Spartacus (2010–2013): Season 1, Episode 13 - Kill Them All - full transcript

An epic battle between Spartacus and his gladiator brothers, against Batiatus and his Guards.

You plan vengeance.
There is but one path.
We kill them all.
Mind them.
The noble House of Batiatus stands humbled!
Humbled by the blessings
the gods have seen fit to shower upon us.
And by the presence of the most revered citizens
in all of Capua,
come to join in celebrating the patronage
of Legatus Claudius Glaber!
The man himself regrets the duties of the Senate
prevent his attendance,
but he would see us properly addressed,
his words delivered
by pleasing tongue of trusted wife.
Good citizens of Rome's favored sister.
It is with great pleasure that
I, Legatus Claudius Glaber, bestow upon
Quintus Lentulus Batiatus
my patronage,
and all encompassing benefits.
No man in all of Capua is more deserving
of such esteemed privilege.
Good Batiatus should be held as example
to a city mired in shadows and treachery.
The guiding light of his virtuous heart
providing illumination in these dark and troubling times.
For this reason and too many others to give voice...
Still yourself.
I lend my full and unconditional support
to the honored position of Aedile.
Aemilia failed to mention you had mind towards office.
Oh, I admit to none, good Sextus.
Until the Legatus broached the subject.
Aedile is but a breath below Magistrate.
We should dine, and discuss the matter further.
My heart to Legatus Glaber and his support.
In the hopes that you will share it in the coming days,
I present a gift of blood!
Two legends of the arena,
to face each other sine missione!
No quarter given!
No mercy shown!
Behold, Crixus!
The savage Gaul!
And who shall attempt to tame him?
There can be but one man.
Slayer of the Shadow of Death!
He is of a form, is he not?
He stands a god.
I have given my answer.
Let us finish this.
You speak of dangerous things.
We live in dangerous times.
Many yet hold Crixus our true Champion.
Count me among them.
I would work the palus.
Permission for Spartacus.
Have you traded words with Hamilcar?
He is with us.
But Castus and the other Gauls
refuse to grab cock without
Crixus holding their balls.
Where does Rhaskos stand?
The same.
Our numbers are yet shallow.
We must gain Crixus' support
and see them rise.
The fucking mad man's still under lock and key.
How will you turn him to cause
if you cannot break words with him?
Being champion yet affords privilege.
A way shall present itself.
It best "present" fucking soon.
Did I tell you to stand?
Glaber falls to patronage,
and the men of influence greet me
as a fucking brother!
A day of shining glory.
Marred by darkening cloud.
I beg a word, Dominus.
In private.
well spill sour thoughts,
and hear them sweetened.
Glaber's mercenaries punish absent cause.
The men suffer at their hand.
It is a burden that must be endured
I have no time for such petty concerns.
With respect, every ludus requires
the attention of its lanista.
I seek a loftier title, one far removed from the arena.
You would see your family's heritage a thing of memory?
Yet I tire of the dust and drudgery,
and I would have my interests in blood and sand
overseen by someone with more attentive eyes.
Someone who has forever proven loyal.
You would entrust the ludus to a slave?
A slave, never.
I had thought to make announcement at the celebration,
but you force my hand.
My advocate is drawing up papers granting your freedom.
No longer shall you be my Doctore.
You will assume the mantle of lanista,
and be warmly greeted by your name,
I had thought the news to please.
I have heard rumor.
One that has vexed sleep.
Well give voice, and dream again.
Barca was not granted freedom.
Instead he met his end, at your hands.
The rumor is true.
Yet absent reasoning.
Barca was dispatched to deliver
a simple message to Ovidius.
Instead he slaughtered the man and his entire fucking family,
against command.
I had no choice but to take his life,
before the Magistrate discovered the deed
and pulled us all to ruin.
And Ashur?
Did he aid in this "choice"?
When you are lanista,
you shall also be faced with decisions
grave of consequence.
And know your measure by how your blade falls.
Can you yet feel him move,
eager to make entrance into the world?
How do you divine a boy?
Because the gods fucking favor us.
Glaber's patronage,
access to the upper strata of Capua,
the promise of political office.
Everything we have bled for,
finally within our grasp.
We are truly blessed.
I deliver but glorious news this day,
to be met with tempered response!
Joy is restrained to lend clear mind to celebration.
Glaber's patronage may have paved road to the elite,
but they are of ravenous appetite.
And what meal would you suggest
to see them sated?
One that only the House of Batiatus can prepare.
Spartacus, Slayer of Theokoles,
in a contest to the death.
We have already presented such diversion
at Numerius' Toga Virilis.
Varro was no match for the Champion of Capua.
We must give them what was denied that night.
What all of Capua longs to see,
but only a privileged few under our roof
may bear witness to.
The Champion of Capua,
Spartacus in a fight for his life
against the only man who has ever defeated him.
Is this your fucking hope?
That the fallen Gaul is granted opportunity
to regain position?
You mistake intent.
I would see Crixus dead,
for offenses committed
against the House of Batiatus.
Then we stand as one in such regard.
Oh your tongue named cause of doubt.
Crixus is the only gladiator to pose threat to Spartacus.
And there is yet political advantage
to parading the Bringer of Rain
as I campaign for office.
Then we must ensure Spartacus victorious.
And Crixus fades from memory.
That will be all.
Patronage comes with unfortunate attachment.
A fact I am well aware of.
I am reminded of the first time you stood before me
in this office, a savage in chains.
Now you stand as death, made meat and bone.
It was your hand that forged my purpose.
Yet it is upon your shoulders
the House of Batiatus has been so elevated,
and continues to rise.
Two days hence we play host to the most influential in Capua,
in celebration of patronage.
Although a closer look at the Slayer of Theokoles
be the true draw.
A great honor.
Will the men be displayed in the villa?
The Legatus would frown upon such storied tradition.
You and the others will be confined to the square.
And how will our guests have view?
From purchase of the balcony.
No eye will be denied
the Champion of Capua!
As he faces his arch enemy in a match to the death!
I am to fight Crixus?
This concerns you?
It is long overdue.
Yet there is no honor
in taking the life of a caged lion.
I would see him return to training,
so he may better thrill the crowd before his end.
You truly have fucking mind for this.
Crixus shall be freed from bond yet only for training.
I would not have the animal run free,
lest he again bares teeth.
Remove yourself to slumber,
and dreams of extracting them.
Apologies, Dominus.
There is something I crave more than sleep...
You ask the impossible.
The gates to the villa must stand open
before I make a move on Batiatus.
You would have me risk all.
And for what?
So that Spartacus may have his revenge?
So that his heart might find a measure of peace.
Was she such a woman,
your wife.
She was the sun.
Never to rise again.
A heavy thing,
to be denied its warmth.
I will see the gate opened.
But I would have exchange...
This is my price.
To feel you inside me.
To know pale shadow of the love that you felt for her...
I would not have wagered the Gaul
such a challenge to Spartacus!
You underestimate the man, Aemilia.
Crixus was once Champion, was he not?
The match is but newly born.
Much may yet happen as it matures.
Apologies, Domina.
I must gather more wine from the stores.
Send another.
I would keep you close, to attend the guests.
You must listen to me...
Dominus has ordered my release?
It was Spartacus that moved his hand.
He desires you at your best...
when you stand before him sine missione.
The gods finally answer my prayers.
Had they but answered sooner.
You stand before him tomorrow,
as the sun fades.
If it were this very moment,
the outcome would not change.
I have made promise to Naevia.
I will not die until I have gained my freedom,
and she is in my arms again.
Delay talk of freedom,
until there are ears that would welcome the sound.
I fear Dominus shall forever be deaf to it.
Place your faith to closer quarters.
Dominus releases me from the bonds of servitude,
to assume mantle as lanista.
It is a title well deserved.
Together we will restore honor to this ludus...
and Naevia to your arms.
Spartacus but stands in your way.
Then he shall fall.
A celebration?
Filled with the elite.
Their deaths will shatter Capua to chaos.
It'll be days before they regain senses
to pursue us.
Our plan takes form.
What of Crixus?
You still must find way to broach subject
with the fucking Gaul.
It presents itself, as promised.
Fuck my ass.
Now all that remains is convincing
a man that hates you to join your cause.
You have seen task to completion?
My husband's patronage has lifted
your celebration beyond the heavens,
clouds bursting with honored guests.
Altius and his cousin Gaius?
They are a necessity...
and are delivered, as commanded.
Aemilia's husband, Sextus?
He's a former magistrate,
yet beloved by many.
His support would all but secure office.
Pressing affairs draw him to Rome.
That does not bring comfort Ilithyia.
Then perhaps his attendance shall.
He will delay travel,
with mind towards your celebration.
How did you turn his attentions?
He favors me.
Most husbands do.
Your services have been deeply appreciated.
Yet more is needed.
In the absence of your honored husband,
we would have you address
our most noble guests.
Just a few words as if fallen from his mouth,
extolling the virtues of the House of Batiatus.
I shall compose something appropriate
for the occasion.
No need.
I've already seen to it.
My hands are no longer my own
and now you seize my fucking tongue?
I would not have it flap about, absent direction.
How much longer must I suffer your indignities?
While breath gives life to my command.
As you wish, then.
I know there have been tensions between us.
Yet I see no cause for our current arrangement
to fall into unpleasantness.
We were such dear friends once.
Would you not see it so again?
Would that I had power to reverse the sun,
and restore the world to its proper place.
We resume after midday sun has past.
You move well.
As if lash had never struck.
Pain is erased, when inflicted upon others.
I would have you at your best
when we face each other.
Is that all you'd have from me?
Rhasko speaks of your desires.
What fever grips brain,
that Spartacus would think me to band with him?
To risk the lives of my men?
My life?
Is there one?
Without the woman you love within it?
I've never had stronger reason to live.
I know your heart, Crixus.
I felt the beating of it within my chest once.
Then you know I'll fucking survive.
And see Naevia returned to me.
As my wife was returned?
Batiatus ordered her death.
How did you come upon this?
By tongue of his man Aulus,
before silencing it forever.
I will see the House of Batiatus fall,
and with it the villain's blood upon the earth.
As would I, in your position.
But I am far removed.
My escape would not aid Naevia.
How would I purchase her freedom,
or even find her,
while being hunted like a dog by the Romans?
Join me,
and we will find her together.
You know that in another life,
you and I may have been as brothers.
But not in this one.
I must win my freedom in the arena.
Then we stand in the way of each other's cause.
And both are just.
But if I fall,
I'd have you swear to find Naevia
and see her freed.
And I would have word that if you are victorious,
one day you will have Batiatus' life.
Tomorrow, then.
One of us dies.
I fear it was always fated so.
Were you able to procure what we need for tomorrow?
Good Marcellus was ever helpful.
Leave us.
Varro possessed a fine eye.
Turn yours towards business.
What has coin extracted from Marcellus?
A solution to most vexing problem.
A few drops in his cup,
and fate is sealed.
It must not kill him.
Our guests need to believe the match balanced,
lest goodwill turn to accusation.
It will but weaken Crixus,
allowing Spartacus advantage.
It is a marvel.
That something so slight could topple a legend.
All men fall.
It is but time and method that differ.
See it done.
And in the act, the end of that fucking Gaul.
Crixus moves with deadly purpose.
He gives much better showing against Spartacus
than the fool Varro.
Poor Varro.
He never stood proper chance, did he?
Crixus, however, threatens to strip the champion
of life and title.
The Gaul yet surprises.
To the very end.
The noble House of Batiatus stands humbled...
Humbled by the fortunes the gods have seen fit
to shower upon us...
I should use "blessings" instead.
"Fortune" has but connotation of coin.
Blessings, then.
Oh, Quintus, has this city yet beheld such a man?
Your father would be so proud.
The old bastard would have cracked with jealously,
to be so eclipsed by unworthy son.
He loved you, Quintus.
Yet he never believed in me.
Would that he were alive to see the House of Batiatus
soaring beneath the flapping of my wings!
Our son shall inherit a fucking empire!
An empire now, is it?
Eh, the foundations already laid.
Today we build upon it!
Spartacus and Crixus!
Hated foes, facing each other in death!
The whole of the Republic shall whisper with envy
what so privileged few bore witness.
It will be a thing not soon forgotten.
I fear your resolve grows soft.
I but wish an end to the matter.
And to the man himself.
Ashur already attends to it.
Turn thoughts from unfortunate past,
and fix on glorious future.
These celebrations can cause hands to tremble.
Even most practiced ones.
See nerves calmed.
You'll do well here.
I have a feeling of it.
You are allowed to eat from your master's table?
I prepare this as a tribute to the mighty Crixus,
before his match against the champion.
May the gods bless it, then.
And give him strength to kill Spartacus.
I would save prayer.
I do not believe Spartacus will fall this day.
I have heard Crixus bested him once in the arena,
at the Vulcanalia.
What leads you to certainty
against similar outcome?
I am certain of many things
within these walls.
Your beauty among them.
You are needed in the square.
Stay to my side.
Do not stray from it,
and I will see you beyond these walls.
I do not need you to hold hand.
I only wish your life protected, you fucking cock!
Speak louder, and see us all undone.
Ha, I would have his fucking whip removed,
along with the arm that wields it.
Doctore is an honorable man.
I would not have him dead.
Nor any slave.
You fret of shit and piss.
Rhaskos and the others
still will not fall to purpose without Crixus.
They will seize the moment.
Crixus is dead,
and there stands but one champion.
These celebrations have habit of turning from control.
Should they again,
remove to a safe place.
None exist.
Not since Varro was taken from me by your hand.
And I shall forever despise it for the deed.
In company with the voice that commanded it.
You blame Batiatus.
For many things.
But not this.
It was the boy Numerius who demanded
simple sport end in death.
And I should believe a man that would do anything to win?
Do not take me a fool.
Ashur prepares meal for Crixus,
and speaks of the certainty of your fucking victory.
They corrupt his food?
Was it the same for Varro?
Is that how you bested him?
I have no hand in this.
Were that true, I would still pray Crixus
takes your life before he falls.
You betrayed me.
Yet I've come to see that the fault
is not your own.
You cannot be blamed for being weak.
All men are, when faced with wet opportunity.
I would put it behind us.
All I ask in return is the truth.
Tell me Naevia held no meaning for you.
You ask me to speak with false tongue.
What would it conjure for our child?
Seed has at last taken hold.
The gods bless us.
You would divine me as father?
Not Dominus?
I feel the blood of a champion,
swelling inside me.
I feel you, Crixus.
I have often dreamt,
in quiet moments of having a child.
With Naevia.
There is nothing left between us.
I didn't intend for it to end this way.
Crixus begins to fade.
As all memories do.
You're weakened because they have poisoned you!
Finish him!
They wish you dead.
I would not have this.
Join me, brother.
And we shall see the House of Batiatus fall.
Kill the dog!
Kill them!
Kill them all!
Do not be alarmed people.
Everything is under control.
He tried to kill you.
That fucking animal.
We must calm this!
Where are the fucking guards?
Why do you stand there?
Gather your men!
I shall see you properly attended.
What is this madness?
Spartacus shows us the way.
He is a dog without honor!
This house is without honor!
Batiatus ordered his wife dead!
And Domina...
She has tainted me,
because I spur her fucking heart.
I have given my life to this ludus!
No, they stole it from you.
From all of us.
You asked me to put faith in you.
I ask the same.
Honor us all,
and see an end of this fucking house.
I save you this time, brother...
We are perfectly safe inside the villa.
The situation is being attended!
Still your hearts.
This very moment my guards are no doubt
dealing with these...
They've lost mind!
Where the fuck is Ilithyia?
Come! Let us away!
Seal the doors.
Let no one beyond them.
What of the guests?
I am the wife of the Legatus.
Seal the fucking doors!
Open the doors!
Do you recall what I said
in this very room?
That if there was more to Barca's departure,
you and I would share words.
Do not fucking speak.
I have seen you play tongue upon ear,
whispering poison.
Infecting the honor of this house.
You would kill a defenseless man?
Where is the fucking honor in that?
Let's see if you recall what I taught you.
When you were yet a man.
The doors...
The doors...
Glaber's men...
sealed the doors...
Why would she do such a thing?
Quintus... Go!
Come here you Roman pussies.
We are all of us dead.
No. We will regain this House.
Take Numerius, conceal yourselves.
I know a place.
Where do you go?
To my husband.
And the death of Spartacus.
You think this will cause difference?
Even if life fades,
my hand shall yet be felt.
It plotted the death of Barca.
Saw the Magistrate's end.
It even helped force Glaber to patronage.
Every beam, every stone in this fucking house
bears the mark of Ashur!
It bears only your treachery.
My fucking treachery?
When did you stand forth for Ashur?
When did any of you greet me
short of mockery and scorn,
fucking cunts!
You received what you deserved!
For Barca and all the others that you have betrayed,
your time is done.
Would that this were the arena.
Your blood would dishonor the sand.
Send me on my way, then.
As you would a Gladiator.
Please, Doctore.
A parting kindness...
You were right.
There is still something between you and I.
Where is Naevia?
See me and the Dominus out of the villa
and I will tell you.
I do not believe you.
our child...
I would rather see it dead,
than suckle your breast.
We must conceal ourselves...
Was it yours?
That small, little voice.
Did it form the words that robbed Varro
of his life?
He deserved to die!
He was nothing!
What did you know of the man?
That he would sing to his child,
sleeping in his arms?
Or kiss the tears from my cheek,
when I was of a mood?
Did you know the father?
The husband?
He was not a perfect man.
But he was mine.
He was mine!
He was mine!
He was mine!
Mine! Mine!
He was mine.
Be still.
It's done.
Look to the girl.
Is this not enough?
How many more must die?
I would see but one.
I am your Dominus!
I will have your fucking hearts!
What would you do?
To hold your wife again?
To feel the warmth of her skin?
The taste of her lips?
How many men would you kill?
A hundred?
A thousand?
There stands but one,
between you and her.
Go to her.
Tell her the gods themselves
would not keep you apart.
As you lied to me of my wife.
You were nothing before me!
I gave you everything!
I gave you the means to accept your fate!
And now you are destroyed by it.
I have done this thing
because it is just.
Blood demands blood.
We have lived and lost,
at the whims of our masters for too long.
I would not have it so.
I would not see the passing of a brother
for the purpose of sport.
I would not see another heart ripped from chest,
or breath forfeit for no cause.
I know not all of you wished this.
Yet it is done.
It is done.
Your lives are your own.
Forge your own path...
or join with us,
and together we shall see Rome tremble.