Snowfall (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Fault Lines - full transcript

Franklin is decimated. Teddy moves to secure his future. The family fractures.

Both of you, hands
up in the air!

Slowly, motherfucker!

Cops hit the pool hall.

Three of Kane people dead.

Kane in surgery.

Want to guess who it was?

I approached Teddy.

Made a deal to buy my
cocaine directly from him.

You went to the
plug behind my back?

My doing business with her

not personal.

Just business?

I got my money.

Got my lady.

Got a baby on the way.

And I've done my patriotic duty.

As of this moment, our
partnership is over.

I'm out.

Oh, yeah.

I can't believe that happens.

Ah, which part?

That we come at the same time.

It's unicorn sex.

That's how you got
that baby up in you.

Oh, that's how it happened, huh?

I had this wonderful
dream last night

that you'd walked
away from the game.

I woke up this morning,

had this weight
off my shoulders.

Didn't even know it was there.

It's really over?

It's really over.

I was thinking

after seeing Jerome and Louie's

we should get married.

I know we was gonna wait,

but we should do it
before the baby comes.

Make it official.


you get a ring and come correct,

then I guess we'll
see what happens.

Oh, man.

I made a lot of bad
decisions in my life.

But as long as I have you.

I know I would have made
at least one good one.

I love you.

Love you, too, baby.

What happened?

The target was inside the
building when we entered.

It was 3:00 in the morning.
We couldn't have known.

I cleaned it up.

Cleared out some files I
thought might be helpful.

But I need a safe house.

To read through files?

I'm gonna get you!

Hey, it is 6:30 in the morning.

What is wrong with you?

Goddamn it!

Both of you upstairs
now... I want you dressed

and ready for school
in five minutes.

- But I didn't do it!
- Now.

Pinches savages.

We should move in
this motherfucker.

- Breakfast in bed every morning.
- Mmm.

Right? Fresh sheets every night.

Or we buy a nicer
house and get a maid.

I like that. Why don't we
get a maid that can cook?

We gonna get a white maid.

A white maid?

No, no, she got to make
the sweet potato pie.

- Not the pumpkin pie.
- Pumpkin pie... you right, you right, you right.

I don't want no
damn pumpkin pie.

- It's...
- Hey, no, no, no, no.

Put that down. I'm gonna
take the battery out.


- Sorry to interrupt.
- Hmm, that's fine.

- What's going on?
- You talk to Franklin?

Not since last night.

He quit.

Means you're gonna be carrying
the load all on your own.

You okay with that?

Can I count on you?

Of course.

That's all I needed to hear.

You're so fucked right now.

Franklin walked away last night.

For real?




It could be good for us.

No bitterness, no competition.


It could be.

You don't think so?


Fuck it.

- We in.
- We in!

Get me some more champagne.

And keep this shit going.

Uh-huh, a vacation?

Yeah, sort of, but like
a real long vacation.

- A leave of absence?
- If that means I'm gone a while,

and then I come back and I still
have a job, then yeah, that.

- Okay...
- Fuck!

- Listen to me! I am Franklin Saint...
- Okay.

- Um, that doesn't sound good.
- Wanda, if that's your path, you need to walk it.

- We'll see where we are when you get back, okay?
- Okay, thank you.

I hope everything's okay!

So-so-so listen to
me, listen to me.

Huh? Listen.

I'm gonna call you
back in 30 minutes.

And you'd better have answers.

What the hell is going on?

My money.

It's all gone.

I'm just coming back, Xiapita.

I have to unload.
What's the problem?

There's no problem.

I just had fun yesterday
and thought it might be nice

to get some time with you before
the kids get back from school.

No bueno.

I'll be by as soon
as I can, okay?



Can't be out here
talking about helping

our people while I'm
selling 'em rock.

So if Franklin's done,

I'm out, too.

Well, who we gonna buy from?

Big Rome?

Could do that.

Or could be y'all had enough.

And y'all give it up, too.

Why the fuck would we do that?

Let someone else make our money?

The game's about to
change, all right?

Congress is writing
a new law right now.

Bill's gonna pass
before the midterms.


- Einstein's midterms?
- Nigga,

my exams ain't until January...

Midterm elections, nigga.

In November.

Gonna make it so one gram

of rock gets you
the same prison term

as 100 grams of powder.

Now, why would they do that?

So they can lock up Black folks.

They want to see the next
generation in chains.

And this is how
they gonna do it.

So it's time to
get out the game.

Start a legit business, invest.

Buy a house.

Shit, start a car
dealership like the nigga

in the commercials
with the elephant.

Anything other than this.

Nigga, if you out,

that mean I'm in charge?

All the accounts,
even the Caymans?

Caymans, Panama,

Iranian bank in L.
A... Everything gone.

How much... how
much did they get?

$73 million.

If this was a
legitimate seizure,

we'd all be in handcuffs.

It was him.

Had to be.

Fuck it.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna call Teddy,
tell him I made a mistake,

want to keep doing
business with him.

Then I'll kidnap his ass

and torture him
until he gives it up.

You do this,

not only will you never

get the money back, but you'll
get us all killed, Franklin.

We've got calls out to the best

forensic accountants
in the country.

There will be records
of the transfers.

And we can track the funds.

And what if we track it
into some CIA slush fund?

Then what, huh, we
gonna steal it back?

Once we've located the
money, there are ways.

Yeah, this is it.

This is what I grew
up doing, remember?

I know what I'm talking about.

This is everything I
fucking worked for!

I can't just sit
around and wait.

If you torture and
kill a CIA officer,

there's no coming
back from that.

I'm sorry, V.

- Where are you going?
- Avi's.

He knew about the
Panama accounts.

Could've been the
one who set me up.

And him and Teddy are
still working together.

Might be able to reach him if
Teddy won't return my pages.

You think you can trust him?

- No.
- What about Gustavo?

Would he help?

I've been paging him,
haven't heard back.

All right, I need a full workup
of everything we have left.

What we own, what we owe, and
how long we can stay afloat

with zero cash reserves
and only the rental income.

Call you if I hear anything.

If you need to make a call...

It can wait.

Okay, so here I am.

What's wrong?

Actually nothing.


thought that you
might want to know

that as of this morning
I am in possession

of over $70 million
in seized cash assets.

I'm sorry, did you say 17?

No, I said 70.

73 to be exact.

Do I want to know
where it's from?

Only that its owner
can never claim it.

Now, of course some of it goes

to Nicaragua, but as you know,

thanks to our
efforts, that conflict

is finally starting
to wind down.

Esquipulas was a major success.

Peace negotiations
begin in the next year.

And that leaves us

with $73 million
to spend elsewhere.

Sounds like you're
willing to make a

very generous donation

to your former employer.

Yes, I am.

Just one small catch.

Wilfred Plumbing.

Yeah, um, I need

to speak with Ruben, please.

Who may I say is calling?

This is Cissy Saint.

Ruben's out on a job right now.

But I'll let him know you
called and he'll get back

in touch with you just
as soon as possible.

All right, tell him it's
an emergency, please.

I will.

Thanks so much for call...

I want this cleaned up
and done by tonight.

Is that understood?


Find something in the files.

Or get it from him.

But you do not want to walk
away from this empty-handed.

Aah, what the f...? Aah!


Untie me.

Get me some aspirin, man.

We can talk like
civilized people.

I'd like to do that.

Believe me.

But first I'm gonna need
some information from you.

I bet.

Got everything you want.

Hard proof of drug money

for guns,

CIA involvement... enough

to destabilize America,

make Mother Russia very happy.


You surprised I figured out

who you work for?


I know you're a former Mossad.

Then you should also
know I have no loyalties

to the United States
or anyone in it.

Not the CIA.

Not Teddy McDonald.

Not even Franklin Saint.

Though I'll admit I
am fond of the boy.

Then you should have no
problem giving me what I need.

There's one problem.

In order for me to help you,

I need you to give me assurances

that I will leave here alive.

Come on, Avi.

You know you're not in
a position to negotiate.

Oh, yeah?

I think I might be.

'Cause I'm not the only
one in trouble here.

Am I?

Dead agent, kidnapping.

And so far,

nothing to show for it.

I have you.

And the files from
your warehouse.

Mm, the files won't help you.

I've learned long ago not to put

the launch codes
where the keys are.

The Center won't like
it if you make a mess

in their kitchen and
give them nothing to eat.

They'll put you on the
first boat back to Moscow.

You'll spend the rest of
your life as a shipping clerk

in Vladivostok.

But maybe you
like... the solitude.

The freezing cold.

But something tells me
it's not who you are.

That for you,

it would not be just death,

but also torture.

You want to talk about torture?

If you won't talk,

and there's nothing
in those files

you're going to find
out all about it.


You sure are paging me a lot
for someone who quit on me.

I made a mistake.

Want to keep our business going.

Look, I was angry.

I felt betrayed.

But I woke up this morning,
you know, I was thinking about

what we said, how it was gonna
be you and me until the end.

- We're not there yet.
- Sorry, it's too late.

Come on, it's-it's not too late.

It's never too late.

I mean, you really think
you can trust Louie?

Man, she's not ready.

She's gonna fuck
your whole world up.

Maybe she'll get me shot.

Right? Maybe her father
will go to the press.

That kind of thing?


You want to stay in business?

I suggest you go buy your
bricks from Louie. I got to go.

All right, look, it's...
You know what? It's fine.

You want to play
that way, it's fine.

Just-just put the money

put the money back into
my account, and then, uh,

and-and you and me,
we'll have no problem.

The what?

Don't do that.

Don't play dumb.

Buddy, I got no idea what
you're talking about.

Right. Yeah.

Like you had no idea what
happened to my pops? Huh?

Like I'm sure you had no idea
who torched Avi's warehouse

and disappeared him.

How stupid do you think I am?

Avi's missing? Are you sure?

Stop with the fucking
bullshit, okay?!

I did everything you
wanted, and you fucked me!

Listen, if somebody got a
hold of your cash, I'm sorry.

I warned you about
being so visible.

I warned you about
bringing your money

- in through the Caymans...
- Listen to me, you cracker motherfucker.

Listen to me. Okay?

If I don't have that
money in 24 hours,

I-I promise to God that I
will devote every second

I have on this green
Earth to making sure you

and everybody you
care about suffers.

Do you understand me?

You should be very
careful right now.

You think you've
lost everything?

Just wait.

I told you these
files won't help you.

You don't look like any
Russian I've ever met.

My father was a diplomat.

Stationed in Cuba
after World War II.

I see.

Met himself a nice Cuban
girl, fell in love?

Then my mother died, and my
father took me back to Moscow.

Diplomat's son.

Spanish speaker.

I bet they couldn't wait to
put their hooks into you.

Did your research ever turn up

that my father and mother
were both Russian Jews?

- Is that true?
- Yeah.

Fled the Pale of
Settlement in 1902.

Went to Palestine.

Ah, yeah, well...

Now both my parents
are long gone.

And Israel's turned
its back on me.

Perhaps I...

Perhaps I should
consider, you know,

going back to my roots.

You were right.

I do need this information.

And soon, the only way
I'll have of getting it

will be by breaking you in
a way that can't be fixed.

Don't make me do
that to you, Avi.


Promise me on the soul
of your dead mother

that if I tell you where
to find what you want

you'll let me go.

I swear to you,

if you give me what I need,

I will save your life.

Hey, hey, hey!

- Pinche bug.
- You sure?

Christ, Gustavo.

Who would do this?

Looks like Teddy, I guess.

Hmm? And we never come back.

But he's the CIA.
H-He'll find us.


Coming after us?

Not worth his time.

Second page in one hour.


Pack up todo.

And the kids, hmm?


I do one more thing,

then I come back and...

And that's how we're gonna live?

On the fucking run?

What kind of life
is that gonna be?

Whatever pinche life we want...

I got $13 million.

Man, you got to have Xiamara
take the kids to the E. R.

I need your eyes on
this. This is important.

Sorry, amigo.

Can't leave him.

Give me a few hours.

I'll go with you tonight...

I don't have a few hours.

You know what?

It's fine.

Do what you got to do.

Teddy's ducking me.

Avi's missing. Place
is burned down.

Jesus, Franklin.

Sent Elias and Adalyn home.
We can't trust them anymore.

- Where's my mother?
- She went to see Jerome.

Tell him what happened.

What'd you find?

The buildings you own outright?
They're mostly in South Central.

We'd need appraisals to be
sure, but you haven't owned

most of them for more
than a few years.

The property in that area,
it's not appreciating

because of the
increased violence.

But without the cash flow,

how do we hold onto
the downtown property

and not lose the six million

that we put down
in the first place?

How do we, how do we do that?

Even if we sold everything,

we couldn't come close
to covering the payments.

Without auxiliary income
in the next few days,

we will lose that property
and the down payment.

(distorted, echoing And, truthfully,
with possible depreciation

on what you own
against the mortgages

of the higher-end property...

you owe almost
more than you have.

So I'm not even broke.

I'm in debt?

This is Franklin.

It's Gustavo.

Oso. Good.

Uh, uh, you with Teddy?

No. Why?

Listen, man, he, um

he fucked me, okay?

He cleaned me out,
stole all my money.

And I need to know how I
can find him and, um...



If I tell you, he'll
know I'm the rat.

No, listen, listen, look.


He'll do it to you next.

You know he will.

But I could stop this.

I could bring him down
before any of that happens.

Save us both.

His way is the government.

He always wins.

You can't beat him.

So that's it?

After all this time?

After I saved your fucking life?

I saved yours, too. Remember?

I need to protect
my family, more no.

I hope you make it out okay.


Os-O... Oso?


Where are Jerome
and Louie staying?


I need to see you.

This ain't a good
time, Franklin.

Listen, look, I'm in trouble.

You're the only one
that can help me.



What'd I say? What'd I say?
Get your bitch ass out of here!

Dominoes, motherfucker!

Lee? Lee, Lee, Lee.

I got it. I got it! I got it!

I had to wait in line all day,
and the lady was gonna close up,

but I begged and I pleaded,
and I had all my paperwork

and my picture in the book.

See there?


I kind of wish I would've

spent a little more
time on my hair,

but it's okay.

What's wrong?


Nothing. Let's pack your stuff
and get the fuck out of here.



Let's go.

That's right. See ya!

Light that shit
up, motherfucker!

- What, nigga?
- Light that shit up, nigga.

Okay, so it's the same
deal as last time.

If anyone shows up,
you let me know.

No problem.

Oh, and stay off the
goddamn walkie this time.

Yes, sir.

Parissa, someone's already here.

Parissa, do you copy?

Parissa, do you copy?

Oh, fuck.



Stop the vehicle!

Stop right there, motherfucker!

- Stop the vehicle!
- Right now!

Go, go, go!

Shut it down!

- Shut down the engine!
- I said don't move!

- Put your hands up!
- Surround him on the other side!

- Keep 'em up!
- DEA. Get your hands in the air.

- You heard him!
- Get 'em in the air.

- Put 'em on the steering wheel.
- Check the backseat.

Keep 'em up!


Keep 'em up. Don't move.

Hey, Gustavo.

Remember me?

Thanks for showing up.


Guessing by now you
know what happened.

Cissy told Jerome.

We put a freeze on
all our accounts.

Good for you.

I'm sorry he did that
to you, Franklin.

But I ain't sure what you
want me to do about it.

Look, Teddy won't
see me, all right?

Won't take any of my calls.

But he will take
yours, so the next time

y'all do a deal, I
need to know where

and I need to know when.

I can't do that.

Yes, you can.

It's my turn.

I ain't throwing
that away for you.

And what the fuck

do you think he's
gonna do to you

if this is what he
does to me, huh?

Well, I don't know, but
I'm-a take my chances.

I don't think you hear
what I'm saying to you.

I'm not asking you.
I'm telling you.

You telling me?

Yeah, 'cause this is
all your fucking fault!

- How is this my fucking fault?
- I only quit

because you went behind my
back and did that fucking deal,

and he only robbed
me because I quit!

You see it however
you want to, Franklin.

This ain't my problem.

It is your fucking
problem, Louie.

You gonna shoot me?

If it meant me getting
my fucking money back,

I would kill you ten times over.

Now, you are gonna
make that call.

Drop the piece. Do it now.

You were saying?

Fuck you.

You want him done?

Just say the word.

Out of respect for Jerome,
I'm-a let you walk away.

But from here on out,
you and me, we done.

I see you again, I'm-a kill you.

I understand if you
need to move out again

till this is all settled.

From here on out, the
gloves got to come off.

It's the only way.

Do you need help?


No, n-not with this.

Not from you.

Promised you a
certain kind of life.

And we will have it.

- I love you.
- I love you.


It's me.

I know it's been a long time.

I'm still in L. A.

And I'm in a bit of
trouble, and, um...

I could use your help.

Pop the trunk.

Sure the car's clean?

- Yes.
- Thought you forgot about us.

If anybody has any doubt
about what's about to happen,

say it now.

Fuck it.

Like I promised.

User end certificates,
payment logs,

shipment manifests.

And the best of it all, the
man in the center of it.

Teddy McDonald.

Oh, there's one more
thing you should know.

What's that?

Untie me.

Come on, man. I'm dying here.

So what is it, Avi?

Teddy McDonald.

The CIA cut him loose.

He's just a contractor now.

Gives them deniability, so

you might have to find

another way to
connect all the dots,

but, you know, I can
help you do that.

Sorry, Avi.

Couldn't use him?

I couldn't trust him.

Let the Center know.

Clean it up.

♪ I can feel it... ♪

Sorry, we're closed.

Ah, come on.

- We heard this place goes late.
- Mm-hmm.

- Not this late.
- What? Come on.


♪ I've been waiting
for this moment ♪

♪ Oh, Lord, oh, Lord ♪

♪ And I can feel it coming
in the air tonight... ♪

Sweet Jesus.



This shit ain't
even the half of it.

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

Stop here.

♪ I can feel it
coming in the air ♪

♪ Tonight ♪

♪ Oh, Lord... ♪


It's just me.

Jerome and Louie,
they asked me...

♪ Well, I remember ♪

♪ I remember, don't worry ♪

♪ How could I ever forget? ♪

♪ It's the first time ♪

♪ The last time we ever met ♪

♪ But I know the reason ♪

♪ Why you keep this silence up ♪

♪ No, you don't fool me ♪

♪ The hurt doesn't show ♪

♪ But the pain still grows ♪

♪ It's no stranger
to you and me ♪

♪ I can feel it
coming in the air ♪

♪ Tonight ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Well, I've been
waiting for this moment ♪

♪ For all my life... ♪

Excuse me. You can't be here.

♪ I can feel it in the air ♪

♪ Tonight, oh, Lord ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ And I've been waiting
for this moment ♪

♪ For all my life ♪

♪ Oh, Lord ♪

♪ Well, I've been waiting ♪

♪ For this moment
all my life... ♪

Sorry about what
happened to you.

It was Louie.

There might be a problem.

- Hey.
- Are we still going on the trip?

I'm not sure.

Where's Gustavo?

You want her frisked?

Jerome tells me he got robbed.

They killed four people.

Was that you?

How you gonna fix it?


"Fix it"?

I tried to fix it!

I did everything! I
showed them compassion!

I showed them mercy!
I walked away!

I was the bigger man, and
look where the fuck it got me!

If you can't be a part
of what comes next,

I understand.

I appreciate everything
you've done for me.

I know you did your best.

But what I am now

it's not your fault.

Still want to get
a hold of Teddy?

And kill him?

I can help you do that.

Oh, yeah?

I made friends in Cuba.

What kind of friends?

Ones in the KGB.

You for real?

Fight fire with fire.

We gonna have to burn
this whole motherfucker

to the ground, Mama.

Then let's go.

♪ You are now about to witness ♪

♪ The strength of
street knowledge ♪

♪ Straight outta Compton ♪

♪ Crazy motherfucker
named Ice Cube ♪

♪ From the gang called
Niggaz Wit Attitudes ♪

♪ When I'm called off,
I got a sawed-off ♪

♪ Squeeze the trigger and
bodies are hauled off ♪

♪ You, too, boy, if
you fuck with me ♪

♪ The police are gonna
have to come and get me ♪

♪ Off your ass, that's
how I'm going out ♪

♪ For the punk motherfuckers
that's showing out ♪

♪ Niggas start to mumble,
they want to rumble ♪

♪ Mix 'em and cook 'em
in a pot like gumbo ♪

♪ Going off on the
motherfucker like that ♪

♪ With a gat that's
pointed at your ass ♪

♪ So give it up smooth ♪

♪ Ain't no telling when
I'm down for a jack move ♪

♪ Here's a murder rap
to keep y'all dancing ♪

♪ With a crime record
like Charles Manson ♪

♪ AK-47 is the tool ♪

♪ Don't make me act a
motherfucking fool ♪

♪ Me and you can go
toe to toe, no maybe ♪

♪ I'm knocking niggas
out the box daily ♪

♪ Yo, weekly,
monthly and yearly ♪

♪ Until them dumb
motherfuckers see clearly. ♪