Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 7 - Sacramentum - full transcript

Spartacus and his rebels try to increase their numbers by freeing fighters enslaved in foreign wars. Lucretia seeks to recruit one of her husband's former gladiators to outmaneuver powerful Romans.

My father dissolves
our marriage

in favor of more
promising opportunity.

- Is there nothing left between us?
- Memories only.

The arena has burned
to fucking ground...

...with many Romans
among the ashes!

Can he be healed?

This man-
beyond what should warrant life.

His name is Oenomaus
and he is more than common man.

100 more bodies
pulled from the arena.

This was found
in the wreckage.

The gods have punished me
by striking down my father.

- It is not enough.
- Gaius.

The only reason you have not
joined your father

is the child
that grows within you.

House slaves will never be gladiators.
We need fighting men.

Perhaps it is time to revisit
plans towards Neapolis

and slaver ships
from foreign wars.

You would attack the port?

I do not care
for the fucking rain,

nor disturbance
at unreasonable hour.

I would have you quickly removed
from such concerns...

and well compensated

for allowing eyes
upon your latest offering...

in advance of auction.

You must have pressing needs,
to venture out on such a night.

I fear the rising sun
would dash hopes of them being met.

Short of time,
long of coin-

what form of slave
narrows your purpose?

I have a desire
towards fighting men.

Ah, gladiators.

I've supplied Rome with many
of its finest champions.

Sadly, with the arena
in Capua gone,

there is less interest in base men
of such talents.

Fortunate for my cause then.

Come, let us see
how you can further aid it.

Thick of the stench,

savages east of the Rhine
tend to favor their own shit.

I intended to have them scrubbed
and oiled before auction,

but I fear that would do little
to improve their natural odor.

And how do you find
the women?

As unpleasant
as their men.

I would not recommend

Finish quickly. Release them.

You're not from our lands.

Yet I was once bound in chains

by the Romans, as you were-

a grievance I would see them
pay dearly for.

This says they are with us.

A fortunate thing

that we liberate a ship
filled with your people.

The gods favor us.

No longer will we have to listen
to those fucking Gauls again.

Good Mercato
spoke highly of you.

A grave misfortune

that his tongue
has forever been silenced.

His passing cause
for my presence before you.


Too gentle a word for
how he was ushered from this life,

blood and brains staining
the pulvinus

as he thought to flee
Spartacus's wrath.

A thing that threatens
to consume many innocent lives.

We have thought you
but mangled corpse

and the sundered beams
of the arena your tomb.

The events of the day caused me
absent proper mind.

It has since returned.

And you to our streets.

Mercato my purpose,
as I said.

There is the matter of coin

for services tendered
upon the sands.

You were secured to execute those shits
that follow Spartacus.

I do not recall any
falling to your sword.

It would have happened,
had Spartacus not appeared.

And coin would have
materialized the same.

But the past
cannot be altered.

I am without coin, Magistrate.

I would not have returned

For your years of pleasing
the crowd in the arena.

Now follow

once noble monument,
and collapse from sight.

Magistrate, apologies.

My rudis was lost
when the arena fell.

- Without it-
- You press beyond reason.

Ill wind has blown Capua

from once-steady course.

Take further matter
to Praetor Glaber.

Perhaps you can entice coin
from him as well,

if caught upon proper mood.

...and misfortune.

We have all suffered loss

of those closest to us.

Even a senator
of our great Republic,

a man my wife called father,

has been ripped
from this world

by Spartacus
and his mongrel hordes!

And now beloved Seppius

has fallen

to this festering disease
of rebellion,

murdered by his own slaves,

who even now
spirit themselves away

to join Spartacus
against us!


We must be ever vigilant
in these dark times.

We must bring to light

even dimmest shadow
of betrayal,

if it is revealed to us.

From this day forward,

any slave

who dares to whisper
the name Spartacus

shall be put to death...

...even those

owned by a praetor of Rome.

Seize her.

Dominus, I did nothing.


Do not speak against him.

Listen how she begs,

pleading with the very tongue

that only yesterday held praise
for Spartacus upon it,

praise for the slaves

that murdered Seppius,

praise most fortunate
to be overheard

by loyal wife.


It is true.

I heard her speak it.

Would that she had
more than one life to take.

Let this serve as warning

to any slave

who would conspire
against us.


None deserved.

It was a foolish attempt.

You seek to part
head from shoulders.

There are blows that kill
with less effort.

Then I shall learn them.

He is never from her side.

Spartacus wanted him
towards Neapolis,

but he would not leave her.

Though perhaps it's best to keep
him and Agron parted.

Naevia's blessed
to be loved so deeply.

As are you,

by Spartacus.


I taught you

never to lower guard.

Now see Naevia
to same instruction.


I thought you
for the afterlife.

As I you.

Yet we did not escape
deep wounds.

A thing to be visited upon
the Romans a thousandfold,

now that Oenomaus
stands with us once again.

He was a fool

to be gone so long from your side.

Such things are
of the past.

Let us turn thought
towards future

and what joys
it may hold.

You have done
the impossible.


- Our ranks swell.
- We will need more weapons-

a concern
that must be addressed.

I sense a deeper one.

These are all
fucking Agron's people.

Our forces have doubled
in a single day...

with people that are no stranger
to battle and blood.

And whom
will they follow?

I detected a hint of movement
in your hips this time...

a subtle thrust...

as I bore down.

You begin to enjoy
my cock inside of you?

I would have answer.




Yes, Dominus.

Has a man ever heard

so sweet a sound?

Your voice,

your touch...

the warmth of your thighs-

little wonder Quintus fell
beneath your spell,

lavishing you
with affection and gifts.

You call me Dominus now
in his place.

It is only just

that I present you
with something in return.

How did you come by
such bounty?

They were freely given
by the dead

who no longer have
need for them.

When this chest is full,

its worth shall see Ashur
to even greater heights.


for one such as you-

something purchased
with coin.

I know how fond Quintus was
of the color.

I would have you wear it...

so that I may look up to you
upon the balcony...

and know that you're mine.

Heart has been
deeply wounded.

If there is anything to offer as balm,
you need but voice it.

Did you take command
of his men?

I did.

Would that he had given them
freely in life,

Spartacus would be
a distant memory

and my brother
yet by my side.

If only it had been so,

my father would yet
grace this world

and my slave would have had
no cause to be crucified.

Your brother's men arrive.

- Come.
- Open the gate!

Let us review them

and bind them to cause
with oath of loyalty.

Fall to attention!

Hold tongue.

Give attention.

Who stands forth
as your voice?

Octavius Tarsus.

I stand for them.

Your benefactor

has been ripped from this world
by the villain Spartacus.

Towards his end,
I conscript you and your men

into the army
of Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Recite the sacramentum
and commit loyalty.

I, Octavius Tarsus,

swear by
Jupiter Optimus Maximus

that I shall uphold
and defend the Republic.

I swear to have her enemies
as my enemies

and her friends
as my friends.

You've taken
to your old color.

I pledge to defend
the Republic...

I fear it no longer
suits me.

...and her honor
with all my thoughts,

my words and actions.

I pledge my body and life
to the Republic

and to its army
under the leadership

of Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Will they be enough?

Added to my own troops, yes.

They will be enough
to bring Spartacus to justice.

I do not seek justice.

I seek vengeance.

The man who took the life of my brother
must die the same,

in blood and slaughter.

...have all those held
close to heart.

By Jupiter Optimus Maximus,
I so swear.

By Jupiter Optimus Maximus,

we SO swear.

Set camp
outside these walls.

Salvius will see you
to orders...

and the death of Spartacus.

You are
Glaber's men now.

Gratitude for your kindness.

Fall to attention.

Know that
I have treasured it.

Move out.

Perhaps it would be best
if you made home here

beneath our roof.

I leave in the morning
for my uncle's villa in Pompeii.

I would not have you
upon the road

while the threat of Spartacus
still remains.

I'll send word to you uncle,
if you find solace in the thought.

Your presence
offers great comfort.

I am blessed
to find myself among you.

Come, let us
make arrangements.

Was it so recent
that I thought him weak?

I know gaze into his eyes

and tremble
at what lurks behind them.

Do not work yourself into
an unfortunate state.

Your child-

Is the only reason
I yet live.

Nothing I do pleases him.

He tortures me
for what I have done-

Decila crucified,
Seppia invited into our house,

the way he looks at her.

I would see myself over cliff

if this is all
fate now holds.

My heart would follow
to the rocks below.

I cannot live like this.

Nor I.

The last of our meat.

I forgot how much my kind
devour upon a sitting.

Much seems to have
slipped mind of late.

You sent me to scout Neapolis
and report on opportunity.

That ship provided it.

Were there any others
that may have afforded the same?


one from Damascus,
the other Gallia.

News I would have cared
to know.

Would it have made difference?
Men from Damascus

are of low quality
and even lower trust.

And Gallia?

I would not have these ranks
filled with Gauls.


Is an honorable man.

I will take your brothers to hunt
when day breaks

to replenish supply,

gauge how we might
come together.

And tell those who are able
to speak in common tongue

so that all among us
may know their thoughts.

They will prove great asset.

I give you my word.

You fucking cunt.

Nothing is free.

I heard you were dead,

carried to the afterlife
with all the others

that fell beneath the arena.

I yet breathe.

My purse, however,
has suffered fatal blow.

I have no coin
to pry open thighs.

They may yet widen
of their own accord.

A miracle lacking profit

for you and your master.

Do you recall what it was like
to have one

before you gained
your freedom?

No man is ever truly free.

Except for Spartacus

and those who follow him.

Did you see him
when he attacked the arena?

What form of man was he?

You speak of dangerous things.

I'm not the only one.

There's talk among many of us
toward joining his cause.

There is no cause,

only the leading of innocent fools
to their deaths.

You have no coin then?

A few denarii for passage
away from this fucking city.

Strike Spartacus
from your thoughts

and come with me.

The mighty Gannicus.

It is joyous occasion

to find you yet alive,

with ripe offering
perched upon lap.


It is unforgivable
to come between man and cunt,

yet I must have words
with my brother.

An enticing creature.

Of course you never lack
the attention of fine women.

If you seek words,
break them and be done.

The years have not seen you
to better manners.

Nor you
to better company.

I would advise caution.

These men are the hand
of Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Oh, and what are you?

His cock or his ass?

lam his will...

bound by duty
to restore order.

By nailing little girls
to the cross?

Any slaves who whisper
of Spartacus and his rebellion...

shall find place beside her.

I have no interest
in whispers,

nor the will
of your praetor.

Old words from a slave.

You mistake me.

I am a free man.


I was there upon the sands
when you became

a god of the arena.

It was a sight
never to be forgotten,

Gannicus besting
20 gladiators

in the primus
of the opening day.

And his reward-
the rudis,

a wooden sword carved
with the legend of his victories,

proof of freedom

demanded by adoring crowd.

Show them.

I am sure
they would be eager

to lay eyes
upon such rare marvel.


You do not have it
upon you?

You know I do not.

As I know

the praetor
will be most pleased

with the presence
of your company.

I find it surprising
that you are still of this world,

more so that you did not
think it wise

to present yourself
at sooner convenience.


Gannicus has always been
a man of few words.

Yet he favors the magistrate
with whole sentences, I'm told.

I sought only
to conclude business.

You aim too low.

Spartacus brings the arena
down upon you,

and yet here you stand,

a phoenix
risen from its ashes.

The gods have truly
blessed him.

As they now bless me

with his presence.

I was moved

by the reaction of the crowd
when you stepped upon the sands,

the swell of their voices
heralding your name,

filling the air with hope.

Even tarnished by blood
and calamity,

such a thing

yet can hold value.

Your rudis.

And its price?

A simple oath

pledging yourself
to my command.


was also once thought
victim of Spartacus

yet now stands
a powerful symbol

used to calm
swelling concern.

I would add you as such-

a former slave
of the House of Batiatus

now sworn to bring
errant brothers to justice.

It appears you already have
one of those.

Ashur's talents
are of the shadows.

I would present you
in glorious light,

at the front of my troops

to the roar of the crowd
once again.

And if I no longer crave
for such clamor?

You're a free man.

Your fate is your own.

I will send for you again
in a few days

and expect reasonable decision
to accompany you.


Forgive me, Praetor.

Gannicus cannot be trusted.

Same once said of you,

yet here you stand.

See one of your men
to follow.

If Gannicus attempts
to leave Capua,

crucify him.

Perhaps Gannicus
was right.

Those closest are of greater concern
than the Romans.

Agron has aided cause
many times.

His sport of simple truth
less common.

"An angry young boy,
pissing on all those about him"-

were those not your words?

You know I hold Agron
in affection.

Yet we must always be

Chadara is a lesson
not to be forgotten.

You did what you had to.

She left you absent choice.

I pray Agron presents you
better option.

Is there no other way?

You were right about Gaius.

The man he was no longer peers
from behind his eyes.

He will not be swayed
by words or gentle touch.

Only blood
can set us free now.


It will hurt
but for a moment.

Lift your dress.


A slaver ship was set upon, carrying
prisoners captured east of the Rhine.

Warriors to aid
Spartacus's cause.

An obvious conclusion.

Dispatch men to Neapolis.

Question anyone who may have seen
where they were headed after liberation.



Fetch the medicus, quickly!


What has happened to her?

It is a sign from the gods,

one carried by the child
yet to breathe life.

And its meaning?

Your heir will die
if it remains in a city

cursed with blood and fear.

I will have her carried to Rome
as soon as she's able,

with trusted guard
to watch over her at all times

till my return.

I shall accompany her
and tend to her needs.


Apologies, Praetor.

Lucretia's a dear friend
to your wife

yet offers greater comfort
to Capua.

I fear the people
will fall to despair

absent her divine presence.

Wise counsel.

Have your presence
known tomorrow in the market.

Ease mind of our city

and continue to assure them

the gods favor my efforts.

We have been training
those freed of bond,

yet none among us ever held
title of Doctore.

I have no knowledge
of soldiers and the war.

I know only
the ways of a gladiator.

I can think of no fiercer army
so instructed.

Open their eyes to what a man
can do given cause.

As you have opened mine.

I hunt with Agron
and his people

to better gauge them.

I will lend aid
when I return.

I fear you hunt alone.

Agron left with the others
before light broke.


You hunt without me...

when you knew
my intention.

They woke before the sun and were eager
to take advantage of freedom.

We hunt, catch meat.

And Roman drink!

I did not know this forest
was stocked with such.

Where did you come by this?

A wagon along the road.

You attack the road

so close to our position,
absent proper weapons?

No one see.
All dead.

I'm glad I risked my life
for this lot.

They see us
to proper force.

They see us to nothing
but discovery.

Let the Romans come.

I tire of hiding
like fucking rabbits.

We are not ready
for a direct assault.

Something even a child
could see.

This child helped save you
from the arena

and filled our numbers
with warriors.

The pup has found himself nothing
but a pack of wild dogs.

Ones that will never follow
a fucking Gaul.

Apologies for leaving
without you.

I question the boy's sincerity.

Let us break meal
with our new brothers

and attempt to settle this.

May the gods bless you.

May the gods
bless you.

May the gods bless you.

Hold the crowd back.
I would have words with Gannicus

towards your praetor's desire.

There's talk among
many of us toward joining his cause.

You knew her?

A foolish girl.

She spoke too loudly of things
she should not have.

The city is filled with ears

straining for whispers
of betrayal.

It's filled with eyes as well.

Attempt to leave the city
and share a cross beside your friend.

I am not your slave.

And I will not bow
to your threats.

Nor would I see you.

The oracle of fucking riddles.

Come to plain words.

I saw something in your eyes

when you stood before Glaber.

I saw something beyond
a man weighing decision.

The gods bless you with the gift
to see into my thoughts now, do they?

More like her will die.

The guilty, the innocent-
there will stand no difference

when caught between Glaber's wrath
and Spartacus's vengeance.

And what would you
have me do?

Take up offer

and turn on those
that I once called brother?


I would have you end the life
of Gaius Claudius Glaber.

He is desperate to claim
Spartacus's life,

so consumed
that he now stands

more a threat
than the Thracian himself.

And what difference
would it make?

Rome would only send another
to take his place.

Spartacus blames Glaber
for part in his wife's death.

Remove him from the world

and the scales of blood
will be balanced.

Spartacus will drift
from Rome.

No one's life will be lost
on either side.

Glaber's own wife

this very night
leaves for Rome,

taking with her
half his personal guard

to see her safely
from the city.

I could distract any that remain
posted to the villa entry,

giving opportunity
for a single man

to take Glaber's life
while he sleeps

and Spartacus
to receive the blame.

You have lost mind.

The whole world
has slipped from reason.

I seek only to restore it.

Move aside.

Rid yourself of Ashur's man.

When moon stands highest,
I will see path cleared.

Choose to set upon it...

or see legions fall
to pointless suffering.


Your people- they lift spirits.

Not all are so moved.

Perhaps they'll kill each other

and give proper cause
for celebration.

You are an impossible man.

Something you've always known.

And chose to ignore...

to better see the man
beneath his faults.

What if you had found
nothing of worth

when the veil was pierced?

Sing with me, my dark brother,
and share my women.

I know not your words.

Ah, Lugo will teach.

Oenomaus finds himself

They are a boisterous people.

Sometimes wine and foolishness
are needed

to forger stronger bond.

Sing with me.

Now is not the time
for such things.

Is it ever?


I'll try and wrest a drink
from Lugo.

for us to share

and in the act

aid Oenomaus in escape.

I tried to convince him
to let you come.

He would not be moved.

It's a thing of no matter.

What you have done for me.

Would that we were
never parted.

You shall find me again
to your arms...

sooner than expected.

I sway Gannicus to forever remove
Gaius from concern.

When it is done,
I will raise clamor

and see Gannicus follow
to the afterlife.

llithyia, it's time.


you shall be missed.

Wine, we share.

Gratitude, but Crixus awaits.

Ah, the Gaul.

Yes, I see his eyes at me-

no love.

He needs time.

And drink.

I will tell him.

Tell him
his eyes I not like.

Your eyes better.

Let me pass.





Calm yourselves.



Is this what you are-


demanding slaughter?

We give you freedom

and you repay it
with blood and dishonor.

If you cannot stand among us
as trusted brother,

if you cannot follow
my orders...

take leave now

or join Sedullus in death.

I follow Spartacus.

I call no man my kin

that does not stand so.

The man that killed Sedullus...

is great warrior.

And Lugo follow.


pressing concerns.


has made his decision.