Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 2, Episode 2 - The Lost Commanders - full transcript

The Rebels run into Captain Rex and his gang on a desert planet.

The destruction
of our command ship

has severely limited
our ability

to fight the Empire
in this sector.

So maybe we don't fight.
Uh, Commander Sato, sir.

When things got tough for me on Lothal,
I'd go find some place to hide.

You are never shy with your
opinions, Ezra Bridger,

but establishing a base
is a good idea.

Problem is, none of the
potential bases we know of

have the tactical advantage we need
to protect what's left of our fleet.

Or aid the nearby systems suffering
from Imperial oppression.

We can't help others if we
can't help ourselves, Kanan.

If only we had more allies.

I know someone who might
be able to help us.

A great military commander with a
vast knowledge of the Outer Rim.

He could assist us
in finding a base,

and his experienced

would make him
a powerful ally.

How do we recruit
this leader?

That's the problem. I lost
track of him a long time ago,

and all my transmissions
have gone unanswered.

We can find him.
Let us try.

Well, there is one option
I've not yet attempted.

Is that the head
of an old tactical droid?

These droids were great at
finding things, calculating.

Found my master and I a few times
when we didn't want to be found.

How in all the galaxy is that
droid gonna find your friend?

Well, I heard he was last seen
in the Seelos system.

You can start there.

- You're not coming with us?
- I have something else to attend to.

The Sith Lord.

There are questions,
questions that need answering.

I wish we could go with you.

You have
your own mission, Ezra.

And, Kanan, if you find
my friend, you must trust him.

If he's all the things you
say, we can't afford not to.

Trust him.

- What was that about?
- I have no idea.

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We get all the way
to Seelos,

and now you tell me the hyperdrive
wasn't completely fixed?

You finished
the important repairs?

- How did you define "important"?
- What's going on?

Chopper and I
are staying here.

To clean up his mess.

Take the Phantom.

Hopefully we'll be ready to go
by the time you get back.

Well, let's
fire this thing up.

I think it's scanning
for a signal of some kind.

Good luck. You could really
get lost out here.

Maybe that was the idea.

What if this great commander we're
looking for doesn't want to be found?

7567. 7567.

- It's homing in on something.
- 7567.

- There. Up ahead.
- 7567.


Now that is a work of art.

Looks like
an old Republic tank,

used during the Clone Wars.


Ezra, be on guard.

It's just a bunch
of old geezers.

Well-armed old geezers.

- What do you want?
- We're looking for someone.

Well, that's too bad, 'cause
there's nobody out here.

Hey, uh, does the number 7567
mean anything to you?

What did you just say?

Uh, I said 7567.

I haven't heard
those digits in...

Well, that's
my birth number.

Birth number?

They're clones.

- Kanan, wait. Stop!
- Jedi. They've come for revenge.

Drop the blaster, old man.

Don't try it, boyo!
I'll gun you down.

Stand down, troopers. Now!

That's an order, soldier.

But he's a Jedi. A Jedi!

I know. I know. But they weren't
the ones that betrayed us.

Wolffe, remember?

Kanan, Ahsoka said
to trust them.

Sorry about the, um,
weapons malfunction.

My friend here is just
a little defensive.

See, we haven't
seen a Jedi since, uh...

Well, it's been a while.

Well, my name's Ezra. This is Kanan.
That's Sabine and Zeb.

It's nice to meet you, 7567.

Actually my name is Rex.

Captain, 501st
Clone Battalion.

Meet Commanders Gregor
and Wolffe.

We were sent by Ahsoka Tano.

Ahsoka Tano.

I fought by her side from the Battle of
Christophsis to the siege of Mandalore.

And a friend of hers
is a friend of mine.

Hey. You're a big one,
aren't you?

Bigger than you.


Hey, hey.
Easy with those, son.

Oh, yeah, yeah.
I might move the dust.

How is Commander Tano?

Uh, well, in need of help.
We all are.

Look, we're trying
to fight the Empire,

but we're outnumbered, overmatched
and taking a beating.

We could use your help.

Well, I'm not sure I'm much
help to anyone these days.

Didn't you hear?

The Emperor
said the clone army

has outserved its purpose
and retired us.

Now we spend our days just telling
stories and slinging for joopas.

This was a wasted trip.

You heard the clone.
He's not interested.

Wait. You don't like
the Empire, do you?

Well, the Empire certainly
isn't the Republic,

but you can't do anything
about that.

- You could fight.
- Sorry, son.

My days as a soldier
are over.

Well, okay. Okay, then maybe there's
one thing you can help us with.

We need a base.

Ahsoka said you knew about all sorts
of secret locations in the Outer Rim.

Well, my memory isn't what
it once was, but, um,

there are a few spots I never
bothered to report to the Empire.

Look, why don't you
wait outside

and I'll put together
a list of coordinates.

Listen, they are in
some kind of trouble.

If we help them, we are
putting ourselves in danger.

Wolffe, relax.

We got the situation
under control.

Oh, really? Really? What do you
think the Empire will do to us

if they find out that
we are helping a Jedi, hmm?

Yeah, I don't know what the Empire
would do, but I'm going slinging.

You know,
I was thinking,

since we're providing you
with a list of bases, um,

there's something
you can do to help us.

- No, thanks.
- Sure. What can we do?

Out there, deep below,
roam the joopa.

Elusive big game.

When we're lucky enough to sling one
in, it'll feed us for the whole year.

What do you need?


Huh? What?

Commander, we've received a binary
transmission from an old clone unit on Seelos.

- Something about a Jedi.
T- hat system is remote.

Haven't all the clones
been decommissioned?

Yes, and while the clone's
number checks out,

he has a record of calls
of delusional distress.

I wouldn't take him
too seriously.

Send a probe to investigate.
All leads must be pursued.

Okay. You don't trust
these clones,

but they haven't
done anything.

You don't understand.
They're dangerous.

- They could...
- They could what?

Rex doesn't seem bad at all.

Ahsoka said
to trust him.

You trust her,
don't you?

You weren't there.
You weren't even born.

- What are you talking about?
- I don't feel like discussing it.

It was at the end,
the end of the war.

Our fellow soldiers,
the clones,

the ones we Jedi
fought side by side with,

suddenly turned
and betrayed us.

I watched them kill my master.

She fought beside them
for years,

and they gunned her down
in a second,

and then came for me.

Later they said they had chips in
their heads that made them do it.

- Said they had no choice.
- I didn't betray my Jedi.

Wolffe, Gregor and I
all removed our control chips.

We all have a choice.

Well, for what it's worth,
I believe we can trust Rex.

If we're lucky, we'll
catch Big Bongo today.

Let's get this over with.
I'm getting hungry.

Keep on going forward.
Just a little bit more.

We're coming up
on a hot spot!

Your hot spot looks like everywhere
else on this desolate rock.

Out there.

All right, full stop.

All right.
Just a little bit more.

Little more.

Oh, really?

You know, we really
appreciate this.

I mean, we, we should do well
today, with your friend here.

Yeah, well, Zeb packs
quite a punch.

Oh, oh.

I'm sure, I'm sure.

But really, I mean, joopa
supposedly love Lasats.

They love them?
What do you mean?

Well, they say
they love the smell,

or I guess they love
the taste as well.

And maybe it's about the texture.
You know...

Wait, Zeb's not the hunter.
He's the bait.

Oh, hunter, bait,
it's all the same.

No, it's not!

Zeb, you better
get back here right now!

- Zeb, what is that?
- Buddy, run! You're the bait!

Zeb, it's gonna eat you!

Oh, karabast.

- Zeb, run!
- Get out of there!

- What are you doing?
- Run!

Zeb, no!

This could be him!

Our Big Bongo!

Hey, I bet you know a thing
or two about mechanics.

Yeah, good bet.

Keep an eye
on this regulator.

The line can overheat
and shut down.

- No line, no joopa, no Zeb.
- Got it.

Well, what about me
and him?

You got the best job of all!

When the line swings around, you'll
charge it with the electro-poles.

Hit the line with the rod, and it'll
send a bolt of energy down to the joopa.

Do it enough, and you should
bring it up to the surface.

- Here's one for you, General.
- Don't call me that.

- I was never a general.
- Uh, my mistake.

- Sorry, Commander.
- No, it's not...

Hit it! Now!

That's it!
That's it!

He didn't like that!

Hit him again!

He's a runnin'.

Hit that line!
Bring him up.

- We're losing the regulator.
- Full stop, Wolffe! Dig in!

This is where
we finish the battle!


I can't reach it!
Kanan, lift me up!


I know, I know.
Working on it!

Got it.



It is Big Bongo!

What a smell.

Ah, Zeb!

Nice catch, old-timers.

Way to go.

Now that,
that was impressive.

Impressive? You almost
got my friend eaten!

Yeah. Ugh. I was
in that thing's mouth!

Oh! Head to toe.

But look at you.

You brought in
our biggest catch ever.

I... I did?

Actually, it wasn't
so bad, Kanan.

I... I knew I had the
beast from the beginning.

And you are a natural.

We held up our end
of the deal, Captain.

Now it's time to get us those
coordinates so we can go.

I'll get 'em. But you might
consider staying for dinner.

It's gonna
be delicious!

That thing
tried to eat me.

Only fair I get to see
how it tastes.

Can't say no to that.
Right, Kanan?

Clones, huh?

- Ahsoka's always full of surprises.
- Well, don't get your hopes up.

- The great leader's not coming back with us.
- And you don't want him to.

I understand your fears,

but I also remember when the Jedi
and clones fought side by side.

They saved billions of lives,
including my own.

I know.

Then maybe that's a start.

I gotta get back to these repairs if
we're ever gonna get out of this system.

Signal when you're en route.

I've assembled a list of potential
bases and clearance codes

and a few protocols
the Imperials still use.

- Should be of some use.
- Thanks, Rex.

They're on
our main computer.

You're gonna need...
- Data tapes? I got this.

You were brave
today, kid.

You jumped right
in there to help.

A great Jedi once told me that the
best leaders lead by example.

You do that well.

Thanks. I've learned from
a great Jedi too. Kanan.

Mmm. You know,
I don't think he likes me.

Or ever will.

Can't say I blame him.

The war left its scars
on all of us.

Won't you reconsider
joining us?

You know, I've outserved my purpose for
that kind of fighting, I'm afraid.

After the war, I questioned
the point of the whole thing.

All those men died,
and for what?

I guess what they thought was right.

The clones gave us up. They
warned the Empire we're here.

- Wait, what?
- You're mistaken.

We would never do that.

Oh, I found the binary
transmission to the Empire.

And there are messages Ahsoka sent
to Rex, and he never answered her!

What? I never got any
messages from Commander Tano.

I knew it! I told you,

- they can't be trusted.
- Kanan, wait.

Is this true?

What did you do?

I... I contacted the Empire.

If they found out that we were
helping Jedi, they'd wipe us out.

Sabine, go warn Hera. Tell her
to scan for incoming ships.

I wanted to protect you
guys, protect our squad.

The war is over.
We are free men.

We can't live under the fear of the
Empire for the rest of our lives, Wolffe.

That's not freedom.

You're right.

They're not our enemy.
I'm sorry.

A probe?


Oh, my.

- Look out!
- Probes! I hate probes!



You gotta make this right.


Huh. Nice shot.

Rex got him.

Probe deserved it.

- How long has this thing been watching us?
- Long enough.

- How's the Phantom?
- Well, engine took a direct hit.

We're not going anywhere
until I can fix it.

- Wait. You mean we're stranded?
- Yep.

And the Empire's
on its way.

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