Solsidan (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Nya vänner - full transcript

At an art gallery Anna bumps into her old friend Petra, who she hasn't met since they left theatre school eight years ago. Petra presents her boyfriend Rodney, literary critic at Dagens ...

-God, that looks great on you!

Perhaps a little resemblance to
your Donna Karan piece, but ...

No, absolutely not.
Really nice.

Why don't they say what they think?

-That looks exactly like what I purchased!

Are you stupid?

But it fits me better,
because I'm not as fat.

Well, I don't have
an eating disorder.

Can you pass me a green olive?
-An olive, sure...

It was sweet of them to invite us,
we have nothing to do.

But I can feel
it's all very superficial.

I agree.
-So much talk about money.

They could talk about
a film or a book.

Absolutely. Actually,
Oscar and me talked a little film.

He just saw the trailer
for Jackass 3D.

Johnny Knoxville connects a
car battery to his scrotum. It sounded fun.


What the hell!

Take it easy, you're scaring
the hell out of people here.


What the hell!

An audit! I only imported four
boxes of babyclothes. That's nothing.

And there's the spa in the
garage for your company.

I wrote it in your company
business write-offs.

You also work with
financial software

and you rented garden equipment.
I deducted the mower...

Business write-offs
cover a broad range of costs.

So we're not in any danger
because of this audit?

We may need a separate entrance
for the spa.

When are they coming?
-On Friday.

I'll call Tomek.
You have some weird spots on the forehead.

I know! As if that wasn't enough
I've got this shit too.

I'll call Tomek.
-Now, thanks.

-How nice. Thanks so much.

"Bad hair day" today?
-No, I have a rash. Look.

My God, pul down the cap!
-They also itch like hell.

Are you stressed?
-Yes, a little bit maybe.

That must be it.

Steffi had a rash just like that,
two months before she had a breakdown.

She just flipped. One day, she
didn't come home from the store.

She ended up in some high-rise area
out in Fisks?tra.

It could have ended right there.
Pull down a bit more.

That's good.

This is nice. Is it a rose?
Maybe a hole?

A hole seems right. Asshole maybe.

It actually looks a bit like an ass.
Doesn't it?

This is Petra and Rodney.
Petra and I went to theatre school together.

What did you say?

It must have been eight years.
How time flies!

Are you also an actor?
-No, literary critic at Dagens Nyheter.

How nice.
-Yes, it's lovely.

What do you think of the exhibition?
The paintings are remarkable.

I don't see the principle of it.

The pictures are absolutely stunning,
absolutely gorgeous.

Did you know that he's the
grandson of Maria Callas?

Right, yes.

But he is, actually.

That's not possible.
She cannot have grandchildren.

Why not?
-Because she's 21 years old or something.

Maria Callas, opera diva?
She died over 30 years ago.

I thought of Charlotte Kalla,
the skier.

Alex doesn't read the cultural section,
he goes directly to the sports.

They just moved to Saltis.

Come to dinner we'll talk more.

We can put the door here.

So we can go in here to the spa,
the bubblebath and sauna.

I go to Poland tomorrow.
-You go to Poland tomorrow?

A door, it's easy, you can do it.

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... large angle grinder.
-One of those I have.

Fredde! I'm burned out.
These are caused by stress.

You'll have to take the kids.

Yeah, but of course not during the day.
-It can be very stressful.

But I work.
And I'm putting a door here.

You want me to get lost in a
high-rise area in Fisks?tra?

Fisks...? No.
-Well, that's what will happen!

I'll take care of the children.
Just relax.

Angle grinder and plug.
I'll do it.

They seem nice, Petra and Rodney.

A bit too intellectual, perhaps, but
it's fun to people with education.

Let's see... DN Culture. Essay.

"Anyone who wants to find themes in
Orhan Pamuk's novel"

"can learn a lot from Istanbul."
Themes, yes. Did I lock the practice door?

I don't remember. Strange how you
forget what you just did.

What did I eat last night? Nasi Goreng?

No, that was the day before yesterday.

You look concentrated.
-Yes, it's very interesting, this.

I'm thinking a little on Saturday,
When Rodney and Petra will.

I don't want you to feel
that just because you're the host

you need to keep
talking all night.

You can participate nicely in
a conversation by listening.

Should I be quiet?
-No, it's clear that you shouldn't.

If you have something to say,
go ahead and say it,

but don't feel any pressure.

-Okay? Good.

So let's see shall we, Mickan.

You wanted multivitamin Deep Impact
facial rejuvenation today?

It's necessary for
stress elimination.

I need to drop everything.
Fredde's taking care of the kids and

it actually feels quite nice.
Let's see...

But this rash is not just stress.
-It's not?

Do you use DVS Professional
hair treatment?

I have several clients who look
like this, it's that treatment.

They've recalled it now.
-Oh, shit.

You don't have any bottles left?
-No, we don't carry them anymore.

Tomek is off to Poland
to renovate his house there.

An Ukrainian
is helping him.

So Poles are hiring the Ukrainians?
-Apparently they are cheap and good.

And who do Ukrainians hire?

There are many Uzbeks in Ukraine.

And who do Uzbeks hire?
Development aid, paid with Swedish tax money.

What is this now?
The door's too big. And upside down!

Now I'll be fucked. Bloody Tomek,
why can't he be home?

I must go home now.
I'll help you later.

Can't we do something on Saturday?

No, we have guests then.
Anna has an old friend coming over.

They want a bit of peace and all that.
They didn't see each other for a long time.

And you? Should we do something?

No, her husband is coming too,
so I'll talk to him a bit.

What will you do?
-Well, have dinner.

Yeah. Where, though?
-Just at home...

...with Anna and Petra.

Yeah. So it's a couple's dinner then?

Yes, I guess you could call it
a couple's dinner.

Yes, sounds like it.

I gotta go now. See you.

He might not be angry at all,
but if he is, I wouldn't be surprised.

Last weekend we hung out
at their couple's dinner.

Now they're not allowed to join ours.
-No, you're ruining everything.

Stop fussing!
It's clear he understands.

He understands we can't socialize evenly.
We're not married to them.

You're right. You're right.

Can't he just say it straight out?
"We're tired of you, go to hell!"

We have been with them forever.
This is a knife in the back.

I'm trying to sleep.
-I don't even want to fuck.

I hadn't asked.

How are you?

The rash seems to have gone down a bit.

I think it may have gotten a bit worse.

Customers walk here
and here's the entrance.

Only a curtain?

You should be able to hear the birds
and smell nature.

The business concept relies on
contact between inside and outside.

But not during winter?
-Yes. Or...

Yes, but in the winter we put
a door there and challenge the concept.

We want to expand with time.
A door is something we're considering.

It's not really serious
this, I think.

I would need a list of all
paying customers last year,

copies of invoices, bookkeeping,
the works, simply.

No problem.
-Until next Friday.

Hey! Where have you been?
-Just stretched my legs.

I was going to do a hair treatment,
but I can't find the bottle.

What was the brand?
-DVS Professional.

Check the garbage bin in the bathroom.
I think it may be in there.

You have to feed the soul, otherwise
it starves and shrivels up.

Art brings out what's
missing from life.


No. Brecht.
-Aw, shucks!

Oh, this is good!
And what a wonderful wine.

We like that too.
Or in the words of Orhan Pamuk:

"Drink, your name is red."

That is to say... He wrote a book
called "My Name is Red".

Glad you like Pamuk.
Have you read his first novel?

"Mr. Cevdet and His Sons", which
he wrote between 22 and 26 years of age.

Absolutely wonderful. Have you read it?

No, I have not read.

He was quite inspired by
Thomas Mann and "Buddenbrooks".

But "Buddenbrooks" is overrated.
Doesn't it resemble a soap?

Please, honey,
then you haven't read it properly.

Mann is absolutely stunning.

There are always
new layers to discover.

Someone who's very good with layers
is Orhan Pamuk.

"My Name is Red" is both
a delicate murder story

and a history of
a strict religious system.


Rodney. Petra.

Right. Can I sign up
you and your wife as our customers?

It may sound a little strange...
Okay, I get it.

I get it. I have more names
on my list. Have a nice evening!

The refugee camps outside Goma
were probably the worst.

Thousands of people died
in their own excrement and vomit.

You do't forget things like that.
-No, exactly.

I had a Somali asylum seeker
woman who had fourteen holes

and a shitload of tooth plaque.

It's like it's
etched on my retinas.

You're doing well, right?

Yeah, sure.

But it's a bit more mixed
than one might think.

Over there's Neglinge
and there are more rental units.

It's called 'shantytown' out there.

When you say that, it makes
me think about last New Year's.

I accompanied Rodney to Moldova.

Outside Chisinau,
where you can really talk about shantytowns.

Yes, yes, of course, it's...

Compared to that, Neglinge's sheer luxury.

If compared with the
Chish... Chishau.

Or with Moldova
at all.

You have traveled a lot.
-Comes with the job.

Orhan Pamuk
also traveled a lot.

He was, inter alia,
in New York '85 to '88.

Pamuk again?
-Yes, I like him.

I prefer Yasar Kemal.
-Old Yasar's no small fish.

Pamuk is a major writer,
but Kemal is a major narrator.

Much larger narrator.

What is your favorite Kemal?


In any case, a New Year
I will never forget.

It's important to do something
meaningful precisely such a weekend.

It's like a duty
to get involved.

What did you do last New Year?
-Let's see, what did we do?

If the question comes up,
we were in Berlin last New Year.

But we were in Lanzarote.
-Yes, but I couldn't say that.

What's in Berlin on New Year?
Something in the theater.

They have a nice theater.
-Don't they have more than one?

It's a collective name
the whole culture sector.

"Yasar Kemal, born in 1923 in
Anatolia"... Antalatolia?

Look where Moldova is located, too.
-It's only in the Tintin books, isn't it?

The capital there. Chischuau ...
-Fucking polo! I'm sweating to death!

Would anyone like some whiskey?
-No thanks.

No thanks. I'm fine.

Coffee? Tea?
No, I won't be able to sleep.

Rodney? Coffee?
-Not for me, thanks.

Speaking of sleep, maybe we...?
-Yes, we probably should.

This was nice.
We should do it again.

We live so close.

Well, my friends. Thanks for today.
Very pleasant.

Bye, Rodney.
"Auf wiedersehen," as the Germans say.

We were in Berlin last New Year.
They have a fantastic theater there.

There's more than one.
-Yes, that's what I thought as well.


Oh my God! This was worse
than the university entrance exam.

How did you even meet her?
At drama school, she was nice.

This is since she met Rodney.
-I need a whiskey.

What a clown!
The way he went on about Pamuk.

Anna felt Neglinge is
a shantytown. Incredible!

She was not at all like this
before she met Alex.


Everything all right?

You want to hang out and
play cards or something?

Have the real guests gone away?

You know we like to
hang out with you.

We should have invited you too.
The other guests were boring as hell.

They were super pretentious.
Anna and I are exhausted.

Join us now.
It would be really cool.

The baby's asleep. I can't
relax with the baby alarm.

It would have been fun.

We can play cards.
-Yes! Damn happy to!

I'll check with Mickan.

Can we bring some of the bananas?

X-Men are overrated,
they're not real superheroes.

Spiderman is a real superhero.

Spiderman is good,
but Lisbet Salander is a real superhero.

Do you like Stieg Larsson?
Have you read the whole trilogy?

I'm listening.
I download audio files.

Give it to me!
What is this?

"No tax surcharges"?

You're a genius!
What have you done?

Fixed it.
Your husband worked it out.

It's absolutely incredible.
-Hey hey...

-Some juice ...

These were the threads I had to pull.

Ove and Anette are your spa customers this year.
-Hey hey!

The foot file is a bit dull,
otherwise it's absolutely perfect.

It's great.
Book us next Sunday as well.

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