Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 10 - Party Favors - full transcript

Numerious, the Magistrate's son, is about to celebrate his birthday and the celebration will be at the house of Batiatus, so he decides to have Crixus and Spartacus facing each other in a ...

I can control her.

She had her own man make an attempt
on Spartacus under our very roof.

Spartacus inflames
her beyond reason.

His treachery dishonored Rome.

It is your husband
who bares the dishonor.

I can think of nothing else.

Of brutish hands being laid upon me.

Necessity dictates
we give her Crixus.

Make the arrangements.

Apologies, Licinia
we appear to have arrived to

before Ilithyia's finished
with Spartacus.

Will this not set every tongue
in roman wagging?

Stop laughing!

This will be our little secret.

They roar your name.

Soon they shall roar yours as well.

Or mourn it,

if your mind is absent the task.

I'm yet to have word
on my wife and son...

I will not fight alongside a man
who is not clear to his purpose.

I am clear.

My purpose is blood.


Even chained to an inferior gladiator,
Spartacus prevails!

One would expect no less
from the champion of Capua!

See how he ignites the crowd!

His presence at your son's birthday
will be the talk of the Republic.

A far cry
from my own fifteenth year.

When I put on the toga virilis
and passed into manhood,

it was a stuffy, formal ceremony
ridden with corpses and hags.

My father deemed himself an orator.

Lulled our guests to slumber,
some never to awaken!

We would not have it so for Numerius.

He's been clamoring
for a pair of your finest,

to battle in exhibition
at his celebration.

We would see him well satisfied.

And by extension his noble father.

Though thought strikes if you hold
the celebration beneath my humble roof,

then your boy can bear close witness
to all my gladiators.

Could we, father? Please!

And the extra cost
for such generosity?

A favor between friends.

Received with much gratitude!

You're next Spartacus.

Come here.

Are you certain
it won't cause imposition?

Place it from your thoughts.

A boy becomes a man
but once in his life.

He should be richly indulged
in his interests.

He never ceases to tire of the games.

He's of the same obsessive ilk
as Ilithyia regarding blood and sport.

Her absence comes as surprise.

Has she returned to Rome,

absent farewells?

She has been feeling... Unwell.

Nothing serious, I hope?

It will pass,
as all things born of a weak stomach.

His armor gives pause.

Then we shall aim higher.


I've never seen anything like it!

Get up.

It pains me to watch others
claim your laurels.

Your pain shall increase
if you continue to stand beside me.

- You fought well today.
- The gods favored me,

to count you as ally.

Their favor extends
beyond the arena.

I feared
I would never hold you again.

Ashur said he found only blood
when I sent him to you with message.

- Titus had returned.
- Did he hurt you?

I will see his heart
from his chest...

The blood was not mine.

I cut him,

deep and low.

He will never force himself
on a woman again.

Afterwards I sought refuge
with my brother's family, in the hills.

The slave girl found me there,

by Spartacus' direction.

Thank the gods you're safe.

Where were they
when Titus first laid hands on me?

I still carry his child.

Nothings changed, Varro.

The entire world has changed.

And I along with it.

The child.

It springs from your belly,

a part of you.

I would love it as such...

If you would have it so.

Your absence was noticed.


The games.

You were supposed to join us.

I could not face prying eyes.

One look into mine
and they would have full knowledge.

Licinia's blood...

Her skull steeped
between my fingers...

Jupiter's cock,
would you come to grips!

Licinia's murder and your part in it,
have been concealed.

The truth will only unfold if,

if your jaw splits
and your tongue unfurls in song.

Would you have me do?

Appear yourself,
absent conscience of deeds unknown.

The magistrate's celebration
provides a perfect opportunity.

The venue turns
to my husband as host.

You won't even have
to move from under this roof,

my hand ever present
to steady your resolve.

You will guide me through this?

As trusted friend.

And as such, I require favor.

We would swell the ranks of celebration
with these noble citizens.

Ones I am certain
would accept invite from

the daughter of senator Albinius.

Gather yourself.

And see it done.

I owe you more than I can ever repay.

If you had not sent Mira
to find my wife...

She has taken you back, then?

And I will yet be the man
she deserves.

If not,
I shall remind you of your shortcomings.

It lifts the heart.

To see a man reunited
with his woman.

Now you'll have someone
to weep for you when you die.

If I fall, it will be in the arena.

As a gladiator.

You remember what that is like,
do you not?

You are summoned.

We are to fight each other?

Numerius has chosen.

He insisted on drinking
in the spectacle

of present glories pitted
against the past.

And his thirst shall be satisfied.

Keep to mind this is an exhibition.

Blood may be spilled,
but only for show.

Serious punishment will be meeted out
to the man who caused them.

We shall serve you with honor.

I expect no less.

Return to quarters.

Spartacus, remain.

What make you of Crixus?

Numerius insisted upon him,
yet with his wounds barely sealed...

He believes himself ready.

To a fault.

The ego bruises deeper
than the flesh.

He brought this house great honor,
not long ago.

Do not overly embarrass the man.

I will give Numerius a show.

Nothing more.

When I put on the toga virilis,
it was in this very room,

surrounded by my father's champions.

Even then

I knew that one day

my own titans
would eclipse them all.

None more so than Spartacus,

the bringer of rain.

You honor me.

You stand above all others.

Continue on this path,
and we will have the world...

You have been avoiding me.

I have been tending my duties.

Your manner hardens.

I prefer it soft, as the moment
we shared not so long ago...

You mistake smile
and friendly touch beyond intent.

And the key
that went missing from my clasp,

after your "friendly" touch?

It did not by "mistake"

draw into your palm,

did it?

It did not.

And yet you tense from question.

Such reaction warrants fair search...

My hands service Domina alone.

She would not be pleased to have yours
laid upon me without her consent.

Or to learn a guard
has misplaced his key.

I would not have it so.

You have reputation
for your handling of women.

Seek your loss among them,

and do not press me again
with accusation.

You trust Ilithyia not to come
unhinged in front of the magistrate?

- I shall keep watchful eyes upon her.
- More watchful than the last, I pray.

Everything worked to our advantage.

She in our debt,
and through collection

we gained access
to the most noble of families.

She attends to the list?

She will draw all
to the magistrate's celebration,

so artfully placed within our walls.

There must be no cause
for disappointment.

After the exhibition between Spartacus
and Crixus has ignited his son,

I will broach the magistrate
on subject of political office.

And be well received.

To behold Solonius' face

when he sees me consort
with the highest echelon of Capua.

- How should he witness such a thing?
- By invitation.

I desire his eyes upon me
when I am anointed by the magistrate.

I want him to see that
as my fortunes rise, his plummet.

You taunt an injured snake.

- One that may yet turn and strike.
- Ease your mind.

The serpent's head will be struck
from its body in due course.

And Solonius
will never see it coming.

So, you and Crixus
battling as entertainment?

- Something the boy will never forget.
- It is only exhibition.

Dominus gave strict instructions

to avoid grievous injury.

Do not believe he was listening.

Your Gaul is restored.

He is not alone.

The sun has revived
what the night had withered.

Due to kindness of a dear friend.

And is that kindness returned?

The magistrate's celebration
will swell with all names provided.


Would that I had words
to multiply it in response.

Yet the value of a friend

cannot be expressed
by the clever grouping of letters.

It is blood and flesh,

granting life to the world.

You submit like a fucking girl,
begging for a cock to split her open.

I was bested.
What would you have me do?

Rise and fight till your final breath.
Or prove the name "brother" false.

Heard of opportunities in Sicilia.

Had I been wise, we would
have moved there to escape my debts.

Yet the advice of my wife
fell short of its mark.

It is a distance to travel,

from a woman's mouth
to a man's ears.

I shall close the gap,

from this point forward.

Aurelia tells me Sicilia
is an island blessed by the Gods.

You must visit us there,
when you gain freedom.

I no longer concern myself
with thoughts beyond these walls.

And nor should you.

A true champion
dreams only of the arena.

And what does one dream of
when he's no longer champion?

Regaining the title

from the thief who stole it from me.

He stole nothing.

If I am a thief,

the crime was witnessed
by all of Capua.

And is still celebrated to this day.

You are summoned.

The magistrate will arrive tomorrow
well in advance of his guests,

to ensure that preparations
are to his standards.

While I reassure him,

I would have you tend the boy.

It's imperative
that he is well satisfied,

and by proximity his noble father.

The name Batiatus will be honored.

And envied throughout the Republic.

You move unwisely.

You play?

I've had occasion,

during my time with the auxiliary.

By all means,

grace us with your knowledge.

It appears our champion
has no head for games of strategy.

Battles maybe lost...

And yet the war
concludes in victory.

Treacherous fuck.

Played like a true Roman.

Fall from your chair.
And bring us wine.

The Syrian could swindle the scales
from a snake,

but never command a charge.

Let us have contest between men...

Your touch has been missed.

And thoughts of yours consume me.

Soon you will feel
the hands of a champion

once again upon you.

The match with Spartacus
is but exhibition.

I know the crowd as my heart.

They will yearn for blood,

and I shall give it to them.

Dominus forbids injury.

To make attempt
on Spartacus' life is to...

Is to risk your own.

This is my life.

If not champion,

I am nothing.

Then I must be without my mind,

to love only the man.

And I relish your madness.

Fuck the heavens!

How can you keep besting a man
so far above your station?

I was sprung from my mother
with sword in hand.

The ways of battle
are second nature,

passed down from father to son.

I regret my own father never saw
the advantage of military glory.

Never saw the spoils
that could be won.

The patronage, the alliances
forged had he taken up arms.

He aspired to be no further
than what he was.

A simple lanista, far from Rome.

You and I, however.

We have fashioned wings,

to raise us higher than the muck
and mire of heritage.

Higher than our fathers
could never imagine.


What stirs such a vision
from her dreams?

My husband not beside me.

Spartacus was helping me
hone my game.

Over a cup of wine?

Gratitude for the instruction.

Have your senses flown?

To share drink with a slave...

I drink with the champion of Capua.

Crixus was champion.
Yet no cup was ever raised with him.

Crixus is a brute.

Spartacus is different.

We owe our good fortune to the man.

He's beneath you

and tomorrow we play host
to Capua's finest.

Such behavior would be spat upon.

They spit only to stroke
their own cocks.

Spartacus is the reason
the magistrate graces our house,

along with all the shits
that follow.

They come to see you.

A man ascended to the heavens.

And Spartacus is merely
the beast that you ride upon.

You and Varro fought as if brothers.

Your victory was a glorious sight.

Did you see the key, huh?

Don't suppose
you know anything about that?

Still your tongue.

What grievance has the woman given?

- None which concerns you.
- She is known to me.

This one is known
to every cock in the villa.

Move off.

Tell me her grievance.

I gave you command.


What is the fucking meaning of this?


Your man attacks Mira without cause.

What reason have you for laying hands
on one of my slaves?

- The girl is a thief.
- I stole nothing!

What exactly do you believe
she has stolen?

Nothing of worth.

You overstep.

A month's wages, forfeited.

Press further and coin
will be replaced by blood.

Remove yourself.

- Apologies.
- Do not fucking speak!

I defend your worth to my wife,

only to turn and find you
shitting in my fucking house.

If the toga virilis
were not tomorrow,

I would have you lashed

until the flesh
peeled from your back.

Lay hands on one of my guards again,

and you will receive far worse.

You attack a guard
yet escape punishment?

Being champion
is not without advantage.

I must remember to stay close
to your side.

Perhaps a swath of your good fortune
will rub off upon me.

Your efforts would be better focused
protecting your flank.


Magistrate Calavius!

The house of Batiatus welcomes you,
on this glorious day!

A young boy enters my doors,
but leaves a man!

Gratitude for your hospitalities.
We are in your debt.

As are we all.

- I'd begun to fear for your health.
- A momentary lapse.

I've been tended to with most
compassionate care within these walls.

Where are the gladiators?


He couldn't sleep last night,
for excitement.

Who can blame him?!

To stand among the greatest titans
of the Republic, his to command.

Mine? Really?

Each of my proud warriors
has been instructed

to regard your orders
as if from my own lips.

Flavius will be filled
with great envy.

As he should!

Even more so when he hears
the champion of Capua himself

has given you a tour of the ludus.

He awaits your presence,
with permission of your father...

I would have better fortune
reigning Apollo's horses.

Guards! Escort young Numerius
to the training square.

I've never seen him
in higher spirits.

The house of Batiatus
has such an effect.

Have you ever witnessed
a view from their balcony?

It simply overwhelms the senses.

Let us gaze upon Capua's perfection.

And give the men
private moment to discuss

how ravishing their women are.

Ilithyia resides with you?

For the moment.

A valued friend.

With connection to the Senate in both
husband and father. Value indeed.

One must choose one's company
with exceeding care.

Or else be dragged down by them.

Preparations are in order?

Set as if the boy was my own.
Erase all concern.

This night will be etched
in the memories of all in attendance.

What is it like,

having the life of another
resting in your hands?

My sword may deliver the final blow,

but a gladiator's fate
is for the crowd

and the editor to decide.

You have no wall over by the cliff!

The very reason

I find it best not to train there.

Has anyone ever fallen below?

I've witnessed but one.


It's been a long time
since last we trained.

Let us see what you remember.

The magistrate's son
graces our sands...

And this is what greets him?

Would that I had an opponent

worthy of his interest.

I would spar with you.

I meant a real gladiator.

Crixus shows impeccable form.

I shall prove otherwise
at your ceremony tonight.

Anyone else dare challenge?

Our fight is not yet finished.

Stand down, pup.

Before your shriveling cock
wets the sand.

The man is beaten.

In body, perhaps.

Yet confrontation
is often not won by force.

By will.

Stay down, you ignorant shit.


The man is soundly defeated,
yet treated as victor?

A sign of respect.

For his courage.

See him to the medicus.

Is everyday like this?

I was unaware you possessed
a skilled hand at Latrunculi.

I consider myself
a student of military strategy.

To win, one must maneuver to
catch ones opponent unawares.

As it is in war,
so it is in politics.

Another subject of my interest.

- Perhaps..
- Father!

Spartacus gave me his sword,
so I could practice!

Numerius, you are filthy!

He will form a crust
if not sent to water.

No, we shall see him well prepared
before the guests arrive.

Naevia, escort Numerius to the bath.

Yes, Domina.

Just through here.

There is yet much the boy in him.

For but a moment longer.

Tonight Numerius becomes a man.


Or do you yet require
a hard scrubbing...


I am...

I am...

Yes, you are.

Nothing more sensual
than a warm bath.

The water caressing your skin.

Your eyes seem rather... Fixed.


None required.

This is your night, Numerius.

One that occurs but once
in a man's lifetime.

- I am filled with much excitement.
- Of course you are.

Your life unfolds before you.

Many glories, many honors.

Many pleasures...

The choices you make tonight
will ripple through time,

altering fates and destinies.

So much rests in your hands.

And I would see them
properly filled...

Very nice.

Then he'd jump up and
stab him down like that..

He'd block that back.

A fine celebration, Batiatus!

I've never seen the boy so happy.

Let us call him boy no longer.

Does he not appear to you a man?

- He does seem to stand taller.
- By quite some measure.

Soon he will rival the stature
of his honored father.

It gives great pride, I have this heir
to carry the name Calavius.

Every house should be so blessed.

I believe your son will
do extraordinary things.

I for one cannot wait to see them.

Give me a go, come on..

It appears the wife of the legatus
Yet harbors grudge.

She is a cat absent claws.

Yet fangs remain.

Gratitude for last night.

The man overstepped.

I merely made correction.

Still, the heart swells
at such kindness.

Then see it deflate.

I would have done the
same for any woman.

You are an ass.

The champion of Capua,
always making friends.

I need but one.

Fortunate. Since it appears one
is all you have.

Her husband is mad with worry!

Licinia has completely vanished!

She slipped away in the night
Absent slaves and not seen since.

A proper woman should never
travel without escort.

Her cousin good Crassus has offered
substantial reward for her discovery.

Larger still towards punishment
if harms been done.

But who would wish such a thing
upon a relation of Crassus?

Why that would be madness.

It is revelation what we are capable of,
when pushed to brink.

Or pulled.

There can only be one cause

to slip out in the night,
absent slaves or husbands.

She is married to a fat little man,

who sprouts hair as if beast.

Who could blame her?

Flown to the arms of another,
as Helen to Paris!

I fear Rome must be
absent her beauty..

For tonight the
jewels of the Republic

stand glittering
before me in Capua.

Good Solonius.

You decided to attend.

Who could resist
such divine company?

Do my eyes deceive!

Solonius, come from
the shadow to the light?

- Embrace me as brother!
- Would that blood were our bond.

I almost did not recognize you,
so gaunt of cheek.

- Are you quite well?
- My health has never been better.

Sadly the same can't be said
for your fortunes in the arena.

Have you great the magistrate?

He was in conference with
the consularis when I arrived.

As the evening wears,
I am certain he will find time

for the less significant guests.

Gratitude for the invitation.

I hope soon to return the favor.

Did you see the look upon his face?

He's the rictus of a man dying,
a slice at a time.

I would have the fatal
cut in a single stroke.

Oh, I prefer as many
strokes as possible.

To maximize the pleasure.

I was unaware you had taste
for such exotic treats.

We cannot be seen together.

I find it curious that Batiatus
would extend me invitation.

What is he planning?

To humiliate you
before the magistrate.

Your master swims in deep waters.

Some day soon he shall
disappear beneath the waves.

Come! Gather,

esteemed guests!

and those of questionable repute.

Tonight the house of
Batiatus is humbled

to help celebrate
a most glorious occasion.

The son of magistrate Calavius,

casts off the robes of a boy

and becomes a proper roman man!

Yet before he dons
the toga virilis,

let us honor him with sport

and blood!

A contest between the
present and the past.

Spartacus, champion of Capua!

Step forward!

And Crixus!
Former champion, step--


I fear Crixus has seen
his best day past.

I would have Varro
fight in his place.

You are the editor, young master!

Your will, our hands!

Varro! Step forward!

Did you have hand in my elevation?

The boy's change comes as surprise.

It seems the Gods
favor us both now.

Honor the boy.

Honor the ludus.

Numerius insults Crixus
in our own house!

Let it pass.

The magistrate's happiness
is our only concern.

Come Numerius!

These men, these titans of the arena,
await your command!

Let us give them a show.


My fucking flank!

Protect it,

And next time it may be
you who stands victorious.

still the champion of Capua!

And Varro, formidable opponent,

One to watch closely in the arena!

Come Numerius!

Pass judgment on
our fallen warrior!


it was agreed this was
an exhibition only.

Not a fight to the death.


Numerius has made his decision.

I will reimburse you
the cost of the man.


Do we have a problem,Batiatus?

I said proceed.



They will kill us both.

There is no choice.

There is always a choice.

Not this time.


And see my family provided for.

And know...

I would have done the same.

I am forever indebted to
your hospitality, Batiatus.

Think nothing of it,
a favor for a dear friend.

He calls for blood
without hesitation!

Such boldness will one day
lead him to the senate.

The noblest of ambitions.

I myself have designs
towards political office.

Is that so?

Not the senate, not so soon,
but something local.

- I'll speak to you of support tomorrow.
- I leave for the coast on business.

Well, when you return then.

Politics is too dull for
a man of your persuasion!

You would ache for the sights
and sounds of the arena.

A sacrifice I would gladly make
in the service to Rome.

Batiatus, you are a fine lanista.

Perhaps the finest
in all the Republic.

But politics,
it requires a different sort.

Citizens of status,
with the proper heritage.

Just so.

Relish what you know best.

Leave politics to the men
with breeding for it.

Come, good Solonius!

We have not had occasion
to speak this evening.

The magistrate's response?

To be answered in blood.

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