Snowfall (2017–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Departures - full transcript

Jerome and Louie separate themselves from Franklin.


You don't know
what really happened.


You didn't shoot and kill

my baby brother?

Kev was my family, too,

and I ain't got much left.

We can squash this beef here,
right now.

He's gonna use his connect

to start at ten keys a week.

So you got him
making money for you now?

Makes the world go round.

- And you trust him?
- End of the day,

he just want to look out
for his family.

I want to buy directly from you.

Franklin know about this?


Franklin is the answer.

In the end, only he can bring
your enemies down.

There's gonna be a wedding.

did you dose everybody
with LSD?

You can't be a gangster
and a family man.

In the end, you'll have
to destroy us all.

And all you have
to offer is lies.

Dripped with honey.

You think
you have to kill me one day.

But before you do,
I'm gonna kill you.

There's only one thing
you really need to know.

Once you press that button,

there's no turning back.

You were right,
I should've listened.

I should've treated you
like a partner.

You know, it's not too late.

It is.

I've got to follow
my own path now.


How you holding up?

How would you be?

Kovatch is itching
to talk to you.

Thought maybe
you'd want to run me through

what happened here first.

You know, we got a tip that

cocaine was being sold out
of the pool hall, so we came

to check it out.

they just started shooting.

Oh, shit, five-o!

And how'd you end up
in the back?

One of them ran.

I warned him repeatedly to stop.

Damn, bruh!

He had a gun in his hand.


He was turning back to fire.

And, uh...

11-99. Perez is hit!

Repeat, Perez is down!

that's when I saw him.


Kovatch is gonna want
to hear that from you.

Then you got to go in,

give an official statement.

Hey, the guy in the back.

He make it?

He's barely hanging on.

Took him over to king.

♪ ♪


Oh, oh, yeah.

Yeah, send him up.


- what's up?
- Sup?



Look at this place.

Been meaning to have you over.

Been paging you all morning.


Couldn't sleep, man.

You know, mind was
just racing on me.

Feel like I've been carved out.

I was actually feeling
pretty good.

Went to the crib,
poured a drink.

Watched the sun rise
on the roof.

Like I finally knew
what I had to do.

Then I got word cops hit
the pool hall.

Three of Kane people dead.

Kane in surgery.

Want to guess who it was?


She lied to us.

Said shit was fine.

And went behind our backs
and hit 'em anyway.

What you want me
to do about it, lee?


What would you like me to do?

Yell and scream?

Shoot up the club?

Go to war with louie and Jerome?

The cops?

There's what's right and there's

what's wrong,
and this shit is wrong.

Yeah, well,
Kane tried to kill us.

Jerome and louie hit back.

We made a deal with Kane.

That's what's right
in our world.

I ain't saying
I'm happy with any of it.

But there's other shit that's

more important to me, man.

Like what?

Like surviving.

Surviving to take care
of my unborn baby.

Like not going to war
with my family.

I can't tell you
what to do any more

than I can Jerome and louie.

That's a first.

But I ain't going out a martyr.

Nah, you're going out here.

In your Wilshire penthouse.

Look, if...

If you're trying
to make me feel bad,

that's not the way, all right?

Now, you want to fight this,
be my guest.

But I won't be there.

You ain't even open it, huh?

you are so beautiful.

was it everything
that you wanted?


all that

and a chocolate fountain of LSD.

probably Skully.

- Yeah.
- Mm-hmm.

It probably was.

That shit could've gone
all wrong.


But it didn't.

Maybe it's a good omen.


Word's probably out
about Kane by now.

I know.

Checked my pager this morning.

- And?
- Five missed from Leon.

I wish we could just stay
in bed all day.

We can.

- We can?
- Mm-hmm.

- We can.
- Let's just stay
in bed all day.


oh, no.


Shit needs to be dealt with.

I'll tell you what.

- I'll call downstairs.
- Mm-hmm?

Extend our stay

till Wednesday before the trip.

Then we come back here
later tonight.

I like it.

you ever gonna tell me
where we going?

I mean, you're gonna know
in a few days,

that's all I know.

You just like seeing me squirm,
that's all.

I fucking love you.

- I love you.
- I like it when you say that.

Say it again.

- You like it?
- Mm-hmm.

anything else I should know?


No, it's all there.

Just like I said.

And the cocaine
you got the tip about

in the first place?

Bad information, right?

It happens.


Come on in.

kind of need to pull
a tube of blood, detective.

Are you serious?

As of right now,
you are suspended,

pending results

of I.A.'s investigation
into the shooting

and these test results.

So you tell us to clean shit up,

and suddenly you give
a fuck about how it gets done?

An officer is dead,
and I want to know why.

Or is it just me, huh?

'cause I ain't some six-foot-two

square-jawed southern boy.

"yes, sir, no, sir,

shine your shoes for you, sir?"

I shine my own shoes.

And I clean up after myself.

You should've done the same.

fuck this. I want my union rep.

I want my fucking lawyer
in here.

Refuse to cooperate,
and there'll be

criminal charges to go
along with the disgrace.

In the meantime, I'm gonna need

your gun and badge, detective.

all right.

I know you don't want
to hear it, but...

...I understand
why louie did what she did.

Right thing, the wrong way.

Who doses an entire wedding?

What if I'd have stayed,
huh, eaten a strawberry?

I don't even want
to think about it.

You could've called me,
you know.

If you were in such bad shape.

Oh, we talked.

Had a whole conversation.


What did we talk about?

Hey, you want
to get out of here?

Like, leave town?

I just want to clear my head.

What'd you have in mind?

You shaved your beard.

In light of last night,
I thought

it would be helpful
to alter my appearance.

I was thinking those things
you were saying

are closer to the truth
than not.

I was drugged.

I was scared.
Fuck, I'm still scared.

I'm sorry.

You know what you should be
scared of, cissy?

What the CIA is gonna do

to your son if I don't help you.

Because when they're done
with him,

they will kill him.

That's a fact.

Right now you think
you have two bad choices.

But I'm the only hope you have
to save Franklin.

Ana told me what you were like
when she recruited you.


- Desperate to find a man
who was gone forever.
- Okay.

I don't need to be
reminded of that right now.

No, I think you do. And I think

you need to put away
these childish excuses

if you want to have
any hope of killing teddy

and getting you
out of this alive.

Wait a goddamn second.

Short of incriminating
my own son,

I have done everything

that you have asked me to do.

You, on the other hand,

have given me
no reason to believe

that you can do what you said
you were gonna do.

Now, both teddy's drug runner

and gun supplier
were there yesterday.

Tell me you got something
we can use.

Could've gotten more
if you had kept your head.

But yes.

it was incredibly helpful.

My people are digging
into Gustavo Zapata

and avi Drexler as we speak.

But whatever reservations
you have,

you leave them here today.

Or I will leave you back
the way you were in Cuba.

♪ ♪



Oh, oh, goodness.

Who might we have here?

Avi, meet parissa,
it's an old acquaintance

turned new associate.

My dear, you are a vision.

It's nice to meet you, avi.

Persian, eh?

Very good.

I spent some time in Tehran

back in the '70s.

What a city.

It makes me very sad,
you know, what's happening

between our two countries.

Ah, yeah, I couldn't agree more.

And I'd like
to hear all of your thoughts

on this matter.

And I would like to tell you.

But I think Theodore would like

some time with you first.

Then I guess Theodore

and I should chat.

- Muir?
- Hmm?

All morning, we've been

enjoying my cellar.

Help yourself
to whatever you please.

Thank you.

oh, to be a young man.

You are a young man.


I kept the party going.

Someone spiked

the entire saint wedding

with LSD last night.

Seriously? Was it you?

Not this time.


I'm not gonna, uh, take up
too much of your time.

I am about to be
in a position to triple

the number of guns
that are headed south.

I need to know that you can
handle that kind of weight.

When have I ever let you down?

Honestly, avi, all the time.

There were always good reasons
for any hiccups.

This is it, it's the final push.

The Sandinistas are hurting.

This will break their back.
I want this war sewn up.

On to bigger
and better things, eh?

Triple the guns

in 60 days-- say you can do it.

You have the money,
you'll have the guns,

I swear, but I do hope

the end of this war
will not mean

the end of our business?

With everything you know about
me, and you really don't think

there's gonna be another war
just around the corner?

come have a drink.

- Come on.
- If you say so.

how is he?

He's fucked up.

Bullet got his spine.

Doc said he ain't walking again.


But he's gonna live?

I'm gonna assume

that you didn't know
anything about this?

That this was just cops
being cops?

Or is there some shit
that you want to tell me?

You can't be fucking serious.

Okay, okay.

Yeah, I came here
for a little compassion.

Why did I think
I'd get anything

but a world of shit from you?

I'm sorry Eddie is
dead, okay, I am.

But I'm not letting you see them

- when you're in this state.
- What state, Sharon? I'm upset.

Come on,
you're fucking high, beau!

You think I don't see it?
You think I don't know?

I want to see my fucking kids.

- And I'm not gonna say it again.
- Or what?

you gonna hit me?


After they find cocaine

or-or whatever it is you're on
in your blood?

You want to make sure
you never see your kids again?

That's the way
to make sure it happens.

And I know
because I spend all day

keeping assholes like you
away from their kids.

Now get the fuck out of here.

Get the fuck out.

it's okay.

I'll be out in a minute.

So this is how you move now?

Say one thing, do another?

I told you how I felt.

You felt differently.

So I did what I needed to do.

Just tell me why.

Make me understand how this is

one thing that needed to happen?

I can try.

But you ain't gonna hear it.

You think it's hard being
a black man

in this world, Leon?

Try for five minutes

living in it as a black woman.

Every move I make got to be

or these niggas is gonna
chew me up and spit me out.

And that ain't happening to me.

So, yeah, I looked you

in your face,
told you I was fine,

and then I sent Buckley
to kill Kane.

'cause to be where I want to be,

I don't got the luxury

of somebody taking a shot at me
and letting it go.

- What about black diamond?
- Black diamond and Dallas
could be bought.

Y'all killed Kane’s brother.

So a little money
gonna keep him happy

for a little while, but one day

he gonna come back
to finish what he started.

- You don't know that.
- What I know is,

I spent half
my life getting fucked

over by niggas like him.

And like I said before,
that ain't happening again.

If you can't understand that,

it ain't nothing left
for us to talk about.

Look, I just left the hospital.

Kane's people ain't gonna
take this lying down.

Now I didn't tell 'em
it was you behind this,

'cause I don't want
more blood on my hands.

But eventually
they gonna find out.

And I hope you ready
for what's coming.

good over there?

I don't know if this was
such a good idea.

Got any of those bags around?

- You can use your purse.
- Mm-mm.

Not this purse, nigga.

take deep breaths, relax,

focus on the view.

We'll be down in a minute.

♪ to care ♪

♪ for me ♪

♪ lord, I said please... ♪

November-17, you are cleared
for a viewer approach

on runway 22.

♪ loneliness surrounds me now ♪

♪ got to find the love somehow ♪

♪ disappointments capture me ♪

♪ and only love
can set me free ♪

♪ set me free ♪

♪ oh, set me free ♪

♪ oh, now I feel that love. ♪

I said what?

That I couldn't be a gangster

and a family man
at the same time.

That I'd lose you.

Or you'd betray me
to save yourself.

That what you really think?

I think I haven't
been honest with you, v.

And I don't want to lie anymore.

The truth is,
I've done terrible things.

I've killed people.

Destroyed lives.

Whatever I had to,
not just to survive but to win.

And last night

I saw the simple truth.

That by any measure...

...I'm a monster.

When I was 13...

...My mom and I were
in el Paso,

running one of the usual scams.

Normally we were gone

before the mark ever knew
what hit 'em, but...

This one guy, he sniffed it out.

He flew into a rage.

You rob someone straight up,

that's one thing.

You make them believe you care

and then clean 'em out?

He'd already knocked
my mother unconscious.

He had his hands around my neck.

And the world was going dark.

I didn't even see her get up.

I just heard the shot.

My mom, she helped me up,
told me, "stop crying."

she helped me change my clothes,

and then we left the country.

I am the girl who lied

and cheated and stole

and left a man dead
on a hotel room floor.

I'm also the woman
who went to college

and law school...

And moved to l.A. And met a man

and fell in love.

It's not the same thing, v.

I knew you were
a killer, Franklin.

But I also believed you
when you said

you wanted out.

That you wanted to change.

I do.

But what if I was wrong?

What if it's...

It's too late?

Then you'd better win.

Right now on the northbound
San Diego freeway,

by the Inglewood exit,

we've got some soft traffic
due to a stalled

big-rig truck
taking up the right-hand lane.

On the northbound harbor free...

I heard it was a wild one.

yeah, things
got a little out of hand.

Well, you don't look
any worse for the wear.

It was one of the best nights
of my life.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

So, uh, Jerome couldn't
make it, huh?

No, he had other business.

He probably won't be making
a lot of these drops,

- to be honest.
- Listen, I don't see him here,

I don't want to see anybody.

I don't go nowhere

- without my security.
- You do now.

No security,
nobody I don't know.

And you can thank Franklin
for that.

You tell him yet, by the way?

Not yet.

Give me a heads-up when you do.

Oh, when do you leave
for the honeymoon?

Couple days.

We'll be back in time
for the next drop.

- Have a good time.
- Mm-hmm.

Happy for you guys.


You think it's smart selling

to both sides of the family?

A blood feud is no good
for anyone.

I'm sorry, a "blood feud"?


Franklin's not the kind of guy

to start a "blood feud."


Do you know something
about him I don't?

He's young.

Has his pride and...

This will wound it.

He'll get over it.

Or he won't.

let central America be

another Vietnam.
That would...

oh, shit.

hey, let me get 20?

That ain't me.

The fuck it ain't--
let me get 20.

Nigga, fuck you.

Think I can't smell that bacon?

Walk your ass on out of here.

Fuck you doing, man?!

I was gonna pay for it!

- Now I'm gonna just take it!
- The fuck you doing, man?

Somebody shoot
this motherfucker!

Hey, shut the fuck up!

Hey, hold-hold-hold-hold up.

Y'all gonna give me this rock?!

Or do y'all want to watch
his head get blown off?

What's it gonna be?!
What's it gonna be?!

Man, get the fuck
over there, man.

was that so hard?

Thought maybe cissy would've
moved back in by now.

I think she's still living
at some hotel.

I thought maybe we should
talk about last night.


You was fucking on one.

Said some things.

Sure did.

I came here to let you know

that I meant every word of it.

Which part exactly?

Getting away.

Europe, Africa.

And you coming with me.

I don't know, lee.

Why not?

To start,
I finally got a good job.

Just getting
my life back on track.

I bet if you ask, the job will

still be here when you get back.

Okay, and if they say yeah,

I ain't got no money saved up,
don't got a passport...

I got enough money
for the both of us.

And you can get a passport
in 24 hours-- I checked.

Okay, yeah.

But why me?

lots of reasons.

Like what?

I just need to do some thinking
on what's next for me.

How I'm gonna help our people.

And you been through it,

you understand
how people are hurting.

so you want me
to just leave everything here

so I can help you?

Also to spend time with you.

'cause you're embarrassed
to be with me here.

- No...
- You don't want to be with me
here 'cause of all the shit

- I done while I was high?
- No.

Truth is...

...I still love you, lee.

- I just, I can't...
- Listen to me.

Last night,

I saw everything clear.

You're the only girl
I've ever loved.

Come away with me.

Then we can see if we can
get back what we had.

Come here.

♪ ♪

you think
it's gonna come to that?

Hope not.

But I ain't taking no chances.

I think you should get rid
of his ass either way.

Put a lot
into that motherfucker.

If I got to kill a cop
and go get another one...

I will.

But only if I have to.

come in.

um, he's downstairs.

Do you want me to send him up?

No, we gonna come down.

- ♪ are you ready? ♪
- ♪ yeah! ♪

♪ all right,
bump everybody in sight ♪

♪ ♪



Nephew. You good?

better now that I'm not

tripping my fucking balls off.


How's it feel, one day in?

Mm, about the same.

- Yeah.
- Well...

I know y'all are technically
on your honeymoon,

so I just wanted
to come through and...

...Finish off the conversation
we had last night.

Want you to know
I understand about Kane.

And why you did what you did.

It was your choice.

I was wrong.

Man enough to admit that I was.

And for that, I'm sorry.


I just want us to come
out of this in one piece.

And I believe the best way
to do that is as a family, so...

- We want the same thing, nephew.
- Good.


But there's

one thing you need to know
before we can make that happen.

I approached teddy.

Made a deal to buy my cocaine
directly from him.

You went to the plug
behind my back?

We told you we wanted
to run our business our way.

By completely destroying
my business in the process?

- 90% of what I move
is through you.
- Ah, we know that.

But this country
is big enough for all of us.

And most of our business is
coming from other cities anyway.

St. Louis, little rock.

My expansion idea?

Which we made happen.

We understand your position.

And we agreed to give you
one l.A. Territory

of your choice--
Inglewood, Compton,


you'd do that for me?

We're trying to be reasonable.

And what if I say
fuck your fucking reasons?


you wanted to be out in front.

Now you are.

Good luck.

You could have just went
with Jerome.

It's fine. I'll just finish
the schedule and I'll put it

up there in the office,
along with where we're staying

in case you need
anything at all.

- I can handle it.
- Mm-hmm.

You just have fun.

- Thank you, Chelle.
- You're welcome.

fuck, beau.

Hey, Lou.

The fuck I tell you
about being in my office?

Oh, shit.

You mind?

Been paging your ass all day.

You've been ducking me.

I've been busy.

Oh, yeah?

Doing what?

Enjoying the day
after my wedding,

for starters.

I want the rest of my money.

You'll get it.

When the job is finished.

"when the job is finished"?

The deal was Kane dead.

And he's not.

- My partner got killed.
- That ain't my problem.

They're gonna use this
to kick me off the force.

Since when the LAPD give

a fuck about niggas being
killed in the streets?

Apparently, when it's a nigga
that did the killing.

So, yeah, you see,

I'm in a spot now,
and you put me here.

You put yourself there.

And now you're gonna
stand up there and say

I'm not gonna get
my fucking money?

Or maybe this whole thing
was just a setup.

Maybe you were hoping that
bullet would catch me, huh?

Why would I do that?

Who knows?

To get back at me
for the projects.

Maybe you're just
a fucking bitch.

But I lost my partner.

I lost my job.

And I might lose
my fucking kids.

Can't lose my kids.

You listen to me.

Everything is gonna be okay.


'cause you ain't lose nothing.

You just gained the life

you were really meant to have.

You got friends on the force?


That makes you

extremely valuable to me.


I'm gonna put you
on payroll full-time.

Double what you were
making before.

You got a home right here

with us.

So this ain't
the end of nothing.

It's the beginning.

you want to see?

Nyet, spasibo.

You sure?


Do you know what is a "playboy"?

A wealthy man who...

Lives a life
of travel, leisure, women.


We don't even have a word
in Russian for such a man.

- Okay.
- Hmm?

I think we're clear.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

both of you,
hands up in the air!

Slowly, motherfucker!

I know you.

I know you from some...

Here's the thing.

Sunday night in almost any
other town in this country,

and everything's closed.

Everyone's asleep in their beds.

Yeah, there's
a lot of hustlers out here, man.

But new york's the city
that never sleeps.

What's los Angeles?

The city that sleeps in.

Hi, could I get
a coffee, please?

- Sure.
- Thank you. Actually...

Sorry, uh... Do you have pie?

Uh, sure do.
We have apple, pecan,

chocolate cream,
and I think we still have

a piece of blackberry cobbler.

- Apple pie would be great.
- Yeah.

Um, could you put
whipped cream on top?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

You're in a good mood.

Yeah, I guess I...

Maybe I am.

Think I owe you an apology.

Or at least an explanation
as to a certain phone call

I may have made yesterday.

A phone call?

Are you talking about
when you threatened to kill me?

Look, I was on drugs, man.

Not in my right mind.

yeah, I heard.

Please tell me that you had,
like, a little bit of fun

before the paranoia kicked in?

Yeah, actually.

The whole family was there.

Everybody happy.

No idea

about the bomb
that was about to drop

- in the middle of it all.
- Yeah.

See, now I'm not sure if you're
talking about the acid or about

me agreeing to do business
with louie.

Pie will be up in just a minute.


you know, I got to say,

I didn't see that coming.

You should know

that my doing business
with her...

Not personal...


Just business?

You know how many times
I've used that line?

- That's why I'm hoping
you'll understand it.
- I mean, shit.

This ain't about me and you,

It's about America,
it's about...

- Winning a war.
- That's right.

And to that point,
I did some thinking

before I came here tonight.

Did you know
in the last three years,

I've made you almost $56 million

to help win that war?

During which time I've been
beaten, shot, imprisoned,

killed people.

Not to mention
unleashing a plague

and selling out my own father.

To keep your gravy train
flowing, of course.

And you wanted it.


Yeah, that's true.

And this ain't charity work.

You've taken home some
really nice hazard pay out

- of the whole deal.
- I have. So we are in agreement

that this unlikely partnership
has been more fruitful

and productive than either
of us could have imagined.

We've even had
what I'd like to think were

a few genuine moments
of human connection.

And I do genuinely hope
that you got everything

you wanted out of it,

squeezed every last drop.

'cause as of this moment,
our partnership is over.

anything else
I can get for you...?

- We're fine, thank you.
- Okay.

Just because
I'm dealing with louie

does not mean
that you have to quit.

You went behind my back, man.

Undercut me to my biggest
customer, so, yeah, it does.

I've got my money.

Got my lady.

Got a baby on the way.

And I've done my patriotic duty,

then some,
you know that, so I'm out.

And, shit, maybe nobody
will know that a white boy

from Kansas and a black kid
from south central

changed the course
of history forever.

♪ unemployment
at a record high ♪

♪ people coming,
people going... ♪

good luck to you, teddy.

♪ don't ask me
because I don't know why ♪

♪ but it's like that,
and that's the way it is ♪

♪ people in the world
try to make ends meet ♪

♪ to travel by car,
train, bus or feet... ♪

same to you, Franklin.

♪ you want to compete ♪

♪ it's like that,
and that's the way it is, huh ♪

♪ money is the key
to end all your woes ♪

♪ your ups, your downs,
your highs and your lows ♪

♪ won't you tell me last time
that love bought you clothes? ♪

♪ it's like that,
and that's the way it is ♪

♪ bills rise higher every day ♪

♪ we receive much lower pay ♪

♪ I'd rather stay young,
go out and play ♪

♪ it's like that,
and that's the way it is ♪

♪ war's going on
across the sea ♪

♪ street soldiers killing
the elderly ♪

♪ whatever happened to unity? ♪

- ♪ it's like that ♪
- ♪ what? ♪

♪ and that that's
the way it is, huh! ♪