Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 2, Episode 2 - A Place in This World - full transcript

Continuing the search for Naevia, the gladiators take over another villa. Spartacus convinces Crixus it's best not to imitate Roman selfish arrogance but offer the slaves a choice for freedom, if they accept to be trained as comrades in arms. Spartacus himself tutors Tiberius, the murdered master's house-slave, born as Syrian Nasir, obviously reluctant to shift loyalty, who ends up saving their skin by luring in a Roman patrol so the gladiators can slaughter them. General Glaber grudgingly encourages Lucretia's prophetess pose and finds local militia commander Seppius unwilling to accept his authority. Flashbacks to Oenomaus's training before and by Batiatus senior.


No longer shall you be my Doctore.

You will assume the mantle of Lanista

and be warmly greeted
by your name... Oenomaus.

- What is this madness?!
- Spartacus shows us the way.

He sends word to me that one of the fallen

bore your name carved into his chest.

The consuls will present a motion
dispatching you to Capua.

There are villas and farms
far from the city.

Naevia was handed
from dominus to dominus.

- We move south

to find Naevia.

This is Batiatus' wife?

- A shadow of the same.
- And yet she lives.

It would give the city hope
to see a woman

survive Spartacus and his men.

Where do you go?

There is but one place

for an animal without honor.

Come on!

Go on!



- Yeah!
- Get up!

Take his fucking face off! Yeah!





That is no boy, but fucking demon

belched from the cunt of the underworld.

Your presence in the Pits
comes as welcome surprise.

When word that Titus Batiatus
graced us with his presence...

Where did you find him?

He's from a pack of Numidians
purchased from Maalok.

The others fell within the week.

This one proves too dim
to sniff out their trail.

- Has he any training?
- Training?

A rabid dog would be
more agreeable pupil.

Barely answers to the name given him.

All men can be tamed,

no matter how wild.

One must only find an ember of purpose

and give it breath.

I give no shit to embers.

Coin warms my breast.

And the price to see you so inflamed?

10 denarii, and the boy is yours

to train, to fuck,

whatever you would have of him.


Eight? You appear as honorable man,

yet attempt to slip cock in ass.

If I held such desire...

you would be split in two.

I give you this bargain
only to entice further purchases.


Greet your new master, Oenomaus.

It is time.

Filthy animals.

Living in offal and shit beneath the city.

If we'd known they were there,

we would be riding towards Rome

with news of Spartacus's death.

Now they could be anywhere.

He would have left the city
to rougher terrain.

It will be no simple task
to sweep such an area.

More men would spur to purpose.

Attempts to raise soldiers
have borne shriveled fruit.

It is the fault of Seppius.

He's secured every man
familiar with sword as his own.

Perhaps it's time we called on his support.

He is Varinius' man,

not worthy of such invitation.

And yet his men prove a necessity.

If we had them in the marketplace,

Spartacus would never have
found himself so close to you.

The gods conspire against you.

Return to your quarters.

They demand proper offering,

one of blood and sacrifice.

You speak of ritual?

To restore this house

and to force our enemies
to their knees.

See yourself to market

to gather what you require
when sun greets day.

And we shall confer with Seppius.

I'll make arrangement.

You believe the gods
will heed your prayers?

If my cause is just.

Then entreat them to divine

where Spartacus has gone to ground

before the villain
robs another Roman of his life.

Tiberius, I would finish.

Place cock in ass.

Come on.

My robes! Quickly!

Strike fear, and quiet concern.

Our quarrel is not with you.

It's with those that would
place themselves your master...

a title that bears no meaning to us,

nor to you now, should you wish it so.

You are presented choice
as we once were:

To submit forever to Roman cruelty

or take up arms and to join us in freedom.

And who are you
to present such fucking offer?

I am Spartacus.

Still your fucking tongues!

Are you the dominus of this house?

I am.

Then we should have words.

What is it you seek?!

Give desire voice, and see it satisfied.

You are a man of fucking influence.

Yes. Yes.

I have the ear of the magistrate.

I can deliver message.

It is message sent to you
which I have interest in.

You were friends of Batiatus,
were you not?

Were you not?!

I knew him only in passing.

He was filled with mad dreams

of rising in prominence of office.

Yet he needed support.

To gain it, he sent a gift

from villa to villa in this region,

3 woman.

- A woman.
- You know of her?

If I do...

my "Te yet spared?

Speak while you still have fucking tongue!

She was... she was here.

She was here.

You would break false word
to Jupiter himself

just to see another dawn.

No, no. No.

Dark of skin.
Hair roughly shorn.

The mark of her domina
upon the back of her shoulder.

Where is she?

I do not know.

She was put to cart after.


How... how...

how could I know that she held meaning?

Did she not breathe?

Did her heart not beat
like any other woman's?

Yet you did not see a woman, did you?

You just saw something
to be used and discarded.

- Please.
- You just saw a fucking slave!

Everything is in the back.


Take everything.

Your beauty stirs my cock.

A rise too slight for eyes to notice.


That's how it's done.

That one smells of shit.

From where does he hail?


Gauls, they fuck absent regard
of pleasing a woman.

A skill lacking in most men.

And what of Spartacus?

How does he stand?

Above the rest...

in all regard.


I did not know he was yours.

I do not claim him in such terms,

nor would he be so enslaved.

He offers you protection
in return for affections.

We have no such arrangement.

Is it love then?

Of course.

The hope of love to come.

A danger in its own right.

I need an accounting
of all food and supplies.

Find Vitus and see it done.

We suffered no casualties,

though Liscus and Acer
took minor wounds.

The Gauls grow careless.

How many weapons were secured?

Enough to see a dozen more men well armed.

And we will put them to use

in the next villa that we take.

The dominus?

He recalled a slave

marked the same as Naevia.

Where was she taken?

She was put to cart

to be passed to the next fucking dominus.


We will find her, brother,
and see everyone

that has kept her from
your arms to the afterlife.

...rains down from an angry sky

My cock rages on

My cock rages on.

I will see to my men
and Rhaskos's cock to cover.

Ah, Crixus.

Get down.

He is given crumbs,

yet you present his fucking meal.

His heart aches for nourishment.

I would have it well fed.

Even if Naevia lives,

she will not be the woman
he holds to memory.

If we are to stand against Glaber
and the Romans,

we must liberate fighting men,

not waste effort on dwindling hope

- and worthless house slaves.
- Every man has his worth,

a lesson the Romans will soon learn.

The bonds of slavery have been struck.

Never again

will you feel them tighten
around your neck

robbing you of breath and life.

See your own join your brothers

and take up just cause.

We will see the Romans bleed
for taking us as dogs,

to be yanked by the leash
at their command.

Tychos, Sophus,



who would have blood?

This place...

the very air clings
to the flesh, tainting it.

Close eyes, Domina,

and replace thought.


Oh, Gaius.

You give heart cause to flutter.

The water ripples in evidence.

The result of your child

and firm kick upon swollen belly.

Such aggression prophesies a boy.

Would I give you any less?

You have given me much of late.

Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed.

Yet there is more that I would ask.

You need but command it.

Escort Lucretia to market at dawn.

She intends ceremony
to cleanse this house

and deliver my enemies.

The gods would rather piss on Rome

than whisper in her ear.

People of this city believe her prophet.

She is not to be trusted.

It was not long ago
you named her friend.

A mistake dearly paid for.

A sum costing us both.

You truly believe her blessed?

Spartacus must fall

if we are to be returned to Rome,

and I am willing to believe

whatever revelations tumble from her lips

if they shall hasten such a day.


see yourself dried by loving hands

and to our bed.

Oh, to have a proper bed once more.

It's been a lifetime.

I have never known such a thing.

Then it is much deserved.


what we share...

what meaning does it hold for you?

What answer would you have?

One spoken from the heart.

I have feasted so long
on pain and sorrow,

it is difficult to recall sweeter taste

except when you are in my arms.

Then let me never be from them.


You've already killed me once.

Do not hesitate to revisit the deed.

He did nothing but offer freedom,

and this is how you repay?

It was not his to grant!

I was body slave to the dominus.

I had position and respect.

You were a slave,

everything you possessed
a mere fleeting illusion.

You but take my master's place.

And what would your master do now,

if he stood so assaulted?

He would see me dead.

Yes, he would.

You yet wish to train this fuck?

The boy deserves opportunity.

He was given such a thing

and made attempt
on your life in response.

Gods save me.

I find myself in agreement with a Gaul.

He has known nothing but slavery,

the strength of such a tether
not easily severed.

- Perhaps never to be so.
- And if we take his life?

What message will that send to those

who wish to join our cause?

That they had best be agreeable.

We're Romans then?

Commanding through fear
and threat of death?

If he makes attempt again,

I will make sure he joins
his fucking dominus.

And how do you propose
we train this wild little dog?

As Batiatus had Doctore train me.

And that turned out so well.

Liberius draws plumbatae!

Addonexus selects vinculum!

Take his fucking head off!

Go on! Come on!


Release him.


A minor injury,

meant only to instruct.

I stand in victory in my match,

yet Doctore provides
only lash and rod as reward.

You believe you deserve otherwise?

This is a house of champions, Oenomaus.

It does not submit to you.

You submit to it.

Yes, Dominus.

One must learn to kneel
if he is ever to rise.

A necessary lesson

if you are to one day

join the champions
of the House of Batiatus.

How is such a thing possible?

The answer lies within your breast.

You fight with a strength of men
beyond your meager years,

yet lack the discipline
to see it properly harnessed.

Quintus, two cups of mulsum.

Tell me what I must do.

The most difficult of tasks.

You must discover your purpose.

- My purpose?
- That which you fight for.

I fight to stay alive.

As do we all.

But to grasp the heavens,

you must fight for something greater,

something beyond mere survival.

You are my dominus.

I fight for whatever you decide.

No, no.

This is a decision each man,

whether slave or freeborn,
must forge himself.

It is yours alone.

To your purpose

and the destiny it shall lead you to.


Come on! Bring it!

Addonexus, victor!


Just fucking barely.

Send another to face me.

And what of his opponent?

Send him as well.

You wish to leave this world,

I shall ferry you.

Addonexus thirsts for yet more blood.

And he shall have it!

Last position!


Keep your left arm up!

You carry a shield as well as sword.

Not the man, the shoulder.




You expose flank,

the ruin of many a great man.

I'm no fucking soldier.

Not yet.

First and second position.


It's heavier than I imagined.

It will lighten in time.

And when it becomes as a feather,

what purpose
do you think it shall fly to?

One of your own choosing.

Now set foot to path...

- And second positions!
- ...and come at me again.


Should have put the boy down.

A dog bites once,

he will bare fucking teeth again.


Why do they stare?

How could they not

when one blessed by the gods
moves among them?

The gods?

Oh, yes.

You rarely spoke of them in times past.

Now the divine is held
as confidant and council.

Much has changed.

Curious words

from one who claimsno memory of the past.

Shadows of it begin to form
in the light of a new day.

What shape do they take?

One of secrets passed between us.

You confessed that you do not always heed

the commands of your father
or your husband.

You speak of my first visit to your villa...

when we had yet to come
to truly know one another.

I so wished to please you.

You're the wife of the legatus.

Such a gift.

You do not know what it means

to find you within the walls
of my house once again,

filling it with life and promise.

To survive such barbarity,

you are truly touched by the gods.


May the gods bless you.

May the gods bless you.

- Lucretia.
- Lucretia.


Bless me.

They seem rather taken with her.

Seppia. A welcome sight.

Unless you intend tribute to
the oracle of Batiatus as well.

I do not push about in throngs.

I find the odor of desperation
lingers upon garment.

We are of similar mind.

More so tethered by blood and marriage.

My brother only just departed
to sit with your husband.

- Men and their politics.
- Let us leave them to it

and turn thought
toward more pressing subject.

What news
of latest scandal from Rome?

Husband and coming child

have drawn attention from such events.

I cannot believe you so removed.

You are acquainted
with positively everybody.

And yet desired by more than a few.

How I envy such attentions.

And howl miss them.

Must all joy be so abandoned
when weighted with husband?

It must, if a woman is of proper breeding.


How miserable.

Perhaps I should entreat the gods

to shield me from such dour fate.

May the gods bless you.

- May the gods bless you.
- Lucretia.

- Lucretia.
- May the gods bless you.

- Lucretia.
- It's a sign.

May the gods bless you

- Lucretia.
- Lucretia.

May the gods bless you.


Bless me. Bless me.

May the gods bless you.

- Lucretia.
- Lucretia.

Spartacus was one of yours, was he not?

During your overly brief
campaign in Thrace.

Conscripted to the auxiliary.

An animal prone to disobedience even then.

A beast you brought to our shores.

To die in the arena.

Yet he lives,

a pleasure denied
my noble cousin Sextus.

Many have suffered injury.

To be healed by news of Spartacus' fall.

A venture I eagerly
set hands to months past.

Yes, word touched me
in the Senate of your efforts.

How many of your men
has he sent to the afterlife?

The man proves resourceful,

as he did when he set upon you
in the market square.

It is a pity my men were not
present to end the matter.

Spartacus stands
a common foe, as I said.

Yes, my tribune cleaves
to the heart of it.

Spartacus is enemy to us both,

shared in offense and blood,

so let us sweep aside differences

and in union see him forced to knee.

I would need to consult Varinius
towards such agreement.

Are they your men or his?

And who would lead combined effort?

You shall hold station of note,

second only to my command,

and promise that you shall be present

when Spartacus is put to grass.

The man takes habit of slipping
through your fingers.

What moves you to certainty of victory?

Because the gods themselves will it.

They speak with you now, do they?

Through voice of former domina
of this very house.

- Lucretia?
- They have blessed her,

as they blessed her
the night they guided her

from death in the massacre.

Yet she is not alone in such fortune.

Did the gods not...

guide your wife to safety as well?

Ilithyia took leave

before unfortunate turn.

And with her, a clutch of your men

soldiers that might have
tipped the balance

towards halting Spartacus
short of fucking slaughter.

You will tend your words with
more care in my presence, boy.

- Come, let us take seat...
- My words are carefully chosen

for a man holding title

as favor to his wife's father.

You speak to me in such manner again,

and I will have your tongue.

Yet not my men.

I ... cock rages on, my cock rages on

I put you down, I give you shit

I piss on your grave for the sport of it

And when I die, expect no less

My mind is gone, my cock rages on.


Slave, see my jug filled.


Fetch drink yourself.

Do not fucking drain jug
before return, slave.

Fight to fuck

Fuck to fight, I fight to fuck again...

You offer privilege
before it is properly earned.

And you would have them bow
and scrape in service

as they did before their dominus?


Yet neither would I have them
seen as equal.

They were not forged
of the brotherhood, as we were.

They join our cause of their own free will.

Such fire may yet prove more fierce.

Or be extinguished by threatening storm.

I would move at first light.

There are yet more villas.

You press fortune

glaring so at the Slayer of Theokoles.

His victory but proving even giants fall.

What name do you go by, little man?

So I may properly mourn your passing.

I'm called Tiberius.


You are far too dark
to have such a fair Roman name.

I'm more Roman than Syrian.

There was a Syrian at our ludus.

A treacherous fuck,
if ever there breathed.

You had family there?

I only recall a brother.

I too had a brother.

No longer?

He was struck down by the Romans.

When you turned swords against them?

As you shall one day

if you hold any fucking sense.

Look at me.

I would see that pretty face as I finish.

You fucking animal!

- Mira!
- Go!

Or part with your cock.

If you were not Spartacus' bitch,

I would show you
how to use that and my cock.

I will see that Rhaskos...

I chose to lay with the fucking Gaul.


Not all of us have Spartacus
warm our beds

and see us to position.

You gain freedom

only to be enslaved by that shit?

Freedom is not without cost.

I pay with the only coin I have.

As do you.

Perhaps we should stand further away

for fear of errant bolt from the heavens.

Such ritual may bring profit, absent cost.

The goat came at no small expense.

The gods whisper of deceit and treachery

and give assurance
that those who would harbor

secrets against you
shall be brought to light.

Accept our offering

and bless us with your favor
against our enemies.

Is it wise

to allow such unsteady hands
to play with knives?

Hold tongue.

Your will, my hands.

Perhaps another goat?

When ritual is ended,

see blood cleansed

and Lucretia attended.

You are to fight Caratacus next,

a beast that has claimed many lives.

You believe he shall end mine?

In your condition?

If he does not, send one that will.

Get up! Get up!

You have taken important step

towards rising above base animal.

It shames me I fought in that place,

absent thoughts of honor.

The Pits are for men whose lives

promise nothing greater
than an ugly end.

You are destined for far grander fate.

The arena.

Place where legends are forged.

I fear for those that dare
take the sands against you.

I shall make their deaths memorable.

The gods will be pleased.

I do not fight for the gods.

I fight for you.
That is my purpose, my life,

to honor the House of Batiatus.

The honor is mine.


- Come on! Finish it!
- Yeah.

Take his head off!

Here. His blade!



Men approach.

Torches arriving from the north.

How many?

6, maybe more.
Gather the men.


These may be scouts from a larger force.

If a single rider was to escape our grasp,

it could bring a far greater concern.

Then we shall grip tightly.

There is a better way,

one that will keep our movements
yet hidden from the Romans.

I would have words with your dominus,

on orders of Seppius.

Apologies. Business has
called him to Picentia.


I have never known him
to favor the city.

He does not.

He favors its whores.

You are his body slave,
are you not?


Tell me...

why are you not at your dominus' side?

Because there's no one he trusts more

to see his villa attended

while his cock is satisfied.

You serve your master well.

Return to your charge.


You have come a fair distance from Capua.

Come, and I will give you something

to make effort worthwhile.

He betrays us.


Why did you stop them from leaving?

He killed a man.

When he saw they would not win.

His eyes fell to my neck.

He saw the absence of my collar.

If I had not allowed him in,

he would have returned
with more men.

You did well, Tiberius.


My brother called me Nasir.

Who disturbs peace at such an hour?

I come bearing a gift

which shall set you upon path
to the fall of Spartacus.

The gods truly heed my prayers.