Solsidan (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Kim på middag - full transcript


That's me.
Ah, Tommy!

Unbelievable! Nice to see you!
-Long time no see.

Some 20 years ago?
-At least! Must be more.

You have been losing hair.
-Yes. And you're a little gray.

When were out here last?
-I come and go.

I moved out here, even.

Last time I saw you, you slaved away here.
1989, 1990, when did you toil here?

I still do.

Yes, but then you stood...
You were a cashier.

You gave change, filled the shelves
and so on.

I'm still a shop assistant
and I'm doing pretty well, actually.

Yes, yes, I get it.
It's a nice gas station.

It is a fantastic location for
be a gas station. A genuine old ...

Can I help you with something?
-Yes, I would like to rent a trailer.

Certainly. Come on.
Follow the cashier.

How nice! Really!
You know when I last changed Ebba?

I can't find my racket!

Viktor, have you seen father's racket?

Have you seen my racket?
-I'll call you later.

Call her later. I'm panicking.
-It was Mario, but...


He's on paternity leave.
Ellen and Ebba play together nicely.

And he's got a son in Viktor's kindergarten.
Here's the racket.

Aren't there any other mothers, too?

Weren't you in a hurry?
-Yes, but...

What kind of guy is he?
-An ordinary father.

What are you worried about?
-No, I'm just thinking... like...


Good luck, then.

How long is he staying?
That's not certain, is it?

No, just so we can plan ahead.
-Maybe two days.

Is it really going to be two days?
-Why are you so stressed?

I's my brother, not Lasermannen.

Well, at least he handled his own finances.
-He robbed banks.

Yes, because he didn't want
to borrow from his family so often.

Here he comes.

Hi! My favorite man!

Hey, sweetie!
I've missed you!

You have a beard.
-But what a nice belly!

Hey, hey!
Oh, shit, that's nice.

Getting to Saltsj?baden and
being greeted by a man in tennis clothes.

I'm going to play tennis.
-Oh, you mean it?

Who's going to pay?

Do you have money?
-No, I don't have a wallet on me.

But why don't you pay for him?

Top! I'll give it to you later.
-How much?

670 kronor.

Then I want a receipt for it.

Last ball wins. Sudden death.
Come on, let's go!

Fuck! What's the matter with me?
-That's what you get.

Mario. I don't even know who he is.
Mario. Mario.

It's not uncommon for parents
of young kids to fall in love.

Have you seen Mom, Dad, Kids?
With Torkel Petersson.

He falls in love with a mother at the playground.
They start sleeping together...

...more and more. In the end, the kid gets
a bookshelf on him and is paralyzed.

Good tip, it feels like
a role for me right now.

Sounds like a beach type.

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I need to go home. Mario...

And chili, yes.
A lot of chili.

Hey, there! It smells so good.
All the way to the hall, it smells.

How'd it go?

I have to return a trailer.
Should I do it before or after dinner?

After. This will be done soon.

Do you have it on the car now?

Can I borrow it tomorrow?
-Borrow the trailer? Yes, but...

it must be returned no later than lunch.
What do you want it for?

There's a container down there,
full of appliances to be thrown away

which is stupid, so I thought
I'd sell it all to a guy in Sk?rholmen.

That's okay, isn't it? For the sake of the environment?
-Absolutely, that's fine.

Do you have a car for that?

Hi! I'll be 10 minutes late.

Can you reschedule the first patient?
Great. Bye.

Bye, we're going.

You're leaving? I'm supposed to.
You have a meeting at the bank.

I want to leave my kid in kindergarten.
Is that weird?

Bye, bye.
-Bye, bye.

Hey, Fredrik!
I'm glad it's you bringing him.

Do you know who Mario is?
Apparently, he's some kid's Dad here.

You mean Adrian's dad.
He's over there.

What the hell?

You have to do what he says.

We have to see if there is
caries or cavities in your mouth.

I forgot to turn my phone off.
One moment.

Alex L?fstr?m, can I call you back?
-No. Where's the trailer?

Haven't you gotten it yet?
-No, and I have a customer waiting.

I'm sorry, I'll take care of it right now.
-Yes, right now please. It's important.

Right. Of course, of course
it's important. I'll call right away.

Yes. Bye bye.

Hi! One of those 'French'.
We're out, I'm afraid.

-It's Alex. Where's the trailer?

Wait a minute. Second floor.
It says Johansson on the door.

What did you say, Alex?
-You have to return the trailer right away.

Yes, yes, yes.
Take it easy, Doctor.

The trailer guy's stressed out.
There are customers waiting.

Take it easy, I'll hurry.
-Good. Thanks.

Let's see...

Are you going to open your mouth now or what?

Something's not right.
She quit her diet last Christmas.

She's got that old one. Parkinson's.
You mean the Atkinsons.

No, it's Atkins.

He's drop dead gorgeous!

Your playground casanova.
I saw him in kindergarten.

I don't think he's attractive.
Besides, we just talk about the kids.

So I shouldn't worry about you
hanging out with a fashion model?

Honey, I'm not attracted
to him. Stop it!

Then there's the cabbage soup.
Disgusting, but damn laxative. That's good.

2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4.

-What are you doing here?

Aren't you at work?
-No, I have a long lunch.

Do you have a second?
-Absolutely. Don't touch it! It's sterile.

It's Mickan.
-Wait in the office.

I'm sorry, Elsie.
Let's see...

What the hell are you doing?
Put it back!

What are you doing here?
Check it out!

Who is it?
-She's hot, isn't she?

Her name is Kim.
We met at a company party.

I texted her and invited her
to lunch tomorrow.

Responded within 20 minutes.
Horny like a cat in March.

Mickan will go crazy
when she finds out.

We're just going to talk about work.
It's the same excuse Mickan uses.

Yes... But be careful.
-It's completely innocent.

I love Mickan. I'm just saying
that Kim is very interesting.

I have to see the next patient.
-I'm taking one of your toothbrushes.

That's delicious, Palle.

More sauce.
- Pretty spicy, that's all.

We rarely eat this spicy.

How does it feel to be a mother?
-It's hard to answer.

I guess it feels unreal.

I dreamt I gave birth to a giant Bratz doll.
Huge head, combined

with this small body.
It's quite obsessive.

Then the midwife says,
"Did you think you would be a mother?"

"You're not going to, this is just
a game. You can't be a mother."

Oh, my God,
you'll be the best mother in the world.

Did the gas station guy get mad, by the way?
-No, no.

I didn't make it there.
-What do you mean? Didn't have the time to f...?

But where the hell is the trailer?
-I backed into a pole.

What did you say?
-I backed into a pole.

It's all right. A guy in Fisks?tra
will help me with that tonight.

Are you kidding me!
Is the trailer broken?

I'll talk to the gas station guy,
it'll work out. Relax.

People chased me with a knife in Rio.
Even that worked out.

It's all right.
-All right?

You want some more?
-I'd love some bread.

No sauce?
-No sauce, please.

Delicious naan.

Hey, wouldn't Palle be
a great godfather?

Torsten Flinck is a better godfather.
-Well, maybe...

He'd be so exciting.
for a child to be with.

He's been through so much.

He's a good antidote to all
the superficial and snobby people here in Saltis.

I know what you think.
All wrong!

But he can be a playful and exciting uncle
without being a godfather.

Isn't it better to pick someone
with a stable life?

What do you mean, "stable life"?
-Palle's moved a lot.

Is that dangerous, or what?

It's good if you have
a fixed address if you're going there.

Is a fixed address important?
-Yes, somehow...

Please man!

Isn't it the more important that
a godfather has an emotional attachment...

... than a fixed address?
-Let's think about it a bit.

Can I just read this for a second?

Hey, baby! Just want to say that
El Frederico works from home today.

I have a small lunch meeting
with a girl named Kim.

It's nothing to worry about.
She's a former model.

Not really my style, but...

It might be fun to know
what I'm doing during the day.

If you're worried, you're welcome
to come by and say hello.

Okay, that's it.
Hugs and kisses, then.

I'm sorry, but I've
Alex L?fstr?m's trailer with me.

About fucking time!
And don't honk, I'm not a servant.

I can't get out of the car.
Alex and I had a scary accident.

I've cracked my back.
-Car accident?

What happened to Alex, then?

He was stressed out by your call.

He let go of everything he had in his hands,
pulled the iron here and it was done.

How is he?
-He'll be fine.

But he can't move his head at all.
It just hangs.

It's kind of unpleasant.
Fucking scary, actually.

Damn! Sorry.
-It's all right.

Yes, it's Anna.

It's Tommy from the gas station.
Sorry to call you right now.

It's all right.
-Are you Alex's girlfriend?

I just wanted to know
which hospital he's in.

I was going to send flowers.
as a kind of sorry.


He's playing tennis.
-He's playing tennis?

Yes. Why would he
be in the hospital?

Coming, coming, coming!
Kim, you little sexy colleague.

Hey, Fredrik!
-Hey, yes. Kim... Hi!

You're the only one of my clients who's
contacted me since I was on paternity leave.

We have a... or we...
So... Come!

Come on in! Take off your shoes.
I'm just going to turn the music down.

Let's take our shoes off.

Come on in! We're going to... I'm going to...

Right... So it was, well...

What a fantastic view you have.

Yes, that's right. We have a view.
We look out of here.

And what a table setting...
Yes. That's where we're going to sit and eat.

It's good to see you, I think.

I'm going to put on a sweater.
Look around, I'll be right back.

You haven't arranged it
so the kids can eat something?

I didn't know
you'd take the kids with you.

But of course,
I'll fix them something later.

I thought you were on paternity leave,
and that we would meet with the children.

No, I thought I'd see you.
You and me, and talk a little...

fund facts. We could
talk some work, only privately.

I'm not gay.
-No, no, no!

I'm not...
No, not at all.

Two guys should be able to
drink wine without getting the gay stamp.

There's nothing wrong with gay stamps, of course.

Do you think I look gay?
-No, absolutely not.

Gays are feminine, I'm pretty
masculine. Or maybe I'm wrong?

Then you might as well say
that there are ghosts right away.

Can we drive by the gas station on the way
home and make sure the trailer's there?

Yes, it's on our way.



That looked cozy.
-It's Kim, our banker.

What do you mean, not your taste?
He's gorgeous.

Mario's out there. He's got
stroller problems. Could you check it out?

There's a trailer over there.
That's it, isn't it?

Then I'm just going to go in and pay.
-Perfect. I'll wait here.

21 missed calls by Anna!

What if her water broke?

What if her water broke?
-Hope for the best.

Alex! Open up!
-Just wait a minute. Answer me, darling.

Open up!
-Can you wait a minute?

Hey, baby!
What happened?

I saw you called 20 times.
What happened?

Can you wait a minute?


What did he say?

I'll call you later.
Kiss. Bye.

Hey, Tommy.
Do you have a minute?

Who's going to be there?

Good. This is...

Hi. I'm Mario.
Nice. to meet you.

There's a pwoblem with the stwoller.
-The 'stwoller'?

Yes, the stwoller.
-'Pwoblem with the stwoller'?

The black latch, Fredde.

I'll get some tools.
We'll fix it.

Should I take a polygrip
or a screwdriver?

Take both.

Then I'll grab a polygwip.
and a scwewdwiver.

How nice, you'll solve it yourselves.

I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.

I don't know why he said
that I had hurt myself.


Yes, but it...

Of course. I get it.

I get it.

Need help with the car?
-No, it's fine.

There you go.
Thanks. Bye bye!

What about the receipt?

Well, of course.

Forgot about it.
Forgot the receipt.

I'll just take that.
Bye again.

Take it easy, you hear?
-Bye now! See you soon.