Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 6 - Chosen Path - full transcript

Having set fire to the Capua arena, Spartacus regroups in Lucius Caelius's temple ruin, where opinions differ how to proceed next and strife with the Gauls reemerges. Gannicus has joined their flight but refuses to stay. he's falsely accused of stealing the map they need to raid Napels port, which is luckily found out before his duel with Spartacus cripples either. Meanwhile Glaber plans revenge for Ilithyia's plot and has Seppius murdered, to seize his men, by Ashur, who gains his trust by defeating three legionnaires in a 'duel'. Crixus remains focused on Naevia, who has a hard time readapting to a future with him.

You'll not recall Spartacus facing
a clutch of your men

for exhibition in this very villa

and the result of such contest?

Not all fight as Spartacus.

Yet many are
of the Brotherhood.

Praetor, l--

Be quick.
l would not linger in this heat.

Though l often wondered--

Do it quietly.

l would not have
intention known.

Open it.

l am not one of your fools,

falling to command.