Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Siege of Lothal - full transcript

Now a part of Phoenix Squadron, the Ghost crew joins a mission to steal shield generators from an Imperial freighter. Under pressure from Darth Vader, an Imperial defector leads the Sith Lord to battle with Kanan and Ezra.

Making for the freighter.
Keep the TIEs off our back.

Split formation, Phoenix 2.
I'll cut across their axis.

Good shot, Phoenix 1!
Save some for the rest of us.

Phoenix 1 to Ghost,
we've cleared a path for you.

Phew. Kinda nice having
Phoenix Squadron watching our backs.

We always did all right on our own.

True, but I prefer life with
our new fleet to flying solo.

I wouldn't mind getting my feet
back on solid ground for a while.

Come on, Zeb. Where's your
sense of adventure? Whoa!

Phantom, I'm moving into position.

Copy, Spectre 2.
I'm on my mark.

Firing now!

Cargo is liberated.

Spectre 2, you're clear for pickup.

Imperial reinforcements have arrived!

Ah, karabast!

# Star Wars Rebels 2x01 #
The Siege of Lothal
Original Air Date on June 20, 2015

Whew! Got real crowded all of a sudden.

I need a little help.
They're all over me!

Got you covered, Phoenix 1.

We're losing our deflector shields!

Ghost, we must withdraw.

Acknowledged, Commander Sato,
but first we're getting what we came for.

Zeb, get ready to
pull those containers aboard.

Almost in range.

Um, anytime, Zeb.

Come on. Come on.

Ah, yes.


Ghost to Phoenix Squadron,
mission accomplished.

Spectre 5, bring it in.

I'm in the pocket.
Five by one.

She's home.

Agent Kallus, I've exhausted every resource

to find information about the rebels,

but there is nothing to be found!

What more does Governor Tarkin expect?

He expects Lothal
to be punished, Minister Tua.

His own Star Destroyer was demolished
by these rebels.

He takes that somewhat personally.

Well, I've doubled patrols,
set up checkpoints, established curfews.

I honestly don't know what else to do.

Perhaps that is the problem.

You lack imagination, Minister,

when it comes to producing results.

Lord Vader, with all due respect,

you and Governor Tarkin
are asking for miracles.

If the rebels have left Lothal, then...

If the rebels have left,
then we must draw them back.

And if they are here,
we must draw them out.

We will squeeze Lothal

until someone reveals the
whereabouts of these traitors.

I'm sorry, my lord.
I am merely a public official.

I have no experience
with such brutal tactics.

You can explain that to
Governor Tarkin when you visit him.

Visit him?

He expects you tomorrow,
to account for your failure.

But I, I'm needed here.

I, I couldn't possibly get away!

Not to worry, Minister.

Lord Vader and I will manage in your absence.

You and your crew have proven invaluable
to our fleet, Captain Syndulla.

The fuel acquired in your convoy attacks

has helped keep us one step
ahead of Imperial patrols.

Thank you, Commander Sato.

I'm just sorry our intel about shield
generators being on that shipment was wrong.

Perhaps with your next attack, Hera.

What is the meaning of this?

An incoming transmission.
Who from, Chop?

Ah, why don't you just play it?

Uh, Chop, cloak us with
a one-way transmission.

Hey, it's Old Jho!

I can't see you,
but I can hear you, my friends.

Time is short, and there's someone
here desperate to speak with you.

I told her I couldn't find you,

but she wouldn't take no for an answer.

She says she needs your help.

We're always ready to help someone in need.

Yeah, well, this one's different.

Minister Tua?

Aw, we can't trust her.
She's an Imperial.

Please, I beg you.
Listen to my request.

End transmission now, Chop.

Wait! Minister, what do you want?

My life is in danger.

I need you to give me
safe passage off Lothal.

You're not really considering this?

I assure you, my intentions are sincere.

To prove it, I will trade
secret Imperial information.

You're defecting from the Empire?

Yes, I am.

She's telling the truth.

I can sense her fear.

Yeah, but of what?

So what have you got to trade?
A list...

Of rebel sympathizers on Lothal...

And other nearby systems.

How come these sympathizers
have not been arrested?

Some have powerful friends in the Senate.

Imperial command watches them,
but can do nothing.

I know you need allies.

Get me off Lothal,
and I will give you the list.

We shouldn't even consider this.

It's obviously a trap.

There's something else.

I've discovered the true reason
the Empire came to Lothal.

We know that one.

The Empire has a factory, and they're
stripping the planet's resources to fuel it.

No. There is another
reason known only to a few

and ordered by the Emperor himself.

We have to do this.

I agree.
So do I.

All right, if Commander Sato
approves the mission.

I believe it could be worth the risk.

Minister, we'll get you out.
Send us your coordinates.

Thank you.

Well, I guess we're on
our way back to Lothal.

I guess we are.

Hey! What's with you?

Do you have any idea
how inappropriate that was?

Actually, no, I don't.

You can't just tell Chopper

to project a hologram in a secret
debriefing without authorization.

Authorization! Procedure!
That's what's bothering me.

All right, talk to me.

After this mission, I want us to go back
on our own.

Fighting alongside soldiers
isn't what I signed up for.

You seem to be forgetting these
soldiers helped save your life.

And I'm grateful. But that doesn't
mean I want to join their little army.

When you and I started together,

it was, "Rob from the Empire,
give to the needy."

A noble cause.

Now we're getting drawn into some kind
of military thing. I don't like it.

We are fighting a bigger fight,

but it's still the right fight.

I survived one war.
I'm not ready for another one.

I saw what it did.
To the Jedi?

To everyone.

So, we're not taking the Ghost,

and we're letting Chopper drive?

After our stunt on Mustafar,

there's a good chance the
Empire will be able to track it.

Great mission so far.

So what's the plan?

Okay, so Minister Tua is scheduled
to visit Governor Tarkin tomorrow.

She leaves Lothal via shuttle at 1800.

We wait at the hangar, steal the
shuttle and take her to safety.

Ezra, I hope you're sure about this.

After all the trouble she's made
for us, why should we help her?

Because that's what we do.
Help those who can't help themselves.

Plus, her list will help us out.

Shuttle 593,

this is Lothal Control.
You are cleared to land.

I didn't think I'd miss it, but I...

What is it?

Do you feel that?
I... I feel so cold.


I've never seen so many Star Destroyers here.

It's gotten worse.

All right, Zeb, Chopper, stay with
the shuttle in case we need a quick exit.

Tua's leaving from Bay 23. Let's go.

Huh. We'll need a distraction.

Well, I'm gonna go make a few friends.

When Tua arrives, I'll keep 'em busy
while you drop into the hangar from above.

Make a few friends?
It'll be fun.

Don't worry, General Hera.

Just be ready to move.

Hey, didn't we meet in basic training?
You look familiar.

Kanan's gone bucket head.

I don't believe it.

I'm kinda jealous.
I only have the helmet.

Here she comes.

But she's got company.

What kind of company?

Oh, fantastic. Agent Kallus.

Thank you, Agent Kallus, but there,

there was no need for an escort.

Lord Vader asked me to make sure
you reached your shuttle safely.

I see.

We can't be too careful
about security these days.

Yes, I suppose so.


Minister, take cover!



Minister, get to the shuttle!

We'll be right behind you.

Minister Tua.

You did this!

Zeb, we need a pickup. Now!

Copy. We're on our way.

Come on!

Come on. Come on!
Up, everybody!

We're moving!

Everything has happened
as you predicted, Lord Vader.

Now inform the populace the
rebel assassins hide in their midst.

Lock down the spaceport

and make it known any ship
attempting to leave will be destroyed.

Right away.

A beloved citizen of Lothal,

Minister Tua's life was cut short
by this criminal band of rebels.

If you see them, summon Imperial
authorities immediately.

Trooper corps have been
mobilized in an extensive sea...

They did this to turn Lothal against us.

We can't do any more here.
We have to leave, for good.

We can't just run.

The people have to know the truth.

I don't think the Empire
is giving us much choice.

What the...

Open up in there!

We're in trouble!

They resealed the door.

Blast it open.

Hold your fire.
Hold your fire!

If they know about this hideout,
they'll know about our others.

There's no more hiding.
We need a ship.

Maybe we can try one of
the local Imperial airfields.

They're locked down. Besides,
we'll never get outside the capital.

The Empire's looking everywhere for us.

Not everywhere.

The Imperial Complex?
Are you crazy?

Does anyone ever say yes to that question?

He's right.

Deploying troops to block every
city exit has spread the garrison thin.

It sounds crazy, but the area
with the least troops will be..., near the factories.

There are landing platforms
outside these hangars.

They're our best chance if
we're gonna find a shuttle.

I'm already dressed for the part.

I guess there is no going home.

What's this?

Power cells in need of recharging
for the rebel pursuit.

Hold it right there, Cadet.
We have to check inside.

I got this.

No, you don't have to check inside.

Did you just try to give me an order, Cadet?

No. He just said,
"You don't have to check inside."

I don't have to check inside.

Well, then, as you wish, Trooper.

Cadet, let's move.
Hurry it up!

I wish that worked for me.

I wish it worked on you.

Zeb, will you be quiet?

What? I need to breathe.
Have you smelled me?

Don't think it matters if you're noisy.

There's nobody around.
This was a good plan.

Of course it was a good plan.
We came up with it. This way.

Somebody get Chopper.

You think we'll find them this time?
We better.

Found me.

There's a shuttle.
What'd I tell ya?

You did good.

Hera, over here.

Shield generators.
Military grade.

Zeb, Ezra, grab all we can carry.

These might help turn this day around.

The fleet could sure use them.

Do you feel that?

The cold.

Hera, go!
We'll cover you!

Kanan, look out!

Your master has deceived you into
believing you can become a Jedi.

Get ready to fly us outta here!

You know what I do in hopeless situations?

Yeah. Blow stuff up.

Aim for the walkers.


If that doesn't kill him, what will?

Not us. Run!

Go, Chop!
Come on! Come on!


My lord, I will mobilize
our fighters to pursue.

That will be unnecessary, Commander.

The rebels will not leave the planet yet.

Zeb, make sure they can't track us.

Consider it done.

You all right?
Yeah, I'll live.

Kanan, what was that?

Another Inquisitor?

Something worse.


A Sith Lord.
The ancient enemy of the Jedi.

How do we fight him?

Fight him? Ezra, we were lucky to survive.

Then that settles it. I'm going
to make for orbit so we can jump away.

Hera, no.

He will have a blockade of
Destroyers waiting for us.

And this shuttle is slow,
with barely any weapons or shields.

We're gonna have to smuggle
ourselves off Lothal for a change.

Mmm, that's not a bad idea.

What are you thinkin'?

I'm thinking we know the right man
to smuggle us off-world.

Not him!

My lord, our scans have indicated
that the stolen shuttle

has not attempted to leave the system.

Fear has driven them to ground.

There is a refugee camp the rebels
have provided aid to in the past.

Yes, "Tarkintown" they call it.

You suspect the rebels are in hiding there?

No, but I want you to burn it.

The compassion of the rebels is a weakness.

One we will exploit.

Yes, my lord.

Well, hello there, Captain Syndulla.

This is a pleasant surprise.
What can I do for you?

This isn't a social call, Lando.
It's business.

We need your help to
smuggle something off Lothal.

Past the Imperial blockade.

You know, if the Empire learns
I got involved, it'd be all over for me.

I'd be taking an awful big risk.

What do you want?

What have you got?

Imperial shield generators.
Military grade.

Ooh. Now that's merchandise I can move.
How many we talking about?



You are no gambler, Hera.

Offering me two means
you've got at least six,

so I think, three is probably fair.

Fair? You're taking half.

Those shields won't do you
much good if you're dead.

Three it is.
So we have a deal?

While I'm not on Lothal
at the moment, my droid is.

Go to my operation, and he'll
set you up with everything you need.

You must be Lando's droid.

Yes, ma'am. Welcome.

I have prepared everything
according to Calrissian's instructions.

Is one of you a mechanic?

Oh, that must be me.

Definitely not you.

Hey, kid!
Just let him go, Zeb.

There's no one.
They're all gone.

They're prisoners of the Empire now.

All I sense is evil.

Why would they burn Tarkintown?

To spread fear, make us afraid.

The people that lived here
just got caught in the middle.

This happened because of us?

There's a cost for any action
we take now, Ezra.

Things are getting worse just as
they did back when I was your age.

But back then,

there were 10,000 Jedi Knights
protecting the galaxy.


There's just you and me.

Against an Empire.

We can fight!
We have allies.

Do you understand what you're saying?

You saw what we're up against.

I'm not afraid.

That's what worries me.

What happened out there?

The Empire burned Tarkintown.

Did anyone survive?

The population's been taken captive.

Let's go bust 'em out.

Where's my rifle?
No. He'd be waiting.

You were right.
We have no choice. We have to leave.

For the good of Lothal.

So what's the plan for gettin' out of here?

Lando had these old
transponders lying around.

Sabine's gonna tune their signature
codes to match this shuttle's.

Sounds like a lousy Lando plan.

No, it's Lando's gear.
It was my plan.

With these transponders beaming out
the same signal as the shuttle,

we should be able to slip by unnoticed.

Ooh, sounds like a lousy Sabine plan.

Better than Lando's.

Admiral, I'm scanning a ship
leaving the surface in Sector 4.

Its transponder codes match those
of the stolen Imperial shuttle.

Order all fighters to intercept.

Sir, I'm scanning the same
transponder in Sector 9.

There must be a mistake.


I'm tracking the identical signal
in Sector 11 and Sector 5.

The Empire's takin' the bait.

Their fighters are splittin' up.

All right.
Let's make our run.

We have a TIE reporting in.

It appears to be some kind
of device sending out a signal.

Delta Squadron is reporting another device.

Order our pilots to destroy them.

The rebels are trying to mask their escape.

Sir, one of the transponders
is moving into orbit.

It's breaking out.
All ships converge on that signal.

Looks like they figured it out.

It's too late, boys.

The signal is gone.
They've jumped.

Never thought I'd say this,
but thank you, Lando Calrissian.

So if we can't go back to Lothal,
where are we going?

What are you talking about?
We're part of the rebellion now.

Are we? Are we all sure about that?

Maybe we could just grab the
Ghost and lay low for a while.

I like fighting with Phoenix Squadron.

Reminds me of the Honor Guard.

Besides, they're counting on us.

Wouldn't be right to abandon them now.

Ezra, what do you think?

We can't help Lothal now,

but I think the rebels
can help us get stronger,

so we can go back and change things.

I think we should stay with the rebel fleet.

My lord, I regret to inform you

that the rebels have escaped Lothal.

Have my ship prepared.

Agent Kallus, I don't think I understand.

There is a tracking device
hidden aboard that shuttle.

Now ready the fleet to deploy.

Phoenix Home, this is Ghost away team.

Clearance code 1-2-1-8-1-5.

Your clearance code checks out.
Welcome home, Ghost team.

Chopper said a transmitter
activated on our shuttle moments ago.

What does that mean?

It means the Empire
tracked us back to the fleet.

Commander Sato!

We need the fleet to jump out of here.
Our shuttle was tracked.

Commander, I'm scanning
a ship entering our sector.

We're tracking one target.
No other ships have entered the system.

Move Phoenix Squadron to intercept.

Fighter coming in at mark 3.

He's coming in too fast!

Fleet, raise deflector shields.

We've lost Phoenix 1 and 2.

He's heading right for us.

Enemy fighter's making for the command ship.

How can one fighter best our entire squadron?

Your pilots are outmatched, Commander.

Uh, what are you doing?

Getting involved.

Not without me, you're not.

Let's go.

Ezra, come on!

All right if I tag along?

The more, the merrier.

Everyone, check in.

Tail gun, check!
Turret, check!

Nose gun, check!

All right, kids, do Mom and Dad proud.
Here he comes.

We've lost our shields!

Ghost moving to engage.

I'm on him!

Who is this guy?

Sir, the last attack
damaged the hyperdrive core!

We are dead in space.

Phoenix Home to Ghost.

We can't withstand another
attack from that fighter.

Copy that. Phoenix Squadron,
form up and focus fire.

The Force is strong with him.

Kanan, let's find out how strong.

How can I help?
Just remember your training.

Enemy ship closing to attack range.

There's something familiar.

I feel... Cold.

I think I know who it is.

Back on Lothal I felt something.
Kanan did too.

The fear. The anger. The hate.

It's the Sith Lord we faced.

The apprentice lives.


The Imperial pilot broke off his attack!
They did it!

Captain Syndulla, whatever
you're doing, keep it up!

The fleet can recover!

Commander, you need to get
the fleet out of here now!

I will not abandon our command ship.

You don't have a choice, sir.

Without a hyperdrive, you must abandon ship.

Sir, we have Star Destroyers in Sector 5.

Lord Vader, we have entered
the system and await your orders.

Move your Destroyers to block
their escape, but hold your fire.

I want these rebels alive.

It's now or never, Commander.

I regretfully agree.
All hands, abandon ship.

You'll have to keep that fighter occupied.
Don't worry, sir.

We seem to have his attention.

Suddenly, there's a lot to do back here.

Sorry to spoil your fun, Zeb,

but I'm ordering Chopper to
divert all power to the hyperdrive,

including cannons.

Hera, what are you doing?

I think I know.

Admiral, Lord Vader has
separated one of the rebel ships

from the rest of the fleet.

Then that is our primary target.

Ghost crew, the escape pods are secure.

Fleet, commence hyperspace jump.

Copy that, Commander.
We'll meet you at safe haven.

The fleet is away.
Get us out of here!

Everyone, hang on.

Chopper, angle all deflectors astern.

The Star Destroyers
aren't the ones firing at us!

Now, do it fast!

Target moving into range.

Activate tractor beam on my signal.





Status report on the rebel craft.

Sir, we've locked onto a ship,

but it's not the rebel craft.

It's Lord Vader's ship.

Release him immediately.

It's not your fault, Officer.

But Lord Vader won't know that.

Ahsoka, Hera said
you wanted to speak with us.

Please, come in.

Are you okay?

I am, thank you.

I wanted to ask about the Sith Lord
you encountered on Lothal.

You know we encountered an Inquisitor before,

but this was nothing like that.

The fear, the anger, the hate.

You felt it.

I haven't sensed a presence like that since

The Clone Wars.


Ahsoka, do you know who or what he is?

No, I don't.

But I do know that he will be coming.

They'll all be coming now.

Then we've got to be ready to fight.

We must find the strength to fight,

but the greater courage is
knowing when not to fight.

And we'll be beside you either way.

With their command ship destroyed,
the rebel fleet has been shattered.

You have them on the run...

Clear the bridge.

Lord Vader, have you dealt with
the rebels in the Lothal system?

Yes, Master.

They are broken.

And yet I sense in you

something more to your victory.

I believe the apprentice
of Anakin Skywalker lives

and is in league with these rebels.

Are you certain?

It was her.

This is an opportunity we cannot let pass.

Skywalker's apprentice could
lead us to other lost Jedi.

Such as Kenobi.

Perhaps, if he lives.

Be patient, my old friend.

For now, dispatch another
Inquisitor to hunt them down.

As you wish, my master.