Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 4 - Empty Hands - full transcript

As Roman soldiers guided by Ashur found out about their raid on the mines, Spartacus and his party must flee with Naevia and a few liberated slaves. Crixus covers their escape until he's slain, but not killed and brought to the Capuan command villa with a few other gladiators captured alive. Still chased in woods and marshes, suffering further losses and inflicting some, Spartacus's party expects to die in a last stand, but just then the group which previously fled to Vesuvius comes to their rescue. In the villa, Ilithyia regains husband Glaber's favor by hosting a party starring and soothing his nobler-born rival, Varinius, but actually hopes for paternal help to enable marrying him after a divorce, which the old senator denies. The captured gladiators are offered by Glaber to be 'sacrificed', but Varinius decides to send them to the arena, except one chooses by 'vindicated prophet' Lucretia, who spares Crixus that immediate torturous horror-end without honor.

I did not care for Varinius' hand upon you.

Nor I.

The girl, Naevia.

- What did he say?
- Dead.

The slaver told not of her death,

but of her suffering in the mines!

I stand with Crixus and will
see Naevia from bondage.

I move for Vesuvius.

Those that would live, join me.

Noble Varinius!

I offer apologies.

My soldiers have been set
to higher purpose!

- Into the mines.
- Quickly!

At this very moment,
they close on Spartacus!

You're safe.

You're safe now.


See Naevia to safety.


- Naevia!
- Halt!

Swing around to the left!

I've got her!

You made me run.

I fucking hate running.

I would see Tychos to ground,

far from Roman hands.

More come.

For Rome!


- There is no time for it.
- It does not fucking matter.

We shall all join him soon.

Spartacus shall fall.

Is that not the reason
for my presence in Capua?

To shit with reason.

The absence of your troops
from the games

was an insult to good Varinius.

The Republic would bear
far greater slight

were I to turn from purpose.

Seppius has been searching
for the Thracian for months.

How came you to divine
he would make attempt

on the mines at Lucania?

Because the gods themselves presented it

through voice of humble servant.

- Lucretia?
- Her counsel moved my hand.

Perhaps your course was justified then.

I pray it true.

Otherwise offense has been made

upon the ramblings of a madwoman.

We have moved past this, Ilithyia.

In spirit, at least.

Let us make it a thing
of the flesh with celebration

here within these walls

to pay tribute owed.

An excellent notion.
Well received, yes?

It would stand the more
grievous insult to refuse.

You honor me.

The honor is mine.

I only thought to help.

By plying that preening shit

with celebration in our own house?

Our house is in Rome, Gaius,

and I would speed return.

With Varinius' support,
you will have Seppius' men.

Now worth their weight in piss.

When Marcus returns with
Spartacus as Lucretia fore...

You place too high a value on her.

She will drag us to ruin
when it plummets.

Lucretia continues to prove herself

worthy of such estimation.

Would that my own wife held the same.


- She needs a moment.
- She needs to fucking move.

How quickly would your feet carry

after months condemned to that place?

She is not alone in needing rest.

The lack of it sets nerve to edge.

We will find higher ground,

better defended if set upon.

Can you walk but a little more?

She will make it.

Come on.

The weight of her increases
with each step.

Perhaps it is time to lighten burden.

I swore a promise to Crixus.
She is the man's heart.

Would you again tear it from his chest?

Crixus is dead,

and I would be freed of his woman

before we fucking share
the same fate.

We move for Vesuvius to rejoin Agron,

all of us.

Speak of this again, and the Romans

will be the least of your concerns.


one of the lesser men.

Let him serve as a warning

that Rome is not so easily defied.

Their numbers dwindle.

Yet ours follow at more rapid pace.

- Up!
- We still hold the greater sum.

Spartacus and his men are gladiators.

A handful of your men

would stand a pale shadow against one...

Roman soldiers know something of death

and the dealing of it.

Do not measure their worth
against common slaves.

Slaves, true, but far from common.

Move absent proper force,

and see the rank of the dead swell.

Your men...

are spread too thin throughout the forest.

A single man carried by a swift purpose

could return with reinforcements...

Carry word to the other squads.

- We do not rest.
- Tribune...

See this to its end

in the name of Gaius Claudius Glaber.

Turn from your charge,

and I'll put a sword in your fucking back.

Varinius is a man of the highest regard.

See his cup always full

and all desires met.
Am I understood?

- Domina.
- Yes, domina.

It's true.


Bathe and prepare yourselves.


I was not told of your arrival.

None required.
I came seeking Lucretia's counsel.

A thing desired by many,
it would seem.

Your words set her to path.


You are forever extolling
the virtues of marriage.

Wisdom of years

has finally proven
master over fatuous youth.

You've found a husband so quickly?

If the gods bless such a union.

I shall entreat them on your behalf.

With their favor, Varinius shall be yours.


Is he not handsome and tall and strong

and of means?

The form of a man every woman
longs to call her own.

He would make a husband
to rival all others.

I must prepare myself for his celebration.

I would catch his eye

and, with it, see the rest
of him swiftly follow.

You have made impression upon her.

As have you.

No longer is pilgrimage needed to Delphi.

Those seeking the consideration of the gods

need only bow to the oracle of Capua.

I am but humble vessel..

offering a mere taste of their will.

Then Seppia shall find tonight
a bitter draft.

Varinius is a praetor.

As is your husband.

Yet Varinius rises more quickly

and one day shall hold title of consul.

The wife of such a man must
possess refinement and poise,

traits yet lacking in a spoiled little girl.

Perhaps you would have me

petition the gods for a different union...

one closer to heart.

The morning cock has better chance

of crowing to such heights.

Your husband believes otherwise,
as does your father.

When Marcus returns absent Spartacus,

you shall be revealed as what you are,

an empty vessel,

barren of life and prophecy.

See yourself dressed for tonight.

I have no doubt my husband

will wish to parade you about
as favored pet.

Your husband's trust is valued gift.

Yet yours would prove
the greater treasure.

Open the gates!

Packers, tend to your horses!

Line them up!

The faith placed in me is not mislaid.

Spartacus proves where I predicted.


This is all that stand captured?

Many more lay dead in the mines.

Your Gaul returns to you at least.

Where is Spartacus?

He fled into the woods
with a clutch of slaves.

Marcus gives chase.

Alert me the moment
he is sighted upon road.

- To the cells.
- Move!

Even aided by your divine guidance,

he stands with empty hands.

He will yet find Spartacus between them.

The gods...

Your tongue writhes
absent their purpose.

Was Naevia not found
in the mines as I foretold?

And who so condemned her
to such a place?


or a lanista's wife,

more earthly bound?

Your prophecies bear
the stench of opportunity.


Was delivered by your dead husband's man,

a toad who has seen his share of wounds.

I wonder if he could mend them as well.

Do not think me the fool

as my husband and father.

You and I have unfinished affairs...

and I would see them draw to a close.

Get in!

Again to this house of piss and shit.

A fate I alone should bear.

The risk was known to us all.

Fuck risk, and fuck the fucking Romans.

I stand with you in this life and the next.

As do I.

The bonds of brotherhood.

They have always run deep
within these walls.


What has happened?

How did you come here?

I was a fool...

that now stands in fellow company.

Their fault lies

only in following me on impossible journey.

Naevia lives.

We liberated her from the mines.


You fall to ruin for love.

She is my heart.

She is a woman...

a delicate creature at the best of times.

They are moved by desires

unknown by the men
that place trust in them.

She lives.

That is all that matters.


You're safe now.

You are safe.

You do not rest?

I would not see another of us fall.

Not even the gods could have
done more to prevent it.

A thought holding no comfort to the dead.




He risked life to save my own.

And I am forever in his debt.

You were right.

My sword becomes lighter

with each Roman I have taken.



- Aphrodita
- Aphrodita

Most impressive showing.

Staggers to think
this house so recently a tomb.


These walls truly present

no evidence of witnessed horrors.

Aphrodita, Aphrodita.

Such memories shall soon
be cleansed from thought,

never again to darken mind.

I long for such a day.

Let us hasten it with ample libation.

I fear Mercato may lose himself

in the bottom of a cup

and forget that we are of position.

I would never make spectacle of myself.

Come then.

I would test the strength of your resolve

and my own as well!

I have never beheld sour Gallienus

in such high spirits.

This celebration already
proves clever suggestion.

To be made brilliant

if Spartacus's capture
were to be announced.

The gods may yet bless us this night
with unexpected gifts.

Let us entreat them with wine and song,

our voices to carry to Olympus itself.

This house once sat
perched within its reach.

I have worshiped here
myself upon occasion.

Good Cossutius.

I had not heard you were in Capua.

He comes for my games.

And to remove himself
from the prudish eyes of Rome.

Ah! Both just cause.

Let us enjoy spectacle.

Truly a feast for the senses.

Even I stand speechless.

Then I shall seize upon rare moment...

to honor noble guest.

Good citizens of Capua,

your presence

here in this house once stood cursed

is testament to your courage and faith,

faith not only in me,

but in the body of the Senate as well,

represented by beloved Albinius...

- Good Albinius!
- ...and noble Varinius.

A man worthy of celebration

for his generosity in providing
distraction with games

to ease troubled thoughts.

Praise Praetor Varinius.

To the Republic!

See how they admire you.

Good Varinius.

The girl takes your counsel to heart.

And I repay your kind attendance

with welcome news of retribution.

My soldiers return

with news of Spartacus' imminent capture...


And offer in advance

the lives of the few surviving remnants

of his most trusted men.

These gladiators...

these slaves, were responsible

for the deaths of many of your noble kin...

and they will pay...

with blood.

Praetor Varinius.

Pressing concerns forced hand

in preventing my men
from presenting at your games.

I offer you the lives
of these enemies of Rome

to balm unintentional wounds.

Cut the pig!

Come on, we want blood!

Gratitude for this honor

and for your tireless pursuit
of the villain Spartacus.

Yet I cannot accept.

I cannot accept, because to do so

would rob the people of this
city of deserved pleasures.

Let these men not fall here tonight

in the honor of a single man,

but in the arena before all of Capua!

Justice be had!

Great Varinius!



The boy fought well.

Would this were wine to send him
properly on his way.

You speak of him as if already gone.

Then he speaks the truth.

Naevia is burden enough.

We have settled this.

Come to reason.

There is more blood upon
the ground than within him.

Even if we carry him,
he will not survive.

But he will leave a trail,

one that the Romans shall follow.

We cannot just leave him.

No, we cannot.

You would take his life?

I would but sever dangling thread.

It would be a kindness.

You will not touch him.

Then do it yourself.

Put him from misery, as you did Varro.


He survived worse

against Theokoles.

The boy too will live

if his wound is sealed with fire.

Fire would call the Romans down upon us.

Then we must be quick

and be gone before they arrive.

And if we are not?

We do not have enough men.

No, we do not.

Find Agron and bring all to purpose.

We will follow as swiftly as we are able.

I fear it will not be swift enough.

Trussed as game awaiting slaughter,

yet the man still eyes us as prey.

The fire will soon be put
from rebellious eyes.

A fitting end to your games, Varinius.

It shall be a day etched in memory.

I cannot wait to see their blood
spill upon the sands.

Nor I.

Yet should they not fall here,
in the very place

they robbed our beloved
cousin Sextus of his life?

A man dearly missed.

It is a pity he shall
not be honored this night.

Would the greater honor
not be before all of Capua?

We are politicians, are we not?

Let us come to middle ground
and see everyone satisfied.

Choose a single man,

and let us make sport of him
in memory of your cousin.

A most judicious compromise.

Seppius is not the only one
who stands injured.

The gods themselves took note

of the horrors inflicted upon Lucretia

and pluck her from
the shores of the afterlife

to voice their desires.

Should she not choose what blood is shed

beneath roof she once claimed her own?

She has been most sorely grieved.

If there are no objections...

What mortal dares defy the gods?

Only one who would draw their wrath.

Varinius has seen fit

to allow us a taste of the blood to come,

a single man to be sacrificed
to this house

where so many lives were stolen

by Spartacus and his jackals,

to be chosen by its former domina,

the gods themselves guiding her hand.

The gods have chosen.

This one.

We shall draw lots

and cut but shallow to prolong the game.

Seppius to stand first,
in honor of fallen cousin.

Fuck the lot of you Roman cunts!

Do not think that the gods
have shown you mercy.

I but delay your passing

so that I may savor it.

My life is gladly given

for Naevia's.

She lives?

Far from your fucking grasp.

News greeted with joy.

I would have her hear
of your final moments

in the arena you held so dear

and the crowd which once cheered
your name spitting upon you.

And when you fall,

it will not be as champion,

but as a common slave,

absent honor and absent glory

and your name forever lost to history.

Let this shit speak now of Romans!

First blood has been drawn!

Who stands next?

Remember, do not cut too deep.

I would not deprive everyone fair turn.

Varinius in town but a handful of days,

and already outshines your husband.

The man does exude...


The breast!

But your heart was always set upon Gaius.

It is a deceitful thing
that has led many astray.

Well, the fault stands equally shared,

for succumbing to your teary-eyed pleas

in defense of misplaced affections.

Years have proven them so.

Yet mistakes of youth

need not forever haunt maturity.

You would see marriage dissolved?

I do not hold such power.

That decision lies in trusted father.

Well, Gaius is not without
considerable fault.

Yet it would not lend
favorably upon your name.

You carry his child,

and he yet holds position of praetor.

He is not the only one with such title.

Let him bleed.
Let him bleed.

It would seem the gods favor
less mature schemes.

Strike it from your thoughts,

as I have from mine.

Don't be greedy, Gallienus.

- Leave us some.
- I'm trying.

He is fading.

Fetch something for him
to clutch between teeth.

When it is done,

we must smother fire and move quickly.

I've seen that look

and the blame it inflicts inward.

None other deserve it.

We chose to do this,

even fucking Liscus.

Glaber does not send
his men against Liscus.

He sends them against me,
and all suffer because of it.


It is because of you that we are free.

What are you doing?

We must close your wound.

I am to be branded with fire,

as a true gladiator would.

You have earned your place
amongst the brotherhood.

Hold him down.

Do not cry out.

The fire, quickly.

Smoke sighted!

Take my sword. Go.

The man fades.

As do I...

from prying 93/95...

I do not care for the way he looks at me.

Few women do.

Come, it is your turn.

I have never held one before.

My brother would not allow it.

Well, then it falls

to more experienced hands
to guide you. Come.

You do not care
for your master's affections?

I am slave to no man.

Yet you bow and scrape
toward Varinius' purpose.

If it aids me in pursuit of Spartacus.

I would have done so as well,

absent attempt to fuck your sister.

Magistrate, a word.

Now place the tip against flesh...

and feel it part at your desire.


I cannot.


Our honored guest

asks too muchof inexperienced hands.

Your wife does not shy from taking life.

I only regret she moves prematurely,

robbing deed from more deserving hands.

That is how you sate desire,

for love or vengeance,

without hesitation.


It is a sight, is it not,

all of Capua laid at your feet?

It is not the view,

but quiet respite
from celebration that draws me.

I have shattered it with prattling tongue.



I would not sweep you
from perch once your own.

It seems a lifetime ago I called it so.

Time flees from us all,

leaving regret for what might
have been churning in our wake.

I fear we share much in such regard.

A husband lost.

A wife...

Dearly missed.

Let us turn to common joy

of friend and daughter.

Ilithyia. Hmm.

The name fails to lighten
troubled thoughts.

Give them voice,
and see them fly to the heavens.

I've not the lungs to shout so loud.

Then whisper desire to me,

and I shall entreat the gods
to see them satisfied.

Your counsel
would be much appreciated.

Where's Fortis?

We avoided one squad of Romans.
A second, we could not.

I lost Fortis
in the woods as we fled.

- Which direction?
- The one which you travel in.

We shall break west

and hope to miss them
before righting course.

And if we do not?

Then they shall learn

that a wounded animal
may yet bare teeth.

But of course we can.

You overreach,

and hot tears burn in result.

Turn from him...

and dry your eyes.

Let us leave this fucking house

and see memory of this night
fade in warm embrace.

Yes, brother.

Crassus, yes.

Yes, I have dined and bathed
with him on many occasion.

A man large of coin, small of cock.

His wife has often spoken of it...

in far grander terms.

Seek more wine.

I shall join you presently.

Your eye flits from young
to younger still.

If celebration stretches,

I fear to discover you
with a newborn clutched in hand.

Ilithyia, I would not see

my jest towards Crassus reach his ear.

And what do you offer
to purchase my silence?

What is it you seek?

Favor for your husband?

I have secured many
for him over the years.

Perhaps it is time to place
myself higher in concern.

It would be well deserved.

Why do you chase after simple little girls,

barely formed of breast?

They are unencumbered

of marriage...

and obligation.

And if a woman your equal
stood removed from such?

We speak in ever-tightening circles.

I would see them come to a point.

My father never favored Gaius.

If a more suitable husband

with equal title

and greater promise

were to make his intentions known...

You play a dangerous game.

With stakes worth the risk.

Your name...

wed to my father's...

power and wealth

to rival Crassus himself.

Gain your father's approval
to dissolve your marriage...

and find me as wet
with desire as you now stand.

Fuck the gods.


Back the way we came.

To the northwest, General.

One, two, three, four.



Did I not fucking warn you?

A serious wound,

- but you should live...
- Call the remaining squad.

It will not make a difference.

Spartacus is possessed
by the gods themselves...

Spartacus is here!
Bear arms!

You will draw them to us.

And we will fight until
the last drop of Roman blood...

I am not a Roman.

And I will not fucking die this night.

We must move before more come.

I am done running.

Do not fucking let this be for nothing.


and see many Romans fall.

You really believe this will save you?

Maneuvering my father's cock inside you?

You mistake intent...

Do not attempt to twist
fucking word to advantage.

I will not be placed
beneath your heel again,

you withered cunt.

You think so low of me?

Based upon lasting memory
of blood and betrayal.

I've done many things to hurt you,

because I was jealous

of your position, your beauty,

your youth,

moved by base passions

which served only
to wound my own heart.

I would do anything, Ilithyia,

to erase injury my actions have caused.

You remember what happened between us?

I remember everything.

Do not think I will be
so easily threatened.

Again, you mistake intent...

Mistake is yours.

I will dash your head against the stones

- as I did Licinia...
- Wait.

With tales of how
you lost wits and came to me.

- Your father...
- Will not mourn

the passing of a faded whore.

He will dissolve your marriage!

That is the reason
I took him to my thighs...

to sway him to your cause
of wedding Varinius.

That is what you desire, is it not?

Even if it were,

why would my father be moved
by serpent's tongue?

The gods speak through me.

He sees wisdom in their counsel.

I did it for you, Ilithyia...

to secure future for you and your child.

I would mend rift between us...

one torn by my own foolish hands.

Perhaps it is I that have been foolish...

to ever doubt such dear friend

was blessed by the gods.

Laughter and drink

have done much
to dispel darkening gloom.


But yet I fear shall
see split head come morning.

You stand satisfied then?

In all things.

Let us set past aside and look
towards deserving future.

Words of significant worth.

Come, I would break more with you

before sleep claims us.

Apologies for earlier doubt.

This evening has proven
most advantageous.


I long to see what dawn shall bring.


How far?

Half a day's journey.

Take Nasir.

I will hold them back
for as long as I am able.


I stay by your side.