Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 12 - Revelations - full transcript

Glaber arrives at Capua to meet Batiatus and discuss the terms of support the house, but he wants to see the legend of Spartacus fighting before he makes his final decision. But that event leads to an important twist leaded by Crixus, which may affect all the intentions of Batiatus.

Crixus honors the memory
of your husband.

As do we all.

We should put these
dark times behind us...

And with solonius' blood...

Amend our grief.

crixus! crixus!

crixus! crixus! crixus!

I request words
with batiatus,

Yet you return
absent the man.

Other matters occupy
his attention.

I've pressed for
audience all week.

Dominus forgets who
his champion is.

It is you
who forgets title,

Master and slave.


I have made many mistakes
since becoming champion.

Know that i intend
to rectify them shortly.

Good citizens of capua!

I stand
before you,

The sting of tears
yet hot upon my cheek,

To redress a most vile crime

Against our city
and our hearts.

The murder of magistrate
titus calavius!

His life stolen

For lust of profit
and advancement.

His warmth and guidance

Torn from our hands...

And those of loving wife
and noble son!

Yet today we shall
witness justice!

The base criminal
that has so wounded us

Shall be executed ad gladium!

Enter solonius!

Enemy of the people!

fucking pig!


slice his
traitor tongue off!

you fucking pig!

And who shall
balance the scales?

Who shall restore
honor to our city?

spartacus! spartacus!

There is but one man!

The slayer of theokoles!

The bringer of rain!


champion of capua!

You survived your
execution, thracian.

Upon these very sands.

Perhaps good solonius
will fare as well.

I would not expect it.


Fight me, damn it!

Why does spartacus
not strike in return?

He but extends the moment,
to the favor of the crowd.

the villain's blood
will flow soon enough.

Your husband has been
a gift from the gods.

Numerius would be lost
without his support.

He gains great comfort
in the act.

The comfort is ours.

He will make a fine father,
when the day comes.

Look, spartacus
draws blood.

You are not absent skill.

Nor desire to live.

You see?

Solonius comes to his end.

And who would
not wish it?

The streets of rome are wet
with tears of your loss.

we have not received word
from you, ilithyia.

Did you speak
to your husband?

About patronage
for the house of batiatus?

At length.

He comes to capua
a day hence,

To discuss the matter

The roar of the crowd.

There is no sound
more glorious.

The last you shall hear.

You take the wrong life.

Your master batiatus,
is the villain.

And shall join you presently.

kill! kill! kill!

spartacus! spartacus!

i would not have
agron risk himself

on behalf of
brotherly bond.

See him separated from
duro in future games.

And, what of spartacus?

He grows restless at
not receiving audience.

The proceedings with solonius
have filled my attentions.

Send mira to occupy
his thoughts.

I will summon him
in the morning.


Robes, fit for a man of
breeding and intelligence!

You wear them well.

Today day beheld
the end of solonius.

A welcomed spectacle,
given purchase

By your loyalty and cunning.

You shall be removed from
the ludus immediately.


You'll reside
in the villa.

Elevated far above
the common men,

Your devious fucking mind
close to elbow.

Gratitude seizes the tongue.

Well perhaps a woman will aid
in the untangling of it.

Name any slave,
and the wet joys

of her body are yours.

I confess to
certain longings.

For one not yet soiled
by the other men.

Give name to your desire,
and see it fulfilled.


My presence was commanded.

By batiatus?

His words
set me to purpose.

But they were
gladly received...

I tend your wound.

stand guard at your
request while you

stain hands with blood.

and you discard
a simple touch?

My mind is taken
with other thoughts.

Then break open head
and share them.

I fear batiatus suspects
my hand in aulus' death.

He appears absent the weight
of pressing concern.

Then why does he not
grant me audience?

What secrets did aulus
reveal in dying breath,

That so inflamed?

That his hand
robbed sura of life.

By command of batiatus.

You plan vengeance!

You cannot do this!

that is not
what she called me!

Never again will i hear her
whisper my true name.

Or taste the joy
of it on her lips.

I will see the light
fade from his eyes,

Or join her
in the attempt.

At expense of my life?

The thracian does not
know roman law!

If one slave spills
the blood of his master...

All are put to death.

Each to his own fate.

And i to mine.

You move with
strong purpose...

Spurred, by your victory.

When i defeated pericles,

And you were not
in the pulvinus...

There is no
meaning to glory,

Without your eyes
to witness.

They will never
again be absent.






What business do you attend,
that you do not answer?

Fetching wine, domina.

i did not hear..

Leave it.

There is a service required
of you by dominus.

my heart quickens
at such a vision.


Set mind to ease.

I cling to no grudge
for past transgressions.

I do not understand.

You spoke with doctore,

After it was said barca
secured his freedom.

I told him nothing.

A thing of no consequence.

Turn it from
your thoughts.

As i have
turned it from mine...

In favor of more...

Intimate concerns...

I have admired your
beauty for many years.

Were you aware
of my affections?

I have felt your gaze
linger of late.

A gaze is all
i could dare....

Your position placing you
forever beyond my grasp.

Delicate, ripe naevia.

Always the forbidden fruit.

Until now...

You tremble.

Has a man never
kissed you...

caressed the soft curves
of your hips...

Slipped inside of you...

Domina has seen me
remain untouched.

Then we are both...

In her debt.

you give her away
as if a common whore!

i've preserved her chastity
since she was a child,

Towards presenting
it as gift!

The only gift of chastity
is in its removal.

by a man of worth!

Not fucking ashur!

Naevia has been
my most trusted slave.

The thought of that
fucking syrian

Shoving his devious
cock inside her...

It's a betrayal, quintus.

It is a necessity.

Set details of it aside,
and shift mind

To glaber's arrival.

His patronage
brings to climax

All our labors.

When the sun rises
on the house of batiatus...

Everything will change.

your wooden man gives
almost as much fight
as solonius.

With each victory,

I draw closer to facing
you again in the arena.

And reclaiming
stolen glories.

There is no glory.

only blood.

Spilled for the pleasure
of the romans.

And how they shall roar,

When i spill your blood
upon the sands.


You are summoned.

I fear you will never
have the chance.

watch what
you're fucking doing!


be careful with that!


Where are the flowers?

Go find the new girl
and bring fucking flowers!

A house full of slaves, have to
do fucking everything myself.

Ah! the champion of
capua graces us

with his presence!

Apologies for not
receiving you sooner.

I have been consumed with
the tumult of recent events.

Much has changed.

The world reforms
at our feet,

The very earth
thrusting us

To unimaginable heights!

At great cost.

easily paid!

At this very moment
legatus glaber

Thunders towards us
to bestow patronage.

I know your feelings
towards the man.

i would ask that
they be put aside,

in favor of more
noble pursuits.

Glaber took
sura from my arms.

But he is not the man
that took her life.


Would that be all?

Yep, fine, leave.

What is she doing here?

Working beneath my employ,
to pay off varro's debts.

I pledged my winnings
to such a cause.

you did not
tell her this?
of course.

She would have
no coin from your purse,

nor mine, unless
it was obtained

by means of fair labor.

she wishes to serve
the house of batiatus,

until all his debts
are balanced.

She is a good woman.

and worthy of consideration.

and she shall receive
it in abundance.

Now tell me, what
matter were ywu so eager

To discuss with me?

I merely sought word
towards varro's wife,

and that she had
been provided for.


so all is well
between us.

I require words
with spartacus.

Why the fuck
would i allow that?

Because my tongue
remains silent

Towards the gate
key you lost.

You would have it
remain so?

Be quick.

Opportunity presents itself,
yet batiatus lives.

For the moment.

Last night the lives
of every slave

Under this roof
meant nothing to you.

Then aurelia appears,
and you grow a conscience!

Varro was as a brother.

I will not see his
wife put at risk.

You put the woman at risk
when you killed her husband.


A parting gift.

What is this shit?

A memento of your
battle with theokoles.

the city was filled
with such novelties

after spartacus
brought the rains.

The craftsmanship
was rather poor.

Dominus finally
decides to remove you

From the company of men?

Far removed.

I have been given favored
quarters within the villa.

To serve as our
master's right hand.

The one he wipes
his ass with.

Ah, a witty
turn of phrase.

One of many splendors
i shall miss

Of being a gladiator.

You were never
a gladiator.


Not after your blade
found itself in my leg.

My gift to you.

One that has
given great reward.

Everything i am,

Everything i now possess,
i owe to you.

No, that goes
to the balcony.

the legatus arrives.

The new girl is slow
to the task.

An act of charity.

We shall yet find
proper use for her.

A great day,

One that shall
be remembered.

Where is the legatus?

my husband is delayed.

But you made promise.

Which will be well kept.

He yet intends
proper visit,

But requests good
batiatus give greeting

Upon entering
the city.

A great honor!

When does he arrive?


We must hurry!


Let us retire to
the balcony to feast.

And review your
sense of timing.

I would love
nothing more,

But i must return
to the villa

to gather
my belongings.

To what end?

I'm moving
back to rome!

But your stay in capua
has been so brief.


Yet now that my husband
campaigns for praetor,

He insists i remain
at his side.

Are you well?

The blood drains
from your cheeks.

My heart but
flutters at the...

The thought
of losing you.

Memories of our
time together will

Fade only
with difficulty.

Your friendship, lucretia,

Has forever
altered my life.


I would make request.

Ask another,
if you seek it granted.

It is not for me,
but for my brother.

Batiatus orders us parted.

Duro greets the news
with laugh and fucking smile.

Yet i fear he shall not
survive the arena on his own.

You are not alone
in the thought.

Batiatus shows
you much favor.

A word from your lips could
see the decision undone.

Batiatus favors
no one but himself.

the legatus!

Legatus glaber!

Your arrival honors
the fair city of capua!

An honor i expected matched
by greeting at the gate.

Well apologies.
i had thought that..

Let us move past it.

My ears burn with
reports of lawlessness

since last i visited.

The magistrate's murder
was unfortunate...

As was that of ovidius
and his family.

and now the cousin
of senator crassus

goes missing.

Let us retire to my villa,
and we can discuss these

And other matters
at length.

I prefer to speak with
someone in authority.

good mercato awaits.

I shall accompany you?

That won't be necessary.

Await me at your villa.

When shall i expect you?

When i arrive.

you are summoned.

I long for the night,
to continue

What was last interrupted.

I cannot meet you.

Tis but one night.

There's no
cause for this.

Yes, cause.

enough to drown us
both in tears.

Dominus has given me
to another.

Who? tell me his name!

What does it matter?

We have lived in a dream.

And now we must awaken.

do not be troubled,
mighty crixus.

Capua cheers your
name once more.

soon you will seize
the mantle of champion

from that
fucking thracian.

And everything
shall be as it was

Before you fell
to theokoles.

I long for it to be so.

As do i.

Something's wrong...

Apologies, domina.


The shit fuck beckons
me to the city,

Only to spurn me
like a thin wasted whore!

Once again the gods
spread the cheeks

To ram cock
in fucking ass!

Perhaps a gentle nudge,
to remind the legatus

Of your importance...?

Hmm, make the arrangements.

Glaber will bend
to my fucking will.

Or break in the
denying of it.


You need to have fucking
words with ilithyia...

What's happened?

I am with child.

You're to be
a father, quintus.

Well, wine!

Wine for the
fucking house, eh!

We must celebrate!

we must celebrate.

this fucking village.


I had feared you
absorbed for the night.

The curse of mercato's

Cousin of
crassus vanishes,

And no theory rattles around
in his empty head.

Theories pale
against the obvious.

Licinia's tongue was
suspected of lounging

In less esteemed
places than

around her
husband's cock...

Whereas mine has made
do with naught

But idle conversation.

I fear it may not
have been as idle

As you would have
me believe.

What promises have
you made batiatus

And his faded bitch?

The flesh monger looks
to me with rheumy eyes,

Brimming with expectation.

I promise nothing,
save word on their behalf

To my dearly
missed husband...

is little better

Than the beasts
that bear his mark.

True, but they do provide
a certain amusement.

Humor their intent.

No more can be asked from
a man of your station.

My promise discharged,
and we shall return to rome.

And more civilized company.

Fetch another.

and hold
onto it this time.


I beg a moment.


You cannot be under
the care of batiatus.

The deed is done.

Then i shall
see it undone.

My winnings
in the arena...

Are not fucking wanted.

Varro asked that
i see you taken care of.

Then return him to me.

Varro's son.

he is safe?

He stays with my brother.

To be raised free
of his father's debt.

Absent his mother.

What of the child
in carry?

It was not
fathered by varro.

Without him i...

I had it removed
from my concerns.

As i would
be from yours.

Batiatus is not
to be trusted.

Do not lay faith
in him.

My husband is dead.

And with him all faith.

as your eyes witness,
no coin has been spared

in restoring the villa!

All will marvel upon
privileged entry,

And be humbled by
the storied history

Of the house of batiatus!

It is a vast

Hm, the gods have
truly blessed them.

And continue to do so.

If fortune so favors,
why do you continue

To press so brazenly
for my support?

True fortune extends
no further than

A man's ambitions.

Mine stretch well beyond
the sands of the arena.

How far beyond?

To the very doors
of political office.

In a minor capacity.
at first.

Well, let us entertain
it for a moment.

What men of status
lend you their confidence?

Magistrate calavius had
voiced his endorsement.

Before the coward solonius
forever stilled his tongue.

base villain.

The way he would
stare with his teeth.

my heart is moved
by the tragedy.

Yet my head remains fixed.

What advantage would
i gain by association

With a lanista?

My gladiators ignite
the passion of the crowd.

Lend name to my cause,
and see their deafening cheers

Transformed into demands
for claudius glaber,

And his desired
position of praetor.

They do favor batiatu''
men like no others.

Especially spartacus.

The thracian.

And what does it say that
your finest gladiator

Was my worst soldier?

That i am the greatest
lanista in the republic.

for i have taken
a wild beast,

and forged him
into a god.

Its a bold claim.

Built on a foundation
of fucking granite.

I would see your
words made flesh.

Easily conjured.

Spartacus trains in the square
with the other men.

i have descended
into the bowels

Of your ludus once before,
and did not care for the stench.

Summon the thracian
to the villa,

Along with the rest
of your men.

All of them?

All of them.

the champion of capua.

A sad day when an honored
city elevates a cur

To such position.

I see you've taught the animal
not to speak out of turn.

And i would have demonstration
of other tricks

The thracian has learned.

Unchain him.

Which of my men would
you have oppose him?



wields practice swords.

I fear he's at
a disadvantage.

I but give him chance
to prove his legend.


How exciting.


Vesper! linus!


You opened
this door, lanista.

And we shall
pass through it.


The legend is proved.


This savage caused
rome great offense!

Yet it would appear that
you have broken the man.

The way he bows
his head in deference.

would i be afforded such
courtesies, i wonder,

if patronage
were awarded?

He would be yours to command,
as would all my men.


and it shall be so.



You fucking cunt!

Calm yourself!

Slaves running wild!

This is what you would
have me give name towards?

What seizes your
fucking wits? speak!

I yet but touch my gift,
and crixus goes mad.

I felt her maidenhood long
absent when we lay together.

now i know whose cock
was in her first.

you whore!

how long?

How fucking long?

How long have you
hidden laughter

Behind a polite smile!

How long have you
been luring him

To your filthy
slave cunt?

What is it?
what is it?

Give it to me.
give it to me!

How did you come by it?

I took it.

To open the gate.
so you could lie with crixus.

You alone knew
of my feelings for him.

And yet you betray me.

Crixus never loved you.

He did only as commanded.



Bring me a knife.

You have assurance
crixus will be punished.

I fear your hands
too soft for the task.

You are mistaken.
they are as steel,

to their purpose.

as i to mine.

we return
to rome, absent

Unworthy entanglements.

Do not turn from me!

You forget your place,

No. i secure it.

Clear the fucking room!

Tell ashur to bring our
gift for the legatus!

Forget your gifts.

I would part as from
a troubling dream,

Untethered by
the memory of it.

Oh you will
remember this day.

Until you lay to
slumber, never to awaken.

I fear we have let
events run the best of us.

Perhaps a cup of wine
to er, cool the head.

We are long past
civilized recourse.

Your husband presses issue.
i would see it closed.

As would i.

Can i believe this will
make a difference?

Open it and see.

What is this abomination?

But a piece of the whole.


cousin of crassus.

You murdered licinia?

No. your wife did.

He lies.

a most heinous act.

One i was content
to help obscure,

Under promise of her aid
in obtaining your favor.

now i fear licinia's
body may resurface.

On the grounds
of your villa, perhaps?

I will see the tongue ripped
from your fucking mouth!

Even so ruined, it would
yet speak the truth.


You cannot believe me
capable of such a thing.

Patronage is granted.

a portion of my men
will remain stationed

Against further

Make all other arrangements
with ilithyia.

she will be remaining
here in capua.


No man is above retribution

For offenses committed

the house of batiatus.

no gladiator.

no champion.

Even the men that guard you,

Should they be guilty
of deceit or incompetence.

hector found
his key removed.

His head follows.

the fault lies
in my own breast,

With heart
grown too large.

this cannot stand.

Legatus claudius glaber

is now our honored patron.

And he has opened my eyes
to the error of my generosity.

one that demands

Embrace the pain.

It is the only way.

I expect your meetings
with crixus to end.


Do not fucking speak.

That you would think
me a fool is insult enough.

I have always known.

and turned eye away only
because it made you happy,

And caused me no thought.

Those days have ended.

Set your attentions
towards our child.

And do not see them stray.




Grant them a moment.

He was our champion once.

Allow him such respect.

I have destroyed us.

We yet live.

Where do they take you?

I do not know.

I will win my freedom.

I will not rest
until i find you.

It is time.

He speaks of freedom,
as did barca.

I give you my word,
that i shall aid him
in the seeking of it.

No. you must not let
him broach the subject.

Barca was not freed.

Batiatus took his life.

Fuck ass,
you roman cock.

Shut your
fucking mouth.

I would caution
softer words.

The shit keeps rising higher
in this fucking hole.

Perhaps it best
not to be present,

When it fills the mouth.

What do you speak of?

I speak of nothing.

Nothing sounds
much like escape.

and how would "nothing"
find way past batiatus

and all his fucking romans?

There is but one path.

We kill them all.