Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 14 - Fire Across the Galaxy - full transcript

Ezra Bridger, Hera Syndulla, Sabine Wren, Chopper and Zeb go to rescue Kanan on Grand Moff Tarkin's Star Destroyer. But, their daring rescue turns into a battle with The Inquisitor. They find out that they're not the only Rebels in the galaxy. Fulcrum's identity is revealed to be former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Miss me, bucketheads?

It's her!

Yup, you definitely missed me.

We have an intruder
on the north side, Sector 9.

The artist is back. Sound the alarm.

Sabine's distraction is working.

You got a little better.

But I got a lot better.

That's not one of us!

Bye-bye, bucketheads!

Not again. Everyone, evacuate!

The transport you stole will get us
close to the fleet over Mustafar.

We know they have Kanan
on Tarkin's Star Destroyer.

And it's surrounded
by a bunch of other Star Destroyers.

Lots more. We'll need a distraction
to cover our entry. Sabine?

Engine room's here,
all the power for the ship.

If we could get inside the docking bay,
I could rig something, black 'em out.

But our transport ship's
not gonna fit in there.

We need something small enough
to get into that hangar bay.

Too bad we blew up
all the TIEs at that base.

Well, there is one left.
But it's not at the base.

Look, this is serious, Zeb. For Kanan.

- Fine.
- What's going on?

The TIE we stole a while back, we...

We didn't exactly crash it.

And by "didn't exactly," you mean...

We didn't crash it. We kept it. Hidden.

You all knew about this?

I should be angry. I should yell at you
for disobeying a direct order.

But right now, I'm just grateful we got it.

There's a slight problem with it.

- What kind of problem?
- Yeah, what kind of problem?

Okay. Well, this is awful.

What? It's some of my best work.

It'll have to do.

I thought you were supposed
to be the sane one.

This whole plan is
as crazy as those colors.

Maybe you're right.

Maybe this mission
doesn't make military sense.

But Kanan is family.

And we've all lost enough family
to the Empire.

So rescuing him makes sense to me.

I'm not ordering you,
any of you, to come along.

But you need to decide now. In or out?

I'm in.

I'm in.

Karabast. I'm in. But what about that?

No time to fix it.

Besides, the Imperials will only scan it.
By the time the Imperials see it...

It'll be too late.

Still protecting your precious crew.

Quite admirable.

But what I want to know
is about the other rebels,

code name Fulcrum.

I know nothing of a larger rebellion.

And if I did,
I'd rather give my life than tell you.

So heroic.

Just like your master.

Tell me, Jedi,

how did you survive Order 66?

It was your Master Billaba
who laid down her life for yours.

Do you remember her last word to you,

her last and final breath
before she died?

You do, don't you?

You see it in your sleep.

You hear her voice when you wake.

Tell me, Jedi,
what was her last word to you?


And does your loyal and precious crew
know you ran as your master fell,

abandoned her and the Jedi Order
when they needed you most?

What do you think your rebels would do
if they knew their leader was a coward?

You're even afraid of your own power.

You don't have the courage
to wear your full saber out in the open.

Let me tell you something, Jedi.

You're right to be afraid.

You couldn't save your master then,

and you can't save your followers now.

I'll send in our transponder code
as soon as we know Kanan is there.

- Ezra?
- Well, here goes nothin'.

- So, anything?
- Give him a minute.

We don't really have a minute.

Ezra, is he there?

He's there. He's alive!

Sending codes.

Transport Ship 63378
cleared for docking.

We have 10 TIEs inbound
with reinforcements. Open Bay 5.

They bought it.
Chop, send in Sabine's present.

- That's not regulation.
- I kinda like it.

They're here.

So predictable.

We've lost main power.
Some kind of pulse detonation in Bay 5.

Go to auxiliary power.

This shouldn't take long.
Keep the engine running.

- These guys will wake up soon.
- How soon?

- Too soon, I reckon.
- Come on. This way.

The Destroyer is down to emergency
power and life support only.

I have been sending an all-clear
message to the rest of the fleet.

As soon as we miss an interval,
they send reinforcements.

And that interval is up now.

Reinforcements already? That was fast.

Don't worry. On a ship this big,
it'll take 'em a while to find us.

Drop your weapons! Hands up!

They found us.

It's the rebels. This way!

Stand back.

Pretty clever, kid. So what's next?

Kanan is down that hall.
I just cut off our only way to get to him.

Might be our only way,
but it's not yours.

Let's go. Let's go.

This is Fulcrum. Who is this?

Turns out you taught me pretty well.

You shouldn't have come here,
but I'm glad you did.

You would've done the same for me.

In fact, you have.

I hope Ezra's found Kanan by now.

- Let me borrow that.
- Yeah, no problem.

I never thought of that.

At last, a fight
that might be worthy of my time.


That was a mistake.

Why? Because you have
no one left to die for you?

No. Because I have nothing left to fear.

The other troopers are waking up.

That puts twice as many
between us and Chopper.

I think I have an alternate plan.

- All right.
- Here's part one.

Part two, we go to Bay 5.

Where your masterpiece is.

That's got nothing to do with it.

Ezra, we're finding another way out.

Ezra? Can you hear me?


Can you hear me?



Ezra. Ezra.


Ezra, are you out there?

I'm here.

Do you have Kanan? Is he okay?

Yeah. I think he's better than okay.

You were right. I was a coward.

But now I know
there's something stronger than fear,

far stronger.

The Force.

Let me show you how strong it is.

You have no idea
what you've unleashed here today.

There are some things
far more frightening than death.

Kanan. Kanan.

I thought I lost you.

I know the feeling. Let's go home.

There's damage to the power core.
The hyperdrive's overheating.

We can't hold the ship.
We need to evacuate, sir.

For your safety, we need to leave now.

Ezra, we're in the TIE. Where are you?

On my way. Go!

We are not leaving
without you and Kanan.

Will you just listen to the kid?

- Don't worry. I've got him.
- You mean, I've got you.

You take care of Zeb and Sabine.
I'll get him out of here. Trust me.

We had to take the TIE
that has a bull's-eye painted on it!

Spectre-3, we're gonna need to
get out of here fast.

Send a signal
so we can link up for hyperspace.

Do you read?

Chopper's not answering.

The Inquisitor's TIE.

Well, we know he's not gonna use it.

You know what, kid?
You worry me sometimes.

I can't believe
that bucket of bolts abandoned us.

- We got your back.
- Thanks.

But without Chopper's transport,
we're going nowhere fast.

We got TIEs closing in.

- How many?
- Too many.

We're in a bit of a tight spot.

Yeah? Well, these things
weren't built for three.

I meant out there, not in here!

Trying to concentrate!

I just want to say it was really nice
getting to know all of you.

Chopper! You came back.

Who... Who is that?

I don't know,
but I think they're on our side.

Kanan, Ezra,
dock with Chopper's transport

so we can make the jump
into hyperspace.

The rebels have escaped, sir.

I owe you all a great debt of gratitude.

Even if what you did
was rash and reckless.

You're welcome, dear.

If Chopper was in this transport ship,
then who was flying the Ghost?

Hello, my friend.
It is good to see you again.

I don't understand.
I met you once, for a few moments.

I don't even know your name.

His name is Senator Bail Organa.

And the crews of the blockade runners?

Members of other rebel cells.

There are other cells.

We're a cell?

Wait. Did you know we were a cell?


We weren't supposed to meet.

That way, if captured, we couldn't
reveal the other rebels to the Empire.

- That was the protocol.
- The protocol has changed.


Ahsoka. My name is Ahsoka Tano.

Why did you come here?

Because of you and your apprentice

many in this system and beyond
have heard your message.

You gave them hope
in their darkest times.

We didn't want that hope to die.

So what happens now?

I don't know.

One chapter has closed for you,
Ezra Bridger.

This is a new day,

a new beginning.

We are getting reports
of unrest all over Lothal.

There are whispers from Mustafar.

Some people see the Empire
as weak, vulnerable.

Not to worry, Agent Kallus.

The Emperor has sent
an alternative solution.