Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 13 - Rebel Resolve - full transcript

The team tries to get Kanan's location to free him.

Pair off. I want a full sweep.
Those rebels must be found.

What was that?

What the...

How you doin'?

Plug in, Chop. We need prisoner logs
of all Imperial detention facilities.

Hey! Keep it steady in there!

Here, take this!

Command. We have a rogue walker.

Repeat, rogue walker in grid four.

No connection? That's impossible.

The entire system
would have to be down.

Well, they did blow up
their own comm tower.

They must have taken down
their entire data network.

How are we gonna find out
where they've got Kanan now?

Walker 693, stand down.
Repeat, stand down.

Spectre-2, we need a pickup.

I read you, Spectre-5.

at the town's western border

Hate to be the pessimist, Ezra,
but how do we even know...

He's alive, Sabine. I know it.

Now we will discover if you are
indeed the Jedi you claim to be.

Well, Governor,
somebody's gotta keep you entertained.

Ezra! I can't get a shot
if you keep running from them.

- Use the rear cannon.
- There is no rear cannon!

Hey, I'm doing the best I can!

I can't see! Move!

- Move? Move where?
- Anywhere!

Just keep it walking in a straight line.

Hera's incoming. Everyone up top!

You, too, Chop. Let it go.


He's still searching for Kanan.
Go get him.

Move, you stubborn junk pile!

You're gonna get me fried!

How'd it go?

It didn't.

Kanan knew the risks, accepted them.

I'm sorry but you must focus
on your next objective.

But, Fulcrum, Kanan is our objective.
We can still find him.

At what cost? You? Your unit?
The overall mission?

There's something else, Hera.

The transmission Ezra was able
to beam out has attracted attention,

not just from civilians,

but from the highest levels
of the Empire.

It was Kanan's plan. I guess it worked.

Your mission was to be unseen,
unnoticed, and now..

Kanan wanted to inspire people.
He wanted to give them hope.

Well, he was successful.

But if you are caught, if Ezra is caught,
that hope will die.

To protect your unit, to protect Ezra,

you must stop your search for Kanan
and go into hiding.

Odds are they've still got him
at the Imperial Complex.

If they do,
we all know he's as good as gone.

He's not gone.

- And he's not in the Imperial Complex.
- How do you know that?

I just know.

We can't make a plan
based on a feeling.

Yes, we can. We do it all the time!

Not this time.

What are you talking about?

We can't go after Kanan.
The Empire will be waiting with a trap.

When has that ever stopped us?

We can't risk it.

Can't, or won't?

Ezra, there's a bigger mission
you're not seeing.

It can't be jeopardized for one soldier.

"Soldier"? He's our friend, Hera.

I can't just forget him.
And I can't believe you would either.

He'd do whatever it took to protect us.

He already did
when he sacrificed himself.

Ezra, he'd want us
to honor the choice he made.


Hey, hey, hey, it's okay. I miss him, too.

But I have a plan to find him.
Wanna help?

Why prepare to fight
if we're not even going after Kanan?

You think he'll talk,
tell 'em what he knows about us?

He doesn't know anything.

Sabine, where are the power cells?
I need some for my lightsaber

Did you check the overheads?

- First place I looked.
- Hold on. I know where to find some.

Chopper, take over for me.

You can help us look, too, Zeb.

Really? Why do I need to...

Just recalibrate
the targeting computer, will you?

- Is Chopper in position?
- Yep. Let me in there.

Wait, you're going to find Kanan.

You're disobeying Hera's orders.

Were they orders,
or more like her opinion?

If we're gonna save him,
we don't have a choice.

- You with us or not?
- Yeah, I'm with you.

Good, because the plan's
in motion already.

Just waiting for the signal.

Chopper! I said the targeting computer.
You're overloading the internal comm!

No! Don't turn it up!

Okay. So, where are we going anyway?

Our last resort.

Will you just unplug?

How is that my fault?
You plugged into the wrong system!

Why don't you just go help Ezra
find his power cells?

What are you up to?

It's only a matter of time
before he breaks.

You have wasted enough of my time.

You are no doubt unaware that Jedi
are trained to resist mind probes.

If he is the Jedi he claims to be,
I take it you have a solution?

Pain. A Jedi still feels pain.

And pain can break anyone.

You will tell me
where to find your rebel friends.



Not him. Not him.

What do you see?

- I see...
- Go on.

I see


growing more and more frustrated.


Perhaps you can help
alleviate my frustration.

Well, this is unexpected.

Looking for work?

Or something else?

My guess is you already
know why we're here.

I don't know where your friend is.
I'm sorry.

You must have heard something.

Even if I did know something,
it would be of no use to you.

The Empire is locking everything down.

That's bad for you
and bad for business.

Well, if you want to change that,
you need to help us.

I doubt that.

In fact, I think your activities
got the Empire's attention

and have made things
more difficult for me.

Get out of here. You're bad luck.

Ever wonder why the Empire
was so interested in Kanan,

why they'd send an Inquisitor to Lothal?

Ezra, don't.

No, please do.

Because Kanan is a Jedi.

Kanan? A Jedi? You're funny, kid.

That scoundrel couldn't be a Jedi
any more than you could.


You are a Jedi?

And so is Kanan.

So what does this mean for Vizago?

It means you help me, and you'll have
a Jedi owing you a favor.

Whatever I ask?

Within reason.

No deal.

Okay, okay, okay. Whatever you ask.

All right, come with me, boy. Alone.

- So start talkin'.
- First, the deal.

Hey! What's the matter with you?

I bow, you bow, then we have deal.

Right. Yes, okay.

Okay, okay, whatever.
You're overdoing it.

Look, since you blew up
the Empire's comm tower...

That wasn't us.

Well, you probably know they have
no long-range communications,

so they've started using these.

Droid couriers.

They take data from the city up
to their communications ship in orbit.

What kind of data?

Everything, you name it.
Personnel, weapons, deployments,

- prisoners.
- Kanan?

Possibly, but I can't guarantee that.

That's pretty typical for you.

Hey, a deal is a deal.

A deal is a deal. So what do you need?

Today, nothing.

Tomorrow, who knows?

I'll let you know when I want to collect.

It's okay, guys. I have a lead.

For what you just bargained,

you better have something more
than just a lead.

- Hera, I know you're mad, but...
- Mad? Try furious.

You just put all our lives in jeopardy.

I give you a direct order,
and you disobeyed me.

Well, it paid off.
I know how to find out where Kanan is.

- Maybe.
- Maybe?

All that for "maybe"?

Hera, none of us
want to give up on Kanan.

And you think I do?

No, I don't. That's why I took this risk.

Okay. What did you learn?

I have a plan, and it involves Chopper.

I'm betting that's the shuttle
the Empire's using

to get the courier droid
to their comm ship.

Our only chance is to intercept the droid
before it boards the shuttle.

The only way to be sure
is to grab the Imperial droid

and send Chopper in its place.

Come on, Chop.

I'll give you a paint job.
The Empire won't know the difference.

For Kanan.

The Jedi is no good to me dead.

His resistance is impressive.

Yes. He does possess
the will of a Jedi of old.

Is it possible

he does not know
of any other rebels to speak of?


I recommend we transfer him
from Lothal to another location.

One that never fails
to extract a confession.

- Behind you!
- I'm not gonna fall for...

I know you can do this, Chopper.

There's the courier. Where's his escort?

Not our problem.
We're running late as it is.

BN-749 to pilot. Courier is aboard.

Shuttle Lagos requesting
permission to dock.

Lagos, you are clear to proceed.

Calm down, little guy.
We're not gonna hurt you.

Do you have a lock
on Chopper's beacon?

Looks like he's aboard the cruiser.

Come on, Chop, find Kanan.

You're late, 264. Plug in.

Where's the data?
I'm not seeing it on my monitor.

Hold it. You're not authorized
to copy communication logs.

- What's the problem here?
- This droid is malfunctioning, sir.

There's the signal.

- He must have found something.
- Positions, everyone! We're going in.

- What about this guy?
- Take him with you.

- Why me?
- Because you're intimidating.

Can't argue with that.

Come on, you.

Looks like an older model.
You better check its encryption codes.

We're under attack!

Gonna make another pass.
Chopper better hurry.

Zeb, I need some help!

Keep their cannons busy!

I'm the one who needs some help.

Hey, I'm starting to like you
much better than our regular droid.

I see him. Give me cover, Ezra.

Okay, Chopper, hit it!

That was amazing, Chopper!

Not bad, not bad.

He was actually a big help around here

while you were off spying.

I say we keep him.

I should've seen that coming.

I'm proud of you.
You stepped up and took the lead.

Kanan has taught you well.

So have you.

I think we found something.

Kanan is on Governor Tarkin's
Destroyer, the Sovereign.

It's still here above Lothal,
but it's scheduled to leave soon.

- Where to?
- The Mustafar system?

I've never heard of it. Hera?

I've only heard that name once.
From Kanan.

He said Mustafar
is where Jedi go to die.