Snowfall (2017–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Fallout - full transcript

Franklin fights to keep his business afloat; Jerome and Louie strike back.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
What the
hell is going on?

My money, it's all gone.

And as of this morning,

I am in possession

of over $70 million
in seized cash assets.

Teddy McDonald, he's
just a contractor now.

You might have to
find another way

to connect all the dots,

but I can help you do that.

Sorry, Avi.

I'm the only hope you
have to save Franklin.

I want to make
sure my family is safe,

and then you can
kill Teddy McDonald.

someone's already here.



Empaca todo. I do
one more thing,

then I come back.

I got $13 million.

DEA! Hands up!

Remember me?

The game's about
to change, all right?

So it's time to
get out the game.

Nigga, if you out,

that mean I'm in charge?

Franklin is family.

But I'd like to think that what
you doing is just business,

and I got your back,

but I will not go to war
against my own blood.

I approached
Teddy, made a deal

to buy my cocaine
directly from him.

You gonna shoot me?

If it meant me getting
my fucking money back,

I would kill you ten times over.

If anybody has any doubt
about what's about to happen,

say it now.

Relax. Jerome and Louie,

they asked me...

We gonna have to burn
this whole motherfucker

to the ground, Mama.

Then let's go.

Good morning. It's early
here in South Central Los Angeles,

and it is anybody's guess
who's gonna get killed tonight.

Today there's
a drug and alcohol abuse

epidemic in this country,

and no one is safe from it.

Not you, not me,

and certainly not our children,

because this epidemic

has their names written on it.


Baby, what's wrong?

What's wrong?

Daddy never came home.


You been here alone all night?

Stay in the car.

This is a
legitimate business.

Taxes pay to protect
this neighborhood.

Crime is
getting out of control.

This wasn't some drive-by
or random gang shooting.

Those two were executed.

You two want to tell me what
the hell is going on or not?

Hey, we're
the victims here.

- Victims?
- Yeah. Instead of interrogating us,

why don't you go over there?

Do your job.

- Hey. H-Hey.
- Sir.

- I'm sorry, you have to stay back.
- Is that my boy over there?

Stop right there.

His name's Will
Daniels. Is that him?

Are you saying you
know one of the deceased?

Will Daniels.
Is that Will Daniels?

I'm not gonna
tell you again. Step back.

Is that him?
Is that my son?

Hey! Hey!


Get the girl!

The forensic accountants,
they can't help.

What'd they say?

A firm in New York
appreciated our inquiry,

but recovering illicit
gains isn't what they do.

Folks in Dallas told me

that without the assistance
of federal authorities,

there's no chance they
can recover the money.

And anyone w ho claimed
otherwise is lying.

Okay, so what do we do?

I'm about to show you.

Yeah, this is Teddy.

Not over the phone.
I'll come to you.

Yeah, I know where it
is. Give me 30 minutes.

- Hey.
- Jesus Christ, Gustavo.

- Oso!
- Hey, hey.

What happened?

Where have you been?


Who wants to go to the bowling?

- Me.
- Me.

Okay, I'm gonna get changed.

How much did they get?

Between here and the warehouse?

I ain't sure yet. $3
million, maybe more.

We both know who did this.

How you want to handle it?

I'm gonna talk to the boy.


This man shit.

Where's this?

Stash house.

Since when?

Since Peaches
fucked my last one.

Told you the gloves
had to come off.

I didn't realize that meant
robbing your own family, though.

Had to stop the bleeding,

buy us some time till
I can find Teddy.

There is a problem.

Just one?

Well, we can't just walk up

and hand our lenders dirty cash.

We need to get this
money into a bank.

One that'll take it,
no questions asked.

I'm sorry, what are you asking?

I remember you mentioning

an ex-boyfriend
of your mother's,

how he used to move cocaine
from the Bahamas into Miami.

You mean Randy?

I could fly out to the
Caymans if I have to.

But it'd be much simpler

to keep the money
here in the States.

And Miami...

well, that's our best
bet for finding a bank

that's willing to
take this money today.

You shouldn't have done this.

You could have sold some
of the buildings off.

We could have gotten
legitimate loans.

We would have lost
the downtown property.

We could've built
it all back up.

- V, you're not listening.
- We still could.

Call Jerome and Louie,
you tell them...

- Jerome and Louie?
- You made a mistake. Yes.

This is done, okay?!

Now, I need you to get on
board with what comes next.

Can you do that, please?

Do you know somebody
that can help us,

or do I need to go
another direction?

You need to go
another direction.

Now get me the fuck out of here.

Any update on Peaches?

Still no record he
left the country.

It could be he used
a fake passport.

Or, despite what you heard,
he's still stateside.

Listen, I want that
motherfucker found, you hear me?

Put the word out.

I'll pay a quarter million to
anybody who finds that nigga.

And a three percent finder's
fee of whatever's left

of my $5 million when they do.

Ye ah, that'll
get things moving.

Anything else?


While back,

had you looking into family
members of Teddy McDonald.

You remember that?

Remember Alton had
me looking into it.


You came up with his
pops in Kansas City

and an ex-wife and kid in D. C.

I need you to reconfirm
their locations

find me any other
pressure points

he might have in his life.

Best to say it.

Last time we went
down this road,

it didn't turn out too
good for the old man.

Listen, if you got a
problem with this shit,

I'll find somebody who don't.

You got your finger in a lot
of pies these days, youngblood.

- You all right?
- No, I'm not.

And they not pies. It's
a dam, and it's leaking.

Y'all are late.

Sitter issues.

Here, hire full-time help.

Shit ain't gonna get easier.

So, where we headed?


Full-time help?

I always wanted to be like
one of them Dynasty bitches.

Anyone shows
up, you let me know.

Yes, sir.

Parissa, someone's already here.



You remember me?

I do.

Yeah. You search him?

- He didn't have to.
- I'm sorry, what was that?

I, uh...

I lost my hearing in this ear,

so I can't hear very well.

We have a co mmon problem.
I'm just here to help.

Yeah? And how are
you going to help me?

Avi had a lot of enemies.

People wanted him gone, so
you tell me who they were,

and I can use my resources
to narrow it down,

and we will find
out who did this.

You know what the worst thing

about losing half
your hearing is?

It's your balance.

The inner ear

regulates your equilibrium,
and without it,

it's hard to stay centered.

So, for instance...

If, uh...

I wanted to get revenge

for what you did to me,

I can't promise you

that I would fire
the gun where I wish.


Avi is gone,

our business is finished.
Get him out of here.


Whoever did this to Avi,
they have my associate.


And this person that they took,

this person actually
means something to you?

Come, come here.

In that case...

fuck you.

♪ Children lyin', Papa's cryin'
'bout how his time was spent ♪

♪ Mama's workin'... ♪

I know
what I told you,

but we can't leave, Xiapita.

Why not? What changed?

I can't
talk about it.

You can't
talk about it?

All that matters is,

we live our lives...
nothing's different.

What does that mean?

Everything is different.

You want me to just
carry on all day

as if our house isn't bugged?

I got a strike.
I got a strike.

Can you believe it?

- Come on.
- It's my turn.

Dime la neta.

Did Teddy call the house
last night or this morning?

What? No.

Did you talk to him? Does
he know that I was gone?

No, I didn't talk to him.


But if he's been
listening in on us,

he'll know that
you weren't home.

It wasn't Teddy
who's been listening.

I know.

It's a lot.

I can't tell you
any more than that.


I need you to trust me, okay?

Ev ery guy who has ever
asked me to trust him

has fucked me over.

♪ Till we reach the top ♪

♪ Pull up, pull up ♪

♪ Till we reach the top ♪

♪ Pull up, pull up. ♪

So it looks like, all in,

Franklin walked
with $3.4 million

in cash and product.

And we got some more problems.

Mack and Terry is coming from
St. Louis to make their pickup.

And we ain't got no product.

Or no cash to buy more.

We put a freeze on
our Panama accounts

after what happened to Franklin.

Tried to call,
free up some funds,

but that's gonna
take a few days.

And, on top of all that,

we ain't got access
to the warehouse

because Franklin dropped a
couple bodies there, too.

So we ain't got no
place to load the cars.

Who you calling?

Who you think?

♪ You know the tempo on
the beat about 105... ♪

Need an outside line?

♪ That you like to
dance all the time ♪

♪ To the tempo, give
yourself a chance... ♪


♪ It's so unique, baby girl
like the way it sounds ♪

- ♪ Do you really?
♪ - ♪ Yeah! ♪

I'm sorry it took me
so long to get back to you.

Something required
my full attention.

Franklin found
out Avi's missing.

It's got him spooked.
Was that you?

You wanted to know
if this would work.

If we could get to Teddy.

Consider what happened to
Mr. Drexler proof that we can.

If Franklin knows about
Avi, Teddy does, too.

Yes. Why we need
to move quickly.

I need access to Franklin,
and I need it now.

It is time to tell him.

Arrange a meeting.

The longer we wait,

the greater the chances
Teddy will disappear

and you will never get
the answers you want.

Tomorr ow morning,
10:00 at the museum.

Bring Franklin with you.

Watch the up.

All right, look, look.

Watch the... Watch the...

Hey, hey, this
motherfucker broken, cuz.

Nah, look.

You got to just not do
these two at the same time.

Nigga, I'm not doing
'em at the same time.

Hey, D.

That's some shit.

Sup, D?


She's pretty.

Yeah. Too bad, up
under the hood, she busted.

Just l ike your motherfucking

This motherfucker.

Go wait by the car.

You know, if you want, I
know a guy off of Jefferson.

Could hook it up.

What, you in the motherfucking
car business now, cuz?

That why you got
up out the game?

Who told you I was
out the game? Lee?


Right before he grabbed
that rock-headed ho

and said, "I'm going
to Africa."

I swear to God,

niggas is losing their
motherfucking minds.

Hey, listen, um, are we
doing business here, or...?

Motherfucker, I'm talking.
Can't you see that?

- Y eah, I-I can see...
- Goddamn.

You know what?

Take your ass the
fuck up out of here.

I ain't buying this
piece of shit from y'all.

Aw, come on, man.

And, Saint, your little
boy gone, and you out,

so what the fuck we
even talking about?

I ain't
out the game, D.

I got the plug, weight to move.

You a little late, cuz.
Already got a new hookup.

Oh, yeah? Who's that?
The Mexicans? Colombians?

Nah. Your motherfucking
Uncle Rome.

Makes sense. Know
y'all are close.

Probably gave you a pretty
good deal, too, right?

12 a key?

Thing is, well, I can give
you the same product for ten.


Same shit?

Same shit.

That's an extra
$200,000 in your pocket

for every 100 keys you move.

Hey, his motherfucking
math check out?

It does.

Pretty good, huh?

Nigga, the price is
right like Bob Barker.


But hear me, cuz.

I ain't trying to
get in the middle

of no little family squabble.

Of course.

And you won't.

Look, it's not
personal, it's business.

Jerome understands that.

Look, I tell you what.

I'll send the girls by
tonight with ten bird.

You ain't gonna do
better than ten a key.

Might as well pick it up, right?

Next time you see Jerome, tell
him you got a better deal.

Give him a chance to beat it.

If he can, then, shit,
continue to buy from him.

No hard feelings.
But if not, well...

$200,000 buy you any
car you want, huh?


Let me know.

I told you,

took Cedro to the ER.

That was 24 hours ago.

Yeah, we waited for a pinche
doctor the whole night.

You never had a night
like that with your son?

You should've called.
We have problems.

So I got Detective Han

checking the jails and
calling the hospitals.

So far, there's nothing.

Yo u really think
someone took her?

Who would do that?

I don't know.

It's not thugs. These
people are trained.

They would know how to
extract information.

Pinche cara de topo
enfermo que traes, cabrón.

Have you slept?

I don't need sleep.

I need to find her.


How's he doing?

Shit took a turn.

He had to be sedated again.

Kane's a warrior.

He'll be all right.

Is that right?

Look, I wanted you
to hear it from me.

Leon's out. Left the country.

I know you was buying from him.

I want you to know I'm-a
step up, take his place.

No, this ain't the
time. I mean, fuck.

Your family's the reason
he in there to begin with.

I hear you, and I
am sorry. Truly.

But if you want to
hurt Jerome and Louie,

there's a few ways to
do it, but a big one

is to fuck with they business.

So let me know when you
want to talk, all right?

Pharmacy, 612.

Okay, what's going on?

Like I said,
we just want to re-up.

Oh, yeah, you canceled
your honeymoon

just to stay here
and sling dope?

You want to sell product,
we want to buy product.

Why's it got to
be more than that?

Okay, so here's the
thing. You can tell me

what's going on here,
or I promise you,

this will be the last time
that we do business together.

We were robbed.

By who?


Franklin robbed you?

Yeah, somebody cleaned
him out, all his accounts.

He needed a life raft.
Apparently we were it.

I'll have, uh, Gustavo
give you the bricks.

- Will 300 do it?
- Yeah,

but he also hit
our cash reserves,

so I'm-a need those
on consignment.

Yeah, you're good for it.

What's gonna happen now
between you and Franklin?

I don't know, but I'm guessing

we're not spending
Christmas together.

Remember, back on
Catalina, what I told you?

The things I've done
to make this money?


So you can imagine,
after all of that,

starting back at zero?

That ain't gonna happen.

That's on you.

But this right here,

this isn't what I signed up for.

I know.

You know?

You were supposed to be out.

Now, I've worked so hard to
leave my old life behind me,

but you're standing
here, asking me

to go launder
millions of dollars

in stolen drug money?

Do you understand
what that means?

I don't do it lightly.

- You don't do it lightly?
- I don't.

That's great.

But this, right now...

this is about survival.

What happens in
the next few weeks

is gonna determine the course
of the rest of our lives,

and our baby's.

Please, V.


And what'd
you tell him?

That I'd talk to you.

Why I reached out.

You know I'd rather
buy from you,

but you just gonna have to
get it down to ten a key.

O.G., you know why he's able to
sell you them birds so cheap?

Stole 'em from us.

Look, like I told your
little motherfucking nephew,

I ain't trying to get in the
middle of no family shit.

I'm just trying to get my bread.

You already cop them keys?

Them two little bitches supposed
to bring 'em by tonight.

Hey, l ook, you know
I'd rather buy from you.

If not,

you know it ain't personal.

Nigga got to do
what he got to do.


How much did

- and the operation?
- Nothing that can hurt us.

But, look, regardless
of who is doing this,

Avi's entire
operation is burned,

so, unless you want to shut
the entire pipeline down,

we're gonna need
another gun connect.

I'm sure we have ideas,
if that would be helpful.

Is there any word
from the higher-ups?

About the money, my ask?

Let's get this all cleared up,

then we'll talk about getting
you your blue badge back.


I got to get the
mud off my shoes

before I step foot
on Langley's carpets.

There is significant interest

in the assets in
your possession.

But, yes, we need to
make sure you're clean

before you're
officially welcomed back

inside the walls.

Yeah, I reckon $73 million
cleans a lot of carpet.

As far back as I can
remember, I wanted to be

in the CIA.

My father and brother
were Army men...

Instruments of policy,
blunt objects...

And I just wanted
a seat at the table

where the long arc
of history is shaped.

I understand.

Franklin is going to war
with Louie and Jerome.

This... fucking family, man.

It 's like they don't
even have the good sense

not to tear each other apart.

You need anything else from me?

No, you should go


Oh, Gus.

So, I...

... never really said
I'm sorry about Cedro

getting hurt and the hospital
making you wait all night.

It's unbelievable.
What was the hospital?

Verdugo Hills.

Well, I say, uh, anything
ever happens to the two of us,

let's not go to Verdugo
Hills, you know what I mean?


What's this?


This is the woman who
goes to Miami to deposit

stolen drug money.

You have something for me?

Uh, yeah. It's
in the back seat.

It's $1.85 million.

I'll be back by dinner tomorrow.

I love you.

Yeah, you do.

Well, officially
LAPD has jack shit.

You're just the victims of
some unfortunate violence.

And unofficially?

You about to be the
flavor of the month.

They know it's drug-related,

that you got ties
to Franklin Saint,

so you're gonna need to
tighten up your shit.

Ain't that
what we pay you for?

Keep motherfuckers off our back?

Yeah, well, it's not
gonna be that easy

now that I'm officially
off LAPD payroll.

But you still have friends
on the force, right?

Yeah, I still got
a few of those.

So keep 'em close.

And you keep your mind right.

Stay off that fucking powder.

Goddamn junkie.

Give us a minute.

Finally, this motherfucker.


paging you all day.

Yeah, I've been busy, man.

Need to meet up.

What for?


I didn't want things
to go this way.

I went to Louie
and asked for help.

Oh, you gonna blame
it all on us now?

Your wife went behind my back

and stole the plug,
and that's business.

But I show up and take back
what I made you, and it's theft?

So it's busi ness
when I'm bending over,

but it's personal
when you getting it.

Is that how that works, huh?

Nephew, if you don't
bring back what you stole,

you gonna understand how
this work, little nigga.

You want to come
after me, that's fine.

Came into this shit
with my eyes open.

And they still are, nigga.



There's something else you
need to know about last night.

After I refused to help
Franklin get to Teddy,

he pulled a gun on me.

Said he was gonna kill me.

He might've done it, too, if
Buckley hadn't been there.

I heard you when you said

you didn't want to go
to war with your family.

I tried to respect it.

But you need to know
exactly who we dealing with.

It was either this,

or drop them off first

and have you
waiting even longer.

Or you could just give us the
location to the safe house

and save us all a
whole lot of time.

Stuff's in the trunk.

What's up, y'all?
My name's Franklin.

Ar e you the one Mama's
always complaining about?

Probably, yeah.

Want a French fry?

Sure, I'll
have one of them.

Damn, that was good.

You're not gonna take
'em to the drop, are you?

Yeah, we just gonna leave
'em in the back seat

with a Etch A Sketch.


Come on, let's go.

I'm looking for
Detective Parosa.

What took you so long?

The fuck you doing here?

Uh, make sure he
wasn't followed.

We went over this.

There are protocols
if you need to meet.

Can't just show up.

Yeah. Uh, I forgot

to tell you I told
Teddy, um, we took

Cedro to the emergency room.

You're worried
he's gonna check?

Worried, mis huevos.

I know he will.

But, uh, hospital records
aren't easy to get,

even for an
intelligence officer.

We'll take care
of it right away.

Right away when? Tonight?

As soon as possible.

Did you tell him a
particular hospital?

Yeah, Verdugo Hills.

I'll take care of it, okay?

But, Gustavo, listen to me.

Informants who do
what we tell them,

they make it out alive.

It's the ones who
get flustered, panic,

and don't follow protocol
that get into trouble.

I had a long talk
with my bosses today,

and they want to
see something now

to justify what
we're doing here.

You mentioned a
tunnel at the border,

how you're bringing
the cocaine across.

I want to see it.


Soon as possible.

Tomorrow, if it doesn't
raise any alarm bells.

That a problem?

No, should be okay.

All right.

Go home, get some rest.

You promise me you're gonn
a take care of this, right?

Absolutely. Good night.

I held back, but
Ruben's impatient.

He wants to meet tomorrow.

What happened to burning
all this down to the ground?

We about to side with the
Russians, commit treason.

Forgive me if I need
a minute to think

before lighting the match.

You still believe, don't you?

Even after all of
this, you want so badly

to think America
still cares about you,

like some orphan child,

standing by the door, waiting
for Mama to come home,

no matter how long
she's been gone.

We throw our lot in
with the KGB now,

we may have to face the
reality that we have to leave.

Face the reality?

Let me tell you
something, Franklin.

Those hours, days and weeks

after your father
disappeared in Cuba...

were so me of the
worst of my life.

I was completely alone
in a foreign country.

Didn't even speak
the fucking language.

Didn't know what
happened to him,

but knew almost for certain

I'd never see him again.

And if the p ain and
frustration weren't enough,

there was always the fear

that at any moment they
could come and get me, too.

It went on like that for months

until one night,

I realized why
Teddy let me live.

It wasn't a moral decision

or even convenience.

He could've killed me and
gotten away with it. Mm - mm.

Teddy spared my life
because, in his mind,

I posed no threat to him.

None of us do.

He could take away

one of the most important
things in my life,

and I could do nothing about it.

I was just some nigger
who'd never touch him,

inconsequential to the
point it wasn't even

worth the effort it would
take to snuff me out.

And in that moment, I knew.

Fuck Teddy, fuck the CIA,

and fuck the government
that supported them.

I was gonna do
whatever it would take

to not only destroy him

but to make sure that
he knew it was me,

the inconsequential
nigga who did it.

I am way past facing
reality, Franklin.

I am done standing by the door,

waiting for Mama to come home.

Now are you with me, Saint?

Or are you with them?


Okay, tell Ruben I'll
meet him tomorrow.


I got a question I've
been meaning to ask you.

What's that?

I know little bitches
got little coochies,

but I ain't never been
mountain climbing before,

so I don't know if big bitches

got big coochies or not.

Why don't you fuck
your mama and find out?


You got a little fight
in you. All right.

We good.

I bet we are.

That thing scenting like some
bread fresh out the oven.

Shut the fuck up, nigga.

Get home safe.

Mountain-climbing motherfucker.

Would you?

'Cause of Franklin
and these hours,

I ain't had no dick in weeks.

And he look like he
probably holding.

You know who I think is holding?

Dallas, do not say it.

I got a peek once.

You know, he be wearing them
tight jeans, they light.

- Dallas.
- Ooh.

Stop. He's our boss,

and his lady's pregnant.

That ain't got
shit to do with me.

I would tear his ass up.


We ain't
got no product in the car,

and they can't legally
search the car.

Since when
the fuck "legal"

got anything to do with it?

Stay cool, you hear me?

They want to search
the car, we let 'em.

Have Franklin call the lawyer.

Keep your hands
where we can see them

and step out of the car.

Ain't you gonna tell
us what we did wrong?

I said step out of the car now.

Hey, fuck you. We
ain't got to do shit.

Out of the car now!

Out of the car!

Ain't gonna
tell you again.

Nigga, you not
even a cop no more.

Yeah, which should scare
you more than if I was.

All right, we coming out.

Open the trunk.

You have no right...

Does it look like
I'm fucking asking?

Open it.

Don't move.

Where Franklin
keeping my shit at?

He stole from me.

I want it back.

Now where is it?

We don't know, motherfucker.

You think
I'm playing with you?

We don't know.

He got it someplace new.

He ain't tell us where it is.

- Gonna steal on you.
- Wha...?


It's gonna get bad

for you in a hurry if you don't
tell me what I want to know.

I swear, he didn't tell us.

back. Stay right there.

didn't tell us.

He didn't tell us where
it is. He didn't...

- - Hey!
- Bitch-ass nigga,

- she's telling the truth!
- Stay back.

She's telling the truth!

- Oh, yeah?
- Yes!

Hey, stop fucking hitting
her! We don't know!

You tell me where
my goddamn money at!

Fucking stop.

Stop fucking hitting her!

You can stop this all now.

You tell me where it's at.

- We don't know.
- This is bullshit.

- Get the fuck back!
- She doesn't know where it is.

He didn't tell us.

We don't know!

She got a fucking kid,
man. Stop hitting her.


I want my money.

You tell Franklin
that I did this

and I ain't gonna stop
till I get all that's mine.

Beverly. Beverly.

You okay?


Somebody call fucking 911!

You're gonna be all right.

Beverly. Bev.

♪ Walk on ♪

♪ Walk on ♪

♪ If you see me walking
down the street ♪

♪ And I start to cry ♪

♪ Each time we meet ♪

♪ Then walk on by ♪

♪ Walk on by ♪

♪ Make believe ♪

♪ That you don't
see the tears ♪

♪ So just let me grieve ♪

♪ In private 'cause
each time I see you ♪

♪ I break down and cry. ♪