just needs more time.

Time is a luxury,

one the galaxy
seems to be running out of.

She's back.

I owe you an apology.

I can say the same.

Maybe I should practice more first.

Take it. It's yours.

Ignite the blade.


It's heavier than I thought.

Energy constantly flows
through the crystal.

You're not fighting with a simple blade

as much as you are
directing a current of power.

Your thoughts, your actions,
they become energy.

They flow through the crystal as well,
and become a part of the blade.

The blades will be drawn to each other.

Block high.

There's pull. Can you feel it?

That sword is old, heavy, but powerful.

Respect its strength.

Block low.






Good. Let's work on a series.

- Are you ready?
- Yes.

Remember the forms Ezra taught you.

Take ready position.

We'll start slow.

One, two,


four, five,



One, two, three,

four, five, six.

One, two, three, four,

five, six.

You're making it easy on me.

Ready position.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

The blade feels lighter.

You're connecting with it.
It's becoming a part of you.

But you cannot rely solely on the blade.

You must use all your skills together.

Ready position.

You'll have to do better.


You're not fighting me,

you're fighting yourself

and losing.

You're not committed to this.
You should quit.

I don't quit. I never quit!

Really? That's not what it looks like.

- You did run, didn't you?
- No!

But that's what your people believe,
isn't it?

You ran from the Empire.
You ran from your family.


So what's the truth?

The truth is that

I left to save everyone.

My mother, my father,

my brother!

Everything I did was for family,
for Mandalore!

I built weapons, terrible weapons,

but the Empire used them
on Mandalore,

on friends, on family.

People that I knew.

They controlled us through fear.


Fear of weapons I helped create.

I helped enslave my people!

I wanted to stop it.

I had to stop it.

I spoke out!

I spoke out to save them.
To save everyone!

But when I did...

My family didn't stand with me.

They chose the Empire. They left me.

Gave me no choice.

The Empire wanted to destroy worlds.
And they did.

They destroyed mine.

The Empire rules with fear.

And not everyone can be
as strong as you've been.

Your family is in a prison,
one of their own making.

It's up to you to help them out of it.

But how?


Why would they believe me?
Why would they follow me?

I know this might not be
what you want to hear.

But for what it's worth,

I would follow you.

So would I.

And I mean it.

You've come a long way
in a very short time.

Where you go from here is up to you.

But know, this family,

will stand by you
no matter what you choose.