Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 3 - The Greater Good - full transcript

To impress his influential father in law more then far more prestigious colleague-praetor Varinius, who is allowed to preside over the latest games, and local magnate Seppius, whose ...

You brokered the sale of a woman
from the house of Batiatus,

the mark of the domina
on the back of her shoulder.

Where is she?

We will find her, brother,

and see everyone that has kept
her from your arms to the afterlife.

We will see the Romans bleed
for taking us as dogs.

Spartacus is enemy to us both.

The man takes habit of slipping
through your fingers.

What moves you to certainty of victory?

Because the gods themselves
will it.

May the gods bless you.

There is but one place
for an animal without honor.


I come bearing a gift...

that shall set you upon path
to the fall of Spartacus.

Quiet your fucking bleating!

Still yourself.

This how you came for the mine,

by not heeding fucking command?

See yourselves free.

You favor clever strategy.

Fuck the man from behind.

A good start to the day.

I would see it built upon.

I seek a woman named Naevia.

She was cast out
from the House of Batiatus

before its fall.


You are Spartacus?

I am Crixus.

Spartacus stands the fool beside me.

The woman he seeks is of rare beauty,

the mark of her domina upon her back.

She was carried from...

Spartacus tells a sword
becomes lighter in time.

It is a heavy thing to rob a man of life.

Less so that of a Roman shit.

Stay close by.

I will help shoulder weight until we can...

The girl, Naevia...

her fate, known to me.

Speak it then.

Spare a horse and my life.


They add to our number,
yet not my cause.

We will find her.

Words you have spoken many times,

still ignored by the gods.

The man, he spoke of your woman.

What did he say?

Find fucking voice.


Naevia is dead.

I cannot believe she is gone.

The gods again turn from those
most worthy of blessing.

I hold no love for the man.

Yet it tears heart to see him so.

How did she meet her end?

Naevia was put to cart for Lucania,

having served purpose
for Batiatus' ambition.

She perished in the mines?

She gave life in passage,

from injuries borne of mistreatment.

Death a kindness then,

to be spared such a fate.

Kindness only to the one taken.

The man yet stands mute.

This is what you would
offer me to gain favor?

A statue that bleeds?

Oenomaus believes himself
a man of honor.

Pain alone will not move him
to betray his brothers.

And I know the man well.

Given over to my hands...

Oh, do not think I've forgotten

what your hands are capable of, slave.

Or how they aided Batiatus

in tethering me to this house.

I but did as my dominus commanded,

absent thought of refusal,

as I would faithfully serve you now

in seeing Spartacus brought to his end.

You speak of loyalties,

yet the mark of Batiatus
brings allegiance to question.

A blight upon flesh

forever mocking more noble intentions.

Prove them...

and live to see if you are of further use.

Your will,

my hands.

You must be patient.

The gods would not deliver Oenomaus,

only to mock us with his silence.

The sum of my doubts does
not lie with the gods alone.

It's equally shared
with their messenger.

Ah. Here is our man.

Courteous to finally
acknowledge our presence.

I was unaware of your arrival.

The fault is mine,

between happy reunion with father

and plying Varinius for news of Rome.

Is this the lanista's wife,

the one they whisper of in the streets?


To find you alive
is a blessing from Olympus.

I am but its humble instrument.

You're overly modest.

To have survived such horrors,

Jupiter himself must have
taken note of your worth.

Varinius comes to present games.

- Games?
- 2 weeks of blood and sport

to move this city from heavy thought

of Spartacus yet untamed.

It shall be glorious spectacle, made more so

by your men presented
in opening celebration.

The sight of them coupled
with Lucretia in the pulvinus

shall help calm the citizenry.

An honor that I would happily oblige,

were they not otherwise
occupied in the south.

Do they draw any closer to their goal?

Or does Spartacus yet elude them,

as I heard he did in the market?

Perhaps Seppius' men
could march in your games.

It's well known you hold
considerable sway with them.

Seppius' men do not carry
the seal of Rome as your men do.

Show good Varinius to wine

and enticing view of the city below.

I would voice no argument.

Come then. I shall
see you properly attended.

Varinius is admired within the Senate,

a thing to be carefully considered

before words fly
from errant fucking tongue.

- Do I not stand his equal?
- In title only.

They think you an incompetent child,

unable to wipe clean his own shit.

So a show of respect
towards a fellow praetor

would be wise step
towards quietening doubt, hmm?

Not only among the Senate.

Capua to the north.

Our current position, here.

To the east, Vesuvius.

Strong position to make camp.

Within striking distance
of Pompeii to the south.

Or Neapolis to the northwest.

Prison ships often empty at its ports,

vomiting men to be sold into slavery,

as my brother and I were a lifetime ago.

I was carried across the Adriatic

to the eastern seaboard.
I know little of Neapolis.

There are fighting men
brought to its shores?

Captured in foreign wars.

Already enemies of Rome
easily recruited to our cause.

A reasonable course.
Well thought.

I shall break words with Crixus.

Towards what end?

He stands for the Gauls.

- Then he is waist-deep in shit.
- They are half our number

and much needed
in any attempt on Neapolis.

The man himself is in need of
distraction from wounded soul.

How did you survive...

after your woman
was taken from you forever?

The man that I was did not.

I am but bones and flesh,

void of beating heart.

We will see empty chest filled

with the blood of Romans.

An ocean of it would not
wash away what I have done.

What you have done?

I pursued Naevia's affections,

regardless of concern toward discovery,

of what Lucretia would do if...

betrayal were known.

Naevia is gone from this world...

because of my selfish desires.

We do not choose love.

It claims each man as it will.

And it grips until there is nothing left.

An empty hand can yet become a fist.

How many more remain
shackled in servitude

as Naevia was?

Without hope of love or gentle touch?

Together we can strike chain from neck...

On this subject,
I have heard your thoughts.

Leave me to my own.

She was a radiant spirit.

Yet she died a slave.

A fate shared by my wife.

I would not see more like them fall

because men who could
make difference stood idle.

A sword in his chest
would be a blow less felt.

We have all made sacrifices.

- Crixus now makes his.
- I would speak with him.

Your words would only
cause greater suffering.

If he knew the truth...

I would not have you
and countless others

fall in vain attempt.


There is much planning
yet needed towards Neapolis.

Ah, that vacant gaze.

I've witnessed it before,

when you were upon your knees
in the Pits, awaiting death.

Or were you longing for it?

Is that why you sought out

a place void of precious honor?

A thought drags the mighty Oenomaus

into the depth of the underworld?

Your betrayal of the house that saved you

from such torment there?

A brotherhood turning
your instruction as Doctore

to treachery or murder?

Or that Ashur escaped your attempt

to rob him of life?

A thing of low importance.

Let us set past behind us...

and turn eye towards
less quarrelsome future.

Ah. No, no.

You must ask for it.

You must break silence and speak.

You thirst for water?

For the release of death?

Free your tongue,
and see desires quenched.

Tell me where Spartacus
and his shits are to be found.

They have spat on everything
you've held true.

You owe them nothing.

Speak, you fucking cunt.

Very well.

Remain silent.

Remain living and in pain

day after day

with only Ashur to comfort you...

as you once comforted me
upon these very sands.

You should have warned me
of their arrival.

I was swept by the moment.

They stood but a short length waiting.

Long enough for your father
to slip noose about my neck.

All will be forgotten
when you present your men.

Oh, to honor a jest of a man.


To honor your child...

with a father that will rise
within the Senate.

I did not care for
Varinius' hand upon you.

Nor I.

His touch will never know wetter climes.

Pressing concerns pull mind from task.


You know my meaning.

Must confer with Marcus

towards the recall of my troops
from the south.

We must not fall to quarrel!

- You fucking...
- Get off him.

Vesuvius will serve purpose well.

Agron speaks of fighting men
to be liberated from Neapolis

not far from its banks.

Agron can suck the piss
from my cock.

Too small a drink for a man.

Fuck you!

- Vesuvius offers advantage.
- Fucking coward.

From its shadow, we can strike
at the ports of Neapolis,

ships heavy with warriors

captured by the Romans,

as many Of US once were.

Let us hear from Crixus!

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

And what would he say?

What words would make difference?

The ones I have told myself?

Ones of hope...

and promise of better days?

Throat can no longer
make such empty noise.

It is choked with loss.

An agony familiar to many of us.

Spartacus lost his wife.

Yet his fire still burns.

Agron, a brother.

Yet his fire still burns.

We have all lost.

We have all seen those held as friend...

as family...

as lover...

fall to the Romans.

Yet our fire still burns.

And together,

we shall ignite an inferno.

I move to Vesuvius with Spartacus.

You will speak.

In your final moments,

when you beg for life's end,

you will tell me where Spartacus and...

You fucking cunt.

I shall tear the words
from your fucking mouth.


Oenomaus must not die
before prophecy is fulfilled.

Then entreat the fucking heavens
to pry his lips.

Oh, you would do well

to seal your own, lest tongue escape you.

I should never have
returned to this house.

Fortunes darken as consequence.

Look to the gods for illumination.

The gods?

Was it Jupiter that found you near death?

Or Venus who stitched
your mangled womb?

Did Mars see you fed and clothed?

Did Apollo deliver Oenomaus
into your hands?


It was Ashur, lowest of fucking mortals.

You but service the will of the gods.

- I was sewing you.
- And I them.

Then I fear that we are both forsaken.

The man will not speak.

Absent his words,

your prophecy will fall to ruin,

the pious quickly to follow.

Even the dead
may give voice to passion.

The man stands empty
of such worldly vice.

Then see him filled

with memories of the past.

There is a secret buried
within these walls.

And you will see it exhumed

and the corpse set to purpose.

Double or nothing.

The hour grows late,

and our bed cold.

Fall to it.

I'll be with you presently.

A maddening thing,

to forever be waiting for you,

far from your side.

It's not always the safest place,

as many have learned.

I am not the past.

I stand with you now

and would hold more value
than gentle touch

and satisfying your needs.

I would stand beside you,

blade gripped in
hand slick with Roman blood.

I will not be helpless as Naevia was...

her life slow march towards death.

We all move toward such end.

Only the length of the journey differs.

Then let us greet it together...

and show not all go quietly.

No, no. I've got it.

- You got it?
- Yes.

You intend to spirit away

the entire villa in that trunk?

We do not know
what Vesuvius holds, Chadara.

Agron would have us well supplied.

Agron, yes.

He is of a form, is he not?

I suppose.

Oh, you suppose?

Do not think I have not noticed
your eyes upon him,

nor the way of late

you have been huddled together
in intimate conversation.

You mistake subject of discussion.

Yet not the blush upon
your cheek when he is near.

You would do yourself well
to pursue desire.

I would myself,
if I believed he favored me.

I thought you were
taken with Rhaskos.

Rhaskos is a base animal,

yet one with sharp claws,

offering protection and position.

Spartacus holds Agron
in much high esteem.

I envy you his attentions.

We can reach Vesuvius by nightfall

if we put the slaver wagon to use.

It would commit us to the roads.

The forest would hide our numbers.

And slow progress.

A fair trade, to see us all
to the mountain alive.


I was not in favor of your training.

Do you know the reason?

I made attempt on Spartacus.

As have I, on more than one occasion.

I did not trust you,

because you are Syrian.

I have had unfortunate acquaintance

with one of your people,

as did my woman...


He caused her much pain.

Yet despite this,

she would not have held you
for his actions.

Such was her heart,

one I shall try to honor

in thought and deed.

There is something I must tell you.

Rome considers us nagging fly.

After Neapolis, they shall know the sting...


Take your man!

- Fucking shit!
- I'll fucking kill you!

Have you lost mind?

Regained heart.

Naevia lives.

How do you come by this?

The boy Nasir.

The slaver told not of her death,

but of her suffering in the mines.

An equal fate.

Why would you bear false tongue

when a life holds in the balance?

What of our lives?

What of our lives?!

Crixus has no thought
towards any but Naevia

and would have us all meet our end

in foolish attempt on the mines.

I did what needed to be done, Spartacus.

You must see this.

A lie for the greater good.

One that would never have passed lips,

had it been your brother
Duro in her place.

If a single life holds no value...

then none are of worth!

I stand with Crixus

and will see Naevia from bondage.

I will not fucking die for this.

I move for Vesuvius.

Those that would live...

join me.


He returns to us.

I have sat vigil

throughout chill embrace of night,

concerned that in eruption, I had...

released you to the afterlife.

Gates, hup.

It swells heart to find you
yet bound to this world.

Still not a word?

Very well. Save voice.

I would enjoy the sweet caress of my own.

So very much to speak of,

long years of secrets within this house,

seeping in the very bones that support it.

Place ear to any beam,

and marvel at the whispers of the past.

It was there that
I first discovered Crixus

embrace an ill-fated love
with the young Naevia.

There, dominus blessed me with elevation

upon heel of ending Magistrate Calavius

and cursing Solonius with the deed.

Further inside,

where Gannicus first took your wife

as entertainment for noble Varis.


Stone at last cracks

in defense of a fucking whore.

Were you really so blind?

The lingering gazes they shared?

The subtle change in your brother?

You know nothing of brotherhood.

Nor did Gannicus.

Have you never asked
yourself how your wife

came to sip a tainted wine

that was meant for Batiatus? Hmm?

And she was not in the habit
of thieving, was she,

or partaking of drink alone.

Do you recall that night?

Gannicus to be sold the next morning.

You conveniently removed to town.

Your wife slipping away
into Gannicus' cell.

One last drink.

One last fuck.

You're all the same.

Spartacus, Crixus,

the noble Oenomaus.

Fallen to ruin for a woman
plowed by other men's cock.

Search heart and feel the sting of truth.

It was a gift for Titus.

How did it come to pass her lips?

She was no thief.

Your wife betrayed you,

your brother...

everyone you believed to love you.

What does a serpent know of love'?


That its bite is often fatal.

Your wife fell to its venom,

as did the traitor Spartacus' bitch.

Even the mighty Gaul
saw his heart withered

when ripe Naevia was plucked
forever from his grasp.

They will find her

and, one day...

your fucking throat.

Find her?

That is why they have moved south.

Spartacus is not the one
that spurs their intent.


The Gaul who lost mind
before you and Batiatus

and attacked me, his purpose then as now,

love for domina's body slave Naevia.

You pledged to discover
Spartacus' location.

Instead you return

with tales of fluttering hearts.

She was taken from this house.
I know Crixus.

He will not rest until...

See him to proper reward!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

You would turn from the gods

and their guidance?

Even if this crude vessel
disgorged truth,

such knowledge provides little more

than feather upon breeze.

Yet I know of calming winds

and where a dark little feather
came to rest at tempest's end.

Do not die, you simple fuck.

Will you mourn me if I do?

Until I find better to fill me.


Are we to attack naked,

with our cocks as weapons?

You would fare just as well.

Remove yourself from fucking sight.


Seek us out at Vesuvius

if you live.

Pray I do not.

I accompanied my dominus
to the mines once.

I may be of some aid.

Well received.

Fucking Syrians.

The wagon is readied.


Save words for Naevia,

when we have returned her to your arms.

I would have it so

or perish in the attempt.

Move along, you fucking dogs!

Do not expose brand.

We will lose advantage of
being thought as common slaves.

A crack to Liscus' skull
will add to the deception.

That's the wagon for Ferox.

Lower voice.

Keep moving, cunt.

Do I give coin to sit upon ass?

See them from the fucking wagon!


Hurry UP...

Is this the stock from Ferox?

2 days past expected delivery.

- 2 fucking days!
- Apologies. I...

I do not know you.
Where is Ferox?


We were set upon by Spartacus
and his shits,

the reason for our delay
and Ferox's permanent absence.

I have wished the man
to grass for many years.

Yet he fucks me from the afterlife.

Schedule now teeters upon brink,

with little hope of regaining balance.

Yes, again, apologies. I...

Am I to present myself now?

Yes. Yes!

A special offering,
to compensate your troubles.

Wait here.

Rotten cunt serves no trade.

What misdeed sees such beauty
condemned to the mines?

Form words, or find my cock
reason you cannot.

I fell in love.

Well, no danger of that here.

I would have you form words now,

or find your cock upon the floor.

There was a woman brought here
from the House of Batiatus,

beautiful and young,

one a fat shit like you
would have taken notice of.


I know of no such woman.

Search fucking memory.

She is dark of skin

with the mark of Batiatus' wife
upon the back of her shoulder.

I do recall one as you just described.

Does she yet draw breath?

I believe it so.

Where is she?

Assigned to dig the eastern vein.

There is a map.

Show me.


Mira has been gone too long.

You there.

From where do you hail?


In the tunnel

where it branches off, here...

I have seen you before...


The arena.

Keys quickly. Come.


It is Roman blood.

Did he know of her?

Does Naevia live?

She does.

Mannus, Plenus, assume their mantle.

Make it known if any
become aware of our presence.

Into the mines. Quickly.

Come, brother.

Let us see heart restored.


Move. Go!

Mmm, you really must try this.

It is divine.

I fear stomach turned at the moment.

I do not envy you.

Sickness with every sunrise.
Swelling beyond reason.

Though the breasts
are a benefit, I suppose.

To feel a child grow within you.

There is no greater blessing.

What of being thought of
other than matron?

Enticing men until they
fawn over your every word,

aching to receive the slightest touch?

The bonds of marriage desired result.

I suppose it would not be too horrid

if he were handsome and rich

and thought of nothing
but his hands upon me.

Lust, as all things,

fades with the passing of years.

Sun draws high.

Let us fall to our seats
and see day begin.

Varinius tells that your men
are to be presented.

Yes. The request
would have fallen to yours

if they were proper soldiers.

I look forward to witnessing
proper Roman formation.

It should be a pleasant
distraction for the people

while my men bring Spartacus to justice.


Are your soldiers to purpose?

They are.

The crowd is yours, Varinius.

Good citizens of Capua!

I present these games to honor
the beloved sister of Rome!

And to send message that her spirit

shall never be quelled by those
who seek to cause her injury.

Your cheers in the coming days

shall serve as balm to wounded heart,

a wound shared by many
in this great city

so inflicted by the treachery

of Spartacus and his murderous horde.


I call now upon the sons
of Rome to march,

the thunder of their
every step a declaration

that loss and grief

shall give way to triumph and joy!

What's happening?

Come on.
No one's coming!

Where are they?

What the fuck is going on?

Where are your fucking men?

Set to purpose, as promised.

Hey, forward!

Find the fucking passage.

Seal the road.


We come on order of
Praetor Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Has attempt been made
to breach the mines?

None. It stands secure.

Dispatch word to Capua.

I would turn from fool's errand

and recommit to sweep the countryside.

Seize him!

I know these men.

Mannus and Plenus,

gladiators bearing the mark of Batiatus.

Spartacus is here.

Which way do we go?

They both should lead us to it.

This one the shorter path.

I would double odds toward goal.

Take the longer path.

Move quietly.

People of Capua!

Noble Varinius!

I offer apologies!

I do not seek to lower spirits

with absence of display,

but instead to raise them up

with knowledge that my soldiers

have been set to higher purpose

by the gods themselves!

At this very moment,

they close on Spartacus!

And by day's end,

he shall once more kneel

before the glory of Rome!


Rome! Rome! Rome!

Rome! Rome! Rome!

Rome! Rome!

Rome! Rome! Rome!

We must see them freed.

There are too many of them.

We would be discovered.


and know I will return.






This is where he said she would be?

If he spoke truth.


There is one here with mark
of her domina upon back!

Naevia. Naevia?


You are safe.

You are safe now.

I'm here.

I'm here.


Forgive me.

Forgive me for what I have done.

Spartacus, someone comes.

Go! Go!

They're down here!



Move! Move! Go!

Come on!



There's a runoff.

It empties out on the
other side of the mine.

Which path do we take?

- Quickly!
- This way.

She leads us to our fucking death.

Take breath, and gain your bearing.

A turn missed.
It will take us to the water.


Move! Stay together.


Come on! Go!

- Weapon.
- Come on.

Back there, by the gate.

I will give them pause...

so you may slip from grasp.

- You two, down there.
- Right.

See Naevia to safety.


See it done, brother.

Go! Go!



- Yeah!
- Ooh!

Fuck you!

Fuck you, bastard!
You Roman dog!

Kill! Kill!




Crixus! Crixus.