Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 8 - Balance - full transcript

Spartacus gets a chance for vengeance when a prominent Roman is captured, but will he satisfy desire at the cost of the greater good? The intrigue amongst Glaber and the women surrounding him heats up.

House slaves
will never be gladiators--

something we are
in short supply of.

We need fighting men.

Keys, quickly.
Release them.

- Our ranks swell.
- We will need more weapons.

Gratitude for your kindness.

Know that l have
treasured it.

ls it true?
Did you lay with her?

- Oenomaus--
- ( screams )

l would have you end the life
of Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Glaber's own wife
this very night leaves for Rome.

Your men are now mine.

( theme music playing )

Where do you take me?

Please, l am with child.

( men chattering )

Someone approaches.

Follow fucking lead

and do not stray from it.


What brings you so far
from road, brother,

with one so ripe?

An ancient horse
gone to grass.

The woods offer shorter distance
for my wife to Pompeii.

Shorter by a lifetime,
if tread absent caution.

Spartacus and his fucks set upon a wagon
not far from here recently.


Perhaps, we should be
on our way, my love...

unless similar misfortune
fall upon us.

lt appears it already has.

How did you come by that?

Our horse, when it fell.

On the road to Pompeii, yes.

You have business there?

Meat and bone
carved for coin.

A butcher?


Fine dress for wife of such.

He's a gladiator.
l am the praetor's--


llithyia: Help me!

Somebody help me!

Help me!

Raise voice again,

and l will hack tongue
from fucking mouth.

Ask any price.

My husband will see it paid
for my return.

( chuckles )

l seek no ransom.

You are going to
rob me of my life?

lt is not mine to take.

l could have speared him.

He was beyond your throw.

You know the distance better
than my own hand, do you?

l know many things regarding
the great and powerful Spartacus.

Great and powerful?

And kind and just.

l have peered
into your very heart

and know what it holds.

You would not have found
content so pleasing,

if you had chanced
upon me in my youth.

Mira: Huh.

l stood more animal
than man.

And what tamed
the wild beast?

Your wife, of course.


( footsteps )

( llithyia moaning )

Take the life
of Glaber's woman,

as he took the life of yours.

See end to vengeance

and with it
the suffering of all

caught between you
and such desires.

l am to blame for her fate.

Had l not broken words
with Gannicus,

he never would have known
llithyia was on the road.

An unfortunate slip
of the tongue.

l thought only to convince
Gannicus of proper path--

to willingly follow
your command

and join the hunt
for Spartacus.

The man is probably in league
with the fucking Thracian.

They were both slaves
under your house, were they not?

Separated by a distance
of years.

They never have met
one another.

That we have knowledge of,

not that it is a thing
of matter now.

Gannicus now holds

my wife and unborn child!

lf she yet draws breath.

No, he would not have
risked all

to take her from the city
only to have her life.

She yet lives.

l feel her heart beating
as though it were my own.

Your men must scour the countryside
until she is found.

Such an area takes months to cover
with numbers at hand.

Then send message
to Rome for aid.

Word of this shall not spread
beyond these walls.

But llithyia--

Was snatched from grasp
of a praetor of Rome.

l will not have
the Senate whisper

of how l could not
protect my own wife.

A wise choice.

You must look
towards your future.

You talk of politics?

llithyia is valued friend
and wife.

She holds the blessing
of your child,

and with him slim tether
to Albinius's wealth,

one which will be severed
if she is not found.

Do not lecture on
what is at fucking risk!

Ashur: Praetor.

You have seen it done?

All trace of your wife's
misfortune has been erased.

No one will know of it.


Gather your men.

Seppia, l would have
a moment.

Ashur: l would not raise voice
in such manner with him again...

if you wish to keep purchase
in this world.

Absent llithyia's blessings,

it is a place that
l shall quickly tumble from.

l would never let you
fall so far, my love,

not while l yet
treasure your company.


Now keep eye on angle
of my shoulders.

lt will give clue
to my next--

You learn quickly.

l have advantage

of being taught by a god.


Oenomaus: Harudes,

you betray intent by bellowing
like a crazed goat.

( men laugh )

Nemetes, Saxa,
take position.

Are we to use wooden stick
in battle as well?

Close mouth
and heed Oenomaus.

l need no instruction.
l fucking know how to fight.

l instruct you not how to fight
but how to win,

so you do not find yourself again
enslaved by the Romans.

First position.


Nemetes does hold argument,

towards lack of proper
weapons at least.

( crowd gasping, murmuring )

Fuck the gods.

You have taken Glaber's wife?

No. She has been delivered
into my hands.

And they will see her
to proper end.

Woman: Whore!
Beg for your life!

- ( crowd shouting )
Man: ...your fucking throat!

Woman: Whore!

( llithyia whimpering )

ls this our cause now--

falling upon a helpless woman
heavy with child?

Glaber held no pity
towards my wife--

a woman far more deserving
than the thing

that stands before you.

- ( crowd shouting )
- Man: Whore! Whore!

Man #2:
Fucking bitch.

Coin before cunt,
you worthless shit.

Now crawl from sight.

Man: Get up, you old cunt.
( laughing )

Linger yet a while,

my good man.

We'll have the pleasure
of your company.

What do you seek
of me now, Syrian?

Glaber: Gannicus.

A gladiator
of some renown in Capua.

He has been noted
to frequent

your establishment,
has he not,

partaking of wine
and whores?

Yes, Praetor.

l would have words
with the man.

He is not here.

Then there must be some
among you

who have had cause
to share drink

and other distractions
with him.

l would know
of what he spoke,

towards revelation
of where he secrets himself.

And l would hope
for another fucking drink

and a whore upon my cock.

( crowd murmuring )

Let me ask it of you again.

Who among you has spoken
with Gannicus?


Wait. Wait.

l did see Gannicus
break words.

Who was privy to them?

My slave Marcia.

Where is she?

Your fucking Syrian
nailed her to a cross.

And l have yet to receive
fair compensation for loss incurred.

Gannicus has taken
something from me!

And l will see it returned.

Put all to question.

Please do not do this.

Were those same words
pleaded by my wife

before Roman blade
ripped her forever from my arms?

l did not know of her.

My hands are
unstained by the deed.

Your husband
cannot claim such.

He is the one
that condemned her to slavery.

She is gone from this world
because of it.

And l will have
equal vengeance.

You can not do this.
My child--

Sura and l often spoke
of children,

of the family
we would have,

now forever denied me,

as l now deny Glaber of his.

The child is yours.

You lie.

Would that my tongue
made false noise.

Yet it sounds bitter truth.

Monthly blood ceased after you
came to me in Batiatus's villa.

Lucretia had promised Crixus--

a cruel jest.

lt is a memory that lingers,
is it not--

of that night,

of you inside me?


as does memory
of my hands upon your throat.

Then see to completion
what they began.

Take my life,
and that of your child.

And may your wife turn from you
for what you have done,

when she greets you
in the afterlife.

Oenomaus does not seem lifted
by your return.

l did not think
to be embraced as brother.

Nor l, or to lay eyes upon you
again in this life.

Yet here you stand.

Would that all things were
so easily done.

l have seen the bond
between you.

Whatever the cause
for disagreement,

it will pass.

l would do anything
to rise in his eyes again.

Capturing the praetor's bitch
is a fine start.

( both chuckle )

An impressive act,

sure to further ignite
our cause.

l seek only to end it.

lt is done then?

She yet lives.

l brand myself
fucking enemy of Rome

to deliver her to your hands,

only to find them
weak and trembling?

l am not Glaber,

able to strike a woman down

for his crimes
absent misgivings.

And what of the women crucified
in the streets of Capua,

tortured to death because
they dare whisper your name,

eyes bright with thoughts

of freedom and rebellion?

Take her life
and end this now...

or see countless more fall
in the name of your cause.

Lucretia: Prayer alone
will not provide guidance

through these dark times.

We must look inward

and find strength
in heart's resolve.

So the gods turn from you,
as they do from llithyia?

They are always with us,

their will felt
in every breath,

and every touch.

They guide our hands,

compelling us
toward proper course.

Gaius will be pleased
to hear of it.

lt is not Gaius

who holds the key
to llithyia's salvation.

l fear the gods
have led you far astray then.

l command no army,

nor can l conjure
Gannicus before us.

Yet message from you

would bring Varinius from Rome,
and with him--

Gaius was clear
on the matter.

We are to tell no one
of what has happened.

Words born of desperation.

He talks of shoring name

while life's foundation
crumbles beneath his feet.


You sought Praetor Varinius's
affections once.

Send message
and you could yet gain them.

Whims of a child.

Such thoughts
have been set aside

in favor of mature pursuits.

The day has been long.

l will see you
beneath the covers.

We will revisit the subject
with the morning sun.

l am not yet for bed.

l would check upon Gaius
and offer words of comfort.

Are words
all that you would offer?

l am his guest in this house
and wish only to pay tribute

to generous host.

lt's beneath you, Seppia.

The gods shall take ill notice.

Was it not their hands that saw
my brother struck from my side,

their providence
that sheltered me

beneath this very roof?

Do you not see it?

The gods have lead me
upon path to Gaius,

as their will has removed
llithyia from it.

A quivering woman,

and with child--

she does not appear
the deadly serpent

you give voice to.

She is wife of the fuck
that would see us all to grave.

Yet not the man himself.

Crixus speaks of how she took
Acer's life

as fucking amusement
of celebration.

Her heart is as venomous
as Glaber's or any other Roman shit's.

A familiar song
bleated from your fucking tongue.

You know my meaning,

And mostly share
in its low estimation.

Yet l would hold ourselves
to higher standard.

Food for deadly prisoner.

Shall l draw her
a warm bath as well?

Consider meal for the child,

unless you fear it shall
take up sword against you

- from fucking womb.
- ( Nasir chuckles )

( Nasir clears throat )

Faded years
soften wounded heart.

( gasps )

Calm yourself.

l intend no harm.

You are the one
that came to aid

when those animals

turned upon me
when l was brought in.

Do not clutch me to breast.

l shit with the rest
of those animals.

For child.

At least you will not die
of hunger.

You bear no brand.

You are a free man?

l am of the Republic,
as you and yours.

Yet you stand
with Spartacus against it?

l stand for what is just.


Spartacus moves to destroy
everything we hold of worth.

Then he moves too late
in my regard.

Sulla seized my lands
and those of my kin years ago,

any who resisted

and giving
what he stole as gifts

to his most loyal of men,

all of them fellow Romans.

Such a loss must weigh heavy
in the passing of years.

( men chattering )

l would see burden lifted.

( laughs )

And l mistake you for helpless,

yet you have power
to reverse the sun

and see past reformed?

My husband
is a praetor of Rome

and l of importance to him,

being prized daughter
of my clan,

my child heir to its lineage
and fortune.

Save vaunted words
for grander ear.

( quietly )
l cannot free you.

We would both be absent fucking head
before three steps could be taken.

No, l do not ask such a thing,
only that you carry message

imparting where
Spartacus holds me.

You do not have to
live this way.

All that was taken from you
can yet be restored

with but simple command
from my husband.

The sum of my loss

is no small thing.

He can see it paid,

your life returned to you

in exchange for mine

and the child l carry.

She claims it yours?

With passion of certainty.

She is a deceitful
fucking snake,

truth split
by forked tongue.

Her words
may hold such in this.

Do you recall the night
in Batiatus's villa

when you aided in
transforming likeness

into golden Apollo?

To lay with
the Roman woman Licinia.

She wore
the mask of Diana.

Yet beneath
it was not Licinia.


Why did you not
tell me?

What purpose
would it have held?


Nor should it hold
any for you now.

Even if true,

she tells you
only to stay your hand.

She's a fool,

knowing she carries heritage
forever denied my own wife.

See llithyia to her grave...

and tortured past
buried beside her.

To make Glaber suffer
as l have at his hand

is a thing l have craved
more than air and breath.

Yet in inflicting equal wound,

how do l not become
as the man himself...

a man my wife
would turn from?

l was not certain
you would desire this.

What man could not?

lt is not the offering
that gave concern,

rather your preoccupation
with unfortunate events.

The fate of my heir
does weigh mind.

And that of your wife's?

A thing of lesser notice.

ls the bond of marriage
really such a cold affair?

There was a time

the love between us
burned hot,

bright as noonday sun.

But day has turned to night...

casting golden memories
to shadow.

l would have you bask
in the light,

as a man of your worth

Albinius did not hold me
to such esteem,

nor the rest of the Senate.

Gaze into their eyes
when you present Spartacus's head

and see estimation soar...

and my brother avenged.

Would that his death

did not pain you so.

The sting lessens
with each passing day

because of you.

And l would return favor

if your wife falls
prey to Spartacus,

as my brother fell.

Your chest overflows
with coin and blood.

Both well earned
by day's exertion.

What news of llithyia
did labors bring?

You have the praetor's ear.

Did he not already
fill yours?

His attentions
toward young Seppia

prevent me
from breaking words.


the freshness of youth.

ls it a wonder he favors
the caress of her tongue

to the sound of yours?

Her bloom will wither
when llithyia returns.

You place great stock
upon uncertain future.

You have not found path
to Gannicus?

Sadly, it remains obscured,

though not through lack
of noble effort.


From there we moved
from place to place...

questioning with fist
and blade...

the answer always the same.

l will make sacrifice
to the gods

and entreat them
for more valued response.

Let us pray together

and seek divinity
in warm embrace.

llithyia and the child she carries
must be found.

- lf they are lost--
- What? Hmm?

Will the sun no longer move
across the sky?

Will ivory moon plummet
into frothing sea?

Strike the bitch
from fucking thought,

as Glaber
has already done--

l am not your slave
to lay fucking hand upon--

a lesson l had thought
already learned.


l question
sincerity of the word.

Speak it again.


- Again.
- Apologies. ( whimpering )

Your position in this house
continues to spiral.

Soon l will be all that stands

between you and dark abyss.

When that day arrives,

you shall greet
my breath upon your neck

as precious gift.

Do you understand this,
my love?


A gift from the gods.

( thunder crashing )


Where do you go?

To clear troubled mind.

l would have the same.

Let us walk together for a moment
and break words.

The man unleashes wrath
upon wooden form

when l have risked all
for him

to seize vengeance
and end this.

You take risk only to lighten
weighted conscience.

l would not see more fall
to foolish cause.

And l would not
see my brother fall.

We no longer stand as such.

ls there no path
towards mended bond?

You cannot mend illusion.

Our brotherhood,

the trust l placed upon you--

a thing of lies and deceit.

Do you not think
a day passes

that l am not
consumed by it?

l would give my life
for Melitta to yet own hers.

And l would gladly take it.

Then what stays hand?

Do you and Spartacus
straddle same uncertain ground,

unable to take vengeance
when it is placed before you?

Your death would not
see her again to my arms.

lt would only serve as mercy,

releasing you
from what you have done.

Then l stand condemned

till the afterlife takes me.

You stand for nothing,

as you always have.

We must wait till Spartacus
relieves us of charge.

Time passes too slowly.

We must be quick then.

This is how you stand guard?

Apologies. We were--

Agron: Uh, we were--
we were--

- We--
- We were just-- we--

( both laugh )

Take to your bed.

l will assume watch
over llithyia.

- Gratitude.
- ( chuckles )


l would have more water.

lt is a terrible thing,
is it not,

to live in want and fear?

That is what it is
to be a slave.


for my child.

ls it true

what you told Spartacus?

l swear to the gods.

lf Spartacus takes my life,

the blood of his child
will forever stain his own.

He is a good man.

l will not let him
be destroyed by this.

l will not let him kill you.

You will help me?

Yes, l will help you

from this fucking world.

Have you lost mind?

l move only to spare you
from what must be done.

lf you take her life,
the deed will weigh every breath.

So you remove choice

and invite such fate
upon yourself?

l would embrace it, to see your heart
spared from the act.

You do not know my heart.


Leave us.

l would have words now...

and see your time here
at an end.

You glow
like the morning sun.

You must have slept well.

Hardly at all.

lt's an unfortunate thing.

l would not deem it so.

l fear you shall.


l will not have you threaten
in such a manner.

l do not move to threats,

only to warning about the man
you turn affections towards.

Your words will not
turn me from him.

The time for them
has passed.


l have something more
tangible to show you.

Where is the praetor?

ln his chambers.

What's happened?

A man comes with news
of llithyia.

You claim to have knowledge
of my wife?

More than claim.

She is being held
by Spartacus.

- She lives?
- For the moment.

How do you know this?

l have just traveled
from the rebel's camp.

You stand
as one of his men?

l am no fugitivus,

just a tired old man
seeking what little peace he can

before falling
to eternal slumber.

Well, tell me
where she's being held

and you will be seen
to great reward.

Your wife boasted
of your generosity

and promised
the return of my lands

seized by the bastard Sulla.
ls such a thing possible?

lt is within my power.

And what of my own wife,

my children,

my brothers and sisters,

all slaughtered
in the name of Rome?

ls it within your power
to return them to me too,

you fucking cunt?

Lay a hand on me
and your wife dies.

lf l do not return
within reasonable hour,

she dies.

Any attempts to follow me--

she dies.

What would Spartacus
have of me?



You are to enter
the city of Atella on foot,

just before rise
of morning sun,

three of your men
allowed by your side,

Spartacus to hold the same.

And llithyia?

She will be returned
to you afterwards

in exchange
for a single wagon

heavily weighted
with armor and weapons.

Give arms
to the enemies of Rome?

That is his price.

And if your troops are seen
on the road to Atella,

Spartacus will not appear

and your wife
and the child she carries

will be lost to you forever.

Did l mention the part
about laying hands upon me?

Let him pass.

l do not trust this.

Nor l.

Yet action must be taken.

Prepare a wagon.

Praetor, we can not aid them

with means to forge
further war upon us.

What choice
has Spartacus left?

There are always choices.


Spartacus leaves but one path

and l must travel upon it.

l am old but not a fool.

lt was much to ask--
entering the lair of the beast.

Oh, it was
a great pleasure

to piss in the face
of a fucking praetor.


Glaber agrees to the terms?

l am for Atella,
to see it done.


Let us take his weapons
and his fucking life!

- Yeah!
- No.

lf we do not honor word,
we prove ourselves

no better than the Romans.
We shall hold to it.

lf three are all
that can be seen with you,

l would count myself
among them.

As would l,
despite the company.

l would join as well.

l would welcome no one
as warmly,

yet you have not healed
from ordeal in the arena.

l would stand in his place.

For a cause
you do not believe in?

Oenomaus believes in it.

Perhaps one day l shall too.

Return with proper weapons

and your lives.

lt is madness to place trust
in the words of Glaber.

l do not place it with him.

l place it with all those
l take with me.

We will see this done

and gain means
to strike Glaber

and his army
from this world!

( crowd cheers )

( clucking )


The old man claims
you have my wife.

Cut from her dress,

her scent yet upon it.

A thing easily taken
from a body robbed of life.

My thoughts turned
toward such a thing--

blade parting flesh,

her blood upon the ground,

as my wife's blood
was spilled.

Yet you do not claim
her life.

l am not you.

l will not strike down
a woman

for the foolish acts
of her husband.

You carved my name
into a dead man's chest,

make attempt against my life
in the streets of Capua

and then again
in the arena,

yet you turn from
most assured opportunity

to balance debt
between us.

l turn from nothing.

One day soon
l will have your life.

Bring the wagon forward.

l hold many regrets

since first we laid eyes
on each other a lifetime ago.

l pray this decision
does not stand amongst them.

You will hold your wife again.

And she will deliver you
an heir.

Yet when you gaze
into the child's eyes,

l will forever be
reflected there...

l fear you are right.

You are not like me.

Your wife was the heart

that beats within your breast.

You would have given all
to see her live...

while l would do the same

to see you dead.

Kill them!


Take cover!

Glaber: Salvius!

Give call!

( blowing loudly )

( several horns answering )

( several horns playing )

Fall back.

You waited long enough
to give signal.

l cling to honor ignored.

Quickly, before
they recover.

Take to foot.
l would stay awhile.

Spartacus: Lucius.

Lucius: Go,
before l come to fucking sense.

At least it's not a fucking Roman
that takes--

Man: Do not let them
reach the woods!

Go! Go!

You never intended
to make trade?

l intended to send
Spartacus to his death--

deserved fate he yet evades

through treachery and deceit.

You will have him
soon enough.

At price of wife,

and the blessing
she carries.

l would gladly pay
the sum of the world

to have his throat
beneath my heel.

llithyia must return
to this house.

The gods have--

( glass crashes )

The gods can descend
from their fucking heavens

if they wish
to see her live!

ln coming days l shall grieve

the loss of wife and child

and the fortunes
carried upon her family name.

And we shall grieve
with you.

l would see myself to bath

and blood and troubled thoughts
of moment washed away.

Go. l will bring more wine
to aid endeavor.

( humming a tune )

Do you know
what he's done?

What he felt he must,
to see an end to Spartacus.

He has pulled the world
to ruin,

and with it
reason for living.

Your reason perhaps.

My heart yet beats.

And what of
your brother's?

Gaius moves
to avenge his death.

Then he should turn wrath
upon himself...

and see it done.

lt's your brother's, is it not?

l had thought his slaves
took it with his life.

They stand blemished
by neither offense.

How did you come by this?

The gods
led me to the truth,

hidden amongst
Ashur's treasures,

stripped from the bodies
of those

who have died at his hand.


He must have been there
that night,

when your brother fell.

Yet the villain moves
only upon command

of Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Much has been lost--

the ones we have loved,

the ones we thought
would forever be at our side.

But in their passing,

the chains that bound us
to desires not our own

have been struck.

And without such a blow,

we would not find ourselves

in each other's arms.


We would not.

( llithyia whimpering )



Do you know what it is

to love,

to be filled
with light and hope,

to see that blessing
returned in kind

in the eyes of the only one

that could ever know
the true depth of your heart?

That is what your husband
took from me.

l would take the same
from him.


he chose vengeance against me
over your life.

Taking it would balance nothing.

He does not love you

as l loved my wife.

You let me live?

Do not think it a kindness.

( sobs )

( theme music playing )