Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 3, Episode 19 - Twin Suns - full transcript

Reacting to a vision of Maul, Ezra defies Hera and Kanan to travel to a remote planet in hopes of stopping the former Sith lord from carrying out his plans.

Don't worry, Phoenix Leader.

We'll be back with those codes
before you know it.

Let's hope your copilots aren't
more of a challenge than the mission.

What makes you say that?

No reason.

Let's cut the chatter.
We've got a job to do.

Copy that, Phoenix Leader.

Despite what you two think,

I'm confident
we have our best team on the job.

Okay, since when does our best team

include AP-5, Chopper, and Wedge?

I don't get it, AP-5.

Why are you so surprised
Hera picked me for this mission?

Your grasp of protocol is sorely lacking.

Imperial pilots never remove
their helmets in flight.

I know, I was top of my class
at the Imperial Academy.

Lieutenant Antilles,
you are mistaking my attention to detail

for an attack
on your obviously fragile ego.

I want this mission to go
precisely as planned.

We need to acquire the Imperial codes
for our attack on Lothal.

Yeah, I was at the briefing too.

You just got your circuits overheated
that I was put in charge.

Well, it is not your mission. It is mine.

Captain Syndulla was specific
about this being my operation

due to my skill set and experience.

Can you two argue somewhere else?

I will have you know,
anything you can do, I can do better.

Yes, I can.

Yes, I can!

That includes even being a rebel spy.

My programming is superior to yours.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it is!

Yes, it is.

Now I know why I got this mission.

Nobody else wanted it.

- Yes, I can.
- Lock it down, you two.

Here comes the welcoming committee.

This is a restricted sector.
Identify yourselves.

This is 836-VS.

Delivery of service droids.

Code clearance, B6279.

That was not very convincing.

I definitely would not believe you.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

836-VS, you've been cleared.

Follow us in.

No, you follow my lead.

Halt. Proceed through
the scanner one at a time.

I'm aware of the protocol.

Now you.

I told you to follow my lead.

No. That's not what you're doing.

Controller, an unauthorized droid

has just entered
the ISB base on Killun 71.

This could be the spy droid
we have been searching for.

Set a course.

Stop that!

You were fortunate
to pass through security.

We still have to get
to the central computer.

Yes, these terminals connect to central,

but the most current codes
will not be accessible here.

This information is precisely why
I was made leader of this operation.

You know that I do
more than make calculations.

The only thing you do
is make others miserable.

All right, that is it.

I will retrieve the codes myself.

3-9, where is the beta scan update?

Tracking 7-1-6-1.

Data received.

The astromech that triggered
the alarm on Killun station

arrived aboard this shuttle.

Checking archive data
on identified rebel droids.

Quite a unique model.

Out of date.

I believe this C1 astromech
is the droid infiltrator

Grand Admiral Thrawn referenced

in his memo
about the rebels of Phoenix Squadron.

I will alert the station at once.

No, we'll inform the ISB

after I have what I need from that spy.

Yes, the simplicity of the structure.

How I do miss Imperial hallways.

So well organized.

There it is.

The Central Computer Core.

Halt. What are you doing here?

I am PZ-7.

I was not aware two inventory units
were assigned to this level.

Well, it is unfortunate,
but I must report,

you have been reassigned
to the cargo platform.

I am your replacement.

I understand.

I can't believe I'm the same model
as that Imperial drone.

The Empire never did
take droids seriously.

That alone explains
all of Chopper's success.

I, on the other hand,
use my superior intellect

to my advantage.

Downloading clearance codes
for Lothal.

Download complete.

I could have done this mission
by myself.

Controller, the rebel droid
is attempting to access the network.

Perfect. This means I can now extract

the location of the rebel base
from its memory.

Capture it.

Admiral Thrawn will be so pleased.

Sir, there are no base coordinates
stored on this droid.

If it cannot divulge
the location of their rebel base,

then I will use it to lead us there.

Initiating takeover.

This droid's resistance
to reprogramming is admirable,

but ultimately futile.

Controller, takeover complete.

Well, well, what do we have here?

Just as I suspected.

All talk, no action.

And while you were wasting
your time here,

I stole the codes.

So now you're ignoring me?

Now that I have clearly proven
why I am leader,

I suggest you admit failure
and return with me to the shuttle.

Fine. Have it your way.

Controller, I've verified it.
That inventory droid has accessed

Lothal orbital clearance codes
from the main computer.

There is a danger.

I calculate a 31% risk of the rebels
successfully using the codes,

but we have an 82% chance
of learning the location of their base

if we let them escape and track them.

The odds are with us.

I have successfully retrieved the codes.
We must leave at once.

Wait, where's Chopper?

Well, it is about time.

Did he just apologize?

Yes. And now he's admitting that
I am the better leader?

All right, then, this should be
a painless flight back to base.

What exactly are you up to?

Code 16?

That means you're in standby mode.

Since when have you ever been
in standby mode?

MY PFOb/em?

You said you were code 16.
That is an Imperial term.

Speaking my language?

I only speak Imperial code
when required to.

Are you questioning my loyalty again?

He)', GUN, get up here.

I am onto you.

And it sounds like
everything went as planned.

- Good job.
- Thanks, Captain Syndulla,

but your two droids did all the work.

Technically, one droid did all the work.

That would be me, AP-5.

Okay, then, well done, all of you.

So, Wedge, how long until
you reach our rendezvous point?

We'll be there within the hour.

See you soon.

What is the matter with you?

Thanks for the drink, Chop.

Where was this attitude earlier?

That is an excellent
question, Lieutenant.

This new attitude of his
feels insincere to me.

Hey, it's better than before.

Now, if you could upgrade
your attitude...

My attitude? I am not the problem here.

In fact, I am the reason
my mission was successful.

This inventory droid is a complication
that could ruin my plan.

We must appease him. For now.

You just called me "Sir"?

Now I see what you're up to, C1-1 OP!

You want me to relax

so you can take possession
of the data disk.

Hey, Chop, would you mind checking
on the hyperdrive power coils?

Feels like we're dragging a bit.

Look, AP, this childish competition

between you and Chopper
has gone too far.

It's got to stop.

This has become much more
than a game, Lieutenant.

I suspect Chopper may have been
compromised on Killun station.

You are paranoid.
Get your sensors checked.

There's nothing wrong
with our little friend.

Thanks, buddy. Do me a favor.

Take the controls
while I use the refresher.

Very clever.


Now we can talk privately, Lieutenant.

Now, hold on. Wait a minute.

We don't have much time,
so here's what I know.

I saw Chopper plugged
into a network terminal.

When I found him,
he was strangely silent,

but I thought he was
merely ignoring me, as usual.

Then I heard him use an Imperial term.

Okay, stop. I don't have time
for conspiracy theories right now.

I really have to use the refresher.

Just get out!

But I wasn't finished.

Neither was I!

It appears everything is back on track.

The inventory droid
has undermined his own credibility.

It is only a matter of time
before the astromech

leads us to Phoenix Squadron

and then their rebel base.

Here are the codes, Captain.

I saved them from C1-1 OP.

AP-5 and Chop were playing
some spy game the whole trip.

It was not a game!
This is a serious matter.

I have grave concerns about Chopper...

By the way, where is he?

Please, you must listen to me.

Chop, where are you?

Chopper? I'll find him.


What are you doing
in the hyperspace logs?

Updating your database?
You're not making any sense, Chop.

You had files wiped on Killun?

No, if you remember,

I always wipe your data
after every jump,

as a security precaution.

I think you need a power recharge.

So I turn around, and this one's
followed me into the refresher!

He did the same thing to me.

I'd hate to spoil the party,

but I think there's something wrong
with Chop.

As I have pointed out repeatedly.

Now that you mention it, Hera,
Chop's been curiously nice to me.

Whoa, that's not curious.

That's creepy.

Yes, precisely.

Maybe he has a short circuit.

We should run a diagnostic.

The ship just dropped
out of hyperspace.

Chopper, where are you?

Why did the ship drop
out of hyperspace?

He's in the engine room.

Says there's some kind of malfunction.

I'll show him a malfunction.

Go easy on him, Zeb.

We don't know
what's wrong with him yet.

Is it wise for all of us to go?

What? You afraid of Chopper now?

What? No. No.

It's locked.

Open this door at once,
you traitorous grease bucket!

Chopper, what are you doing?

Well, I hate to say I told you so.

Next time, AP,
we'll listen to you, I promise.

Let us hope there is a next time.

Controller, the stolen data
has been recovered.

Very good.

Now, install the data spike
into their navicomputer.

The spike has begun decoding
the coordinates on their navicomputer.

All we need now is a little time,
and no interference.

I don't think it's gonna open.

We're stuck in here!

We have no need of prisoners.

Open the cargo bay doors.

No, we're not.

A clever solution. But alas, temporary.

- I was afraid of this.
- What now?

Someone has compromised Chopper,

and they're trying to download
the location of our base.

If we don't get out of here,
it's bye-bye Phoenix Squadron.

Hera, there must be another way out.

There is.

Maybe we can override
the hatch controls.

There's an access port on the hull.


Yeah, we don't have spacesuits.

AP-5 doesn't need one.

Well, it is true that my chassis
could sustain itself

far longer than any life form.

Not that I'm volunteering.

Yes, you are.

We don't have much time.
Here's what you'll do.

The time has come to end
that traitorous inventory droid.

There's the override circuit.

Oh, dear.

Come on, AP-5! Hurry!

Data transfer at 50%.


Search the archive memory
for the location of their base.


AP did it! Yeah!

Let's go. Hurry.


No, you don't!

Been wanting to do that for a long time.

What is happening? What is going on?

Data transfer incomplete.

Looks like they nearly got
what they wanted.

Yeah? Well maybe
we should give it to them.

They want to mess with my droid,
they're gonna pay for it!

Zeb, get him up.

Uh-oh. Hera's mad.

Whoever's responsible for this
had to have a strong signal array

to control Chopper at such a distance.


So I'm going to reverse
the feed on them

and send back a bit more power
than they expect.

Hey! You! Imperial sleemo!

Keep your hands off my droid!

Our circuits are overloading!

The fuel cells have been compromised.

Cut it off. Cut it off!

Say good-bye to your memory core.

Chopper? Chopper? You in there?

Come back to me, buddy.

He's back!

Can't believe I'm saying this,

but I'm glad you're okay, Chop.

That was a close one.

Hey, let's not forget AP-5.

After all, he got us out of the hold.

Yeah, AP, way to go...

Wait, where is he?

I should be frightened,
but I'm strangely calm.

The silence...


This is beautiful.

I'm in a world all my own.

I do not feel alone.

It's easy to see

I fit perfectly

In this wonderful

Beautiful simply...


No, go away!

I was so happy.

Nice save, AP.

Yeah, AP, we all owe you one.

You tried to scrap me!

If you are apologizing,
I fear you must still be compromised.

Sorry for being nice?

I'm done with droids!
From now on, I fly solo!

- Come here, trash can!
- Why, you...

Like I said, don't mess with my droid.