Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 11 - Old Wounds - full transcript

The Magistrate is kidnapped and held captive by Batiatus in response of the events at his son's birthday. Meanwhile, Spartacus deals with the wounds (both physical and emotional) and some dreams reveal something disturbing too.

It is never
an easy thing to see

a friend once loved

now absent breath.

He should yet walk.

That foolish grin,

and dreams of a life
beyond these walls.

Every night breaks.

And we must all wake.

I would the gods
turn back the sun...

And set me in his place.

He fought with honor.

As did you both.

His art was stilled
for a boy's amusement.

Where is the honor in that?

Varro left this world
a gladiator.

And shall be
remembered as such.


He will be remembered
as a husband.

A father.

And a friend amongst enemies.


Is it true?

That he perished by your sword?

He loved you as a brother.

He's not going
to take this loss well.

And who can fucking blame him?

Calavius slaughters my stock
at the whim of his maggot,

shits upon my ambitions,

mocking me in my own house.

No, not a loss to be
taken fucking well.

But one that will be
answered in kind.


He is a magistrate.

To move against him...

He is but a man.

And all men fall,

beneath the heel
of their hubris.


Turn thoughts
toward other matters.

What of Ilithyia?

Does she move to secure us
her husband's patronage?

The support of a Legatus

should be more than enough
to gain political office.

I only regret Calavius

will not live to see
the "unworthy" name

of Batiatus so elevated.

The very thought
of discovery...

It turns the stomach.

Make it a thing of iron,
and see it settled.

What news?

Speak, caress
my ear with words.

You will find them
soft and pleasing.

We set upon the magistrate

on the road leaving the city.

The guards and wagon?

Attended to as instructed.

The man himself removed

to the appointed place.


Standing watch.

I will relieve him
by cover of night.

I shall accompany.

I would gaze
into the man's eyes,

and see the power
of my reflection in them.

Until such time, avail
yourself of my hospitality.

Wine, women...

Both would suit me.

And so deserved.


It's done, then?


It's only just begun.

Behold, the glorious
Champion of Capua.

A heavy heart weighs
a man's sword.

The loss of a brother is
heartfelt by every gladiator.

We honor him not with tears,

but with blood
spilled in the arena.

Spoken as a true champion.

The games against
Pompeii approach.

Years I have been
robbed of the Primus

by Solonius and his bribes.

Finally it is secured
by our Dominus,

and who fights?


The woman who Grieves.


You are summoned.

Is this truly my likeness?

Have so many years passed,

that marble must be
etched with such lines?

Would that every man lived
to see his face so marred.

And the wretched
pass smooth of skin.

Varro's death has been
foremost in my thoughts.

It seizes the breast

to lose a gladiator
of such standing.

The comparison is false,

to a son losing his father.

A wife, her husband.

A burden, to be sure.

Yet he was aware of risk

and took them of his free will.

As a gladiator.

Not a child's plaything.

The magistrate and his whelp
have caused us both pain.

It will not go unanswered,
I promise you.

I would be of service
towards the deed.

Take comfort from
knowing its intent.

I would have your focus
turned towards

the games of Pompeii.

That perfumed shit Solonius

always secured the Primus
by inserting tongue in ass,

only to be crushed
by our city's hated rival.

But this year

he falls out of favor.

This year the House of Batiatus

secures the honor!


bringer of rain,
to face Pericles,

titan of Pompeii!

It is to be sine missione?

No quarter given,
no mercy shown.

And the purse?

To be on a footing
with the match itself.

I would see it paid
to Varro's wife.

A substantial sum.

You would see it all
past from your fingers?

Along with future winnings
that I claim in the arena.

A noble gesture.

One I shall see matched.

You would do this?

For Varro?

I would do it for you,

That you have peace of mind,

knowing his family
is attended to.

These sad events have
obviously taken their toll.

Rest, and be reassured
that those responsible

for our pain will soon
drink deep of their own.

It is regretful,
what happened to Varro.

I saw in your eyes
how you craved to

defy order of his death.

A shame you did not attempt it.


I knew it!

Why do you fucking bleat?

You fight by my side, brother!

Like a suckling babe.

I would prove myself alone.

And die the same.

Our champion
does not look to form.

Hm, the gods punish him.

For what offense?

You fucking jest.

Varro's blood,

still wet upon his hands?

His hands were
removed from choice.

I would die before
I would kill my own brother..

And who would see
to your brother's family?

What answer do you give, Duro?

With both of you dead,

who would see to his wife?!

His child?!

My brother has
no wife or child.


Fucking thracians.


I called your name...

I did not hear.

You do not appear yourself.

Did Dominus send you?

He would see
your spirits raised.

They do not deserve it.


Your wound...

It's a scratch.

Varro suffered worse.

I will help you to your cell.

You are not needed.



The man I saw you with...

I was ordered
to tend to his needs.

He means nothing to me.

Such is not my concern.

The man was wounded
trying to protect my wife.

Next you lay with him,

I would have you
offer my gratitude.


Apologies for the accommodation,

Take comfort knowing
that you will not

have to endure for long.

What is this madness?



It's only reason,

born of a clear mind
and wounded heart.


I have done you no injury.

The man's crimes
escape his lofty notice.

Release me!

Oh, I intend to.

From this fucking world.

Whatever your disagreement,

let us discuss it
as civilized men.

No, you mistake me.

I am but a base animal.

A beast to be ridden
and disregarded.


You accept my hospitality.

Enter my home.

Break bread, drink my wine.

Only to spit in my face.

"Leave politics to the men
who have the breeding for it."

Offense was not my intent.

I sought only to spare you
further humiliation...

Spare me?!

You don't have power
to spare shit,

you pathetic cunt!


Now speak the words!

Tell me my heritage!

Tell me my family name
bears no weight

among you and your noble
cock eaters!



Apologies, Dominus.

Perhaps if you move
your foot...

Lift him up.


You wish words from me?

May you listen to them well.

You are a jest.

A man tolerated,

because of his ownership
of Spartacus,

the savior of Capua.

When he falls,

you will quickly follow.

Tied to a fucking chair
in the filth and mire,

and yet the man provokes!

You still do not see it,
do you, good Batiatus?

You are beneath me.

And you always will be,

in this life or the next.

Do what you must
to balm your wounded pride.

I will not beg.


No, the time for begging
is long past.

Plans have been set in motion.

For you...
And young Numerius.

What does my boy to do with it?

He is a man now.

He too has a part to play
in our little drama.

Batiatus, you..

Attend he does
not injure himself.

I would see him fresh
for the appointed time.

Is this wise, Dominus?

Perhaps if we err..


Take hold of your cock
and follow the plan, uh.

We are committed,

we are committed.


The games approach!

Prove yourselves
against Pompeii,

and honor
the House of Batiatus!

My brother meant
nothing by his remarks.

He spoke his mind.

Thoughts shared by many.

You wish to rest?

If I do, I shall tell you.

Did I hurt you...


Tend to the wound.



The man is half dead!

You didn't notice
he needed fucking attention?!

I thought him only
distracted by Varro's death.

Will he be able
to fight against Pompeii?

He burns with fever.

A miracle if he lives
to the games.

Provide a list
of all that is needed.

Ashur heads to market,
he will see it filled.

Let not a moment pass
with him unattended.

Fetch Mira from the villa

if you need assistance.

He has some feelings
towards the girl.

Her touch may aid recovery.

Our champion cannot fall.


The Primus against
Pompeii finally mine

and the gods jam cock in ass!

The crowd will turn
upon me when they

learn Spartacus does not fight!

Perhaps they will be appeased
with suitable replacement.

Who but Spartacus could
best their fucking champion?

There is but one...

The Primus?


At last Batiatus
remembers my worth

and I shall take
the sand again.

And see it turn red
with the blood of Pericles!

Soften your words.

We will be discovered.

Will let them hear us.

Tonight, I am a god!

And I will reclaim my title,

Champion of Capua...

The news does not please you.

It fills my heart with joy,
to see you so alive.

And would have you remain so.


The Primus is a fight
to the death, Crixus.

You have been absent
the arena many months.

If Pericles were...


He will not.

How can you be certain?

Because I will never
leave your side.

Death will tremble
if it tries to part us.

Tomorrow when I take victory,

I will look to you
in the pulvinus.

We will share the moment alone.

Your hand is weighted.

Now float your tongue.

You are safe.

My master has greater concerns

his attentions.

What plagues good Batiatus
to such distraction?

Matters beyond your worries.

Yet they clearly trouble you.

Confide, lift your burden.

He has grown reckless.

His thirst for power

and vengeance clouds judgment.

How so?

I have taken too great a risk
meeting with you this night.

I must to the apothecary,

before I am overdue.

One day, very soon,
the House of Batiatus

will come crashing down.

Do not find yourself
buried in the rubble.

Fucking hold him down!

That's right.


Well, lick my hole.

The pig-fucker's
still alive.

This is what you are to him.

Gold, mined
from blood and meat.

All hail Spartacus.

Slayer of the shadow.

Bringer of the rain.

Champion of the romans...



Is that the best the great
Pompeii has to offer?

I fear the games will be
a disappointment this year.

These early skirmishes
count for nothing.

It is the Primus
that decides the Victor.

Um hum.

Absent your man Spartacus,

Capua shall once again find
itself in Pompeii's shadow.

Perhaps Crixus will bring
light to the matter.

Crixus, yes.

The crowd will be amazed...

That the gaul is still alive.

Batiatus assures us he's
recovered from his injuries.

That he survived
at all is impressive.

No gladiator from Pompeii
ever lived against Theokoles.

Young Numerius
cuts to the truth.

A talent he learned
from his father.

Does good Calavius
intend to grace us

with his presence?

The day grows short.

Critical matters
of trade in Picentia.

He must have been
delayed upon his return.

I am certain he will
join us presently.


Up, you fucking goat!

Dominus does not pay you
to dream of tits

and cunts.

Place foot on me again,

and find yourself
once more a cripple.

You know the stakes we deal.

If Calavius were to escape...

Fuck your mouth shut.

The man has not stirred.

Nor does he breathe!

Batiatus commanded
he not expire

until the appointed hour!

He's still alive,
you fucking woman.

Raise yourself, peacock!


This is on you.

I will share no...


He breathes.

The man is still alive.


I will have you both crucified!

And your master..

Aulus, enough!


Let me see.

Let me see.

Ugly as a whore's gash,
but you will live.

Return to the ludus
and have Medicus attend to it.

Do you have the balls
to see this through alone?

Two of them.

Very large.


We wait an eternity.

Why don't I begin our Primus?

The crowd threatens riot.

We can await
Calavius no longer.

Good Batiatus.

Would you present the Primus
on my husband's behalf?

Well, if you think it proper...



Where's the fucking magistrate!

We want some action!


In honor of magistrate Calavius,

who is absent attending
vital business on your behalf,

I present the Primus
against Pompeii!





Yes, we all desire
to see Spartacus,

take to the sands!

But sadly

this day shall not see
him with sword in hand!

Yet there is cause to rejoice!

This is a glorious moment,

much anticipated!

For it marks the return
to the arena

of one of Capua's
favored sons...



They have forgotten the honor
that I have brought them.

Then it is time
you reminded them

who their true champion is.

It appears Capua does
not care for your selection.

He faces a most
vile opponent,

belched from
the bowels of Pompeii.


I give you Pericles!



I pray the match
is overly brief!


I would see
his fat smirk removed.

Give the command.



What was the fucking cause?

A dog, soon to be put down.


Smells like piss.


It's to make you rest.

I need food
and a few hours sleep.

Come for me
if his condition changes.


Another year, another
"favored son" of Capua

gone to grass.

The match
is not yet concluded.

Formalities of blood.

Your man is finished.

Crixus has the heart of a lion.


He yet rises...




Give her water.

Your wife does not
fare well at the sight

of your man about
to be slaughtered.


Its the heat...

See her back to the villa.

It will pass.

No arguments.

I will join you








Returned to form as promised!

Your prayers
have been answered.

The match was overly brief.

Good fortune to Capua,
and all its deserving citizens.

Oh, linger a moment!

Let us have a drink

and relive this glorious day...


What news so important
it interrupts

the gloating of good Batiatus?

The magistrate's caravan
has been discovered

on the edge of town.

His guards murdered.

What of my father?

He was not among them,
but there are tracks,

leading back to the city.

Back to Capua?

Why would anyone
commit such treachery?


This burden saddens me.

If I may be
of any assistance...


We can handle it.

I will gather my men
to aid in the search.

Numerius, your presence
is welcome.

No. I will have
him by my side.


I will never let him
out of my sight.

You have my oath on it.



Let us to your father.

You send message,
yet I wait as a common slave.


It was difficult
to move without notice.

The alarm is up
across the city.

Speak quickly.

I join the search
for good Calavius.

He's gone missing.

I am aware of his absence.

The very matter
I wish to broach.

Calavius' ring!



How did you come by this?

Through means pressing
upon your desires.

Batiatus holds him captive,
with intent of murder.

Madness, even for Batiatus.

Magistrate Calavius
insults him,

obstructs his ambitions.

I've never seen
Batiatus so unhinged.

I would sever bonds,

least I find myself
upon the cross beside him.


Yet lives?

For the briefest of moments.

Where is he held?

Oh, you speak of severing bonds,
but remain firmly tethered!

I hold no love
for old loyalties,

yet Calavius has seen my face!

I must flee this city,

and would have proper
means to do so.

Take it.

And more, when Batiatus

and his treachery
are laid to rest.

Come, we must gather men.

Calavius would be
dead before you do.

Batiatus already
moves towards his plan.

Are you armed?

A simple dagger...

Enough to cut ropes.


Or see opportunity fade!



Why did you kill him?

I had no choice.

A man must accept his fate...

Or be destroyed by it.

Is this my path?

Blood and death?

You have always been destined

for unfortunate things...


Do not leave me again...

It was you...

It was you, who left...

You must tend to the wound.


On the road...

Came out of nowhere.

Tend to the wound.

I'm here.
I'm here.

Be still...

Your fevers broken.

The gods have blessed you...


They have.

I will fetch Medicus.


Release the straps.

I would speak
to this man, alone.

Towards what purpose?

Wait in the corridor.

Sound warning
if anyone approaches.

Do this for me, Mira.

I will be in your debt.

There is no sign of him.

My father could be
held anywhere.

He is a man of much esteem,
and easily recognized.

How could he be moved through
the streets without notice?

I do not know.


There must be a way...

The cisterns!

They run beneath
the city and beyond!

The gates!


You will be with your father,
soon enough Numerius.

You have my word.

Your part in this
shall not be forgotten.

No, it shall not.



They approach!

We must hurry.

No, it is too late.

Steel your fucking nerve!

I will not end murder
by you or any man!

Consider Ashur a spirit,

and Capua the world
he left behind!


They are upon us!

We must get you free...


No, no...

Seize him!

Your father shall be avenged.

Solonius will suffer
for what he has done.

And all of Capua will know
you for the shit you are.

What are you doing?!

What are you doing?!

Tell me what happened.


Take your hands off me.

My wife.


The slave you were
transporting from Neapolis.

Tell me what happened to her.

We were attacked, on the road.

They tried to get to her,
but argh...

Where is your wound?

Where is the wound

you earned trying
to save my wife?


Tell me, tell me!

I only did...

As commanded...

Who spoke the words
that took her life?


Bat.. ia.. tus...

What have you done?

Help me restore him.

You will secure my straps...

And never speak of this.

The wound did not
appear fatal.

The damage was deeper
than the eye could perceive.

Medicus tells he
drowned in his own blood.


A loose end.

No longer needing to be tied.


You have played
your part well, Ashur.

Was greater hand than mine
that conceived it.

Solonius was easily
deceived into believing

you would betray me.

As I knew he would.

He never suspected my loyalty
always lay with you.

A man who has no honor
cannot imagine

that trait in anyone else,

and you, you have
that quality above all others.

And shall be rewarded in kind.

Your will, Dominus.

Oh, oh.

The gods truly favor
the House of Batiatus!


Spartacus risen
from the dead!


You are well?

Yes, Dominus.

I am myself again.