Solsidan (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Namndiskussion och tråkiga grannar - full transcript

It talks about Noomi Rapace here.
Noomi is a great name.

It makes me think of Greenland or an
alcoholic salesman from Copenhagen.

What's your name suggestion?
-Nothing. I haven't thought about names.

I thought we could each
do a list of names.

One each? Why not just one?
We have the same taste, don't we?

That's exactly what we didn't have.
Just now.

I thought it was a joke.
The thing about Noomi?

Yes... But let's run a list.
It'll be great.

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Hey, Alex!
-Hey, Ove!

Welcome home, you might say.
-Thanks. That's nice! Are those for me?

Let's start hanging out again.
Fredde Schiller lives right over there.

Yes, I see you sometimes.
-The Three Musketeers. Reunited.

New pressure washer?
- Yeah, I bought it the other day.

I'm going to remove some moss from the stairs.

I couldn't borrow it?

Well... Sure, let me know when.


Anette's invited some relatives
and the stairs need to be cleaned up.

Can I borrow it quick right now?
-Well, I...

That's great! It'll be really quick.

It's brand new, so see if
it's correctly plugged in.

Can I have it back tonight?

Maybe you should carry it.
-No, it's fine like this.

Hi... Has there been an accident?

She's pooped!
Has she?

Can't you smell it?
-My nose is clogged. Pollen allergy.

That allergy comes and goes
a little too much now.

Picnic, no allergy.
Ebba has pooped, a lot of allergy.

Are you trying to say something?

I've kept statistics this week.
and there are clear irregularities.

Changing poop diapers: Fredde seven of them,
Mickan three of them.

I change them during the day.

Those don't count,
they're part of maternity leave.

7-3 is unacceptable.
We're going to alternate every other time...

...regardless of who smells it first.

If it makes you more agreeable,
let's do that.

Agreeable or not,
I just don't want to get screwed.

You start.
-My first suggestion is Billie.

Billy's a boy's name.
-Like Billie Holiday, with an ie.

Then she's going to say, "My name is Billie.
with ie." "Oh, what a nice spelling."

I thought it was nice,
But fuck it. What have you got, then?

-Sorry, I can't.

An aunt of mine was called that.
She jiggled her false teeth around in her mouth.

A terribly unpleasant sound.
I'm getting the wrong associations.

-We'll have to scratch that one.

My second suggestion is Eddie-Lee.
-Eddie-Lee? Are you serious?

But please... Eddie-Lee.
What do you mean, Eddie-Lee?

Caroline Ugglas's daughter is called that.
-The junkie has a good taste in names.

The junkie. You sound so old-fashioned.

-Hey, Mom!

What are you doing?
-Discussing the name of the baby.

I also have some thoughts on it.
What are your suggestions?

I can take my next one.

-Oh, but that's good!

Lydia Chlamydia, right?
-You can do that with any name.

Billie's going to be Silly Shrilly Billie.

Can I have another suggestion?
-Yes, I'd love to.

-Is that a name?

It's a name, yes.
A fairly common maiden name.

Why don't you call it Trouble right away?
-Then do something about your names!

Just name the kid Boring As Hell!

I think it's good for a child... have a name that fits
in the environment the child grows up in.

Alexander and I probably have more feeling
for what's viable out here.

There's nothing strange about that.

You know better than we do.
which names fit in Karlshamn.

-I'm sure you understand what I mean.

The Rhododendron is dying,
it is infested with insects.

Let's get to that first,
we'll talk names another time.

I almost threw her out.
with hip joints and all.

What does Alex say?

We have completely different name suggestions.

His is more Chronic Disease,
Horror Lizard...

Elsa, Lydia, Alice...

Alice, I like it.
That's Ebba's middle name.

That's right. But as a middle name
it's a completely different matter.

It's getting more of a sound as a middle name.

Did you have a hard time?
-No, not at all.

We each had our list,
Then we took the top name of mine.

Do you still have any names
from that list?

I have a favorite name from before.

I couldn't,
Fredde's cousin's child was called that.

Julia's beautiful.

You should buy a pressure washer.
-I have one, but I loaned it out.

Has Ove Sundberg been here?
-How did you know that?

My God.
You won't get to see that again for a while.

He's had it for two days now.
-Never lend anything to Ove.

He came by
to welcome me.

No, he came to borrow
your pressure washer.

The other night, he wanted to borrow
my lawnmower.

I'd rather lend it to
a junkie on Sergel's Square.

Come buy!
Hashish! Grass! Speed! All!

Hey, man!

The pressure washer. I need...
-One moment.

We're having a naming ceremony
for our daughter.

She's going to be called Marielle?
-That's right.

Don't laugh, Alex,
you won't get the pressure washer.

It's a very... cute name.
-Yes, of course it is.

We're having a baby, too.
-How nice! Congratulations!

It's also a girl.
And we've started thinking about names.

What's it leaning towards?
-My partner suggested Billie.

That's a boy's name.
-Yes, but this is with ie.

Billy Olsson in Hammarby,
Billy Landsdowne, Tipsextra...

Ove, I came for...
-Billy Butt, Billy August...

His name is Bille.
-Bille? Is that a name?

Yes, in Denmark it's a name.

Ove! The pressure washer.
-I'm just about to use it now.

Then I'll get it tonight instead.
-Yes... or tomorrow.

I'd love it tonight.
I need it, so if it's okay, tonight.

Absolutely. You can.
-Good, I'll see you tonight.

Bye, bye.
-Or tomorrow.

Who names their kid that?

Ove Sundberg, an incredibly annoying
human being and cheapskate.

And yet we're going there?
-It's rude to say no.

We're new to the area and everything.

What about Julia?
-Julia? Are you serious?

Is it some guy's name here in Solsidan?
-No, I like it.

That's a great name.

And a nice gesture to Mom.
She'll be very happy.

-It's her middle name.

I'll call her.
-But, Alex, can't we...

... think on it a little bit?
-What do you mean, what do you mean?

Maybe we'll find
a better name.

But we both like it.
It's perfect.

Why should we hurry?

Hurry? You're the one who rushed,
name lists and all.

I don't understand.
I've slowed down.


Give Dad a hug.

Hey, baby! How are you?

She's pooped. Can't you smell it?

Yes. I switched this morning.
It's your turn.

Changing during working hours does not count.
-You weren't working, you were training.

So it was during your free time.
-No, my wellness hour.

One hour a week.
-Who says that?

Our management team.
-And who's leading that team?

-So you can set your own rules.

You think I introduced it for
400 employees just to avoid changing diapers?

I don't know, I don't know.
It seems like a big deal to you.

But if you count training hours,
so do I.

Do what you want, I'll change the diaper.

Well, well.

Where's the poop diaper?
There's nothing in the diaper bucket.

I changed it during the walk.

Then you put it in a trash can.
Which trash can?

You think I'm making this up?
-I don't want to speculate on that.

But you should know exactly where you put it.
Where's the poop diaper?

At the lake.

So go over there and check.
-No, I just wanted to know.


I lost my car keys.
I'm just checking if...

But there they were.
I'll put this down.

Have a good time. Bye, bye.

Someone ordered a
pressure washer here?

Great, thanks.

Oh! What happened?

Anette hit it backing up her car.

But it works as usual

Check it out! Circular saw!
-Yes, but I'm using that.

What are you doing?
-What am I doing?

I'll do...
First, I'm going to make a closet.

A closet? A handy guy!

In what? Plywood or chipboard?


I'm going away,
So I have to shut down.

But then I can take this.
It'll be quick.

I'm taking it with me.
M'm going to Mom's and I need it.

I'm going to help her with something.
-With what?

What's Mom going to do with it?

She didn't say.
She just asked me to bring it.

I'll buy it.
-Good. I have to go now.

Have a good time!
-The same.

Say hello to Mom!

But what is he doing!

It's a bit like therapy, I think.

We could use therapy.

We're stuck in the name swamp.
and we're not getting anywhere.

I'm starting to regret
that we're even having a baby.

I understand it's hard.

But take my sister, for example.
She's eight years older than me.

She and her husband can't have
children, so now they're going to separate.

That's terrible.

Maybe Elsa's not so bad after all.

Do you know how Fredrik is doing
financially these days?

I guess he's rich as usual.
What about it?

Cocki Stenwall saw him rummaging
in a trash can by the beach.

Are you kidding me?

Hey, baby!

I'd like to tell you something.

Me too.
-You start, and I'll say mine later.

This name discussion is so silly.

The important thing is
that we're having a baby.

If you want Billie, let's go for it.
-That's not a maiden name, is it?

This doesn't concern you, Mom.

Now you're sweet, Alex.
It's been a long time since you've been so sweet.

What did you want to say?
-I wanted to say something?

Yes, first I would and then you.
-Yes, yes. You know what I'd say?

That I love you.
That's what I wanted to say.

Have you seen the circular saw?
-Ove was here to borrow it.

Ove? Did he borrow my saw?

He asked about the closets.

The cunning son of a bitch!

I told Mickan
not to lend Ove stuff.

I said the same thing to Anna.

It lasted a week, then he borrowed
through Viktor. A five-year-old!

The only thing that works
is to borrow.

Borrow something from him
worth as much or more.

Then you have his things as hostages
until you get yours back.

Fredrik! Come on, let's go.

Take these. They won't notice.

Hey, Ove!
Hey, Alex!

Polishing the car?
-You have to take care of the stuff.

Is that a gas heater?

Can I borrow it tonight?
I've got people over for dinner.

What a coincidence. We also have
guests tonight and need it too.

Unfortunately, you can't borrow it.

Is that a...
leaf blower?

Yes, I'd like to borrow it.
-In May? Hardly.

What kind of leaves are those?
-Last year's leaves.

Then they've been under the snow all the while.
Winter. Then a leaf blower won't help.

I have the perfect tool.
This is what you need.

I don't want your old shit!
I want the leaf blower!

No way!

Can I borrow the log splitter, then?

You have the circular saw, the gas heater

if you have guests,you won't
have time to split firewood as well.

You have guests, too.
-I'll blow it off.

I've got all night
to split wood.

What is it?
-A log splitter.

It takes up half the garage.
-It is extremely valuable.

I'm glad the log splitter's gone.
It feels so spacious here now.

It worked out pretty well.

Klang, klang, kling, klong.

Don't worry,
I'm not going to yell at you.

I just want to welcome you to
this naming ceremony.

But first, some practical details.

The gift table is there, for
the unlikely event that you brought one.

And then there's the location.
It costs a little.

Every contribution is welcome, but feel
no pressure, it's voluntary.

100, 200 kronor, you can imagine.

As I said, everything is welcome.
I'll walk around with my hat later.

She can't sleep now.
-Are you going to go to sleep now?

How old is she?
Almost eight months.

She's really cute.
What a little nose.

It's mine.
-What's her name?

Billie. With an ie at the end.

We wanted to give her a name that
stood out a little. It became Billie.

Here I come with the hat.

Do you have money?

Do you take credit cards?

I've got my wallet with me.
-Sorry, I don't have any cash.

I only have a five hundred.
-That's great, no problem.


Have you thought about names?
-Yes, I guess we have.

We had Billie as an idea.
-Yes, it's becoming commonplace.