Star Wars Rebels (2014–2018): Season 1, Episode 11 - Vision of Hope - full transcript

The crew of the Ghost try to thwart an Imperial plan to capture an exiled dignitary.

You've got the blocking down
for the most part,

but you shouldn't just randomly
deflect the energy any which way.

You've yet to hit the target I gave you.

"Yet"! Key word is "yet."

You're distracted, impatient.
What's your rush?

I don't want to miss
Senator Trayvis's transmission.

You don't even know
if he'll transmit today.

He's been on more frequencies lately,
and I have a feeling.

Today's the day.

Well, I have a feeling you're gonna get
stunned if you don't stay in the moment.

This moment.

You there.

Senator, you're in terrible danger

Put your saber down, boy now!

The Empire knows you're here.
Stay close, Senator

You want me to go in there?

Your parents were very brave.

I got stunned, didn't I?

No, you deflected
every blast back at the target.

I saw something.

Saw? You had a vision?

I saw Gall Trayvis.
Kanan, he knew my parents!

It was so real.

You were there, and you were there,
sneaking around in the dark.

- Troopers were everywhere.
- Sounds like a pretty average day.

Except Senator Trayvis was there,
fighting side by side with us.

- And he said he knew my parents!
- Right.

Look, Ezra, just because
you want something to happen

doesn't mean it's going to.

But it might.

What are you doing?

Helping you to hone your Jedi powers.

- Why didn't you see that coming?
- Doesn't work that way.

- Stop!
- Maybe if we keep trying.

Ezra, hurry! He's on!

- I started recording before he came on.
- Yes!

I'll play back the entire message.

The insurgents terrorizing our world
will soon be brought to justice.

I have assurances from...

Citizens, Senator-in-Exile
Gall Trayvis here...

Right on time!

...coming to you with a reminder

that the Empire applies
the term "insurgent"

to anyone who dares
defy their tyranny.

Such as some
very courageous souls on Lothal.

He's talking about us. He said Lothal.

I know. Here it comes.

To those rebels, I have a message.

The sun may have set
on the Old Republic,

but a new freedom can be won

if we are brave enough
to fight for it today.

See you soon, my friends.

In other news, Lothal's mines are...

He's coming here to meet us.

How do you know that?

My contact, Fulcrum, says

the senator hides coded messages
in his transmissions.

When Trayvis mentions a world,
it's always the next one he visits.

How come the Empire
hasn't caught him?

Trayvis is too smart.

You know, he pirates the Empire's
own signal, just like my folks used to.

And the clues he puts in his messages

where to meet him
are obvious to the locals,

but go right over the Empire's head.


The sun may have set
on the Old Republic,

but a new freedom can be won...

He said "the Old Republic"
and "a new freedom."

Well, everybody on Lothal
knows the New Freedom mural.

It's painted on the wall inside
the Old Republic Senate Building!

Been abandoned since
the Empire built the Imperial complex.

Good place for a friendly get-together.

Yeah, but when's this meeting?

He worked "sunset" and "today"
into his message.

- Pretty obvious.
- Yeah, too obvious.

We should have some insurance,

in case the Empire
is more clever than we think.

You've got a friend inside the Imperial
complex, right? So find out for sure.

I'll meet you at my parents' house
at 1700.


About your vision. Don't be too quick...

To take it literally?
Kanan, I know it's right.

You're always telling me
to trust my feelings.

Well, I've never felt stronger
about anything in my life.



You're a stealthy one, Dev Morgan.

Yeah, that's me, stealthy Dev Morgan.

Hey, thanks for meeting me
last minute, cadet.

By the way,
how'd you get past the gate?

I've been promoted.
Got class three clearance now.

- Congratulations?
- To both of us.

New clerical and courier duties give me
greater access to intel you can use.

Unless I'm caught, in which case...

Yeah, let's not get you shot.
What do you have?

Agent Kallus
and every section commander

have been in secret tactical meetings.

He's gathering troops
for a massive operation.

Any idea what for?

Something to do
with the Old Senate Building.

But it might just be a drill. I'm not sure.

It's no drill. I need to warn the others.

One more thing.

I'm being transferred off world
to the Officers Academy on Arkanis.

There's something you should know.

Don't tell me
you're gonna miss me, Dev.

What? No.

I mean, sure, but... Look, that's not it.
My real name is not Dev.

- It's not your name?
- No, it's...

You there.

No! My vision!

No time to explain.

Cadet, you all right?

Yes, sir.

I caught that Loth-rat
selling black market goods.

We'll get him.

Over here!

This way.

We were tracking an insurgent,
but the search was inconclusive.

Agent Kallus,

you're certain this operation
will solve our rebel problem?

The Inquisitor says...

I believe the Inquisitor has put too much
emphasis on the capture of the Jedi.

Our attention should be
on the rebels as a group.

We catch my rebels, we catch his Jedi.

Where is everybody?

It's pretty old. He said
his parents used it to broadcast from.

I don't get it.

They weren't soldiers, just citizens.

- So why'd they risk it all?
- They had hope.

That they could do something to make
the galaxy a better place for their son.

Cutting it a little close.

I know you don't want to
miss Trayvis's meeting.

Neither does the Empire.

And you were right, Kanan.
They know where the meeting is.

Kallus has an operation planned,
probably to capture Trayvis or worse.

The Imperials will have numbers.

We'll have surprise.

- What gives you that idea?
- I'm being optimistic.

There's a dignitary shuttle
and two protocol droids on the platform.

Trayvis must already be inside.

I'm not seeing any Imperial forces.

Well, they gotta be around.

Yeah, I found them.

Looks like they have
the whole area locked down.

We've gotta get Trayvis outta there
before the Empire moves in.

Wait. Why haven't they moved in?

They want us too. It's a trap.

So maybe we don't walk into it for once.

We don't even know for sure
your precious senator is in there.

Yes, we do. I saw it.

If we can get up there
without being seen,

maybe we fly him out on his own ship.

I know a way in. No one will see us.

Hey, I survived alone
against the Empire for eight years.

Come on.

That's a sewer pipe.

Yes, it is.
And I can pretty much guarantee

we're not gonna run into
any stormtroopers down there.


Okay, Chop, stay here,
just in case we need a backup...


Used to be too much water
to walk down here,

but since the Empire started rationing,
pretty dry.

Well, it hasn't helped the smell.

Speaking of which,
it does smell like you.

I was talking to Ezra.

Wait. You know what I smell like?

Can we focus, please?

What do you think?

Better safe than sorry.

What was that?

My sensors indicate
it came from the ship.

Better investigate.

Hold on. You two, up top.

Want a lift?

Hello. Who's there?

Senator Trayvis. We're friends.


I was beginning to think
no one on Lothal got my message.

Senator, you're in terrible danger.
The Empire knows you're here.

That's impossible.

Kanan Jarrus, Jedi Knight.

Padawan Jabba.

And what have we here?
A Twi'lek I've yet to meet.

From your regalia,
I suspect you must be our talented pilot.

Where is the Lasat
and the Mandalorian girl?

If you won't talk, then my troopers
will become a firing squad.

You'd better do as he says.

Don't worry, Senator.
Our friends will be along.

Stay close, Senator.

We've gotta get Trayvis out of here!

Follow us.

Was really hoping
that shuttle'd still be here.

And that's not the ride we're looking for.

Agent Kallus, they must not escape!

They haven't, Minister.

They won't.

You want me to go in there?

It's not so bad
once you get used to the smell.

You never get used to the smell.


Get this open. I want troopers
at every exit in the lower city.

Yes, I'm... I'm coming.

- Ezra, wait up.
- Sorry, Senator.

We just wanna get out of here
as fast as we can.

I am the one who should apologize,
my young friend.

I've been pursued,
but never in such a place as this.

Figured you'd be used to
running from the Empire.

Well, I...

I've never come this close
to capture before.

We'll draw them away!
Get Spectre-2 and Trayvis to the hatch.

Wait. How will you find us?

I can smell you, remember?

Think of something clever to say later.

Unit number C1-10P?

Is this one of ours?
I can barely read its operating number.

- This one's sealed shut.
- Insurgents are loose in the sewers.

Sound the alarm
if you see any rebel activity.

On to the next one.

Spectre-5, do you actually know
where we're going?

Of course I do. Sorta.

Zeb! This way.

You're so well organized.

To evade the Empire as you have,
you must have quite a support system.

Good funding, powerful allies.

No, this is it. We're all there is.

You can't be serious.

I hoped we could
learn from you, Senator.

Your transmissions
have already helped keep us going.

Just to know someone else
is out there has meant a lot.

Come on!

How are we getting past this thing?

We could try to cut its power.

Watch our backs, will ya?

That's enough.

We're not going anywhere.

Senator? What are you doing?

Put your saber down, boy.


You're... You're with the Empire?

But all your transmissions,
those planets you visited.

How did word not get out about you?

Because no one ever knew,
not even my own droids.

Insurgents are not arrested.
They're identified and watched.

The troublesome ones
have accidents after I'm gone.

But you're not a traitor.

You're a voice of freedom,
a light in the darkness, like my parents.


No one has spoken
against the Empire on Lothal

since the Bridger transmissions.

I remember them.

The original voices of freedom.

You're their son.

Why? Why?

I joined the Empire,
like your parents should have,

for their lives, for you.

Your parents were very brave
and very foolish.

Where are they now?
I'll tell you, my boy.

They're gone!

They're not gone, Trayvis.

Stop right there.

As long as we fight,
all that they spoke out for lives on.

I said stop!



A true rebel would know
if he's holding a charged blaster.

- You knew.
- He tried to get us to surrender.

He wasn't tired when he stopped.
He was waiting for Kallus to catch up.

And he wanted our secrets.

I didn't want to believe it.

- What happened to the senator?
- He was working for the Empire.

Is there anybody on our side?

So guess he stays here.
What's our plan?

We were gonna stop the fan
to get through.

Okay, but what will keep
our friends from following?

We only stop it long enough
for us to get past it. Cover me.


Move it, rebels!

Blast the Jedi!

Ezra, let's go!

Hey, you're supposed
to be glad to see us.

I didn't see it. I was so wrong.

We all thought he was a good person.

You always say I should trust the Force.

I thought that's what I was doing.

Your emotions clouded the vision.
It takes...

- Training and discipline?
- To see things clearly, yes.

Visions are difficult,
almost impossible to interpret.

What was the last vision you had?

I saw this bratty kid
that constantly caused me trouble.

I guess you read that one wrong.

Yeah, I guess so.

You know, I wanted to believe
in Trayvis as much as you did.

Yeah. What's wrong with us?

We have hope,
hope that things can get better.

And they will.