Solsidan (2010–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Parmiddagshets - full transcript

Alex and Anna have invited Fredde and Mickan to Sunday dinner. Alex has prepared a very special risotto, and worked hard on it, but Fredde dismisses the dish with ironic remarks. He ...

How about pasta pesto?
-Shouldn't we have grilled chicken?

Yes, but on Sunday,
when Fredde and Mickan arrive.

We can't just eat
pasta and store-bought pesto.

What's wrong with it?
-Nothing, but it feels too easy.

It's too middle-of-the-week,
unless homemade and with nice parmesan.

Then it's fine, but not
the weekend. I was going to make risotto.

With falu sausage
and frozen peas in, right?

Real risotto, not school canteen risotto.

But I'll take care of it.
You concentrate on toilet paper, for example.

What kind of toilet paper will we buy?
-What do you mean?

What do you mean, 'what do you mean'?
Maybe it's an insult

to dry yourself with
Euro Shopper paper on a Sunday.

You might want bleached, soft
weekend paper to work with.

Not for me, I'll be fine.
I'll see you at the tills.

Then I'll go a bit crazy
on the toilet paper.

Love you, I'll see you at the tills.

Are you full?
What an incredibly good risotto!

It's really easy to cook.

It's red wine instead of white,
and pecorino instead of parmesan.

-A little more, Fredde?

No, thank you. I'm full.
-We need to get the recipe, honey.

It's the tastiest I've ever eaten.
-Absolutely. Risotto is always risotto.

Some coffee after this?
-Yes, we can do that.

And a little Kahlua.
-Kahlua? We haven't got any.

Didn't you buy some?
Me? I'm not the Kahlua type, am I?

You do buy it sometimes.
-I've never done that.

It was a joke, Alex.

A Kahlua would pair well
with this risotto.

I do have a nice calvados.

Come to our house on Wednesday
on a semi-sponsor.

Yes, seems really cozy.

Absolutely. Are you done?

Something simple.
Husman or... a risotto, maybe.

"Risotto is always risotto"! How can
you say that when you're a guest?

In addition, it was a special risotto
with red wine and pecorino.

Is it too easy
for a Sunday lunch?

Calm down. No one praised me
for my toilet paper.

No one said, "Oh, Anna! How soft
it was to clean yourself here."

Why can't he ever praise me?

I happen to be good at cooking,
but he can't say that

because then his alpha male role is threatened.

Now I love you because
you're a little beta male.

He invited us on Wednesday
just to outdo me.

I'm sure he'll serve you a great dinner.

Mickan invited me to a gym.
How fun!

Fun? I haven't been to a gym
in a thousand years.

I'm off.
Don't forget you have Viktor today.

Me? He's got chickenpox.
You're home anyway, can't you?

I'm going to the Schuterman sale.
And exercise with Anna after.

There's 70 percent off at
Nathalie Schuterman.

You can't leave
a sick child in kindergarten.

Maybe you can skip
the Schuterman sale.

It's once a year. I couldn't go last year,
because you were at the boat show.

But I don't have to go there.
I can shop the secondhand bins instead.

Or call Lussan and check
if she can lend me a dress.

It's okay, I'll fix it.
Cowboy, we're improvising. Quick now.

Sit still!

Don't tell the teacher about this.

We have to do this
because Mom's going to the sale today.

Sit still!

Have a good time, kid. Bye, bye!


Hey, Bibbi!

Viktor seems to have a rash on his face.

I think it's mosquito bites.
We were in the country this weekend.

Pretty big, I think.
It could be horseflies.

We live next door to a horse farm.
There are big ones that bite a lot.

I think it's chickenpox.
-What? You think?

You don't have chickenpox, do you?

And then he's got paint on his face,
there on the forehead.

He was doing finger paint before
we left. It's everywhere.

You can't leave sick children
in kindergarten. You understand that, don't you?

Yes. That's what we're saying.

The old lady sees everything.
That's crazy.

It feels like this machine
takes a little effort everywhere.

Yes, but it's gentle, so you
can use it when you are pregnant.

How often do you train, Anna?
-Rarely. There's a lot going on nowadays.

I'm focusing on the power jump.
Are you doing that?

Or the body pump or pump jump?
-I try to vary the training.

You can get a pump in here and there.

Then join us at the core training.
It starts in five minutes.

It radiates to the arms,
So I think I'll calm down a little bit.

Core's just the belly.
-Yes, but it radiates into the torso.

I'll see you in the locker room later.

You can go forwards, too.
Now you're going backwards. Vary a little.

Viktor! Viktor! Sorry...

I'm sorry, I'm looking for my boy.

Viktor! I'm sorry, Sten.

Don't worry,
He's just playing with my computer.

You'll play later. Here we go.

Stop drawing on those papers!

-Is it fun to be at dad's job?

Mickan was going to get him.
But she's at the Schuterman sale.

Why isn't he in kindergarten? Sick?
-No, no.

They're doing... mould treatment.

Mickan always gets her way.
I don't decide anything.

I wasn't even allowed to
to paint the garage.

It became wallpaper instead.
Wallpaper in a garage!

I'm going to Copenhagen, but I don't know
how I'm going to tell her.

Have you ever heard of anchoring?
It's a negotiating technique.

First, make an absurd suggestion.
Then back up pretty far.

Then the opposing party feels that it won,
But you got exactly what you wanted.

Fucking smart.
-Try it.

Viktor! Hey! Viktor!

Well, this spring I was thinking
to see the world a little.

I'm in the mood for South America,
the Inca Trail, Indians and all that.

I need to travel, get away.
-Yes, but around the world?

You do realize that's not possible, do you?

Then I guess I'll just have to let it go.

But then can I hang out with G?ran
and Pelle at Copenhagen next weekend?

No, you can't. Me and Tinni
are doing something on Saturday.

Did you get sore last time?
-Not so bad. Maybe a little here.

But you liked it?
-Yes, it was great fun.

Then you'll come with me on Friday, too?
-No, Friday's not a good day.

Then we have that thing...
-I can do that.

Yes, but...
-Stop it, I'll take care of it.

You train.
It's good for you to get away.

All right, I'll go with you.
-How fun!

Trumpet mushroom and baked grouse breast
with caramelized apple.

Asparagus from Liguria and croquettes.
-There's no stopping here.

It took all day to make, didn't it?
-No, it was quick.

How was the crayfish pannacotta?

Crayfish pannacotta is always
crayfish pannacotta. Right, Fredde?

Alex buys Gorby's
with crayfish pannacotta filling.

That's what we're used to eating.
But this was different.

Was this easy to fix, too?
-Yes, very easy.

Of course.

Crayfish pannacotta for starter!
Just to put me in my place.

It was delicious.
-And caramelized apple!

"It took 3 seconds to put together."
How specific.

Thank you for helping me out
with the gym so well.

Suddenly you don't want to go?
Are you even paying attention? Hello!

Do you have to hang out
by jumping on a fucking training mat?

Three course on a Wednesday!
Now it's war!

If Alex's going to top this,
he'll have to put in a lot of effort.

It was nasty to hire a chef
and say you cooked yourself.

I didn't say that.
-"It's really easy to cook," you said.

Yes. For the chef.

I would never lie
to a close friend.

To top this off, he'll have to fix
the Nobel Prize dinner in the Blue Hall.

Hey, Anna!

New outfit?
-No, it was in the laundry last time.

Are you doing aerobics?
-No, I was going to do bench press.

To get bigger tits.
-I thought it made them smaller.

You'd think, but they get pushed
forward a bit by the pectoral muscle.

If they stand out, they look a little bigger.

That makes sense.
We have to go now. I'll see you later.

Are you going to hit that?
-You take it. I'll do it later.

I have dinner at home on Saturday
and I want to offer something advanced.

Something I've tried myself
is the 2003 Nobel menu.

Marmalade-stuffed guinea fowl
with mushrooms.

L?jromscheesecake for starters.
Reasonably easy to make yourself.

No, it must be hard.

I'd love it to be good, but
preferably almost impossible to do.

There's plenty of that, but it's going to
take equipment you don't have at home,

like a salamander,
a small high-power grill.

Where can I find one of those?


Anchoring didn't work with Mickan.

Now she wants the living room upstairs
in that Moroccan style that I hate.

My home shouldn't look like
Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

My former boss
pretended to choke on his coffee

when he heard what people wanted
to be paid. Like this. Suggest something.

Should we have lunch?

What did you say?
-That was great.

Can't Sten, you and me
meet up this afternoon?

Sten is ill. He had to go to the
emergency room at Karolinska yesterday.

He's got chickenpox. It's
no laughing matter at his age.

What do you think?

Not the shoes, I've had them
for 100 years. The dress.

Stylish. Is that Schuterman?
-Yes. Only 2,500.

Do you have any suggestions on what we should do?
With the living room upstairs?

-I'm not the only one in charge.

I'd like a navy style.

A little Newport feeling with white
wooden walls and boat windows.

That's not a bad idea. You can have
a barometer and round windows.

A lighthouse in the middle of the room and
small fenders so you don't hit the table.

The king likes navy style.

I want a live-in home. You
want to live in a Gant catalogue from 1992.

Then tell me how you want it.

I want a room.
that's different from the others.

So I thought Moroccan.

What the hell are you doing!
-I'm sorry, I choked.

It'll go away in the laundry, right?

Sorry. What can I do?

Hi! Oops!

What is it?
-A salamander.

And a hand blender.
It's for dinner tomorrow.

How was the gym?

I was going to go back there as early as 2018.

It's really not my thing.

I told you we couldn't afford it,
that we have to prioritize.

Have you seen the Bo Kaspers record?
I need them for dinner tomorrow.

Do you know where it is?
-Honestly. Bo Kaspers?

It feels pass?.
-No, no.

That's what you do at couples' dinners.
You play Bo Kaspers.

Why Bo Kaspers?

It signals that it's... cosy.

What about before Bo Kaspers existed?

Hey! You can die of that!

Didn't you have couples dinners before?
-Yes, but...

It wasn't cozy.

Then she got coffee on the dress.

A skilled negotiator takes advantage
of an opponent's mistake. She's sharp.

Yes, but how do I win?
00:17:28,240 --> 00:17:32,280
How dirty are you prepared to play?
-Fucking dirty.

I'm ready
to go terribly far.

The babysitter's here. We can go now.

Just a little thing.
This bar cabinet is really big.

It's a little over the top.
Can we have it in the basement instead?

Sure, it's fine.

It's all I have from my grandpa,
but we can put it away.

Or we can burn it,
then you won't have to see the thing anymore.

Honey, I didn't know it meant so much to you.

It can stay, it doesn't matter.

Top! Let's get out of here.

"Saut? the spring primeurs"?
-Fry the vegetables lightly.

But why don't the idiots write
that instead then?

Oh, shit! Hell!

How's it going?
-Bad. Can you taste it?

Delicious. What was that?

Langoustine and squid soup.

Now all I have to do is get it into the salamander.

So... Let's rock, baby!

What the hell?! What was that now?

It's the breakers! Shit!
The souffl? batter is about to...

Oh dear! Shoot.

Let's calm down a little bit.

Was the soup good? Honestly.

It was salty. And a little burned.

I'll open for them now.
-I'll just fix something else.

It's all right.
I'll make something up.

First risotto, then pizza and then
a bowl of cold gravel maybe?

If only the oven had drawn 6,000 watts,
dinner would have broken all records.

Anna, I have
a little surprise for you.

Me and the girls have been saving for
a delayed housewarming present.

What is this?
-A year's pass for the gym.

They have a mom's workout.
You can exercise for almost the entire pregnancy.

That's great.

That's great.
Please say hi and thanks to the girls, will you.

That's nice. Or what do you think?

If not, give it to Alex.
-No, I'd love to have it.

You need to go down a few kilograms.
-I haven't gained weight!

I've always weighed 72kg.

You haven't exactly gone down.


I don't know if you've heard,
But Sten passed away last night.

His wife doesn't understand.
where he got chickenpox.

They hadn't been near any children
for several months.

No, no, no...
It's completely incomprehensible.

He must have been extremely unlucky.
-He was pretty unlucky.

He broke his foot in the mountains once.
That was a hell of a story, too.


Fuck off!