Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 12 - Call to Action - full transcript

As public awareness increases around Rebel activity, they target an important Imperial network.

Grand Moff Tarkin.
I am honored by your visit to Lothal.

My visit is hardly an honor, Minister.

I admit I was surprised to learn
you were coming.

And I, too, have been surprised

by what's been happening
on your little backwater world.

If you are referring to the insurgents, I...

In the absence of Governor Pryce,

you have had a single,
simple objective, Minister,

to protect the Empire's
industrial interests here.

Interests which are vital to our
expansion throughout the Outer Rim.

But instead of protecting
those interests,

you have allowed a cell of insurgents
to flourish right under your nose.

Am I correct?

And, Agent Kallus,
have you just stood idly by

while this rabble
have attacked our men,

destroyed our property
and disrupted our trade?

I have exhausted every resource
to capture them, sir.

This group has proven quite elusive.

It's said their leader is a Jedi.

Yes. Let us not forget
the sudden appearance of a Jedi,

as if leaping
from the pages of ancient history.

A shame we don't have someone
who specializes in dealing with them,

otherwise our problem might be solved.

Minister, have you ever met a Jedi?

No. I...

I actually knew the Jedi,

not from the pages of folklore or
children's tales, but as flesh and blood.

And do you know
what happened to them?

Well, there were rumors...

They died. Every last one of them.

So you see, this criminal
cannot be what he claims to be,

and I shall prove it.

Aren't we headed the wrong way?

Don't want to lead 'em back to the ship.
Follow me.

They're making for town.

Order our units to split up.
We'll box them in.


Stay on 'em. I'll cut 'em off.

Told you that would work.

You're finally getting the hang of this.
There's hope for you yet.

Senator Trayvis, now that you've
recommitted yourself to the Empire,

will your followers do the same?

Most will, Alton.

These were good people
who simply wanted

to make the Empire a better place,

But I'm afraid these insurgents
have twisted my message

into something violent and frightening.

Of course, I can't abide that.

So I'm personally offering
a reward for their capture.

Karabast. Shut it off.

Still makes me sick to think that
Trayvis is working for the Empire.

Every time we win, we lose.

Well, I have a plan
that might just even the score.

If Trayvis can do it, we can do it, too.

What, we're gonna send out some kind
of inspirational type messages?



I don't get it.

Yeah, Kanan. What are you thinking?
We can't just send a signal.

The Empire would track it
in half a second.

Not if the signal comes from
one of its own towers.

Now I get it.

You want to take control
of an Imperial communications tower,

which is pretty much impossible,

and then you want to use it to send
a message to the people of Lothal?

Not just Lothal. One of those big towers
can reach a few systems.

That's a crazy plan.

That's why you like it.

And what would we say
in this message?

Something the Empire never says,
the truth.

We have to let people know
what it's really like out here.

Now, are you in?

Count me in.

Commandant Cumberlayne Aresko
and Taskmaster Myles Grint reporting.

Gentlemen. Sit.

I understand you have experience
dealing with these insurgents.

Yes, sir.

And your efforts
have been less than successful?

Well, I... I wouldn't say...

Commandant, if your efforts
had been successful,

we would not be having this little chat.

Now, when was
the last activity reported?

Sir, we responded personally

to an attack last night
in one of the outlying towns.

And the details of this attack?

Nothing of note.

The insurgents stole some supplies
and escaped on speeder bikes.

No casualties.

But you see, Commandant,

there is something of note in that report,
no casualties.

Your rebel cell
is more principled than others.

Others, sir?
You mean there are other cells?

Cells, factions, tribes...
Call them what you will.

They lack the one thing

that would make them
a credible threat to the Empire,


While your cell seems
uninterested in violence,

it does present a specific threat,
the Jedi.

We have encountered him, sir,
and he lives up to their reputation.

I doubt that very much.

But I am not concerned
with his skills as a warrior.

I am concerned
with what he represents.

Or perhaps I should say,

I am concerned by what you allow him
to represent by failing to stop him,


There are whispers
of this alleged Jedi in the streets.

In time, such whispers
might spark belief

in something other than
the strength and security of the Empire.

And that, gentlemen,
is something I cannot have.

Make no mistake.

From now on,
failure will have consequences.

Agent Kallus,
you will dispatch probe droids

to every known location
of insurgent activity on Lothal.

We will discover the whereabouts
of these criminals

and we will make examples of them.

There it is. The Empire's
main communications tower on Lothal.

It routes comm from
every Imperial operation on the planet,

including the Empire's
HoloNet broadcasts.

I got bucketheads on the perimeter

and at least three anti-ship batteries
around the base.

Not an easy trip to the front door.

Don't underestimate yourself.

Sabine, let's be optimistic.

Say we get to the front door.
What then?

I could upload a data spike
into the central computer

and have that transmitter operational
in, I don't know, five minutes?

I said be optimistic.

- Five minutes is optimistic.
- Three is better.

Hey. You can have it good
or you can have it fast.

All right. Scan us a holomap
and let's get out of here.

I don't like the look of that thing.

Imperial probe droid.

- Does it see us?
- Not yet.

- How can you tell?
- Because we're not dead.

We need to move.

Hate to mention this,
but where are the bikes?

Next to the road.

Right where that thing will see them.

Hope somebody's got an idea,
or this whole plan is shot.

I could have blasted it
and gotten that result.

Yeah, but then the Empire
would suspect something was up.

Good thinking, Padawan.

Okay. It's touching when you two bond,

but I'm betting that probe has friends,
so let's move it.

Governor, one of our probes
seems to have found something.

We believe these are the speeder bikes

responsible for the rebel activity
near Jalath.

Where was this footage taken?

the main communications tower.

A perfect target for these criminals.

We can't risk losing the tower.
We should reinforce security...

No. Let them believe they still
possess the element of surprise.

Lure them in, and we shall be waiting.

As you wish.

Inquisitor, I am giving you
the opportunity to redeem yourself.

Do not disappoint me.

And remember, I want this Jedi alive.

Your faith will be rewarded.

If it works, we should be able to use this
to transmit directly through the tower.

- How we doing?
- Well, Chopper has the spike.

We get him into the tower
and he can upload it

right into the computer core
from any terminal.

Stop complaining, bolt-brain.
You have the easy job.

What's the range of this spike?

As long as the tower is transmitting,
we're good to go.

Everyone will hear what we say.
Well, anyone who's listening.

Once the spike is uploaded,
we'll signal.

- And I spirit you away in the Phantom.
- That's the plan.

And things always
go according to plan, right?

She's right about that.

- What's with you?
- Nothing.

Let's take a walk.

What's on your mind?

I'm not sure
we should go through with this.

Ezra, you are up to this. I know you are.

I know that's what you want to think.

But look. As much as I wish
I was like my parents, I'm not.

There's something else.

My parents spoke out
and I lost them, and I don't...

I don't want to lose you guys, okay?
Not over this.

Hey. All of us have lost things.

And we will take more losses
before this is over.

But we can't let that stop us
from taking risks.

We have to move forward.

And when the time comes,

we have to be ready
to sacrifice for something bigger.

That sounds good, but it's not so easy.

It's not easy for me either.

My master tried to show me,

but I don't think I ever understood it
until now, trying to teach it to you.

I guess you and I
are learning these things together.

Okay, Sabine, three minutes.

Chopper, install the spike.

What? They're here? That's impossible.

Time's up.

Sabine, we got targets incoming.
Let's move!

You said I'd get three minutes.

Well, now you get one, so hurry up!

Yeah, you and me both.

- Go get Zeb.
- I'm staying right here.

No, you're getting Zeb
then coming back here. Now go!

Spectre-1 to Phantom.
We're gonna change our pickup.

Not a good idea, Spectre-1.

Plan's changing.

Just get your eyes on the sky.
We'll meet you up there.

Copy that.

Okay, I got a signal. It worked. Let's go.

Zeb, come on. Kanan wants us to move.

But I like this gun.

We'll get you another gun!

Yeah, I can get another gun.

- Not this way. Back inside.
- Are you crazy?

Take the lift.
Hera will meet you at the top.

- Wait. What about you?
- I'll take the next one.

Let's go.


I'll be right behind you.

Now this is a familiar situation.

Same situation, same ending.

You lose.

I don't think so.

Where's Kanan?

What did you hope to gain
by coming here?

You're clever.

Figure it out.

- You've been practicing.
- Nice of you to notice.

There's someone
who wants to meet you.

If you surrender now,
he might let your friends live.


We're full of surprises.


- Spectre-2, get out of here!
- Not an option, Kanan.

No time! Go!

- We can't!
- Hera!

Looks like I have time
to meet your friend after all.

Well done, Inquisitor.
These are the results I expect.

So, you are the Jedi in question?

Whatever you want from me,
you won't get it.

- Sir, we have a problem.
- Explain.

It appears the insurgents have gained
control of the tower's transmitter.

We have been called criminals,
but we are not.

We are rebels, fighting for the people,

fighting for you.

I'm not that old, but I remember a time
when things were better on Lothal.

Maybe not great, but never like this.

See what the Empire
has done to your lives,

your families and your freedom?

It's only gonna get worse,
unless we stand up and fight back.

It won't be easy.
There will be loss and sacrifice.

But we can't back down
just because we're afraid.

That's when we need
to stand the tallest.

That's what my parents taught me.

That's what my new family
helped me remember.

Stand up together.

Because that's when we're strongest,

as one.

You do not know what it takes
to win a war.

But I do.

Was it worth it?
You think anybody heard?

I have a feeling they did.

This isn't over.

No, it isn't.