Smallville (2001–2011): Season 9, Episode 21 - Salvation - full transcript

Zod unleashes his army upon the world, forcing Chloe to call in reinforcements from old friends. Zod tells Lois he is The Blur and asks her to steal the Book of Rao from Clark. Torn between Clark and The Blur, Lois asks Clark to come clean with her about everything but he refuses. Chloe and Oliver attempt to reconnect Watchtower's satellite system in order to fight the Kandorians but to Chloe's horror, Oliver gets caught on site and disappears. Tess attempts to stop Zod but he leaves her clinging to life. Clark and Zod battle for control of Earth.

Previously on Smallville...

When you saw my fate,
what did you see?

You will lead this generation,

a silver age of heroism.

I started the training Jor-El
always planned for me.

Do you believe in fate,

Only the kind
you make happen.

(Alia) Blue Kryptonite takes
away my abilities, too.

No strings, no ribbons.

It's just a gift.

I've been talking
to The Blur.

The question is...
am i enough?

You can't protect us
if we know who you are.

(Orb) Then you shall be
the Savior of Kandor.

The last thing we remember is
our blood being taken in Kandor.

How did we get here?

I'll be in touch.

(Lois) There are aliens here
on our planet.

You get to write a story
with Perry White.

You lied
about having powers.

How'd you get them?

From your blood.

The time has come to share
in your birthright.

Zod's been looking for something
that wields great power.

Who knows
what he will do?

The humans killed the mother
of my unborn child.

The last time that I saw Faora,
she was with Zod.

Why should
they believe you?

The Book of Rau isn't here.

You say you're saving
the planet,

but you only care
about yourself.

The Book of Rau
can transport the Kandorians

to another plane of existence,
including you.

(Zod) [ distorted ]
I need your help.


I finished tracing
our rogue Blur.

It was Zod.

If anyone calls claiming to be
me, don't believe them.

(Zod) Kneel before Zod.

Soon, the world will need
all the help it can get.

Now the season finale
of "Smallville."

If you remember,

I'm the one who said 2012
would be just another y2k scare,

and I was right.

Not to fear, White --

if there's a scandal
in the Pentagon,

yours truly will be the one
to find it.

Miss Lane, seven calls
from the State Department,

confirmation on your flight
to Jordan,

fruit basket
from the Dalai Lama,

and Clark's at the deli.

He wants to know if you want
pastrami or roast beef.

Clark would forget his head

if it wasn't attached
with a necktie.

there's something else.


[ Elevator dings ]

Luthor is making a play
for the oval office,

and White
has me playing dodge ball

with armchair quarterbacks
at the Pentagon?!

I can't believe it!

[ Air whooshes ]

(Man) News helicopter
lost power!

It's heading straight
for The Daily Planet!



You had better be getting
every pixel of this.

Look, up in the sky!

(Dr. Fate) Your fate
is utterly binding.

You will lead this generation
as hawkman once led ours.

♪ Smallville 9x21 ♪
Original Air Date on May 4, 2010

♪ Somebody save me ♪

♪ "Save Me" performed by Remy Zero ♪

♪ let your warm hands
break right through ♪

♪ somebody save me ♪

♪ I don't care how you do it ♪

♪ just stay ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ come on ♪

♪ I've been waiting or you ♪

♪ just stay with me ♪

♪ I've made this whole world
shine for you ♪

♪ just stay ♪

♪ stay ♪

♪ come on ♪

I thought you said
we'd never talk again.

I'm glad you broke
radio silence, but why now?

How can you be The Blur?

That alien snatcher,
Chisholm, shot you.

I saw the wound.

[ Air whooshes ]

My powers cured me.

Clark Kent's
mild-mannered FBI friend

is the guy who's always
saving my butt?

You were willing to risk
your life to save me, Lois.

You are my hero.

My hero told me
not to trust anyone

that said he was The Blur.

I know I did.

But I had no one else
to turn to.

Lois, please...

I need your help again.

Someone is becoming
dangerously close

to discovering who I am,
and if they do,

they could destroy
everything I've worked for.

It's Clark Kent.


I'm sorry.

I think all that superspeeding
has crisscrossed your wires,

because Clark
would never harm anyone.

I know you don't want to see it,
Lois, but it's true.

It's why he told you
to stay away from me.

It's why he took away the charm
I gave you.

He knows what we mean
to each other.

Look, I will admit
that Clark's

played the jealousy card
once or twice...

but you're wrong
about him.

You don't have to take
my word for it.

You are the best investigator
I've known.

Now, you dig
a little deeper...

but I guarantee
you'll find that Clark Kent

is not who he says he is.

You know, even though
Watchtower's back in the game,

I'm still coming up empty-handed
on the Kandorian front.

It's like they vanished
into thin air.

You know, that might have
something to do

with the fact
that they can fly.

[ Chuckles ]
Sarcasm noted.

How do we know these people

aren't half a galaxy
away already?

Zod doesn't want
to play Thunderdome

on a planet
that is desolate.

He needs people
to rule over.

I have a feeling that

is coming soon
to a planet near us.

I'm heading back
to Watchtower.

If a war breaks out,

i want to be in the foxhole
with you.



Because, uh...

Right, because we need to
protect Watchtower's database.


Yeah, the database
is, uh, is important.

Uh, over and out.

[ Beep ]

[ Air whooshes ]

Everyone's mobilizing.

They're all out on the field, a-

Kryptonite weapons?

Chloe, that's only
gonna stall them.

We're no match
for the Kandorians,

even when we work

It's only a matter of time

before Zod
commands his soldiers

to bring the world
to its knees.

Then let's move on
to plan "A."

I assume you brought
the infamous secret weapon.
[ thud ]


I still don't understand

how the Red Queen
of the Kent farm

knew about
the Book of Rau.

My mom inherited the Kryptonian
library when Lionel died.

It's no surprise
that Zod would lie.

The Book of Rau
is not a bible.

It was created by Jor-El

to send the Kandorians
to another world --

a world they could
call their own.

Well, let's fire up
this intergalactic subway token

and send our visitors
on a fast train to Nirvana.

I can't.

Once it's activated,

it sends all Kryptonians
to the new world.

Including you.

I know my destiny,
and it's here.

I've seen it.

Dr. Fate
has seen it, too.

And Jor-El has sent me
on trials to prove it.

I finally
know who I am

and what I'm meant
to do here on earth.

I'm not leaving.

no one wants to see you

reach your true potential
more than I do.

I mean,
I've been with you

through every bump
along this insane ride.

But what if every trial

has just been
a preparation

for you to make
the ultimate sacrifice?

Then why would my father have
gone silent in the fortress?

if this was a trial,

my father would never skip on
any chance to give me a lecture.

Because this isn't
a trial, Clark.

And maybe your father
disappeared on you

because he knew you needed to make
this last mile on your own.

Then it's up to me

and I think there's another way
to save Zod.

Jor-El did not tell you to stay
here and be our guardian.

Are you saying it's selfish
for me to try to save people?

You think
I want you to go?

Clark, I can't imagine being
in this world without you.

Look, you've inspired
an entire team of heroes

who will be here
to protect us.

And maybe your true purpose
is to lead your own people.

[ Air whooshes ]

You've refused
to speak to me, Jor-El.

Now I'll make sure you'll never
speak to your son again...

...and share the secrets of Rau
with him.

[ Footsteps approach ]

[ Exhales ]

You're not welcome here.

I've been
playing hide-and-seek

with this ice castle
for over two years.

So the least you can do

is just give me a minute
to take it all in.

[ Sighs ]
It's breathtaking.

How did you get here?

I flew.

Icarus flew
to where he didn't belong.

And he fell to his death
from the heavens.

Icarus was
on an ego trip.

But I have
a higher calling.

I was made to see the error
of my ways.

I'm here...

to redeem myself.

It's too late.

My people discovered
you had the Book of Rau

and hid it from me.

I won't forgive
that deception.

It's not your forgiveness
that I'm looking for.

[ Gasping ]

I've seen the future.

And you enslave
this planet...

and destroy anyone
that ever opposed you!

[ Gasping ]

Including Clark.

And the Red Queen
made me realize...

I won't let you kill him.

You touched the sun
when you freed me from the orb.

You're about to learn what
it feels like to get burned.

[ Screaming ]

[ Air whooshes ]


I know that you told me
to save Zod...

but I won't.

Not if it means leaving everyone
I promised to protect.

Now, my destiny is here
on Earth.

And if everything
that you've trained me for

was for another purpose,
then it was a waste,

because I'm staying.

There must be some other way
to stop Zod.


Your father
can't help you anymore.

I made sure of that.


My people are overtaking
this planet,

and you can't stop me.

You want war, but it doesn't
have to be like this.

Have you taken a look
around you?!

It's always like this!

Might makes right!

Only the strong survive!

Have you learned nothing
from the natural world

in which you love
so much?

What I've learned is that

no matter how much someone
has hurt you or betrayed you

or how much it seems
that someone is evil,

at their core,
everyone is worth saving.

What exactly do you think
you're saving me from?

From making another mistake
like Faora.

Do you really think there's
redemption for what I did?

It's never too late.

How would you know?

Because I killed
my own father.

My Earth father warned me
not to play God...

not to reach for power
that's not mine.

But I tempted fate,
and because of that, he died.

You have to forgive

My entire team is equipped
with Kryptonite weapons.

Hardly a match
for my battalion.

Too many people will die.

You need to end this now.

You can't win.

I know my destiny.

And I know mine.


[ Air whooshes ]

You never give up,
do you, Perry?

[ Sighs ]

[ Beeping ]

[ Sighs ]

I'm s-so s-sorry...


I tracked...

Corben to locate your fortress.

And I did it on--
only to s-save you from Zod.

I have the Book of Rau,

But even if I wanted
to use it, I can't,

because Zod destroyed
the console in the fortress.

You don't need
the fort-tress.

[ Breathes raggedly ]

When the Kandorians...

were building
the Rau Tower...

they put together these crystals
as an energy source

when they were trying
to turn the sun red.

And I think
these crystals will also...

power the Book of Rau.

I aready destroyed
the tower.

[ Breathes deeply ]

I pulled the console
from the rubble...

and moved it...

to your crow's nest
a-above the city.

this is my last chance

to atone for my sins.

[ Breathing raggedly ]


are the only one
that can save us.

And you've
run out of time.

The war
has already begun.

I think we have a
little bit more time

before the U.N.
gets involved.

All our Queen Industry sources

say that our military friends
believe this is just some hoax.

Any new activity?

This is Stargirl online
from the nation's capital.

No sign of the Kandorians
after te attack.

Black Canary here.
Story's the same in Athens.

All I found in Giza
are mummies.

We need to flush
these aliens out.

I've been around long enough

to know the best way to win
a war is to strike first.

No, that's the best way to win
a bowling tournament, Tweety.

We're dealing
with superpowered soldiers here.

Just as expected, Mr. Green jeans
has gone yellow.

Okay, the Kandorians
are Clark's people.

So we're not gonna take
any sort of action

until he's with us.

Watchtower's right.

I agree with Hawkman.

We wait too long,
they'll have the advantage.

I say we hold off until
Kal-El has a chance to --

how long we gonna wait,
Martian --

long enough from them
to wipe us out?

We wait,
and the Kandorians win.

Zod's symbols say one thing --
he wants a fight.

I say we move now
and cause some pain.

(Clark) At what cost?

Your abilities allow you
to come back, Carter...

after you die,

but what about the others
on both sides?

So you want us
to play nice?

The Kandorians have been
led astray by Zod.

I don't want to see them die

any more than I want to lose
any one of you.

I will use
the Book of Rau... send them all away.

I've made my decision.

Once I lead my people
to another world,

I'll never be able
to come back.

You need to think
about this.

What about
your life here?

There's got to be
another way.

With us by your side,

you don't have
to do this alone.

This is the only peaceful way
to eliminate the threat.

Without a war,
a war that no one will win...

once the Kandorians are gone

there will be other threats
to mankind.

The world will need you.

You'll have to work together

to become the team
that you were meant to be.

I once believed that my destiny
was here on earth,

but now you need to accept
that destiny for me.

Clark's right.

We'll protect the world...

As one.

It has been my honor

to serve alongside each and
everyone one of you.

The honor was ours, Kal-El.

I'm proud of you.
[ beep ]


You got to let her go,

[ Footsteps receding ]

She's trying to be strong,
you know?

When your oldest friend
leaves forever,

there's really no way
to say goodbye.

That said, I think we both know
there're someone else

you need to see
one last time.

Considering everything
Lois and I have been through,

I don't think that's such a good idea.

you owe her the truth.

I want to open up to her
more than anything.

But why tell Lois
who I really am,

only to rip it away
from her?

Wouldn't that
hurt her more?

I wouldn't do that
to her.

That doesn't mean you can't
at least say goodbye.

[ Air whooshes ]


Have you retrieved
the Book of Rau?

Sir, if Kal-El
still holds it,

you said he'd use it
to kill us all.

Do not question
my resolve.

I will not fail.
I will destroy the Book of Rau.

Do you not have a mission
to complete?

Kal-El's comrades
have been lured to your crests,

just as you ordered.

So they have to have been
dispersed around the world,

and Kal-El is alone
in Metropolis.

Our soldiers have cut off
their communications.

All their satellites
have been destroyed.

Then by dawn,
we'll have the Book of Rau.

And this planet will be ours.

We lost all
satellite communication.

I can't reach anybody.
[ beep ]

It's like everyone I sent
out there is a sitting duck

and Zod's about to call
a start to hunting season.

Take a breath, Chloe.

You've stared down the barrel
of a gun before.

We're dealing with like
100 Clarks here.

I don't know if I can dodge
this speeding bullet.

Well, you're not in it alone.
We're a team, right?

You got me? Hey.

Trust me.

Thank you.

But I don't think
talking me off a ledge

is gonna help us solve
our technical difficulties.

Okay, uh, well,
then maybe this will.

You know, when Tess broke
into our little clubhouse here,

I had Queen Industries
launch an orbiter

dedicated to...

Wait a minute.

We have our own

Why didn't you tell me this before?

it was sort of a gift.

Uh... well, I guess giving you
a sweater for your birthday

[chuckling] Is sort of
out of the question now.

Well, the satellite's up
and running,

but the transponders haven't
been initiated for downlink yet.

So I'm gonna need to flip
a couple of switches

at the earth station in order to be able
to spy from the sky.

So then we should just stay
in touch the old-fashioned way.

I mean...

If Zod has been trying to
destroy satellites from space,

he's definitely
not gonna be happy

that you're putting
another satellite online.

Do me a favor, okay?
Just keep a low profile.

I'm wearing green leather,
so I'll do my best.

How could a guy who kept
a journal in High School

ever hurt anyone?

(Clark) Lois?

I've been looking all over
for you.

Funny. Me too.

I have something
I need to tell you.

And if I don't
tell you now...

[Sighs] I never will.

I-I know that things have been
rocky between us, but...

I'm listening.

Look, my whole life
has been full of relationshps

that have ended too soon.

And then when I went away
last fall, I...

Lois, I felt so lost.

When I came back
to the bullpen...

you were there
waiting for me.

You jumped out
of your seat,

you threw your arms
around me,

and the way that your eyes
sparkled when you smiled,

I just...

I knew.

I just knew
that you were the one

that I've always needed.

And I needed you
to know that.

What is it?

Perry White.

He's offered me a job
at the foreign desk in Kenya.

That's great.

Well, I'm --
I'm not sure I'm going.

Well, Lois, your...

your career
is so important to you,

w-what would
make you stay?

For you.


I would stay for you.

Clark, as important
as my career is to me...

[ Sighs ] are more important.


I-I would give up

to be with you.

But only if we stop keeping
secrets from each other.

Lois, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Yeah, you do, Clark.

[ Sighs ] Come on.

I need you
to be honest with me.

Lois, there's nothing
to tell you.

I think you leaving Metropolis
is the best thing...

for you right now.

Just now that wherever you are,
I'll be watching over you.

I'll be thinking of you.

I'm sorry.

I should go.

[ Monitor beeping rapidly ]


Her blood pressure's

Her pupils are dilated.
[ air hisses ]

Hurry up.
We're losing her.

[ Flatlining ]
(Man) 10 mil epi --
charge to 200!


No pulse.

Charge to 250.

[ thud ]

No response.

Still don't have
a pulse.

Her burns are just too severe.
Let's call it.

Time of death --
3:33 P.M.

Call the morgue.

Have them send somebody up
to collect the body.

Houston, we got a problem.

[ Chuckles ] Are you at
the satellite station yet?

Yeah, I'm way ahead of you,
but I'm a little lost.

I need you to be
my own personal mapquest

if you don't mind.

All right,
what's your 20?

I'm inside the air ducts
right now.

Access to the main grid

is through one
of the routing panels.

Okay, mole man,
just think happy thoughts

and keep on tunneling.

Let me know
when you've reached the "t."

I hate small spaces.

Okay, completed the first level.
I'm at the "t."

Okay, now, halfway
through the second tunnel,

on your left-hand side,
you're gonna find three panels.

The one
with JJ-910-60 is --

the one in the middle,
yeah, I got it.

You know,
you got to admit,

I know how to treat a girl
on date night.

Sure, next week,
do you think

maybe we could just grab some
thai food and catch a movie?

That sounds like a good plan,
but for tonight,

you're gonna have to settle
for stream satellite video.

Hey, the link is up!

Why don't you make
your way home?

I'm gonna see if I can access
the building schematics

and find you a less cramped return trip.
[ beeps ]

Ah, the station's motion sensors
have picked you up.

[ Beeping ]

Oh, no.
Ollie, you've got visitors.

There's a whole swarm of them,
and they're closing in on you fast.

Ollie, you need to get out
of there now.

[ Clattering ]

Chloe, if they find the signal,
they'll trace me back to you!

I got to go!

No, Ollie, no!


[ static ]

I love you!

I love you!

they're not Kandorian!

[ Static ]

[ Air whooshes ]


(Zod) I knew
i could count on you.

I still can't believe
you were right about Clark.

Just when it seems that
you're out of my life for good,

you turn out to be
the one person I can believe in.

My only regret
is I can see your heartbreak.

It's not broken.

[ Voice breaking ]
It's shattered.

I know how hard it is to
discover the person you love...

is not what you think
they were.

I will never deceive you
like Clark did -- ever.

Now I need
the Book of Rau.

I can't.

I hid it.

I was worried that Clark
would follow me.

Where is it?

I hid it
where I confessed to you

that you were the most important
person in my life.

This is not a game.

You're not really him.

[ Air whooshes ]

I should've known better

than to deceive The Blur's
most devoted follower.

Just who the hell are you?

Unlike The Blur,

I'm someone who doesn't care
whether you live or die.

[ Glass shatters ]

[ Air whooshes ]

Can you ever forgive me
for thinking he was you?

Please say something.


[ Air whooshes ]

[ Exhales ] Clark.

[ Sighs ]

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Air whooshes ]

You can't stop me, Zod.
We're leaving this planet.

I'm not going anywhere.
And neither are they.

[ Air whoshes ]

Having others finish a fight
that you started

only proves
what a coward you are.

My soldiers know I have never
wavered in the face of death.

All you've ever done
is hide in the shadows.

You've hidden, too --

the truth from them.

The Book of Rau
will not destroy us!

It will lead us
to a better place --

another planet
where we can live in peace,

where we an build a new home.

Krypton will live again.

This is just another one
of his deceits.

We all know
where his allegiance lies.

What about
your deceptions?

If they knew the truth,
they'd never follow you.

My men
willingly follow me.

And what about Faora?

All she wanted
was to leave you.

That is a lie!

And she paid for it
with her life.

Faora never
should've trusted you.

But she wasn't the only one
who paid the price, was she?

Faora was a traitor.

Do you think I wanted
to kill my own child?

[ Gasps ]

Your sister
was a traitor.

She would've
betrayed us al.


We will deal with him
once we're on our own soil.

Kal-El, take us home.

[ Air rushing ]

Blue Kryptonite.

I told you.
I'm not going anywhere.

[ Air whooshes ]

[ Grunts ]

You knew
the blue Kryptonite

would prevent you
from ascending like the others!

Better to rule in hell
than to serve in heaven.


Seeing as you love
the humans so much,

let's see if you fight
like one!

Unlike you,
I will lead from a throne,

not from the shadows.

Every human,
including the woman you love,

will kneel before Zod!

You already destroyed
my first home.

I won't let you
take this one.